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The Parent Trap



All characters are over the age of 18. This work contains themes including non consensual sex and impregnation. Any readers who may be sensitive to these themes should not read this story and should also leave the NON CONSENT and RELUCTANCE tab of smytt.ru. I hope you enjoy this story and I look forward to reading your feedback.


Fridays were always my favorite day of the week. Saturdays are great and all, but Fridays have this air of opportunity. You get done with work and then have all night long to do everything or nothing at all. To me, Saturdays always had a sense of urgency, a feeling that I needed to go out and do something before the Sunday uglies came with things like grocery shopping and laundry demanding my attention.

So after an extremely long week at work, when Friday finally came around, I was eager to get to my boyfriend's house, open a bottle of wine, cue our favorite Netflix show, and then go to bed. When I made it home to get my overnight bag ready for the weekend, I decided on a hunch to shave my legs and throw on a sexy black lace bra and matching underwear, hoping Max would want to take the frustrations of the week out on me in the bedroom rather than on the bottle of wine. It was his favorite underwear set, he just couldn't resist the sight of my triple D tits threatening to spill out over the bra cups or the way the thong accentuated my ass. To the majority of guys I was chubby, maybe even a little fat. but Max didn't care, "more to love" is what he always told me. And it didn't hurt that my chest and rear end gave me a nice shape.

After packing my toothbrush I grabbed my bag, locked the door to my apartment, and made my way out to my car. The feel of my soft denim jeans was delicious on my freshly shaved legs, and when I sat down behind the wheel and made my way onto the road, my pussy was already beginning to get wet with anticipation. I had intentionally paired the skinny jeans with a low cut blouse to tease Max, but showing so much cleavage boosted my confidence and made me feel like a sex goddess. When I pulled into Max's driveway I was thoroughly hot and bothered.

"You look hot," he said when he greeted me, his piercing blue eyes roaming my body appreciatively. I planted a hot, passionate kiss on his lips and dumped my bag by the door just moments after it swung closed. My arms immediately wrapped themselves around his neck and he responded by moving his hands down to cup my ass.

"You're not wasting any time, I see," he said flirtatiously.

"I have had the worst week. I just want you to throw me on the bed, fuck my brains out, and make me forget about it," I replied breathlessly, my heart pounding in my chest.

Without another word, Max led me back into his bedroom. He pushed me down on the bed and stripped off his shirt, revealing his soft stomach and happy trail. Like me, he was soft around the edges and lacked the macho hypermasculinity you saw in men who modeled for magazines or acted in movies. He was perfectly average, just shy of 6 feet tall with soft brown hair, and a dick that was a little longer than 5 inches. But he was mine. The sex was hot, and his heart was even better.

When Max was fully naked he climbed on the bed, unbuttoned my jeans, and peeled them off my legs. He ran his hands over my smooth skin, kissing the insides of my thighs until I was moaning softly. My top came off afterwards and I could've sworn I heard a soft growl rumble from his throat when he caught sight of my bra. His lips roamed down my neck and to my heaving chest and I could feel his hardening cock pressing against my panties.

"Take of your bra," he whispered in my ear, and I shook my head. He paused, "are you okay?"

I scooted out from underneath him and opened his bedside table, taking out a pair of handcuffs. "Lay down," I said firmly. He looked at the gleaming metal nervously, whenever we used this it was always me chained to the bed, never him.

"I said, lay down." He did as he was told and I looped the chain of the handcuffs around a piece of the headboard before locking his wrists in. He was laying on the bed naked, his hands above his head. I removed my bra as he had asked before, my tits spilling out and into full view. My nipples were already standing at attention, my pussy was soaking wet.

Leaving my panties on, I scooted down the bed and took his cock in my mouth. I could feel him straining his hands against the handcuffs, and I knew he longed to run his fingers through my hair as I sucked him off. His hips rocked in sync with my mouth which was wrapped tightly around his shaft. He let out a groan when I paused to let my tongue tease the head of his cock and taste his precum. When my jaw got sore from holding it open I decided to rile him up further, sucking on his balls a little before running my tongue up the underside of his shaft.

"God I want to fuck you," he said breathlessly. When I stood up and dropped my thong, his eyes never left my body. He fixated on my freshly shaved pussy. To tease him, I propped my foot up on the bed, giving him a clear view of how wet I was, and I used my fingers to play with myself. First rubbing my clit, and then to finger my tight fuck hole. That was the best part really, even though Max's cock was average, my pussy was unbelievably tight. I couldn't comfortably fit more than two digits inside me and could maybe squeeze in three... but only if I had been good and thoroughly fucked.

"Please, Rachel," he panted, "I want you to fuck me so badly," I slid my fingers in my mouth to taste myself, enjoying the sweetness. He groaned again, knowing I was doing this intentionally to drive him crazy.

"You want me to fuck you?" I asked and he nodded.

"Please," he begged. I climbed back up on the bed and straddled his hips, resting my wet slit on his shaft. "We need a a condom," he said, and I just shook my head.

I reached my hand between my legs and teased the head of his shaft against my pussy. "We need a condom!" He insisted once more.

"No, I want to feel you inside me without one," and then I began to slowly push his cock inside me. He groaned as my cunt squeezed him, taking more and more of him as I lowered my hips. I couldn't help but moan when he was completely inside me.

"You need to put a condom on me," he said weakly, but I leaned over and kissed him to make him shut up.

"Relax, I'll just let you pull out," I whispered in his ear. He nodded, moaning again as I began to grind my hips against his.

I straightened up a little and put my hands on his chest to support myself so he could have a clearer view of my full breasts. My tight cunt clenched around his shaft as I began to ride him. We both began to moan louder, electricity shot through my body each time the head of his cock brushed my g spot. Max's hands straightened against the handcuffs, and that turned me on even more, knowing I was in complete control.

"Oh my god you're so fucking sexy," He told me and this just made me ride him harder. I was always loud during sex and this was no different, my high pitched cries echoed slightly in the big bedroom, combining with the sounds of my bare pussy smacking against his pelvis. I straightened up completely and leaned back to sturdy myself with my left hand on his leg. My right hand teased my throbbing clit, making my loud moans even louder.

"Oh fuck, fuck yes," cried out as my fingers flew, I could feel the pressure building as I rode him, the feeling of his cock filling me driving me wild in the best way. "Fuck, I'm going to cum," I whimpered, my fingers teasing my clit faster still.

"Oh fuck yes, Rachel!" Max called out, "Cum all over my cock. Cum for me baby, I want to hear you scream."

I felt my wrist begin to cramp up as I teased myself but kept going, feeling the arc of my orgasm building steadily. I took Max's cock out of my pussy, not wanting him to get off just yet, and started moaning louder as he pulled against the handcuffs, instinctively wanting to help get me off.

"Oh fuck yes!" I gasped as my orgasm finally ripped through me. An arc of fluid soared through the air and landed on Max's chest, and I moaned with the release. I was always a squirter but never had I cum so hard before.

"Yes baby, let go," he groaned, as another arc of my juices landed on his chest.

When I finally came back down from my orgasm, I bit my lip. "Your turn," I said winking at him. I reached down and stroked his cock a few times before inserting it back inside me.

"Be careful," Max warned me, "I don't know how much longer I can hold off." I began to ride him again, my big tits jiggling with my every move. Despite having already gotten off, I loved every moment of having his cock inside me. Max pulled against his restraints, never taking his eyes off of my swaying breasts.

His breathing began to get more shallow and I could tell he was doing everything he could to hold back. "I'm gonna cum Rachel, take me out," he gasped. His eyes went straight to my face and his eyes widened, "Rachel take me out!"

Instead, I rode him faster, reaching behind me to play with his balls, knowing that would bring him to the very edge. "No, Rachel, no, stop stop st-" and he cut himself off with a loud groan, thrusting up hard. His hips bucked a few times and I moaned as I felt his cock pulse inside me, shooting his hot cum straight into my womb.

I didn't move until I felt his cock soften and slip out, his chest rising and falling as he tried to catch his breath. "What the fuck, Rachel? Why would you do that?" he asked angrily. I didn't answer and instead hopped off the bed to unlock his handcuffs.

"Relax, I probably won't even get pregnant, but maybe you should come shower with me to wash all this cum out of my pussy just to be safe." He rolled his eyes and followed me into the bathroom, apparently satisfied with this response.

Too bad he didn't know I was ovulating.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/15/19


Fun to read of a guy getting roped into baby. Normally it is us at frat parties who unload into dumb college broads knocking them up and they never know who the dad is.

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by Anonymous01/10/19

Love it, more

Pretty descriptive, just the right amount of movement and dialogue. Felt natural. Was really easy to follow. Would've liked if there was more at the end, e.g. "6 months later" kind of thing, to confirmmore...

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by Anonymous01/05/19

Nice one

Hope he's not getting roped into a paternity trap

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by Man_of_the_Hour12/28/18


LOL that twist at the end. Fucking love it.

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by Anonymous12/25/18

It was pretty hot

Hope to see more femdom from you :-)

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