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Author's note: I want to sincerely thank the Volunteer Editor Program through smytt.ru and more specifically Alena B. Without Alena B's spot on edits, readers would believe, like some of my prior work, that I dictated the story to Siri on my iPhone 6, while I was cumming. (If this did happen, and I'm not saying it did, there is no reason you do not deserve a cogent story!) Thank you, Alena B.


I love to travel. I loved Singapore, but my husband, Jim, was just okay with it. My sister, Chaya, wanted to see me and I wanted to see her in her new home in Singapore. Deepika was in school, so Jim graciously offered to stay behind with her. I jumped at the chance to help Chaya and visit Singapore.

Chaya introduced me to Zahira, a friend of hers. We were at a huge cultural event. Zahira was real engaging, not fake. She was in her 30's, lovely figure, not a workout queen, but not fat. She had short black hair and a stunning smile. She had just move to Singapore by herself to work in banking. I admired that in a woman, being able to go out to a big city, working in a new country and be on your own. Chaya needed to get back to the house and deal with her kids. I told Zahira my ride was leaving. Zahira said, "Nooo. Come with me. I don't have to work tomorrow and I want to bar hop with a friend. It's not safe to go alone you know," smiling as she winked.

I really liked her and hated hearing the whining of the kids at the house. Chaya said, "You should go."

I did not ask if she was sure and said, "Ok." Chaya left and said she would see me later.

Zahira said, "She's in good hands. I won't let her get pregnant!" We all laughed.

We went to a dark club. I could hear the song Into You, by Ariana Grande playing. As I watched Zahira sway back from the bar with our wines. The words started to resonate as I watched her

So, baby, come light me up, and maybe I'll let you on it

A little bit dangerous, but, baby, that's how I want it

A little less conversation and a little more "touch my body"

'Cause I'm so into you, into you, into you

Got everyone watchin' us, so, baby, let's keep it secret

A little bit scandalous, but, baby, don't let them see it

A little less conversation and a little more "touch my body"

'Cause I'm so into you, into you, into you

Maybe it was the jetlag, but I was enjoying connecting and felt so relaxed with her.

I passed on a suggestion of a stronger drink and we kept talking. She wasn't much of a drinker either. She said she was glad to find someone to talk with who would be able to talk coherently as the night wore on.

Zahira and I just clicked. Her sense of humor fit mine. Her serious side fit mine. We made fun of the same guests at the event. We sang along with the same songs. She wanted to dance with me. I told her I didn't dance. She did not act crazy and plead with me. All she did was dance in front of me. I could hardly think of anything sexier than a beautiful younger woman dancing to me, for me. I sensed her friendship was a girlfriend kind of a thing, not at all sexual in my mind. And as the night grew later and later, we giggled about someone or something. We talked and watched the drunks.

I was having a really good time. That night, I could just be me, not a mom, not wife, not a lawyer, just me. And so as time passed, I didn't care about the crowd, just my friend, Zahira.

I think it was about 1 AM. Zahira and I were sitting close on a sofa at a bar. By then, between the music and the party noise, we had to sit close to hear each other. The lights were low. We could faintly see couples hugging, kissing, and making out. Some were going a little beyond making out. We made quiet jokes about some of the couples; pointing out certain things we could see.

As Zahira raised her hand to point out a guy dry humping a girl against the wall, her hand accidentally brushed over my breast. Well, I thought it was accidental. I mean, it for sure wasn't a grope. Her hand was on her knee, she lifted it to point, and it went across my breast. Just an accident. And when she lowered her hand, she put it on my forearm.

We kept talking and watching. As we talked, her hand would squeeze my arm to make a point. Or she would softly rub my arm as she listened to me.

To this day, I cannot tell you when it started but... Zahira was actually caressing my breast! NO, no, no, this was not at all an accidental brushing. At some point as we talked, at some point while rubbing and squeezing my arm innocently, she had moved her hand up my arm and it was now cupping my right boob. Not just cupping, but truly caressing. A gentle touch. A very sexual touch. An arousing touch.

Of all the nights I had hidden under my covers, touching and exploring myself, my mind filled with thoughts of a girl I had a secret crush on at the time, my thoughts of her breast in my hand or, maybe, in the fantasy it was her hand below my tummy, I had not at all seen this coming. Now, right now, a really pretty woman was actually feeling me up.

THAT was the moment, the moment I realized it could happen. After being bi-curious so long, but also being so really shy about it and coming to the conclusion that I was just too shy for it to ever happen, IT could happen!

I probably looked totally stupid just then. I had been telling Zahira about one couple over in the corner when I realized what she was doing. I stopped mid-sentence. It took just seconds for fantasy after fantasy rushed through my head. Seconds for me to reach my conclusion the possibility existed my curiosity maybe satisfied.

My nipples were ahead of my mind. My boobs are big, but my nips are terribly sensitive - and reactive. As I looked into Zahira's eyes, there was no way at all I could hide my arousal. In the dark, I could see the grin on her face. Right there, in the room with people all around, she kissed me and I did not care if anyone saw.

Zahira stood, taking my hand, she led me to a back room. The door had no sooner closed behind us when she took me into her arms and we kissed, a very passionate kiss. We stood playing tongue tag, making out. Her hand went under my top, undid my bra in one quick swoop, then lifted the top, and exposed my breasts. She was squeezed like I would myself. She was ever so gently pinching just like I did in the shower, alone. She was not at all harsh like Jim. I was grinding into her thigh as we kissed, as she played havoc with my breasts. My clit was eager and throbbed for the touch I usually gave it. Zahira knew too. Her hand lowered. I sucked in my breath with the mounting excitement as her fingers slipped into the waistband of my pants.

Her hand cupped my pussy, squeezing. The heel of her hand pressed tightly to my clit. Zahira was sucking my nipple as she teased my pussy. I was so excited that I came, so fast. I was embarrassed to have cum so quickly!

But Zahira just kissed her way back up to my mouth. With our lips together, she slowed the rubbing below as my orgasm ebbed. She kept her hand on my pussy and held me there. She then began again, first her fingers would enter my drenched hungry hole, and then her heel would massage my engorged clitoris. She was in me, doing wonderful things or she was massaging my mound with the heel of her hand.

I wanted her kisses, yet I needed air. My legs could barely keep me standing and I knew I would cum again. Moments after my first climax, I felt another orgasm building. I used my hands to brace myself against the wall. The first had happened so quickly, it snuck up on me, but this one, I knew it was there! As I ground my pussy to her hand, gasping air, I came again.

My legs were weak and Zahira held me up more than I stood on my own. I then regained my peripheral awareness and heard people at the door. I fixed my clothes and exited the room.

As we walked to her car, Zahira told me that the people had been there a few minutes, waiting to "use" the room. She gave me a ride home. Before my sister's house, we pulled over and made out a little more, but I never "touched" her that night. She didn't seem to want it. She told me, "I'll pick you up tonight and we can start with drinks at my house, if I wanted to do something..."

Oh God did I want!! She pulled in front of my sister's home and gave me a hug. I opened the door and grabbed her right hand and put the tip of her middle finger in my mouth. I could taste myself on her finger. I let go and said, "Agh! Tomorrow!!" with excited exasperation.

I exited the car and it hit me how drenched my panties were. As I got in the elevator, I was hoping that I would be able to just go into my bed and "reflect" on an awesome evening without seeing another soul.

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