tagBDSMSlave Training Day 01

Slave Training Day 01


He placed his hand on her head while she slept. He had a huge hard-on and wanted to release the beast. so he gathered her hair up gently until it was all in his hand nice and secure. Using his strength he grasped it nice and tight and pulled her head up. Her eyes popped open with shock and before she knew what was happening he calmly and very sternly said. "Good, you're awake. My dick is hard. Get to work you whore!" and before she could react he shoved his cock not just into her mouth but he pushed it all the way down her tight throat and held her there until she was begging to get air. He started to let her up and half way have shoved it back in for 10 more seconds and he counted them out to her. Then he released and allowed her to breath. After about 4 breaths he did it again.

This time he did not hold it there but rather started slamming it in over and over. He felt her fighting it but he did not allow her to win. This went on for no less than 15 hard strokes. Then he gave her a break again. While she gasped for air and recovered from her mouth being raped. He said to her "I am not done and you have more holes." She looked terrified and she started to protest his words. But before the first full word was completely out he slapped her across the face and sternly said. "You do not have permission to speak. Not you will be punished. So he forcefully rolls her over and grabs his belt. Just before he swings he said "Start counting out loud!"

"One" slipped through her lips. With that he started with long hard strokes right across he round ass one right after the other. He did not leave much time between strokes.

When she got to "Nine", he said "Ok here is the last one." and with all the force her could muster he slammed his belt down on her butt cheeks. "There punishment over." and he grabbed her hair and turned head to face him. As soon as he could see her mouth he shoved his cock in and said. "Get back to work" This time he stood still and waited for her to respond.

She proceeded to do her best to suck it to his liking. She found this rather difficult with her throat being sore for the moments before and through the tears from the pain of the whipping she just received. He allowed her to work for a while and when she took her mouth of his dick for a breath he placed his hand on the back of her head and said "I did not say you could take your mouth off and he slapped her across the face and shoved his cock back into her mouth. Holding her still he spoke... "You must learn to please me the right way. When I tell you to get to work I mean it. You are not allowed breaks unless I say so. Do not take your mouth off it again. You may pause to breathe but you may not let my dick out of your mouth until I take it out. Now, get back to work you useless slut!"

She has just learned her first lesson on how to properly suck Master's dick. She will not forget any of this for if she makes the same mistake again the punishment will be double. She worked her tongue vigorously and she bobbed her head up and down slow, then fast, Softly, and vigorously. All the time, showing her Master how much she loves his penis in her mouth. This went on for almost half an hour and the suddenly he pulled his dick out fast.

"You cock hungry whore, I will Cum down your throat, but before that I am going to" He stopped talking. He stood there staring at her waiting to see if she learned her lesson to NOT say a word. He watched her and she did not speak.

This pleased him and he smiled at her. Seeing the smile she let down her guard and relaxed a little with a sigh of relief. there was a voice like sound that squeaked out. He looked at her almost as if he was going to slap her again but he hesitated and said "Was that you trying to talk?" He did not hear anything as she just shook her head side to side quickly. "Ok, I hope not. I will teach you to remain silent unless you are asked a question. In which case you will answer verbally and you will answer with respect by using either "Sir" or "Master" in the sentence you udder. I am glad you are learning quickly. remember these lessons and this is what I expect of you."

She lay there silently. Slowly and hesitantly she started to raise her hand like a child in a classroom asking permission to speak. He nodded and said "What do you want?"

"Master, may I get up I have a back cramp and I have to use the facilities."

"You may get up since you asked. BUT, since you did not say please you cannot go anywhere." With this he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off the bed and to her feet. Once she was standing he spun her around and bent her over the bed. Before she could react he had slipped his "Steele Rod" between her pussy lips and began to fuck her. he held her by the hair the whole time. Sometimes he shoved her head down and held it to the mattress and then he would switch and pull her head up and pulled her hair hard as if her were holding onto a horse's main trying to stay on top.

He paid no attention to the fact that she had never quit crying since the throat fuck he gave her. He saw that as she wants to cry so he let her. He actually liked the fact he could make her cry and she did not protest. This submission from her gave him a rush. He felt so powerful. At this point her fucked her some more and then he stopped suddenly and said. "Ok you may go now!" He released her hair and said "I am counting so be back here in 1 minute. If you are late you will get my belt again. This time 2 strokes per second you ate late."

She never moved so fast. She jumped up and ran to the bathroom and took care of business. When she ran back into the room she found him standing there with a stopwatch and it was at 75 second. Her face dropped and she fell to her knees and started to cry more. "Good, You know where you belong. At my feet! That deserves a reward. HALF PUNISHMENT IS YOUR REWARD. So you trashy cunt, how many belt strokes do you get?"

She looked up in fear and surprise. I get half punishment? This is a huge reward but not really a reward at all. She felt cheated and she spoke. "15. But..." *SLAP*

"Correct. But, you did not have permission to say anything else." He grabbed her by the hair and shoved her head on the floor. So now he ass was in the air. "Here it come you disrespectful cunt! Start counting, I want to hear it." He places his foot on her head to hold it down and he delivered the 15 strokes to her ass hard and quick. He did not give her time to breath between her words. by the time she had got to 15 he had delivered 23. "You cannot count. I must teach you like a child. From now on you will practice counting. Every time you are spanked you will accurately count every strike. If you are wrong you will be punished another way. If you are right, let's just leave it at that."

Now enough of the gamed I have to get dressed for work and this is taking too long. he took his foot off her head and got behind her and without using any lube he shoved his cock into her tight anus and proceeded to pound it until he came. He was not concerned with her pain and actually smiled and fucked harder every time she made a noise. His goal was to CUM. how she felt did not concern him. She was going back to sleep after he left anyway so she could relax before she had to get up to go to work.

Finally he felt it he was about to blow his load. he aggressively sped up and slammed harder. "Here comes your gift Bitch! Take it all!" and with a moan and one last hard shove he blew his load deep in her anal cavity.

When he was done he left her laying there and said nothing more. He went to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. when he returned she was still there in the same position he left her. She smiled and said. "Very good, you are learning well. I am done using you. You may get up."

He then finished getting ready from work and ignored her until he was ready to leave for work. He came to her and planted a nice kiss right on her lips. "I am leaving for work now, I Love you!" He gave her one more long deep kiss and left.

As soon as the front door closed behind him she felt a huge rush of emotions. Master had just raped her and she let him. She had been used and he liked it. She felt like an object of use rather that a loving partner. She was shocked, hurt, happy, and confused. "Is this how it is going to be all the time?" she thought. A smile crept over her face and she said out loud... "I hope so!"

About 20 minutes passed and she had showered and cleaned up. She then Called him on the phone. When he answered she hesitated to speak and sat silent when he said "Hello." He knew who it was calling so he took advantage and said "Nice, you did not speak. Good slave! I want you to know That this morning was training. I want you to learn from it and prevent punishments from happening. I will fuck you when I want, where I want, and how I want. You will NEVER fight me. You will NEVER speak out of turn. You will ALWAYS be available for me to fuck. You WILL ask permission for everything. Your training will last for a period of 1 week starting today. So now that I have your full attention. I want at least 2 loads of laundry done. You WILL make the bed and clean all the windows in the house before I get home today. If you have not done these things I will give you an opportunity to explain why. Do not be mistaken, There WILL be a punishment but the severity depends on why it is not done. There will be 1 exception to this and that is if you were working too late to have time. In which case, I will give you 1 additional hour after you blow me to get it all done. Do you understand? Answer with 1 word only, please..."

"Yes Master!" As she spoke those words he had a powerful rush surge through his body and he was pleased. Training is going well. His slave will learn to serve him properly and quickly. This power of dominance was so intoxicating he almost turned around to come back home.

"Excellent, you are learning wonderfully. More training will come tonight dear. I Love You!" He said nothing more and hung up the phone. She ran to get her first laundry load started and got out the paper towels and Windex and went to work cleaning the 23 windows in the house. By 8 am she had gotten 15 windows done and her laundry was ready for a load switch. She changed the load and had to stop cleaning to go to work. She arrived home from work 2:45pm. At 2:50 he phone rang. It was him. "Hello, master!" she answered.

"Nice greeting slave! Thank you! I will give you a moment to speak freely. This permission ends when this call terminates. How did things go today, Cunt?"

"Master, I just arrived home 5 minutes ago."

"Did you get your chores done?"

"Yes sir, kind of."

"You expect me to believe you did all that in 5 minutes?"

"No, Sir! I did most of it as soon as you hung up this morning. I have to switch the second laundry load to the dryer and I have 8 windows left to do."

"You worked this morning? I am impressed you used your time wisely. Then there should be no reason for them to NOT be done before I get there!" with that he hung up the phone.

She ran to change the laundry and frantically started to clean the rest of the windows. The last 4 windows gave a tricky problem. They had lots of stuff piled in front of them. It was impossible to reach the windows without moving everything. So she sat in front of them and cried until he showed up.

It had been 45 minutes since he hung up the phone. he came in and immediately started to inspect the windows. He was pleased until he got to where he found her on the floor crying. He looked at the windows and saw the challenge she faced. he spoke in a loving calm voice. "You did a wonderful job, Thank you for being obedient! I will not punish you for these windows. This was something I overlooked when I gave the order. Now, blow me!"

He dropped his pants right there and stood there waiting. She choked back her tears looked up and him and started to suck him off with all her ability. She did an amazing blowjob. He popped his load so fast it shocked both of them. when he finished he pulled up his pants and said nothing to her and walked away. He went off to his computer and sat for about an hour.

He left his computer and found his slave cooking in the kitchen. He walked up to her and grabbed her by the waist from behind. She jumped from the startle. "I am going to see what you have on underneath this nightgown" and he lifted it up right there in the kitchen. She was still wearing the shorts she had put on after work. *Smack* right across he ass went his hand. She whimpered with the sting, her ass was still sore from this morning. "You have broken a rule! You will be punished for that. Get to the bedroom right this minute." She was cooking and did not want to leave the stove. so she stood there stirring the food. "NOW!" he sternly grumbled.

She turned off the burners and ran to the bedroom. She got there before he did and she immediately removed her shorts and her nightgown. She dropped her naked body to her knees, placed her hands behind her head and waited for him to enter the room. As he entered and saw this a grin showed up on his stone clod face. "Good slave! You did that rather well. I did not even have to tell you. For that you will be rewarded.

But first I must deal with your disobedience. I want you on your feet and bent over with your hands on the floor and legs straight." She got up and did so making a serious mistake in the process. She faced him as she bent over. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her upright. "Are you stupid? I think you are. You know you are getting a punishment and you do not give me your ass? I will give you 1 opportunity to fix your mistake this time." He released he hair and she moved so quickly you barely saw it happen. She spun around and bent over with her ass, full of marks for the spanking that morning, high in the air. "Start counting. You are getting 10." this time he did not use his belt. He surprised her with a piece of 1X4 wood about 3ft long. *WHACK*

She was in pain and managed to squeak out "one." He proceeded to give her the 10 he promised her as she counted each one. Afterward he inspected her ass and cunt well before he allowed her to stand again.

"You may have 2 hours of free time to do as you wish. during this time you may speak without permission, but you must remain respectful. Do you understand?"

"Yes I do understand, Master!" she responded ever so politely. "Thank you for today Master."

During her 2 hours she ran up to the bedroom and quickly stripped off the bed and put new sheets and pillow cases on it. She also put a fresh comforter on the bed. When she finished this, she went around the room and picked up all the garbage and put any dirty laundry in the basket of dirty stuff to go to the wash. When this was done she decided to go finish cooking dinner. Right as dinner is ready to be served she hears "Can you come here, Please?" come from the direction of the bedroom. She knows if she hesitates he will not be happy.

"On my way!" she replies.

She gets to the bedroom to find him standing there with his robe on. He opens the bottom half and says "Blow me now, before dinner, make it fast because I am hungry and I want to eat hot food!" She hesitated a minute but said nothing. She turned around and closed the door. At that moment he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her to her knees and put his rock hard cock in her face. "NOW!" She vigorously started sucking and tried her hardest to make him cum quickly. Suddenly she felt it, Warm, thick, creamy, salty cum oozed down her throat. "You are now confined to this room for the rest of the night. I just served you dinner." And he left.

Confused and out of breath she did not have a chance to respond. Her 2 hours was up and now she must obey or get punished. She sat there on the floor where he left her. Thoughts about the day's events went through her head. He had cum 3 times already and she did not. Thoughts of unfairness went through her head and they were immediately countered by her thoughts of him being pleased. He was happy using her like this. This made her happy and horny.

She got very hot and turned on by these thoughts and she started to rub her clit and play with her tits. She squeezed her nipples and gave them a light twist. Her position did not allow her to do too much other than that. She did not want to mess up the clean bed so she just lay down on the floor and gave herself some attention. The toy box was right next to her so she reached in and grabbed a vibrator and the butt plug. She rubbed the plug around her pussy to get it lubricated a bit. Then she placed it by her anus. Giving it small light pushes she started to insert it in her ass. This too some time but once it was nice and secure she proceeded to turn on the vibrator and rub it on the magic button.

She was lost in what she was doing and had no concept of time. It had only been 4 minutes. The door slid open ever so quietly and he saw her there on the floor with no clothes on masturbating. "STOP!" he bellowed. "I did not give you permission to do that." She jumped and immediately got up to her knees, put her hands behind her head and pushed her chest out to present her Master. She knew she was in trouble. What was he going to do to her? He spoke calmly, "when did you make the bed?"

"During my free time, Master!"

"Before I got home or after?"

"After, Sir!"

"Did I say you could do it after?"

"No, Sir! But" *SMACK*

"No but's. I gave an instruction to get it done before I got home. I will give you credit for your honesty. I will, however, still punish you for speaking out of turn." He pushed her head to the floor with her hands still on the back of her head. In this position her ass was sticking up making a nice target. He stood with his feet on each side of her head and bent over her and with both hands spread open he planted them very hard on her butt cheeks. Then he stood again. "Do not move, bitch!" he left the room again. She still had the plug inserted in her ass and her cheeks hurt from the sting of his hands. She did not move an inch for fear he would notice. About 10 minutes later, tired and sore from being in this position she was crying and wanting to move. Just them the door opened. He was back. "Get up, slut!"

She stood up slowly for every muscle in her body ached. He had a cigarette and waited for her to stretch out and get the ache out of her body. "Master, I am sorry! Please forgive me of my greed."

"Let that be a lesson to you. If you wish to do such acts, You must ask me first."

"Yes Master! Thank you Sir!

"You are welcome. Now go clean yourself up. Do not remove the plug."

"Yes Master!"

She went into the bathroom and took and fast shower to wash off her body. When she returned to the room on the bed was her collar, wrist, and ankle restraints. Next to them was a hand written note. "Put these on and get in bed. You should also be naked." She wasted no time as she placed her towel flat on the bad and sat on it so she would not get the bed too wet. She put on the restraints and got into bed. Now there was nothing to do but wait. She waited for about an hour before he came into the room.

He said nothing while he grabbed the blanket and removed it from her body. He checked each limb to see if his instruction was followed. He then attached locks to the restraints and attached the chains that lead under the bed. He did not use the normal latches on the chains. Instead he used padlocks. She had absolutely no way of releasing herself. He attached her collar to the chain on the wall. When this was all done he spoke. "Your punishment is this. You will be like this until I release you in the morning. If you must relieve yourself you may wake me up. The plug will remain there all night long. You have no choice in this matter. Now I am going to take a shower. When I return, you are going into darkness." He walked out of the room.

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