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I've been working down on the south side of Corpus, for about a year and a half. I was going all the way to the east side of town to have a beer. It had taken me several months to find a bar that I felt safe and welcome in. One problem was the distance and the cops and the other was that I wanted to practice my darts but no one wanted to play. The only time the dart boards were used was on league play nights and that was for team members only.

My work moved a little farther south and west, and it became closer to go to Kingsville to do my shopping. I had worked in that area before, years ago, and it had been a pretty good party town. Now all the bars have been converted to game rooms and the few remaining bars just weren't my cup of tea. You had your choice of pool or karaoke but no darts. Almost all of them were either all college kids or Mexicans. Don't get me wrong, I get along with both groups, but I feel out of place.

About six months ago, I was having supper at one of the local restaurants and overheard the couple at the next table talking about a bar over off the old highway. This rung a bell in my brain, as I remember a place I used to go to on that road. After supper, I decided to go check it out. In a nutshell, I found the place I was looking for.

They have a very mixed crowd, old, young and in the middle, College kids and Mexicans. There are two dartboards and someone is chunking darts nearly all the time. They are very friendly, outgoing people for the most part. They have karaoke two nights a week, a band on Saturday night, and four pool tables. All in all, they have something for everyone.

For me it was a slender little redhead, about forty-five years old by the name of Marcie. Cute, redheaded, and left handed, what's there not to love. Well, it's wishful thinking on my part; she's got a boyfriend.

Oh well, that's the story of my life. I could still look and lust, I could even talk to her, as she was very friendly and outgoing in a quiet shy way. She loved to play darts, although she wasn't very good, so I got to spend a good deal of time with her.

Sundays and Mondays were usually the quiet nights. The bartender on those nights was a cute, very outgoing young girl by the name of Mary, who was attending the local college.

She was something of a wild child and picked at everyone in a playful manner. Most of all, she picked at me because I picked back. She was twenty-five and divorced, with a young son. She worked at the bar to supplement her grant. She was another of our dart players and another one that wasn't very good at it. Darts, that is.

The lady that owned the place was my age, as was the head bartender. They along with their boyfriends all played darts and were very good. An older couple usually played whenever he was in town. Like me, he worked in the oil field and was gone a lot. They were both excellent players. Then there was the two cowboys from the King Ranch, they were very good players. A couple of young guys from the college were even better.

So on an average Sunday night, we had ten or eleven people shooting darts on the two boards. Marcie, Mary, and I ended up teamed with the best players as a handicap. I'm not very good at darts either. I just started shooting and I've only got one eye, so my depth perception leaves something to be desired.

It's a challenge to me and I'm getting better as time goes by. Every so often, I get in a rhythm or lucky, whichever you prefer and I shot fairly well. It usually happens at around four beers and last till the sixth one. I'm trying to figure out how to stay in that zone.


Last Sunday night it was raining like mad but I needed cigarettes and groceries, so I headed into town to shop. I stopped to eat supper, and then got my shopping done. The rain had slacked off for a while but now it was back with a vengeance. I decided to make a stop at the bar and have a beer or two, maybe the rain would quit before I had to head back to the rig.

The place was fairly empty; this was the least amount of people I had ever seen in here. A couple of guys playing pool, a young couple at the bar, Mary was bartending, Marcie was at the dart board shooting against the owner, the head bartender and their boyfriends.

"How are you doing tonight?" I asked Mary as she handed me a beer.

"Getting my ass kicked at darts, as usual." She replied with a grin. "We need to start a poor players league, that way at least one of us would win every once in a while."

I laughed and nodded, "Sounds good to me. Let's see, that would be you, Marcie, and me. Damn, I might win a game." I exclaimed.

Mary shook her head and replied, "Nope, me, and Marcie would kick your old ass."

"Hey, watch the old cracks before I have to turn you across my knee." I shot back at her.

"Promises, promises. All you ever give me are promises." She said grinning.

When I sat my beer down and headed around the end of the bar, she laughed and said, "Get your ass out from back here before the owner lady throws you out and fires me."

From the other end of the bar, I heard the owner say, "Throw him out hell, I'm going to hold your feet while he spanks your little hinny."

I grinned at Mary and took another step toward her. She put up her hands and said, "Ok, ok. I take it back; you're not that old. Anyway, I like older guys; they know the score on life."

I laughed and shook my head as I headed back around the bar. "You're lucky I'm in a good mood tonight and feeling kindly towards little kids."

The next thing I know, Mary is on my back with her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms around my neck. "Little kid, your ass. I'll turn you across my knee and see how you like it."

Mary is about five foot four and weights about one hundred pounds soaking wet. I just kept on walking; I paused to pick up my beer and dart case before continuing on to the dart corral.

"Hi Marcie, how are you doing tonight?" I asked as I opened my dart case.

She looked up at me and grinned, "I'm fine, but it looks as though you've got a monkey on your back."

I heard the owner say, "Mary, quit bothering the customers."

"Bother him hell, I'm going to kick his ass if I ever get him stopped and down to my level." Mary replied.

"If you ever get me down on my knees, ass kicking won't be what you'll want me to do. I think there'll be an L in one of those two words instead of a K." I replied and everyone laughed.

"Damn." Mary said as she climbed down off my back. "You know me to well."

I grinned down at her as I slipped an arm around her shoulders and gave her a squeeze. "You are so cute." I said and paused before I added, "But I already have a puppy."

She kicked me on the ankle with her tennis shoe and stuck out her tongue. "Hey, hey, don't point that thing at me, it might be loaded, and I might like it."

Mary chuckled and shook her head. "You are so full of shit your eyes are brown, but I love you anyway."

"Ain't that the truth?" Marcie chipped in with a laugh.

"Hey, I think I'll go back home, I can tell when I'm not wanted." I said, picking up my dart case.

"Don't do that." Marcie said with a grin. "Me and Mary, love you and anyway, you're the only one around here we can beat at darts."

"Well, I'm getting better at darts all the time, so it might not be much longer that you two can abuse me. As for you two loving me, in my dreams, and don't I wish." I said and chuckled.

"You need to quit dreaming and hand me a quarter, that is, if you're going to play this next game." The head bartender said with a grin. "As usual, I get you as a booby prize, I mean, partner."

"You're so good for my ego." I said with a grin as I handed her a quarter.


We played about a dozen games of cricket. The last game, I got in the groove and we won one. As everyone was packing up his or her darts, I said, "Dang, it's just my luck, I finally get warmed up and everyone quits."

"Yeah, we're lucky." The owner replied and then laughed. "We've been here all day and you get here late, so who's fault is it?"

"I can't help it that I've got to take care of business, before I can come over here and let you all abuse me." I said with a pout on my face.

Marcie laughed and said, "Okay, give me a few minutes to pee and freshen up and I'll abuse you some more."

"Promises, promises." I shot back.

"Count me in." Mary said. "I need to take care of business before the boss fires me and then I'll abuse you too. If you'll take the trash cans out, you'll get a free beer, and I'll be finished faster." She added, looking at me.

"Hmmmm, first she abuses me and then she puts me to work. Damn, sounds like my last marriage." I said as I followed Mary behind the bar.

The owner laughed and said, "Just think of it as being part of the family."

She looked around at the empty bar and turned to Mary. "If this place stays this dead, close up whenever you three get tired of playing darts. I open up in the morning and it's time to clean the beer boxes so don't worry about restocking them."

Looking back at me she grinned and said, "And you behave, I ain't sure if I should leave these two women here alone with you or not."

"Hey, they're as safe around me, as they want to be, I'm a gentleman after all." I told her.

She laughed and replied, "I know, that's what I'm afraid of." She chuckled and shook her head, "Okay, you three play nice and we'll see you all later."


They left and I carried the trashcans out. When I finished, I went to the men's room to pee and to wash my hands; those trashcans needed cleaning bad.

When I came out of the restroom, Mary said, "Go ahead and lock that side door."

I locked the door and walked over to where Marcie was sitting at the dart corral. "Is your boyfriend working tonight?" I asked as I sat down on a stool.

She looked at me for a few seconds before she replied. "He and I split up last night. He decided that he was tired of being tied down. That'll teach me to mess with a guy ten years younger than me."

"I'm sorry to hear that, breaking up is always a hard thing." I said softly. "I have to say that he's crazy, you're a great lady, and he won't find one better, anywhere."

She smiled and replied, "Thank you, that's sweet of you to say. This has been coming on for a few months now, so I've had time to adjust and I agree, it's his lose. I tried my best to make it work and that's all I can do. I wasn't looking for anyone when I met him and I'll go back to not looking now that he's gone. Life goes on, no matter."

Mary walked up and said, "Ain't that the truth. After my old man ran off, it took me a long time to figure that out. When I did, I took charge of my life and decide to improve it."

She paused and looked around at the bar. "You know, I ain't sure this is much of an improvement but then again I could be doing worse."

Marcie chuckled and put her arm around Mary. "From what you've told me of your marriage, this is a major improvement, even at its worst."

Mary laughed and nodded her head. "Ain't that the truth? Now, if I could just find that right someone to scratch this itch that's been building since the old man left, I'd be a happy camper."

I grinned and stuck my hand up in the air. "Pick me, pick me!" I said as I jumped up and down.

Both women laughed but Mary shook her head. "Well, you can't say that I didn't offer." I added with a big sigh.

Mary grinned, slipped her arm around my waist, and hugged me. "I'll keep that offer in mind, if something better doesn't come along pretty soon."

Marcie looked me up and down and said softly, "You could do a lot worse than him. He ain't a bad looking guy for his age and he's in fairly good shape. He's gentle, kind, and funny."

Mary laughed and asked Marcie, "Who are you trying to talk into go out with him, you or me?"

Marcie chuckled and said, "I'm not looking, remember."

"Uh huh." Mary shot back with a chuckle of her own.

"I think I'll wander over to the dart board and stick some quarters in it. A game of cricket should change the subject to something safer. At least my heart rate should go down. My hand will still be shaking but I won't die of a heart attack." I said as I walked to the dartboard.

Mary laughed and Marcie grinned before she said, "I think we should have saved that exchange for the restroom, Mary. I think we got his hopes up too high. Like either one of us would go out with a guy who can't beat us at darts."

"You got that right." Mary replied.

"Oh!" I said, turning towards the women. "Would you care to make a wager on that?"

"You're talking to the wrong person; I'm to broke to pay attention." Mary replied.

"There are other things to play for besides money." I said with a leering grin.

Marcie laughed and said, "Yeah, or we could play strip darts."

Mary looked at Marcie for a second and then looked at me. "Okay." She said with a grin of her own.

"Hey, wait a minute, I was joking." Marcie said quickly.

"Chicken!" Mary said and then laughed.

I set up three games of cricket and then walked over to where the two women were sitting, looking at each other. Jokingly, I said, "Not counting my watch and bracelet, I only have four things to lose, my shoes, my pants, and my shirt. What have you got on Mary?"

Mary grinned at me and said, "Tennis shoes, shorts and blouse, then we're even because that's all I have on."

"You guys are crazy." Marcie said and laughed.

"Well, what have you got on? We're always talking about how we wished we could win a game or two at darts. Let's make it interesting; one of us has to win. I'll turn off the outside lights and lock the door; we'll have our own little dart tournament. Winner takes all." Mary said and laughed.

Marcie looked at Mary for a long moment and then glanced at me; we were both grinning. "You two are serious, aren't you?"

I laughed and shook my head. "I'm just yanking your chain." I said and chuckled.

Mary looked at me sharply and asked, "Oh, so you're afraid you're going to lose are you?"

"Not me." I said and laughed. "I was just getting warmed up when we quit playing earlier. There's no way either of you can beat me."

Mary started to say something but Marcie stood up, slipped off her shoes, and cut her off. "Okay, smartass. I've got on shorts, panties, a bra, and a blouse, so we're all even at four articles of clothing each."

Mary laughed and said, "I think he let his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird ass." She grinned at Marcie and added, "We need to strip him down to his birthday suit, don't you think?"

Marcie grinned and nodded. "That's the plan." Looking over at me she asked, "Well, what are the rules?"

"Hell, don't ask me; you're the one who brought it up. I thought you knew how it was played." I replied

"We play as we normally do, but second place takes off one article of their clothes and third place, takes off two articles." Mary said with a giggle. "That way, you two will be naked and I'll have all my clothes on."

I laughed and said; "I think you're counting your roosters before the chicken even lays an egg."

"We'll see." She replied with a laugh. "Who goes first?"

"You two decide; ladies first is my rule in all things." I said with a laugh.


That first game was close, my hand was shaking though out the whole game but I won it on points, with Mary second and Marcie last. The girls groaned as I hit a double fifteen and the lights flashed. I did a little dance, turned around, and bowed deeply. Mary laughed and Marcie had a slight frown on her face.

"Okay, pay up." I said with a big grin.

Marcie looked at Mary and asked, "Do you think he's been sandbagging all this time just to set this up"

Mary grinned and shook her head. "Nope, he ain't that smart. He just got lucky; we can beat his pants off, if we put our minds to it."

"Okay, ladies, I was going to be nice and let this game slide but now you're trying to slander my good name." I said softly and then laughed. "Let's forget this silly strip thing and just play some more darts." I turned to set up the next game.

When I turned back, Mary had her tee shirt off, her smallish breasts bared to my eyes. Her nipples were standing out like the ends of my little fingers and a half an inch long. I had expected her to take off her shoe. Marcie had her shirt and her bra off, her cone shaped breasts standing tall and proud. She had soft looking, peaked auroras under her hard nipples.

I took a deep shuddering breath and whispered, "Wow! Talk about making a guys hand shake and his mouth water. I have a feeling I've won my last game with those beautiful distractions on display."

Mary grinned and replied, "Exactly our plan." Looking over at Marcie she said, "Go get him girl, you're first this round.'

Marcie stood up, walked up to the line, started to throw, and then she stepped back and chuckled. "Damn, why is my hand shaking?" she looked at Mary and said, "Get us another beer apiece; topless darts is making me thirsty among other things. Anyway, it might calm my hand down."

Mary did as she asked, as Marcie sat back down on her stool and glanced over at me. "Yeah, I know. This was my idea."

When I chuckled and nodded, she went on, "I'm going to learn to keep my mouth shut one of these days." I laughed and nodded.

"If you did, look at all the fun you'd miss." Mary said from behind the bar. "I doubt that this is the first game of strip darts ever played, but it's my first, and I like trying new things. Let's just have fun and enjoy ourselves. If we end up naked then so be it, we'll give it our best shot."

"The shot ain't what worries me; it's the free show we're giving him." Marcie shot back with a chuckle.

I laughed and said, "Hey, all donations are appreciated by this dirty old man, believe me."

Mary laughed and Marcie chuckled. "Just as long as you can keep your big mouth shut; that's all I ask." Marcie said softly.

"You could always stick something in it." Mary said handing us each a beer. "I would but I ain't got enough to shut up a mouse, much less a big mouth."

"Hey, they're cute and I like them." I said with a leering grin. I glanced at Marcie's tits and added, "I like your puffy ones too."

I looked back and forth for a second and added, "Decisions, decisions. Damn, it's hard to make up my mind among other things." As I stressed the word hard, both girls glanced at the front of my levies, which made me laugh.

They looked at each other and Mary said, "Let's beat him and find out just what he's bragging about." Marcie nodded and moved to the line to shoot.


Marcie won, I finished second, and Mary was last. I unbuttoned my shirt as Marcie did a little dance. Mary stepped out of her shoes and grinned at me as I slipped the shirt off.

"Hey, not to bad for an old fart." Mary said and laughed.

I laughed with her as I struck a pose and sucked in my stomach, standing up straight, flexing my muscles. I still work out some, not nearly enough, but enough to keep a fair muscle tone. My stomach could definitely use some hard work, but at my age, why.

I glanced over to Marcie; she had sat down on her stool and had her beer halfway to her mouth, which was open slightly. She just sat there frozen for a moment, staring at me.

She only moved when Mary chuckled and said, "Hey, girlfriend, you look like you ain't seen a chest before. I know that ex of yours had one and not a bad one either."

Marcie glanced at Mary and then looked back at me. "Yeah, he did but it was slick, with no hair on it." She said softly, more to herself than to Mary or me.

"Damn girl, you keep looking at me like that and I'm going to blush." I said jokingly.

She grinned and then chuckled. "I'm the one that should be blushing. Actually, I should slap my own face for what I'm thinking." She said with a side look at Mary.

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