tagLesbian SexWill You Submit To Us? Pt. 02

Will You Submit To Us? Pt. 02


[In the first chapter, Molly discovered that she glories in submitting to being the sex toy of a couple, who eventually expand her willingness to submitting to groups of both men and women. She loves to be used and give pleasure.]

It had been a week since Lori and Greg's party where Molly was the center of attraction, starting off bound and restrained, used as a three-hole slut and cum dump by men and women alike. Molly was at the airport, meeting her Aunt Alyson, who'd set up a visit to her in 'the States' some time ago. Alyson is Molly's mother's youngest sister, referred to by her family as their "accidental" sister - among other terms that mixed disparagement and affection - but mainly due to the fifteen year gap between her and her older brother. Molly and Alyson's relationship had always been closer than their age difference would suggest, perhaps because of that gap. They were more like girl-friends, always willing to confide their secrets and desires with one another.

Alyson had been married to her first husband for over 20 years when he succumbed to pancreatic cancer. That had been more than three years previously, and Molly's trip to England for the funeral was the last time they'd seen each other. In the intervening time Alyson had remarried and, if her emails and calls were any measure, she was happier than she'd ever been. She had evidently rebounded from the devastation of the sickness and loss, and was more excited to be alive than ever. This weekend she was coming to visit Molly before going on to meet her husband in New York for some social and charity work they did together.

What with security measures, the closest Molly could get was outside the international arrivals gate. She stood there, patiently, and could hear her Aunt even before she could see her. Alyson was her irrepressible self, chatting loudly and gaily with her fellow passengers from the flight as they left. She spotted Molly, dropped her bags and flew into her arms, shrieking with glee and delight!

For her part, Molly was equally happy, if somewhat more restrained and a little concerned about the spectacle they were making.

"Molly, are you worried about what people are thinking, by any chance?" Asked Alyson.

"I suppose I am." She answered.

"You are such a dear! A daft, nervous one, but a dear, none the less. Or maybe a deer, like caught in the headlights kind of dear. And, oh my, you are showing your headlights! What a coincidence! And how delightful!"

Molly looked down to see her erect nipples poking at her shirt. She blushed, but then threw back her head and puffed out her chest.

"If you got them, flaunt them!"

Both women let out a hearty whoop, gathered up Alyson's bags and made their way to Molly's car. Once the bags were loaded, they stood and looked at each other. Mollly suddenly saw how amazingly sexy Alyson was; she was tall, blonds and VERY well endowed. Alyson saw her look.

"Honey, they are 32FF - the best that money could buy! Don't you love them? The boys all do!"

"Wait? The boys? I thought you married Graham - are you cheating on him?"

"Well, if you call being passed around in front of him by a bunch of black men with amazing cocks cheating, I guess I am! But let's get in the car, get to your place, find something to loosen up with and talk dirty to one another! I want to hear what you've been up to - or should I say, who's been up you!"

The drive was relatively short. They brought in the bags, and Alyson asked if she could take a shower before they talked - just to remove the travel dirt. Molly set her up, then went back to her room to get out of street clothes. She stripped naked and simply put on a tshirt and sweatpants. Barefoot, she went into the kitchen to open the wine she'd set to chill, and poured for both of them,

Alyson came in a moment later, wearing a bathrobe loosely belted. By the way her boobs swung and swayed, It was obvious that she had little, if anything, on beneath it. She wasn't flaunting anything but she clearly wasn't being cautious.

They picked up their glasses, clinked them and took deep draughts.

"Good wine, Molly! More! I think I shall get somewhat toasted tonight - and you are going to join me while we talk about all the nasty stuff we've been up to! I want to hear about your weekend last weekend! And then I want to let you in on life as I am living it!"

Taking their newly refilled glassed and the open bottle, they adjourned to the coach in the living room. They sat at opposite corners, their legs tucked beneath them, and leaned back to relax.. Alyson's robe opened wide, flashing her niece briefly before pulling it closed. "Well, Molly?"

And Molly preceded to relate to her Aunt all that had gone down last weekend. When she mentioned that she had taken pictures to send, Alyson demanded to see them! Like a good submissive, Molly moved closer and brought them up on her phone. She proceeded to flip through them for her aunt.

"What a little strumpet you are! And what a delightful, juicy body! Did posing like that get you wet? The last time I had my pictures done, I was coming before the session was over. First from playing with myself, and then from Graham's erection and the fucking he gave me!"

Molly grinned. "Yes, I was so excited by what I was doing I came while taking the pictures. That's the main reason some of these are blurry - hard to hold a camera still when your body is out of control! Afterwards I couldn't seem to take my Magic Wand off my clit for hours!"

"You have one? I have to try it - Graham's been wanting to know what kind of present to give me. That just might be it!"

"Sounds like you guys have an interesting life."

"Ha! That's the polite way to say it. Graham's a wonder! First off, he's got the biggest schlong I've ever seen - on a white man, at least. Long and thick and he knows how to use it. As soon as he showed it to me the first time, it was all over! John and I used to have a marvelous sex life before he got sick, and I missed that so terribly! Well, Graham has taken it way beyond that. You know that John and I were swingers, don't you?"

"Really? I didn't know - but I suppose I should have guessed. Now that you tell me, it makes a few things clear. Like how your home smelled some times. And, of course, the videos I found when I used to house sit!"

"Of course you found them - I left them out for you! I just can't understand how you never said anything about them!"

"I watched them and masturbated incessantly. But that was when I thought masturbation was something to keep quiet about. I wasn't really ready to announce that, and so I kept quiet."

"You were somewhat shy, quiet and retiring as a young teener, now that I think of it."

"Now I'm just quiet. Shy and retiring have been soundly dealt with!" They both laughed.

"Admit it, you were a silly girl - trying to hide that from me!"

Molly nodded. "Well, no more of that!"

"Molly, I've always been a sexual being, first with John and our circle of swinging friends, and now with Graham and all the boys he's given me to. I'm a black cock cum slut. A queen of spades. Let me show you my tattoo."

With that Alyson stood up and opened her robe. Her pussy was shaved and she was tan all-over. Just above her pussy was a tattoo of a spade with the letter Q in it. "I've become a Queen of Spades. I only fuck black men now. Any and all black men. I'll do anything they ask - and the nastier it is the more I'm turned on! Compared to how I used to be, I've become a sick, twisted cum slut and not only do I love it, but Graham encourages it, glories in it, and loves to watch and then eat their cum from pussy and my ass!" .

"That's fucking awesome, Alyson! First off, you have an amazing body! And second, I know how thrilling it is to be used! I'm jealous, though, that you have him! That's amazing. It's also very hot and arousing, Tell me - you only fuck black men, but what about a white woman who also happens to be your best friend and your niece? If she wanted to eat your pussy, would you let her?"

Alyson dropped the robe, then fell back on the couch with her legs spread wide.

"I thought you'd never ask! Get to it, girl and make me cum!"

Molly did as commanded; she dropped to her knees and cupped Alyson's ass cheeks in her hands. Then she began to tease her aunt by kissing up the inside of her thighs almost to her pussy before switching legs. Alyson groaned loudly as Molly skillfully skipped her now drenched pussy.

Then Molly began to kiss the outer lips of her aunt's shaved pussy. She licked at the lips, and took them into her mouth, glorying in the taste and feel. Her tongue split them and worked the inside of her aunt's pussy lips. Alyson moaned, and began to play with her own nipples, pulling at them and twisting them. She thrust her hips upwards, hoping to force Molly to apply more pressure. Molly understood, and dug deep in her aunt's pussy. She began to tongue fuck her aunt, and then as the moisture dripped from her lips, she used that lubrication and began to work her fingers into her aunt's asshole and her pussy.

"Yesss" hissed Alyson. "More!"

Molly complied, inserting a second and then a third digit into both holes, shifting her mouth to the engorged clit of her moaning aunt. It barely took a minute and Alyson let out a scream of delight as her orgasm rolled over her. Molly kept up the pace of her manipulations until Alyson squeezed he legs closed and forced her niece to halt her manipulations.

"Oh my god, girl, you have an amazing talent! No wonder your master and mistress have fallen for you!"

Molly beamed. She was in her element. "Tell me about this whole thing with the black men, Alyson. It sounds dreamy."

"That's one way to talk about it. It started as Graham and I began to verbalize our fantasies to one another. As it turns out, he had a fantasy of seeing me doing a black man. He subscribed to the belief that black men are all hung bigger than he is (not true - Graham is well endowed, believe me) and that would give me more pleasure. At least that's what he said. There might have been something more to it, but since I was completely amenable to it, who cares? I was already a size queen - the bigger the cock, the better - so if it was just about size, then I was all for it! As it turns out, however, it wasn't just about size alone."

"Really? What else?"

"Molly, from the first instant I met my bull (Alonzo is his name) I felt like there was nothing I wouldn't do for him! On the one hand, he was a powerful, sexy man who made me the center of his attention - and on the other hand, he treated me like I was put on earth to do anything he wanted. So I did! He fucked me silly that first night, coming in every hole I had. Then he passed me around to his friends that same night. I was fucked stupid that night - they made me their cum receptacle and I was stuffed with big black cocks for hours. They would fuck my ass and then make me suck their cock - and I was happy to obey. They stuck their asses in my face and I rimmed them and tongue fucked their holes. I was their white slut, their whore, and by the time it was over I knew I was done with white men. Even with Graham. I love the man dearly but he isn't ever going to fuck me again unless Alonzo allows it. And he's fine with that! Doesn't that make him amazing?"

"Yes it does! What's it like with Alonzo?" asked Molly.

"Well, if you like being told what to do he's your kind of man. If you appreciate big, fat black cock driving deep into your cunt and stretching it wide, he's your kind of man. If you want to be treated like property - told what to wear, how to sit, how to look like you're property but not available - he's your man. If you like being disciplined and forced to do things you'd never imagined, he's your man! Since he's been my bull I've thrown out all my panties except the ones I must have - I don't wear them with him, so all that fancy lingerie I owned was wasted. He loves my legs, so I wear the shortest possible skirt that will cover the tops of my nylons. When we're out with other folks and I'm dressed like that, he loves to have me flash them. Hell, I love to flash my pussy now! I've done everything he's asked, because when he's happy he makes me ecstatic!"

"How does he do that?"

"Fuck if I know! Well, that's not really true. I mean, it's like he turns on a switch in him that does something to me. He makes me feel appreciated. Known. Loved. Adored, even. So I'll do anything for him to turn that on."

"Like what?" Molly asked.

"You're not giving up, are you? Well, you have to promise that you will not judge me about any of it if I really tell you. Do you?"

Molly raised her right hand, saying "I promise." They both laughed!

"Well there was the night he put a collar around my neck and brought me to his club. In that short skirt and no knickers. I was the center of attention for a lot of handsome black men. And, truthfully, some not so handsome ones as well. But all of them were big men, and with some it was obvious they were big where it counted. If you know what I mean. So there I am, flashing my pussy around at these guys, displaying most of my tits, wearing his collar, and all these very attractive men were closing in on me."

She paused as if remembering the experience.

"What then, Alyson?"

"Why, he pulled me down onto my knees, told me to spread my legs and open my mouth, and then told his fellows to "fill every hole she's got."


"You have to ask? I sucked some of the biggest cocks there are. I got fucked by them. I got assfucked. I would have one in my ass, one in my cunt, one in my mouth and one in each hand for most of the night. It was nonstop big black cock. They kept getting hard and I kept taking care of them. By now my dress was a mess, my stocking had runs in them and not only was I dripping cum from my ass and pussy, but I was covered from the ones beating off on me. On the floor of a bar. Alonzo just sat in a chair, kept his eyes on me and watched. Every time I looked, he was watching. Like he wanted to see every reaction to every thrust of every dick."

"Oh my, that's amazing. I want a man to own me like that."

"Well, keep going and you'll find him. It took me two husbands and lots of sex with lots of men and women to get what I have. Now I'm a cum dump for anyone Alonzo wants me to fuck. One of the most exciting times was when he brought outside a bar, into an alley, then had me strip naked and start sucking cocks. Of course, being naked, my mouth wasn't the only attraction, and soon I was bent over the hood of a car, sucking off big black cock after big black cock while I was getting fucked from behind. My tits were mashed into the hood of that car, and I lost track of who and how many men had me. At some point all I remember is being full of cum, dripping, actually, from my ass and pussy, and being put in a cab. Graham met me at the door; he took one look and whipped out his cock and had me suck him off while the cab driver watched! Then he gave me to the cab driver. A tip, he said!"

"Oh my. And you liked it?"

"Darling, I fucking loved it! I've found my purpose in life - I'm here to please men! Now, all this talk of sex has me horny again, so you can go back to what you do best - eat my pussy, girl! Even better, get that wand and let me find out what everyone's raving about!"

Molly disappeared for a few moments and came back with her Magic Wand.

Locating a plug near the couch, she turned it on and a low buzzing came from it.

"Alyson, you are going to love this! Lie back and spread 'em! Show me your dripping pussy! Let me see that fuck hole!"

Alyson lay back and spread her legs wide, lifting her hips as if to present her pussy to Molly. For her part, Molly moved closed and held a hand over the crack of Alyson's ass, then began to press the big rubber head of the wand at the juncture of her pussy lips and her ass crack. She pressed lightly, but as Alyson felt the vibrations, she pressed herself into the wand.

"What else does it do?" Asked Alyson.

"Well," Said Molly, "When I increase the speed and press hard, you'll feel it." And, of course she did exactly that, drawing a sharp gasp from Alyson.

"Oh, my that's delightful, but I need something sizable in my cunt. Don't you have a big dildo? A fat one? I need size!"

Allyson suddenly felt something big invade her pussy. "Like that!" Looking down, she saw that Molly had her arm deep inside her cunt. She was being fisted!

"Now watch what happens when I give the wand the juice!" Said Molly, grinning.

"OH FUCK!" Screamed Alyson, cumming immediately as the enhanced vibrations ran through her clit at the same time as Molly's arm began to pump in and out of her cunt. She kept up her pace and kept the vibrator pressed hard to her aunt's clit. Alyson's boobs flew all over the place; her cunt spasmed over and over and her eyes rolled back into her head. Eventually Molly turned off the wand but couldn't remove her arm until Alyson's cunt stopped spasming.

Eventually she was able to withdraw her arm. She sat back, looking at the gaping pussy of her aunt, happy that she'd done her job and made her cum. Soon Alyson as asleep and Molly covered her with a blanket. Then she went into the kitchen to prepare something for them to eat once her aunt woke up.

The smell from the kitchen eventually brought Alyson round. She got up from the couch and walked naked into the kitchen. Molly, who was herself naked turned to face her and held out her arms.

"Come here, Alyson, and give me a big kiss!"

They embraced and Alyson obliged. Soon they were practically glued to one another, grinding their pussies together. Breaking the kiss, Molly spoke up.

"I've made some soup to rejuvenate us. Sit and I'll serve you."

As they ate, they were silent. It began to be uncomfortable. Then Alyson spoke.

"You know, I've never eaten another woman's pussy. You seem to like it, don't you?"

"Oh my god, yes! I love to eat pussy! First off, they all taste just a bit different and that's intriguing. Then there's the tactile feelings of that flesh exuding juice; the texture of the lips, and the exquisite delight of another woman's clit responding to my tongue! You really haven't tried it?"

"Actually, no, I haven't. When John and I were swingers, I'd finger bang other women but never wanted to taste any pussy but my own - and that would be on a cock that had fucked me. But now, well, you make it seem so wonderful."

"Do you need to be ordered?" Asked Molly.

"Perhaps I do. Perhaps I need to have someone force me to eat someone's pussy until she cums on my face..."

"Lie on your back. On the floor. DO IT NOW!" Molly grinned as she said it - and was delighted when Alyson did exactly that.

Molly straddled her face, looking down past her boobs to see her aunt staring at her cunt.

"Do you like what you see? Does it look familiar? Can you find my clit? Look at it, and then treat it like it was your own." With that she lowered herself to her knees and pressed her moistening pussy to her aunt's lips.

"Lick my lips! Run your tongue between them! Taste me. It tastes like you only somehow different. Feel how slippery my juice makes your tongue. Just explore it as if it were your own." With that Molly shut up, closed her eyes and pressed her cunt into Alyson's face. For her part, Alyson was busy licking into Molly's pussy. She poked and probed as her neice's hips moved back and forth. She felt herself getting wet again, as if every time she made contact with Molly's pussy she was making contact with her own. She was beginning to see what she had resisted for so long.

"Imagine seeing Graham and telling him that your niece made you eat her pussy - and that you liked it! Won't he be thrilled! I bet his big cock will grow and get hard and want to fuck you - but you won't let him. You will have to come up with some other way to satisfy him. Will you blow him? Will you let him take your ass? Will you just jerk him off? Because he's going to get really hot and hard as you tell him! Because you are really getting into it - getting into eating pussy like a lezzy girl!"

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