tagFirst TimeSaturday Game Ch. 02: The Beach

Saturday Game Ch. 02: The Beach


(This story can be read independently from Chapter 1: but in the end, all the chapters will tie together)


Ron and Nikki spread their blanket near the far end of the beach. It was a hot mid-afternoon and although the beach was far from empty, there was nobody very close to them.

Ron had an ulterior motive: the last time they were at the beach, Nikki had let him cop a feel of her breasts through her bikini top. Several times, actually. He hoped for more, but he'd have been happy today to get some more of the same.

Truth be told, Nikki wanted Ron to take things further - a little further, anyway - at least as much; but she wasn't anywhere near bold enough to say so. She wondered whether buying a skimpier bikini, one she'd have to hide from her parents, might do the trick.

She even had stray thoughts of letting her bikini top "accidentally" come loose one of the times they ran into the surf to cool off; but she could never bring herself to actually do that, even if she could be sure nobody else could see.

How pathetic, she thought: eighteen years old, and no boy's ever seen my breasts. I bet they'd like 'em, too!

Still, it was nice lying here with her boyfriend as he almost lazily stroked her breasts through her top. It felt so good, and made her so crazy as well. And if he thought his swimsuit was hiding his erection, he was wrong. She wondered whether she could stroke it through his swimsuit.

Or tell him he could slide his hand under her bikini top. Not take the top off, but at least touch her bare tit.

She was convinced she was just about to say that when suddenly they weren't alone: two girls who looked to be a couple of years older than she and Ron set up their blanket close to theirs.

Ron pulled his hand away from her chest immediately, of course.

The two girls, a blonde and a redhead, were wearing bikinis that combined probably didn't have as much material as hers. Ron very obviously noticed.

Still, they were good company. And they'd brought beer, even though it wasn't permitted on the beach: not much, just enough for one can per person, but it was cold and it was beer.

They both had some funny stories to tell, some (but only some) of a sexual nature, and at one point the blonde started to say something about a game the two of them were playing earlier today, but that got the redhead laughing so hard, her right breast fell out of her bikini top. Just for a moment, but Nikki was pretty sure Ron would remember it always.

The redhead stood up. "Take a little walk with me, Nikki?" she asked.

Ron gave a questioning look. "Girl talk," the redhead explained, explaining noting at all.

Nikki followed to the water's edge, and they were waist-deep before the redhead spoke. "Not to be nosy here..." she began.


"You and Ron still haven't... anything?"

It was sort of an intrusive question coming from a near-stranger, but Nikki was grateful for somebody she could talk to. And the were at least fifty yards from the beach blanket, so Ron could barely see them let alone hear what they were saying. "Yeah, we seem to be stuck at first base, or whatever it is when he's just touching me over my clothing."

"Sorry. That must be frustrating."

"So frustrating I could scream sometimes."

"I might be able to help," the redhead said.

"Well, anything you can suggest- hey, whoa, whoa, not that," Nikki said feeling the redhead begin untying her bikini top. "I didn't mean I wanted you to, I mean I'm not..."

The redhead laughed. "In your dreams, girl. I just thought we should exchange tops. You must have noticed Ron can't take his eyes off my friend. My top should fit you, mostly, and it'll certainly get his attention more than that Laura Ingalls bikini top you have on."

"I... guess?"

She continued removing Nikki's top as she spoke. Nikki was nervous about being topless, even though nobody on shore could see her, but it also felt exciting. It felt so good to have the top off after what Ron had been doing, and suddenly she felt self-conscious again, aware of how hard and swollen her nipples were.

The redhead reached around her to hand her her own top, and accidentally brushed the back of her hand against Nikki's left breast. "Oh."

"Sorry, did I hurt you?"

"No, it... um..."

The redhead brushed her hand lightly across Nikki's left nipple, this time intentionally. "What?" she asked.

"Stop, no, it doesn't hurt... it feels... I mean you shouldn't."

"Don't you like it?" the redhead asked, giving the younger woman's nipple a quick pinch.

"God, God, yes, it feels... please, I don't want to like this. I'm not..."

"Neither am I," the redhead said, stepping in front of Nikki now and massaging her breasts in earnest, "but my friend was doing this for me just a few hours ago. Look, you play with yourself, right? Of course you do, everybody does. And you're a girl, playing with yourself with your girl hands. That doesn't make you a lesbian, does it?"

Nikki sensed there was something wrong with this logic, but she was enjoying the redhead's touch too much to think about it. And anyway, who would ever know?

The redhead's naked breasts were right in front of her, and suddenly she felt the strong urge to reach out and grab them. That would be okay, wouldn't it? Her friend had been doing it to her just a few hours ago. Would she even know what to do with another girl's breasts?

While she was thinking about that, the redhead leaned in and closed her lips around her left nipple. Nikki jumped a bit, and the redhead held firm. "Oh my god no no that's too much feels too good I can't..."

The redhead smiled, even as she continued pleasuring the younger girl. True, she'd started out terribly horny, but she was going to make Nikki cum right there in the water, maybe harder than she'd ever cum before. She was as much in control of Nikki as she'd been that boy in the theatre earlier. It made her tingle with excitement. She couldn't believe they'd never played this game before.

She bit down gently on Nikki's nipple. Nikki froze up for a moment then groaned loudly, and thrust her right hand into her own bikini bottoms.

Nikki felt completely out of control. She was half naked in public, another girl was sucking and biting on her nipple, and she had a hand in her bikini panties, frantically masturbating herself.

Another few minutes of this she might have to pull off the panties so she could have better access to her pussy, or to give the redhead better access to her pussy, and then what... then what...

She came hard, so hard, and might even have passed out for a moment. Or maybe she just felt dizzy, either way the next thing she knew the redhead was supporting her, making sure she didn't drop into the water.

Fortunately, the redhead had also kept a good grip on both of the bikini tops, otherwise coming out of the water would have been really awkward. She held both of them out to Nikki. "Which one do you want to wear?"

"Yours," Nikki said with a smile. "Definitely yours."


Ron watched his girlfriend walk toward the water with the redheaded girl. "Girl talk," he muttered. "That can't be good."

The blonde laughed. "Well, you never know." Before Ron could ask what she meant by that, she continued "You know, now that Nikki's gone, you don't have to pretend you're not staring at my boobs."

"What? I'm not-"

She hooked her thumbs into the top of her bikini bra and lowered it just short of exposing her areolae, then giggled as Ron's eyes widened. "Your eyes have been trying to burn holes in my top since I sat down here."

"Um... sorry?"

"No need for that. Do you think I don't know I'm going to get looked at wearing this?"

"I guess not. I mean I guess. Yes."

She giggled again. "You kind of wish Nikki would get the memo, huh?"

"Um..." he said again.

"Come on, it's just us here and hell, you'll probably never see me again after today.

So the truth... you wish Nikki would loosen up her dress code, right?"

"Well, yeah."

"I bet you still haven't got inside her shirt yet, right?

"That's kind of per—"

"Sorry, yes, that is kind of personal. Even though," she added with a grin, "I think you just answered my question anyway. Okay, let's be fair: You ask me a very personal question."

She watched his face as he tried to think of something to ask. She wondered whether he really had no ideas, or he was afraid of asking something that would offend or shock her. As if!

She loved innocents.

Pretending to brush some perspiration from her upper chest, she "accidentally" pushed her bikini top down a bit, though not as dangerously low as she'd pulled it a couple of minutes ago.

He might not have been sure she'd done it on purpose, but he'd certainly noticed.

"You know, just from watching you, I bet Nikki wants it just as much as you do."

"Nice thought, but I doubt it."

"Ron, trust me, I was a teenage girl. Of course by this point you're probably both so tense... you've been horny every day for weeks, haven't you? Even more than normal teenage-boy horny."

"I guess."

"I'll show you a secret. Like some kind of Zen shit. Just lie down." He hesitated. "Just trust me. I wouldn't hurt you. I have to know a guy longer for that."

"I hope you're kidding."

"You're lucky you'll never know. Lie down."

Ron lay down on his front.

"Turn over," the blonde told him.

He was very aware that lying on his back, she'd be able to see he had a serious erection - but at this point he was committed. He thought he might feel less awkward of he closed his eyes - as if that would keep her from seeing him - but her bikini top had somehow slipped further down, almost exposing her, and he didn't want to take his eyes off of her.

She knelt over him, and very slowly ran a finger across his chest, from left to right, just under his breastbone. If this was supposed to make him think less about sex, it certainly wasn't working: this was the first time she'd really touched him, plus he couldn't not think about how he'd like to have his hand just below her breastbone.

She moved down about half an inch and did it again. Still not relaxing him... he was just feeling hornier, the more she touched him. And he was getting a pretty good look down the front of her bikini top, though he wasn't quite seeing any nipple.

So he wasn't going to ask her to stop, even though he knew his dick was pushing obscenely against his swim trunks. If Nikki and the redhead came back now, he was going to have some serious explaining to do.

The blonde was down to his belly button now, and if she wasn't careful she was going to feel his hard dick even if she couldn't see it.

And then with no warning, she hooked the fingers of both hands under the waistband of his trunks, and yanked them down to his knees, his cock shooting straight up like a flagpole. "What the...?

"Relax," she said. "The girls are still way out in the water, and nobody else is close enough to see us without a telescope."


"Shh... have you ever had a blowjob before?"


"Then unless you tell me to stop, that's about to change."

Ron couldn't have told her to stop if his life depended on it.

The blonde pulled off her bikini top and tossed it onto the beach towel next to Ron. If he'd been horny before...

"Nice dick," she told him.

"Uh, thanks."

She ran her finger across his balls, and he groaned. "Oh, you're definitely not going to last very long."

Ron was about to say something when she continued "That's normal. You've been waiting 18 years for a girl to make you cum. But don't worry: When you cum again a half hour from now, you'll be in control."

"When I what-?" Ron began, then stopped as the blonde leaned over him, lowered her head, and slowly took his entire cock into her mouth. He tried to say something else, but it just came out as a gurgle.

"You can touch me," she managed to say, even though her mouth was full of his cock. He didn't have to be asked twice, and brought his hands to her breasts.

After that, all it took was her tongue circling the head of his cock, followed by one hard suck, and he began erupting into her. She continued sucking, he kept cumming, and she swallowed every drop.

He felt completely drained, of both energy and cum, when she sat up and tucked his cock back into his swimsuit. She kept her hand on his cock for a few seconds longer than she absolutely needed to, and Ron realized that despite having cum harder than he'd imagined possible, it might not take him very long to be hard again.

Especially with the blonde's breasts still in front of his face.

But alas, he wouldn't have them to look at for much longer: She's already picked up her top and was beginning to tie it on.

(Not that it covered very much, though)

"The girls are headed back," she told him. "Time to get decent."

Oh God, Ron thought: Will Nikki find out what we did?

"Don't worry," the blonde said, as if reading his mind. "This will be our little secret. And anyway," she continued, "this was just about warming you up."

"Warming me up?"

"You as in both of you," the blonde said; and before Ron could ask anything more, Nikki and the redhead stepped onto the sand. Nikki had a strange smile on her face he couldn't quite interpret; but more interestingly, she was wearing the redhead's bikini top - not only revealing more of her breasts than he'd ever seen before, but bringing to mind a whole lot of questions he had a feeling he'd never find out the answers to.

She joined him on the blanket, and they began kissing hungrily, their hands wandering over one another's bodies, and they didn't even notice when the blonde and the redhead disappeared - nor did they care whether they were still present.

It didn't take very long before Nikki's tiny bikini top had given up trying to cover her breasts.

As soon as they both realized Nikki was essentially topless, they both looked around to make sure nobody was close by, and then without speaking a word between them, got to their feet, grabbed the blanket, and - without Nikki even taking the time to make herself decent - made a run for a spot behind some dunes where they thought they'd have enough privacy.

They'd both assumed that their first time, if they had a first time, would be in one of their bedrooms, or maybe even in a hotel. Slow, private, (carefully protected), and without a thin layer of sand underneath them.

But waiting was suddenly not an option, and they fucked loudly and frantically. And as he groaned and came hard into his girlfriend's pussy, Ron realized the blonde was right: his second round was so much better than the first.

The Saturday Game isn't quite over yet for our girls...

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