tagIncest/TabooVacation with the Family Ch. 01

Vacation with the Family Ch. 01


Vacation with the family has always been great. We've gone to Disney World and Wonderland, and all the other great family vacation destinations. This year we're going to Niagra Falls, in Canada, my mother says that we should see one of the natural wonders of the world. Then from there we're going to Toronto to fly to Mexico, where we're going to stay at a resort near Cancun for three weeks. I was worried about the hotel we were going to be staying at in Niagra Falls. My parents are trying to save money by only checking into a room that has two rooms, so that means that my sister and I are going to have to share a bed. The problem is I'm worried about the two of us sharing a room. In recent months I have noticed my sister in a more sexual way. She's absolutely gorgeous, with long dark brown hair, luscious curves, a tight ass, and large breasts; all women in my family have large breasts. They are also quite small, my sister is only about 5'2. She has green eye's like me and my dad, and an extremely beautiful face.

The outfits she wears around the house make it difficult to ignore my new feelings towards her. She's always flaunting around in tight shorts and skimpy tube tops. She is quite flexible, my mother had her enrolled in dance when she was young, and was now teaching at the school. She doesn't hide her flexibility and practices her routines in the middle of the living room. When we're watching TV she likes to lay out on the floor, and when she's wearing a skirt I can often see the edge of her trimmed pussy; she almost never wears underwear when she's home. Sometimes when we're watching a movie she likes to sprawl out on the couch with her head on my lap, this was never a problem with me; until recently when I couldn't help but look down into her cleavage. I'm sure she's caught me ogling her, but she hasn't said anything. She's anything but shy, in fact she's the party girl of the family. She's a year older than me, so she took it upon herself to organize my 18th birthday this year, she also hooked me up with the girl I lost my virginity to, one of her friends, Kelly, a stunning blonde with a nice tight body.

This was the last night home before we left for Niagra Falls. Lauren, my sister, was working and I was at home working out at our home gym. Our parents were out enjoying dinner and going to a late movie. It was about five and I went upstairs to have a shower. About 15 minutes later I got out and found my sister in the living room, laying on the floor watching Doctor Phil.

"Hey, how was your day?" she asked me, not looking away from the TV.

"Pretty good, yours?" I replied, trying not to look at her too long.

"Fine, what's for supper?" she asked.

"I ordered a pizza, it should be here in about 20 minutes."

"Oh, that sounds good. I'm going to have a shower, call me when it gets here."

And with that she got up and bounded up the stairs. I watched her ass as she went, the spandex shorts she was wearing hugged it nicely. I imagined pulling those shorts down to reveal the nicely toned asscheeks underneath, bending her over and fucking her until we both arrived to screaming orgasms. Yes, these are the kind of thoughts I've been having about my own sister, now you should understand why I'm worried about sharing a bed with her.

The pizza guy showed up ten minutes earlier than I had anticipated. I payed the guy and brought the pizzas to the table in the living room. I went up stairs to tell Lauren that the pizza's were ready, the shower had stopped running, and I could hear soft moaning coming from her bedroom. I walked slowly to the door, and peered through the crack in the door. I'll never forget what I saw. Lauren was spread out on her bed, legs apart with one hand at her pussy, and the other up her T-shirt. I watched for a few moments transfixed, it was so hot watching her pleasure herself. Her index and ring finger were spreading apart the swollen lips of her pussy while her slender middle finger went deep within her pussy. She slipped another finger into her pussy and began to finger fuck her self vigorously. Soon her hips began to buck, allowing her to bring her fingers deeper into her hot pussy. Suddenly her moans got louder, she must have realized she was getting loud, because she stopped to flip over and bury her face into her pillow. She brought her hand up between her legs and fingered herself furiously. The view I had of her pussy was perfect. Her pussy was nice and pink, with her neatly trimmed dark pubic hair quite visible. She continued fingering herself until her body suddenly gave a shudder, juices from her tight pussy flowed onto her hand. She rolled onto her back and brought the hand up to her mouth, she licked cleaning the juices from her hand, her chest still heaving from the pleasure she had just experienced. I was rock hard from the spectacle I had just witnessed, and could feel the precum from my cock soaking my underwear. I retreated to the top stair and called up to Lauren, telling her that the pizza was here.

"OK," she said after a moment, and she came out wearing the same T-shirt as she was earlier and a pair of baby blue sweat pants. I walked down the stairs stiffly, with her following me. I sat down on the couch and opened the pizza box. She sat down at the end of the table, and reached for a slice of pizza, I could clearly see down her front, and saw the entirety of her large breasts, easily 36DD, and her large hard nipples.

As we ate we watched a movie, after she had finished eating she sprawled out on the couch in her favorite position, with her head on my lap. I had the foresight to put a heavy blanket on my lap, I still had a hard-on from seeing her masturbate, and I didn't want Lauren to feel it. The movie reached a love scene and I noticed that Lauren was squirming in her pants. I was dozing, and had my eye's half closed. She looked up at me, and must have thought I was asleep because she reached down between and began to gently rub her pussy through the fabric of her pants. A dark spot quickly formed at her crotch formed, she was looking up at me making sure I was still "sleeping". I tried to sneak a better look at what she was doing, she saw me, and quickly withdrew her hand and stared at me. We stared into each others eye's for a long time, I slowly leaned my head down, as hers came up. Our lips met, she adjusted her position so we could kiss deeper. She brought her hand around to the back of my head and pulled my mouth deeper into hers. Our tongues entwined, and we searched each others mouths. I brought my left hand up her shirt, she wasn't wearing a bra and my hand found her naked breast underneath. I lightly squeezed her right breast, and she moaned from deep within her throat.

She adjusted her position so that she was straddling my legs, and pushing her mound against my manhood. She raised her arms and I removed the top she was wearing. All the time we said nothing. Nothing needed to be said, we wanted, no we needed each other, the fact that we were siblings was of no consequence. I brought my mouth to one of her nipples and softly sucked at it. I nibble her nipple lightly, this brought out yet another guttural moan from her. The moans of my sister burst through the little self control I had left. I brought my hand to her mound and felt the wetness of her pussy through the fabric, I pulled my hand away as she began to undo my belt, and pulling down the fly of my jeans. My cock sprung out of the fold in my boxers, and Lauren began to massage it with her hand. I continued to rub at her wet mound as she stroked my hard cock.

Suddenly I heard tires crunch on the gravel in our driveway. We quickly withdrew, and my sister rushed to put her top back on, while I tried forcing my manhood back into to my jeans.

We assumed innocent looking positions, with her feet in my lap, and my still hard hidden by the blanket as my parents came through the front door.

"Hi guys!" my mom called out.

"Hi mom, Hi dad," we said in unison.

"Well I'm tired, I'm off to bed." she announced. This was unusual usually she wanted to talk to us for hours after she's been out. Then I remembered, we're going on vacation! I suddenly didn't have any problem with me and my sister sharing a room.

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