tagLesbian SexThe Mechanic Pt. 02

The Mechanic Pt. 02


Back by popular demand, this is the sequel to 'The Mechanic'. If you haven't read that one, it probably makes more sense to do that first. Perhaps the story does not continue the way some of you hoped but, as you may guess after reading, there will be a part 3 too. We owe these two that much! As always, I'd love to hear what you think! Happy reading!

* * * * *

Rowan woke up to a noise that sounded suspiciously like pots clanging in the kitchen. Daylight streamed into the room. It took Rowan a moment to piece together what that meant. Riley. She was here last night, and now it was morning and she was still here. They must have fallen asleep. And at the moment Riley was doing something in the kitchen, loudly. Rowan smiled despite herself. Was that a deliberate action to get her out of bed? She pulled on a pair of baggy joggers and a t-shirt. She didn't normally deal with 'the morning after'. Usually the girl had left by then. She didn't really know how to proceed from here. It sounded like Riley had taken matters into her own hands already.

On her way to the kitchen, Rowan was greeted by the smell of fresh coffee wafting through the apartment. So far, so good; that was certainly an advantage of an unplanned situation. As she rounded the corner, she saw Riley standing by the stove, wearing nothing but an apron. Rowan suppressed a chuckle. Where did she even find that? Rowan didn't know she owned an apron. She leaned on the breakfast bar and watched as the blonde hummed to herself, gently wiggling her naked rear in tune with her humming. Perhaps this 'morning after' thing wasn't going to be so bad.

As if she was featuring in some cooking show - wasn't there one called 'The Naked Chef'? - Riley stirred the pot vigorously before dropping in the contents of a cup. What on earth was she doing? She then turned to the toaster, which had spat out two perfectly browned slices of bread. At the same time, she burst into an off-key rendition of Aretha Franklin's 'A natural woman', squeaking through the three 'you make me feel's, and rumbling an uncomfortably deep 'like a natural woman'.

Rowan snickered. "I think you should stick to the piano, girl."

Riley jumped at the sound of Rowan's voice and turned to face her, looking embarrassed. Depicted across the front of the apron was the naked torso of the 'Venus de Milo', which aligned surprisingly well with the naked parts of Riley's body sticking out from behind it. The apron had been a tongue-in-cheek present from her friend Megan's trip to Italy, Rowan now remembered.

"That suits you," she said with a grin.

Riley smiled and gave a little twirl. "Thank you. I couldn't find a dressing gown."

"No, I don't have one." Watching Riley turn back to the stove, exposing her cute butt again, Rowan was suddenly pleased she didn't own a dressing gown. She walked up and pressed herself into the girl's naked body, wrapping her arms around her. What else was she to do? How could she possibly resist a girl who was standing naked in her kitchen, making her breakfast?

She peered into the pot. A white blob was bobbing in a sea of swirling water. "What are you making?"

"Poached eggs on toast." Riley gestured towards two plates which already contained slices of toast and professional-looking eggs. Rowan was impressed. Who knew you could make poached eggs yourself? "It was this or mouldy yogurt," Riley continued. "I threw that away, by the way."

Rowan chuckled. "Breakfast isn't usually included," she said softly, brushing Riley's ear with her lips. But in this case she could perhaps make an exception. She slipped her hands under the apron, firmly gripping Riley's thighs, and kissed the side of her neck. Her right hand moved to Riley's pussy, grazing the neat strip of hair on her mound.

"Rowan!" Riley squirmed in her arms. "No!"

"No?" Rowan whispered, nibbling at Riley's earlobe with her teeth, still continuing the trajectory of her hand. Her fingers slid between Riley's lips. How did she get this wet already? Rowan felt her own desire growing when she encountered Riley's.

"Wait..." Riley said with a sigh. She didn't move away from Rowan, but picked up a slotted spoon. She scooped the egg out of the water before dropping it haphazardly on one of the plates, soaking the corner of the toast with the excess water. Clearly, the hotel-quality of the breakfast had become of lesser importance with the presence of Rowan's fingers between her legs.

Now no longer occupied with the immediate ruin of her cooking, Riley tilted her head back as Rowan kissed her neck eagerly, letting her tongue brush the soft skin from between her lips. Rowan pressed herself against Riley's soft butt cheeks and allowed her fingers to slide on either side of her clit. Feeling the skin below her fingers become more moist even at this light touch, Rowan was suddenly reminded of the taste of the wetness that coated her fingers. Now, that was a breakfast of champions. She turned Riley around in her arms and kneeled in front of her.

"Rowan...," Riley said softly, while laying her hand on Rowan's hair. Rowan ignored her and lifted the apron over her head. She felt herself fill with lust at seeing the sweet pussy again, which she'd so intimately gotten to know yesterday. She leaned forward to press her mouth into it, and let her tongue slip into Riley's slit.

"Rowan...," Riley sighed again, now stroking the back of Rowan's head to get her attention. Still ignoring her, Rowan brushed her tongue against Riley's clit, causing her to gasp.

"Rowan, the food will get cold...," Riley exhaled. Rowan couldn't suppress a snicker. Of all the things to worry about. She moved both her hands to Riley's butt to steady her and felt the girl lean backwards against the counter. Rowan's tongue expertly circled Riley's clit. She took her time to taste her, while changing between motions and spots that had been a hit with the straight girl last night.

It wasn't long before Rowan felt Riley start to tremble, her hand on the back of Rowan's head becoming more frantic. She heard a loud clanging noise; presumably Riley had accidentally knocked something of the counter into the sink. Rowan buried her face between Riley's thighs and held her quivering body up against the counter, while her tongue increased its efforts. A moment later, Riley's body contracted against her, while a deep groan escaped from the girl's lips. Rowan gently wrapped her lips and tongue around Riley's throbbing clit, maintaining just the right amount of contact. She held Riley close as her orgasm rippled through her body, preventing her legs from buckling underneath her. When Riley relaxed and her breathing calmed down, Rowan got up and pressed a quick kiss on the girl's lips.

"Seriously, Rowan..." Riley tried to give her a reproachful look, pretending she didn't just enjoy that little surprise, but the smile on her lips gave her away. Rowan flashed her a broad grin.

"Can we have breakfast now?" Riley asked, pulling together the plates that she'd sent flying with her flailing elbows.

"I just had mine..."

Riley looked at her with a puzzled expression, taking a moment to understand what she meant. Then she grinned and said: "Sounds good to me." She slid her hand into Rowan's joggers. A look of mischief crossed over her face when she discovered that Rowan wasn't wearing anything underneath. Before Riley could get her hand between her legs, Rowan grabbed her wrist and gently pulled her away. She smiled at Riley in an attempt to convey that it wasn't personal.

"Do you always eat alone?" Riley asked, her expression full of surprise and amusement.

"Usually, yes," Rowan grinned, glad that Riley didn't seem too disappointed. She usually ate alone in the literal and the salacious sense of the word.

"Oh, poor you," Riley teased, "You just need a loving girlfriend who cooks nice meals for you."

"Ha, no! I'll remain a single, starving artist, erm mechanic, thank you very much!" When Riley's face clouded over, Rowan realised that wasn't what the girl had wanted to hear. Had her statement been an open application for the role of the loving girlfriend? Rowan thought she'd been pretty clear that she wasn't interested in that, but, in hindsight, she could have been a bit less harsh.

After a moment of awkward silence, Riley said: "Speaking of starving, I am. Let's eat." She carried the plates to the breakfast bar. Rowan poured the coffee and followed. As she cut into her poached egg, the soft yolk spread quickly over her toast and plate. It was made perfectly. This girl was certainly multi-talented. If Rowan would ever want a girlfriend who cooked for her, based on this meal, Riley would be a strong candidate. She took her first bite.

"You know," she said pensively, "I think it would have been even better if it wasn't cold." Riley laughed loudly and shook her head amusedly.

"So, how do you feel after your real 'merry gay first time'?" Rowan struck up a new topic of conversation she was quite curious about.

"And my second, and third... and fourth?" Riley mused. "Wait... What do you call a 'time' between two women?"

The age old question. "What do you call a 'time' between a guy and a girl?" Rowan looked at her inquisitively, challenging her to reflect on what she always took for granted.

Riley thought for a moment. "I don't know. When... you know...?" She inserted her finger into a ring made with the index finger and thumb of her other hand. "Or an orgasm?"

"And, with a guy, if you're really lucky that's the same number, right?" Rowan winked at her.

Riley laughed and then asked: "Hey, have you ever been with a guy?"

"Gold star, all the way."

"What's a gold star?"

Rowan had forgotten that Riley wasn't part of the queer community and wasn't familiar with the terminology. "A lesbian who's never slept with a man," she explained. "I have never been remotely interested in men."

"Not even when you were younger?" Riley asked, an intrigued look on her face.

"No ma'am. I think I was a lesbian before I could talk. I was always undressing my sister's Barbie dolls." Rowan grinned. Her sister would get so upset when she found the doll house looking like an orgy again. Not that either of them at that age knew anything about orgies, or all the fun things one could do while being naked.

"Not much has changed then...," Riley said, giving her a funny look that could mean amusement or maybe a hint of criticism.

"Not really, no. Although undressing real girls is much more interesting..." Rowan dipped her finger into the slimy puddle of egg yolk on her plate. She brought her finger to her mouth and licked the sticky substance off suggestively. She held Riley's gaze until the girl blushed and looked away.

Draining the last of her coffee, Rowan glanced at the large station clock behind Riley. Half past nine; nice and early. Time to get ready for her day. Sundays were her only days off and they were reserved for relaxing and doing whatever she felt like. Today, she may even pay her friend Megan a visit. After all, it was her she had to thank for the great night of sex she'd had. Unfortunately for Riley, whatever Rowan got up to, Sundays were not for entertaining 'morning after' guests.

"Thank you for breakfast. That was delicious," Rowan started, while she stretched leisurely. Riley glanced at her flat belly appreciatively when her shirt rode up. Rowan smiled. Did they have time for one more 'time'? She decided against it; this had to end somewhere, and if she got a move on now, she could catch Megan at the gym.

"I think I better start getting ready. I have somewhere I need to be," Rowan said vaguely. Riley was a clever girl; she would get the hint.

"Oh okay. I'll get out of your way then," Riley said, trying to hide her disappointment. "I'll help you clean up a bit first."

"Nah, don't worry about. It will be quick." Rowan suddenly felt impatient to get the girl out of her apartment. Now, this was a feeling she recognised.

"Oh... I'll just get dressed then." Riley looked crushed. What had she expected? That they would spend the day together? Frolicking in the park with the other couples? Rowan shivered at the thought.

As Riley disappeared into the bedroom, Rowan picked up the plates and cups and tipped them into the kitchen sink to wash up later. She still wasn't sure how she felt about this 'morning after' thing. At least Riley had been good company. Rowan was actually surprised she wasn't bored of the straight girl by now. That certainly wasn't the case with everyone.

Shortly after, Rowan was leaning into the doorway downstairs. Riley set one step away from the door, then lingered and turned to face her. For a moment, it looked like she was going to say something, but she hesitated and bit her lip instead. Rowan smiled. After all the boundaries they had shattered together, Riley still had that cute shyness around her. It seemed to come in waves. One moment the girl was flirty, confident and forward; the next she seemed unsure and could barely look at Rowan. Perhaps her timidity took over when things were getting more real, such as this goodbye; when it wasn't just fun and games and flirty banter. Whatever it was, it was adorable and Rowan considered ushering her back upstairs for one final encore. She really shouldn't, though; this had gone on long enough.

"Come here," Rowan said, reaching out to her. Mrs Smith across the road was probably spying from behind her curtains as usual; they might as well give her something to gossip about.

Riley moved closer and Rowan put her hand on her waist to reel her in. She wrapped her arms around the girl, and firmly grabbed her butt as she brought her lips to Riley's. One more then. Even though they'd had their fair share of kisses last night, Rowan couldn't resist a final one. Their tongues moved in passionate unison, as if they knew it was their final encounter. Rowan felt Riley pressing herself into her, her mound connecting with the soft area just below Rowan's through the soft fabric of her joggers. She felt her body responding and knew it was time to end this. She gently broke off their kiss and reluctantly let go of Riley's perk butt.

"Go on, get out of here," she urged with a grin, still fighting the urge to take the girl back to her apartment, her impatience from earlier forgotten.

Riley smiled back, looking sad. "Will you call me sometime?" She asked, without looking at Rowan. Rowan suppressed a sigh. She had to ask. Why did they always have to ask? Why could they never leave a good thing alone?

"You know I'm not good with my phone," Rowan tried to let her down easy. The topic had come up yesterday, and sticking with this truism was kinder than pointing out that she wouldn't call regardless.

"Yeah, I know..." Riley looked devastated, but Rowan knew better than to give a girl hope where there wasn't any. She also knew better than to give further explanations or justifications. It was quicker and easier this way.

"Bye then," Riley mumbled, for lack of anything else to say. She walked off quickly, wearing the same sexy combination of a short blue dress and black leather boots that she had entered the garage in yesterday. She was off to do her walk of shame home. Strange name, that: 'walk of shame'. They should really call it a 'walk of pride' instead. At least she got some action; where was the shame in that? Rowan lingered for a moment longer to watch Riley walk down the street. The girl sure had nice legs.

When Riley had disappeared from view, Rowan went back up the stairs to her apartment. She finished clearing up in the kitchen. As she put the milk back in the fridge, she saw a new addition on the door, tucked under a magnet from Paris. It was a note, scribbled on the back of an old bus ticket. It was half-hidden under a postcard, as if it was intended to be found at a more opportune time.

"In case you ever do switch on your phone...," it said, followed by what must be Riley's phone number. Forever the optimist, that girl; dreaming of a highly unlikely situation. Calling girls after sleeping with them was just not something Rowan was known to do.

Rowan moved the postcard aside and saw that Riley had signed the note "Straight girl", then had crossed this out and had written "Spaghetti girl" underneath. Rowan smiled. Megan... Her friend talked too much, that much was certain. She'd have to tell Meg not to share her every comment with any girl who enquired after her. Rowan left the note where it was; she'd chuck that later.

In the bedroom, the heavy scent of sex lingered in the air. Rowan opened a window to air out the place. It was a telltale sign that a good time was had, but it served as a harsh reminder that Riley had stayed much longer than Rowan usually allowed.

As she made the bed, her purple vibrator rolled out onto the floor from its hiding place in the sheets. Rowan grinned as she recalled how she had introduced Riley to it last night. The straight girl had certainly liked that, being especially partial to the higher intensity settings. Rowan picked up the toy and took it through to the bathroom to clean it. She stripped naked and got in the shower.

When she brought her hands to her face under the running water, she could still smell a hint of Riley on her fingers, soon to be erased by the water and the shower gel. She closed her eyes and took a moment to enjoy the scent of Riley's pussy. It brought back delicious memories of its sweet taste, hot and wet under Rowan's tongue.

The weekend had certainly taken an unexpected turn when Riley had shown up at the garage, looking gorgeous and clearly keen to move beyond her proclaimed straightness. Rowan had, of course, been happy to oblige, having felt attracted to the slightly younger girl when they met, just over a week before. On that first night, they had flirted and there had been definite sexual tension, but Riley hadn't been ready and had backed out in the end. An inevitable risk with hitting on straight girls. Rowan had not expected to see the security specialist and musician again, but she had shown a real persistence in talking to Megan to find the mechanic's workplace and surprise her there.

The sex had been great, Rowan had to admit. Riley had been a little nervous and unsure of what to do at first. However, after a warm-up on Rowan's motorbike, she'd been much more relaxed when they'd gotten upstairs to continue things in the apartment. Of course, Rowan had taken the lead, expertly initiating the newbie in the joys of sapphic sex.

Rowan's hands slid down her small breasts as she spread the shower gel over her body. The touch of her fingers on her nipples were reminiscent of Riley's cautious explorations. Rowan loved watching the look on a lesbian virgin's face as she touched another woman's body for the first time; that delicious mix of wonder and desire. Riley had been no exception; unable to hide her lust, despite her nerves.

Rowan moved her hand between her thighs and touched her sex. Last night, Riley's fingers had ventured even there, which was another exceptional circumstance for Rowan. She usually preferred to give her companion pleasure, and got off from touching another woman more than being touched herself. However, Riley's journey of discovery - of Rowan's body and of her own desires - had been intoxicating, and Rowan had gotten carried away with her touch.

As Rowan now touched her clit, she thought back on Riley's fingers performing the same action. How eager the younger girl had been, almost desperate to tease an orgasm out of the more experienced woman. Rowan grabbed the vibrator off the shelf by the sink and pressed it against her throbbing clit, turning it to a low setting. Great that they made these waterproof. She gently rubbed the toy against her, enjoying the quiver it caused in her lower body. Following the folds around her clit, alternating between upward, downward, and circling motions, Rowan brought herself closer to climaxing. She switched to a higher setting and placed her free hand on the wall next to her head to steady herself, as she ground harder into the vibrator.

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