tagIncest/TabooThe Wedding Belle

The Wedding Belle


Thanks to my special boy toy for collaborating with me on this story, to MrsSecondSamuel for editing, and to SecondSamuel, for keeping me in line.

*This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or older.



As a rule, Cole didn't like family affairs. They were tedious and formal and always ended badly. Weddings, however, were an exception to that rule. Not because they weren't tedious and formal, but because they always turned out well. For him, at least, if not the bride and groom. Being happily single himself, weddings were like an all-he-could-eat-buffet and he was dressed in his sharpest suit to tuck in.

Cole wasn't movie-star handsome with a gym body, but he was no slouch either. He was six foot two, had broad shoulders, muscles honed by an active lifestyle, a kind smile and a sweet, boyish appeal even though he was in his early forties; and not altogether sweet. But most importantly, he had a natural, easy charisma that made him likeable to other men and fuckable to the fairer sex.

Considering that Cole already excelled in most any social situation involving horny women in dresses, add an open bar to the mix and he hardly had to try. Once found the one he wanted, he knew just how to get the 'I do'. In fact, the only wedding he'd ever attended that hadn't worked out to his advantage was his own.

When he'd graduated from college, he married the woman of his dreams; and she was having an affair with his best friend. After that failed relationship, and a few others that ended because of cheating on both sides, Cole decided that the best commitment to make was not to commit. Since then, his love life had improved exponentially. And by the looks of the nubile females filling the pews, it was only getting better.

The only snag he could foresee was figuring out which girls were eighteen and which of those eighteen year olds weren't related. Cole wouldn't have minded if they turned out to be a second-cousin-once-removed or great-niece-by-marriage or some such as long as they weren't jailbait, but some relative or in-law might not appreciate him tapping the family tree. Or his eldest brother, Ethan.

It was his daughter Sara's wedding and many of the young ladies present were either her cousins or friends and it would be the height of impropriety for the Uncle-of-the-Bride to seduce one of them. Or two or three.

Vowing that he'd only go for women that looked twenty-one or older (he considered himself a pretty good judge of this, having worked as a bartender in the past) he continued to scan the other pews as they filled with guests. Cole spotted a few he'd have to make a move on at the reception. Not that he couldn't appreciate big tits (and he did), but he found that most of the women he gravitated towards had breasts that were barely handfuls and asses that wouldn't quit.

When the ceremony began and the bridesmaids started filing in, one in particular caught his attention- especially as she passed by. She was a pale, slender girl with perfect little tits and a bubble butt that strained against the hot-pink fabric of her dress, jiggling with every step. This stunning bridesmaid would have topped Cole's list if he wasn't aware of two key factors: One, she was barely legal- eighteen for a few months tops- and two, she was his youngest niece, Penelope.

Because of work, he hadn't seen much of his nieces over the past few years and in his mind, 'Mini-Penny' was still a shy, smart, soft-spoken girl. He'd always thought she was pretty, even during that awkward phase when she had braces, thick glasses and acne, but never a beauty like her older sisters. Until now.

Cole rose to his feet along with everyone else when the bride began her walk down the aisle, arm in arm with her father. Sara looked breathtaking in her mermaid gown, veil floating over her beautiful face like white mist. After Ethan had escorted her to the altar, the priest began the ceremony. Try as he might, though, he couldn't keep his focus where it should be, on the bride and groom, with Penelope standing only feet away- especially with her angled so that he could see the dramatic curve down her spine and over her ass.

And those legs... In addition to her academic pursuits, his niece was also an avid swimmer and played volleyball, so her calves were well-toned and her shapely thighs were especially thick. Cole couldn't help but think how ripe and juicy it must be between them. Like mother like daughter...

Before Ethan married Maggie, and several times afterwards, Cole and his sister-in-law had fooled around. They'd never planned on it- they'd just found themselves conveniently alone together and allowed their baser instincts to take over logic. Each time was the last time until the actual last time. And no matter how many years had passed, the memories were still fresh in his mind.

By the time the ceremony was over, Cole's persistent fantasies about Maggie and her daughter had made him uncomfortably tight against the seam and he was glad that no one was paying attention when he stood up for the new couple, Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham. When the bridesmaids began parading past, he watched his niece's every step. As she walked by, Penny caught her Uncle's eye and gave him a wink. And if he wasn't mistaken, she had a little more bounce in her step after she did.

Cole's stupid grin faded when he spotted his older brother only a few rows away. If Ethan had known the dirty thoughts his younger brother was having about his baby girl, he wouldn't have hesitated to beat the shit out of him, House of God or not. And Cole had learned from others' experiences not to get on his brother's bad side. Better pick a girl who won't lower my life expectancy, he thought as he joined the crowd filtering out of the church.

Reception Deception

The second phase of the game was always mingling, no matter how many vixens caught his eye doing his preliminary surveillance during the ceremony. And of course, being his niece's wedding, he did want to congratulate the bride and groom and observe all the formalities expected of him. It played well besides, the caring uncle routine. Cole noticed a few young ladies checking him out as he put on the charm, giving Sara a loving embrace and saying something that made her grin ear to ear, followed by a masculine handshake with her new husband and a brief "take care of this young lady" speech.

Ethan had always been a good wingman, so Cole chatted with him and Maggie for a while, getting introduced to the bridesmaids he didn't know in the process, as well as a few of the other women he was hoping to get alone. Several of them turned out to be in a relationship already, and a few he'd apparently already slept with and never called (or so he gathered from their pointed comments about having 'met before'), but most of them were fair game.

Penelope came up to say hello in her sweet, timid way while there was a lull in conversation. Cole couldn't help but notice that she was wearing glasses now and her shoulder-length auburn hair was up in a ponytail, giving her this sexy librarian look. It was a bit difficult to reconcile the duckling with the swan, but she was still the same rare bird; just ready to fly.

"I was wearing contacts, but they bother me after a while. As soon as the photographer was done with us, I put my glasses back on," Penelope explained, though her uncle hadn't asked.

"I like you in glasses, Penny. They suit you."

"Cause I'm a nerd?" she scoffed. Like many late bloomers, she seemed unaware of how much she'd blossomed. In the past he might have purely out of affection, but 'nerd' was the last word he'd use to describe Penelope now.

"Because they make you look even prettier than you already are." Cole flashed her one of his trademark lopsided grins, a lock of his dark brown hair falling over his eyes in an especially attractive manner.

"Then I should have worn them during the ceremony. It would have given you an even better show." It was Penelope's turn to flash a killer smile, one perfectly sculpted brow raised knowingly.

Cole blushed and started to ask what she meant, but his niece waved her hand to silence him.

"I'm just teasing you, Uncle Cole. There were plenty of guys paying more attention to the bridesmaids than the bride."

"Well considering the dress Sara picked out for you ladies to wear, it's hard to blame them." Even though he'd been especially captivated with Penny, Cole had admired the full array of pretty maids all in a row.

"I'll have to tell her how much you appreciated her choice," she said playfully. "I know Daddy didn't, once he saw me wearing it..."

Just the mention of his brother wiped the mischievous expression on Cole's face. "Maybe it's best if you don't tell her how much I liked the bridesmaids' dresses then." He added a half-hearted chuckle, but Penny seemed to pick up on his nerves nonetheless.

"Maybe I could be convinced not to say anything... if you brought me a drink." As if slightly ashamed by her attempt to extort him, but not enough to dissuade her from it, Penelope bit her lip. It look especially pink and plump captured between her teeth.

"Hmm, can't sweet talk the bartender?" Cole teased, surreptitiously scanning around for Ethan. Fortunately, he was across the very crowded reception room, immersed in a conversation with his new in-laws.

"Sweet talking the bartender's not the issue. It's the picture of me Daddy posted behind the bar with a warning not to serve me alcohol under pain of death."

"Sounds like Ethan."

"You aren't afraid of him, are you?" Her voice was somewhere between surprised and disappointed. It was a dare.

"No, of course not. But he is your father and you are under the drinking age." Cole tried to say this as firmly as possible, but Penelope could sense his ambivalence and pounced.

"Aww, please, Uncle Cole! I'll be really good, I promise. You can get something with juice in it so it won't even look like I'm drinking alcohol and if Daddy finds out, I won't tell on you, I swear. I just want to get a little buzzed..."

"Okay, okay," Cole said begrudgingly. "But seriously, keep it on the downlow."

Penny made a girlish sound of delight and threw her arms around him. "Thank you, Cole, you're my favorite uncle," she crooned in his ear before letting go.

Feeling a twinge in his heart and in his pants, Cole went to get a drink for his favorite niece. When he returned with a sparkling white wine cocktail which would hopefully pass for a virgin, she gave him a peck on the cheek with her plush lips.

"You're a lifesaver. I think I might be able to enjoy myself now."

Taking advantage of their proximity, Cole pulled her in with one arm for an embrace, casually brushing his hand against the side of her breast as he did. He knew that he should keep his mouth shut, but he couldn't help himself.

"I hope so, my dear. Just don't expect too many refills..."

"Oh, I just might," Penelope informed him, not-so-casually grazing his chest with her diamond-hard nipples before walking off.

Watching her recede into the crowd, Cole wondered idly whether or not she was a virgin. He remembered Ethan mentioning how his youngest had joined some church chastity club that involved wearing a promise ring to signify her abstinence- some bullshit like that. But he hadn't really been paying attention to Penny's hands, so he didn't know if she was still wearing it.

Shaking off a useless train of thought, he caught a more productive one: selecting his first course. Two of the unrelated bridesmaids that had piqued his interest earlier- Molly and Jennifer- were eating together, which was a tempting combination. A cute blonde named Suzanne had chatted him up earlier. She was a high school math teacher in her late twenties, and he'd always had hots for teacher. And then there was Heather, an old flame that seemed to light up when she saw him there.

Or he could choose something off the menu entirely.

Party Favors

The food was excellent, wedding or no, and it was serve-yourself, seat-yourself affair that left Cole plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle. Whenever he went for more refreshments, he would often meet up with Penelope on the way. He knew this wasn't coincidental, because she'd inevitably convince her uncle to bring her another cocktail. After the covert hand-off, Cole would head back into the game, still feeling the chill, wet remnant of her thank-you kiss on his cheek.

He had the good fortune of finding a gorgeous college student with a low neckline and no boyfriend to sit with. And he'd had a couple of chances to see her full, heart-shaped bottom and knew the only thing that would improve upon it would be him, spreading those cheeks. Cole was also pleased to find that she was a total lush and gladly acquiesced to her every request for a refill.

When his phone intruded with a chime for a new text, he checked the message even though he fully intended on ignoring it. But what he saw was hard to ignore.

"Excuse me, Stacy, I have to take this," he murmured, walking away just as she was saying her name was Stephanie.

And take it he was exactly what he wanted to do. It was a picture from 'Unknown', but it was undoubtedly a female. Her white panties were so wet they were nearly translucent, outlining her luscious pussy, complete with a dark tuft of hair.

"Holy..." Cole had given several women his number already, so he scanned around to see if any of them were watching.

Unable to find any potential senders, he gave the photo another good long look before formulating his response. The pic was timestamped from only a minute prior and had been taken under the table, with her skirt hiked up. This was no ordinary wedding-slut. This was a rare find- a true freak.

How delectable. And I thought I couldn't eat another bite. Whom, may I ask, can I look forward to tasting later?

Smirking, Cole pressed send and surveyed the sea of fleshy delights for any especially rosy cheeks.

A little presumptuous, aren't you? How do you know you'll get a closer look?

Because, Naughty Girl, my mouth isn't the only thing watering.

Would you like a sample first?

Cole wasn't sure what she meant by this, but of course he answered, Yes.

They're about to cut the cake. Get a piece and sit down, then you'll get a special surprise.

Ethan gestured his younger brother to come stand with him near the front, where he smiled and awwwed along with everyone else while the newlyweds smashed cake into each other's faces and kissed it off. It looked to be one those standard, dry, overly-sweet wedding cakes- which it was- but that wasn't what Cole was really looking forward to when he picked a new table and sat down with his dessert.

Seconds later, another message popped up.

Reach into your back left pocket- I gave you a party favor.

Intrigued, Cole reached behind himself and did so. As soon has his fingers felt the 'favor', he knew what it was. The dampness alone, combined with their fine, silken texture, were enough to give him an image in his mind that he soon confirmed visually. They were the same panties he'd seen in the photo, plastered to a camel-toe. He'd asked women to take their panties off for him when they were in public before- in a restaurant or at the theater or in the middle of a party- but no woman had ever volunteered them. Much less anonymously.

What are you waiting for? Smell them.

Making sure no one else at the table was looking, Cole obeyed, pressing his nose into the crotch still bearing evidence of her arousal and inhaling deeply. The fragrance was so enticing that he couldn't help but sniff it a little longer, eyes shut as if in concentration. It certainly wasn't the first pair of panties he'd smelled, but this scent was particularly floral and musky and delicate and provocative.

Forcing himself to stop before he got any harder, or looked any weirder, Cole checked his messages.

Don't put them away yet- I want you to put some of that buttercream frosting on my creamy undies and lick them clean.

Here? Now?

How else will I know you've been a good bad boy?

As casually as possible, he got a dollop of icing on the tip of his fingers and smeared it onto gusset of the panties. This was so wrong that he couldn't help but be turned on by it. With his nostrils full of her aroma, Cole lapped up his sweet treat. After the small amount of sugar-based cream, he got through to the cunt-based cream- and it certainly whet his appetite. His salivating mouth was proof of that; if not his lengthening erection.

Mm Mmm... I can't wait to have the whole slice.

Still hungry for more?

Very. Are you?

Ravenous. I hope you're thirsty too because someone's about to hand you a drink.

Perplexed, Cole almost jumped out of his chair when seconds later, a voice at his shoulder said, "Excuse me, Sir, your champagne."

Hiding his phone and look of surprise, Cole looked up to see a server with a tray of bubbling champagne flutes. Shaking himself out of his pheromone-induced fugue, he accepted one of them as graciously as possible. He tried with all his might to think of something to make the evidence of his own arousal go away before the toast began. But of course, she wouldn't be making that easy.

The Toast

Shortly after the Best Man signaled for everyone's attention by clinking his glass into the microphone, Cole got another message- this one with a video. Walking to the perimeter of the gathering crowd and making sure the volume was muted, he pressed play. And of course it was her, playing with her pussy, the camera focused in on the apex of her thighs so as not to betray her identity.

The trim patch above her slit and running along the sides had a glint of red, but that was common in brunettes as well as redheads and didn't always show up in the drapes. While her slender fingers rubbed around her glossy petals, he could see that she had a French manicure, but those were fairly ubiquitous. And he could tell that at least part of her dress was pink, but that was a popular color at his niece's wedding, so no dice.

Yet watching whoever this was masturbate for her private audience was far more interesting than playing detective. She would alternate between circling her clit and finger-banging her tight cunt, nectar flowing freely as she did. He couldn't wait to watch it again with the sound on. When the clip ended with her knuckles deep in her sodden hole, Cole was quick to respond.

Now that's something to toast to...

Don't you wish it was your cock instead of my fingers?

Don't YOU wish it was my cock instead of your fingers?

Naughty boy... If you want inside of what those panties covered, you have to touch yourself with them first.

Cole knew that she meant right then and there, in the middle of the crowded reception hall, and of all the stunts he'd pulled, this one put him at the most risk of seeming like a total pervert at his niece's wedding. The irony of the situation wasn't lost on him- Cole had coerced many women into doing things that had potentially embarrassing consequences. And of course, touching themselves had been one of them.

He stalled so long that she called him out.

Are you waiting for a hand-written invitation? No one will be watching you but me- if you hurry up that is.

She was right- everyone was paying attention to the Best Man's toast. If he was subtle about it...

Cole couldn't believe he was actually going through with this to get laid. But something about this teasing trollop made him think it would be worth it. Still holding his champagne glass with one hand, and pretending to be absorbed in the rambling speech about how he'd never seen his best friend happier than when he was with his new bride, Cole retrieved the only favor he planned on keeping. With the scrap of silk wadded up in his palm, he slid his hand into the waistband of his slacks.

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