tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSchool Sex Lessons

School Sex Lessons


All of the girls in the sex education class at the Jameson School for Girls were very excited to be in class. Today, they were going to be involved in a live sex demonstration in their sexual education course. As their teacher, Mr. Anderson, came into the classroom, he could tell the 18-year old girls in the room were all anxious to learn.

"Good morning class," he said. He looked around at the 17 girls in his class, all of whom were attractive. They were all in the school-mandated uniforms—plaid skirts, which most girls wore very short, and white button-up blouses, on which most of the girls left several buttons unmodestly unfastened.

"As you all were expecting, today is the day we're going to have a sex demonstration in this class. To aid in the demonstration, I've invited four lucky young men over from Madison High School for boys. I want you girls to be welcoming and obedient to these young men. Is that understood?"

"Yes Mr. Anderson," the class chimed back.

"Very good then." At that, Mr. Anderson went to the door and invited four young men into the classroom. They were all in similar attire—khaki pants with white button-up shirts and a tie. "Class, let me introduce you to the gentlemen from Madison High School. They are in a similar sexual education course back at their high school. Perhaps if some of you are very good today, you'll be selected as part of a group of girls to visit the boys' high school." Several of the girls were very excited at the prospect of being chosen and conversation began to buzz about how cool it would be to get selected.

"Ladies, please, quiet. Let me introduce to you these men. This is Mike." An average-sized boy with a charming smile and well-groomed brown hair stepped forward and bared his teeth to the class. "These are Jason and Jared," Mr. Anderson said, gesturing to two boys. "They are twins." The two blonde-haired Madison students he pointed to stepped forward and waved. They were tall, handsome, lanky boys. "And finally, this is Steve." A handsome, shorter young man with dark hair smiled at the 17 girls, who were about ready to jump out of their seats. "These four 18-year old students will be helping us out with our class today."

"Now, I'm going to need four volunteers from among you girls. Is anyone interested in participating in today's activities?" Seventeen female hands shot up at the suggestion and so, trying to avoid any disagreements, Mr. Anderson quickly picked out four girls.

"Okay, okay. Calm down ladies. Anna, Kara, Julie, and Sarah. Come forward, ladies."

The four lucky girls darted from their desks, leaving their dejected peers to pout in their seats. Anna, a skinny long-haired blonde girl with surprisingly large breasts for her small frame, ran up and put her arms around Mike. Kara, a tall, thin, athletic girl with long legs and a great ass threw her arms around Jason, tossing her blonde to the side and grinning. Jared was lucky enough to have Julie, a petite cheerleader with tan skin, brunette hair, and a killer body, toss her arms around his neck and give him a small kiss on the cheek. Sarah, at 5'6" with black hair and a fearless disposition, sauntered up to Steve, put her hands behind his head, and gave him a full-out kiss, pressing her tongue right into his mouth. Several of the 13 girls left at their desks gasped, and the rest looked on wide-eyed, shocked by Sarah's brazen display. For his part, Steve grabbed Sarah back, initially caught off guard, but quickly turned on by her unexpected behavior.

Mr. Anderson brought the class back to reality. "Ok, it seems like we won't have any problems establishing pairs, so let's just begin. We've talked some about male and female anatomy, but today we have some live specimens to learn from. I would like to ask the four selected girls and the gentlemen to please remove all of their clothes above the waist."

Excited and grinning, the boys quickly loosened and tossed aside their ties, unbuttoned their shirts, and stood before the class bare-chested. Mike had a dark streak of chest hair running down the center of his torso, but the other boys were all smooth-skinned and hair-free. Chairs shifted uncomfortably as some of the girls squirmed in their desks, happy to see the boys' bodies.

The girls were a little more reluctant, realizing that they were about to bare their bodies before their friends—in some cases, their closest girl-friends. But the ever-audacious Sarah overcame her anxiety and pulled her buttons apart, and took off her blouse, revealing a white cotton bra beneath it. Anna shrugged and began unbutton her shirt, and Kara and Julie quickly followed suit. When all four of the girls shirts were on the floor, Mr. Anderson commanded, "Quickly, ladies, the bras, too, we haven't got all day in here you know!" Having gone this far, the girls complied, Anna pulling off a pink bra to reveal her ample breasts and large areolas beneath. Kara took off a white, lace bra to reveal perky, small, but pert breasts with small taut nipples beneath. Grinning sheepishly, Julie removed her baby blue bra, putting her average-sized tan breasts on display for her classmates. She had perky, small nipples, sticking out for the class excitedly. Sarah, too, shrugged off her white bra, and stood proudly before the class with her large breasts sticking out.

"Ok class," Mr. Anderson began, "you can see that different girls have different sized breasts, and different nipples. For girls, it's often pleasurable to have a man play with your breasts. If the young men would please caress the young ladies." The boys began to rub and kiss their partner's breasts. Standing before their friends, the four girls began to react, closing their eyes and breathing more heavily. "As you can see, girls, Kara, Julie, Sarah, and Anna are all reacting to the ministrations of their partners. Their nipples are beginning to stand out, and their breathing is noticeably faster." Many of the girls in the class were breathing harder, turned on vicariously from the sexual display in front of them. Several of the girls at the front of the classroom had unbuttoned their shirts and were playing consciously or unconsciously with their own breasts. At the back of the classroom a few girls were pressing and rubbing their hands and fists into their crotches through their skirts—or under their skirts and through their panties, getting wet from the action in front of them. One tall, thin girl in the back and pulled her bra off and dropped it aside her desk, rubbing her breasts for all to see, her eyes closed, and tiny moans escaping her mouth.

"Very, very good boys. Ok, ok. That's enough." The four girls at the front of the room looked disappointed to have the activity stopped, but quickly became excited again when Mr. Anderson said, "Now if the Madison students would please help our lady volunteers take off their skirts and panties, we can move on." The girls promptly hopped up onto a long table at the front of the room, Anna on one end and Sarah on the other, and, facing the class, stuck their legs out to help the boys disrobe them. Their boobs bounced enticingly as they moved up on the table. Turned on and frantic to have the pleasure continue, the girls kicked off their shoes and tore away their stockings, while the boys tugged their skirts down to their ankles. Steve was the first to get his girl's skirt off, and hesitated slightly about removing her panties. Sarah, slightly annoyed at Steve's shyness, sighed and quickly slipped her panties off and onto the floor, fully naked. Her neatly trimmed bush left just a thin line of dark pubic hair running down to her pussy lips. Mike, excited and practically drooling over Anna's gorgeous body, pulled her skirt and panties off all at once, revealing her trimmed blonde pubic hair, though it was slightly darker than the hair on her head. Julie and Kara were the last to have their panties removed, and Jason and Jared quickly discovered they had completely shaved their pussies.

"And now your own pants and boxers, boys," Mr. Anderson ordered. Happy to help, the four boys quickly yanked their khakis and boxers to the floor, their hard penises springing free. The boys each had about averaged-sized penises. Mike's fat penis was about 7 inches long (the longest of the four) and the other boys each sported thick, 6-inch erections, swollen and pointing out at the 13 girls at their desks. The site of four bulging penises coming free was torture for the girls at their desks. As Mr. Anderson looked at them, he noticed that at least 6 of the girls in his class had begun to masturbate, unconcerned with their surroundings. One girl at the front of the room had jammed her hand down her skirt and panties and was rubbing at her clit, biting her lower lip, and staring at Mike's hard cock. In the row behind her, two tiny blonde girls sitting side-by-side had hiked their skirts up and pushed their panties to the side, openly running their fingers up and down their slits, occasionally dipping a finger inside their vaginas, and then using their fingers to circle their clits. In the back row, three girls had discarded their skirts and panties entirely. They had thrown their legs up over their desks and sat openly stroking their vaginas, panting, and ogling the boys' dicks.

Mr. Anderson went on. "Digital stimulation can be very arousing as well, as, no doubt, some of the girls in this class have already discovered," Mr. Anderson said, gesturing in the direction of the girls masturbating at their desks. He noticed that one of the girls openly masturbating in the back of the room, Monica, was rubbing at her vagina furiously, and had begun to unconsciously whimper as she panted during her masturbation. She was a 5'4" raven-haired beauty, with blue-eyes and an average-sized chest. He walked around to the back of the room and over next to her desk and continued, "As you can see, Monica is going to show us that digital stimulation, even of one's own self, can bring you to orgasm. Please finger yourself until you come, Monica." The rest of the class shifted in their seats to watch Monica at the back of the room.

Breathing heavily, Monica weakly nodded at Mr. Anderson through her half-open eyes. Rubbing her clit furiously with her right hand and squeezing her breasts with her left, Monica looked like she was teetering on the edge of orgasm. "Come on Monica! You can do it!" her friend Erica encouraged. Erica, a Hispanic girl with a supermodel's body, was sitting right next to Monica and openly masturbating along with her, her legs up on top of her desk just like Monica.

At this point, most of the girls were at least rubbing themselves under their skirts, if not masturbating their clits or openly frigging themselves. They all watched as Monica fingered herself. Monica was so close, but just couldn't quite get over the top to her climax. "Shit, I'm so fucking close!" she complained, pushing her eyes closed and concentrating hard.

The class shouted their support. "Come on, rub your clit, girl." "You can do it Monica, go faster!" "Work it good, Mon. Come for me, girl! Come on!" "You look so hot right now Monica, make yourself come."

Then Monica opened her eyes and noticed that the four boys and four girls in the front of the classroom were all watching her display, and idling toying with their genitals at the sight of her. She suddenly realized, as her hand flew ferociously over her clit, that she was turning the whole classroom, which now reeked like her pussy, into a bunch of horny 18-year old students. "Oh shit!" she whimpered. "I'm gonna come, oh shit! I'm gonna come right now! Fuck!"

And with a deep groan, her hand began to slow, her body shook, and her pussy throbbed. "Fuck yes!" Monica moaned. Her body convulsed. It must have gone on for 30 seconds. The whole class stared, as wet and as hard as ever. As she started to come down from her orgasm, her friends shouted their approval. "Attaway, girl!" "I knew you could do it, Mon!" "Damn that was hot!"

"That was an orgasm brought on by digital stimulation, class." Mr. Anderson said, trying to keep the situation moderately academic. Even he, however, had grown hard from Monica's little display.

"Well," he continued, "I don't think we'll need our volunteers to demonstrate digital stimulation, as Monica has already done that. Let's move on to oral. Ok, let's have Anna, Julie, Steve, and Jason sit up on that long table at the front of the room." Mr. Anderson walked back through the girls' desks to the front of the classroom. When he turned and looked back, he realized every girl in the class was masturbating. Some were closer to coming than others, and he rushed to speak so that the class would hear him before any of the girls followed Monica's lead and began to come.

"I'd like to have each of the partners not on the table perform oral sex on the person sitting up on the table. If you'd all just kneel in front of your partners—Mike and Jared, begin eating your girl's vagina, and Kara and Sarah, please put your partners' penis into your mouth." The horny volunteers didn't hesitate at all. Soon slurping, groaning, and moaning were audible throughout the classroom.

"A few quick pieces of advice. It's best to focus on the clitoris, gentlemen. If you flick your tongue right over the top of it, that's probably the best way to go. For those of you who don't know, the clitoris is located near the top of a woman's labia, or lips."

"Shit Mr. Anderson, I think most of us know!" a girl in the first row, Andrea, said. Andrea had long, dark hair, big breasts, and a tight body. She nodded around at her classmates, all rubbing at their clitorises. She herself was pressing two fingers into her vagina with her left hand and rubbing her clit with her right, her skirt hiked up, and her panties pushed to the side.

"Perhaps the young men didn't though, Andrea," Mr. Anderson retorted. "However, judging by Anna's and Julie's reaction, though, I'd warrant that Mike and Jared have it figured out." Sitting side-by-side with their bodies bumping together, both Anna and Julie had their heads thrown back behind them, their long hair hanging down. They were gripping the front of the table tightly with both hands and had their knees bent and their legs open spread-eagle style as Mike and Jared lapped at their cunts. Anna was breathing hard, but Julie was flat out moaning as Jared teased her clit.

"I think Julie might be close to coming, gang. Trying pressing two fingers in and out of her vagina, Jared." The reaction was almost instantaneous. Jared pressed his index and middle finger into her tight vagina and curled them back so that they ran just over Julie's g-spot.

Julie shot up, promptly sitting up and staring with bulging eyes at her classmates. "Holy fuck!" she yelled as Jared quickly stroked the inside of her cunt. Her toes curled, her mouth dropped gaping open, and her pussy began to contract.

"Very good Jared! Excellent work!" Mr. Anderson shouted as Julie came. Fluid began to leak out of her pussy as it convulsed. The whole time Julie bellowed, "Oh god. Oh Jesus. Oh god." Jared was relentless. He never stopped rubbing the inside of her cunt with his fingers and never stopped flicking his tongue over her clit the whole time she was coming. She came for at least a minute before she finally pushed Jared's head away, her clit suddenly too sensitive for continued stimulation. She slumped on the table, weak from her exertion.

"That, class, is how a girl comes through oral stimulation," Mr. Anderson stated, though he wasn't sure anyone was listening to him anymore.

As he looked out at the 13 masturbating girls in his class, he realized that some of them were going to come, and going to come very soon. Mr. Anderson was horny as hell himself, and, frankly, made the decision that experiential learning was going to take the place of auditory learning for the time being.

"All right, men," he quickly blurted, "put your partner up on the table and have sex with her." The command was quite simple, but effective. The horny, anxious young men didn't waste any time. Mike stood right up, and where his tongue had just been, he put his penis, pressing it right into Anna's vagina with one slow push. As it dug into her, Anna moaned, "Fuck yes," for her classmates to hear. Jared buried his rod in Julie's slippery cunt with ease. She had just come and was soaking wet. He began pumping away and her vagina with reckless abandon, while Julie lay there, semi-conscious of what was happening to her body, still stuck in her post-orgasmic afterglow.

Jason was hard as a rock from Kara's oral attention. He hopped off the desk before his kneeling counterpart. He lifted her up so that she was standing, stepped around so that he was behind her, and pushed her torso down over the table so that she was standing up and bending over in front of her friends. The class stared at Kara's bald, tight pussy for only a second before Jason blocked their view with his hard penis. It slipped easily inside, and Jason began fucking her quickly, while she panted her approval, smiling and drooling all over the table she was pressed against.

Steve stepped off the table, his cock at attention before the class full of girls. Sarah grabbed his hand, and led him forward. She went over to a girl in the front row, her best friend Jessica, and bent over with her body leaning on Jessica's desk.

"Watch this, Jess," Sarah said. "I'm going to let him fuck me from behind, right in front of you. It's going to be so hot."

"Jesus Christ, Sarah, you slut," Jessica responded.

"What are you waiting for, put it in me!" Sarah commanded, looking back at Steve angrily.

Steve was tired of Sarah's insistence. "Fuck you." he said "I have a whole class full of horny 18-year old girls here who want a penis inside them. You can't order me around!" And at that, he pushed Sarah's ass aside and took Jessica's hand. Jessica stood up, delighted to replace her best friend, and bent over, presenting her vagina to Steve. Jessica was a brown haired girl with a pretty smile and dimples, and a beautiful ass. She had the legs of an angel. Steve was positively drooling at the sight before him.

"Sorry sister, but it looks like I'm going to let him fuck me from behind, right in front of you" Jessica said to Sarah, who was dejected, lying on her ass on the floor, "I gotta get mine, you can clean up my sloppy seconds later, if he'll even have you," Jessica continued, laughing at her best friend. By this point, Steve was already pressing into Jessica, who then began ignoring her friend and focusing on the pleasure emanating from her vagina. Sarah was stupefied and sad. But she was so horny that she just started rubbing herself right away, jealously watching her best friend being fucked by the boy she had hoped to conquer.

Twelve girls stared lustily from their desks (and Sarah lying on the floor), as Mike fucked Anna in the missionary position, Jared pounded Julie missionary style, Jason nailed Kara facing away from the class from behind, and Steve fucked Jessica mercilessly from behind as she bent over her own desk.

The visual stimulation was just too much for some of the girls. As Mr. Anderson looked on, the two petite blonde girls in the middle row started to make themselves come. The one sitting to the right was pushing her index finger over her clit at lightning speed while groping her left breast with her other hand. She had her legs spread wide open and had kicked her legs up over her desk so that she could get her fingers to her lips with ease. With her head tossed back, her eyes closed, and her finger flying, she suddenly yelled out, "Ohhhhhh gawd. Oh gawd yes! Fuck yes!" and started coming all over her seat, juices pouring out of her. This was enough to set off her blonde friend to her left who was leaning forward on her desk. The girl on the left was leaning forward with her left arm on her desk, and her head buried against it. She had her feet spread wide but planted firmly on the floor while she rubbed at her clit. Mr. Anderson looked on as her legs shook and her body heaved with a deep, orgasmic groan, leaking liquid onto her chair, down her legs, and even dripping some onto the floor.

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