tagErotic HorrorRun Cindy, Hide

Run Cindy, Hide


Run Cindy, Hide


Cindy is eighteen.


Her best friend Julie and a few of the guys take her to Billie's, a rowdy bar in a part of town Cindy rarely visits. Julie's boyfriend has a connection at the bar. Dan scores, and they all get high at one of the little tables in the back, by the dance floor.

Julie says she wants more.

She whispers to Cindy that they should get more.

All the girls in Carnal know you can prostitute yourself for more drugs. They have slang for it at school. They call it, hard candy. They call it, breaking bank. Or sometimes, if one of the girls desperately needs something, one of the other girls will joke, "Put your meat on the block, sister." None of the girls know anyone who has actually put her meat on the block, but that doesn't stop them from talking this way.

The guys are sitting right there.

What Julie is suggesting is obvious to Cindy, but she doesn't say no. She thinks about having sex tonight. She sets her glass on the coaster and smiles, a warm tingle in her tummy. Tim asks her to dance and she rolls her eyes, dismissing him. It's rude and Julie laughs, but Cindy feels no regret. Tim and John have been after her all night. The girls go back and forth about getting more drugs without letting the guys know what they're talking about. When the band takes a break, Julie grabs Cindy's hand, leading her into the backroom where Dan went earlier.

They find the dealer. He's a wiry black guy, with a bald head.

As he looks Julie up and down, Cindy feels terror stricken. Her breasts are too small. Her white blonde hair hangs limp at her shoulders. She didn't realize they were going out tonight, and she only wore an old pair of denim shorts and a tank top. The dealer looks at her hips, her ass. That tingle in her tummy is back, and now it's moving down between her legs. He smiles, and she looks at Julie, flushed with excitement and fear.

This is crazy.

He has to show them how to use the pipe. They've only used powder before.

The drugs in the backroom are more potent than the stuff in the front. Soon Cindy is gritting her teeth, her heart racing in her chest. She's had sex twice before. Both times it was unexpected and over in minutes. Once in the passenger seat of a Honda. Another time on a couch in an unfinished basement. She's opening and closing her knees, creating a delicious sensation between her legs. Every so often she holds her thighs tight together and then grinds her bottom against the metal lip of the chair.

Julie sees what Cindy is doing and gives her the eye.

Cindy stops, embarrassed.

There are a few middle-aged men in the room. Some younger guys. They're all watching. Cindy thinks about fucking a man, riding a cock. Squeezing her thighs together, she moves her bottom to the front of the chair, trying to be more discreet.

The dealer asks Julie to remove her pants.

Julie laughs. She is wearing leggings and a cute little halter top. On her left wrist she has a bunch of rubber bands, hair ties, and a collection of beaded string. She says she won't take off her pants in front of everyone.

The dealer raises his brow.

He looks bored. Making a motion with his hand, he signals for someone in another room. A guy with a scar on his face comes into the room. His disfigurement starts at the forehead, goes through his eye, and ends on his cheek. He can still use the eye. He has pitch-black skin and a bright white grin. Two big hounds pad into the room with him. The dogs knock into one another around his feet, tails wagging.

The dealer makes a face and nods at Julie.

Scarface puts his arm around her. She slips out of her leggings, handing them to him. He takes the pants, looks at them, but says it's too late for her to take them off.

He gives the pants to the dealer. The dealer tosses them onto the table.

Julie stands in her panties, pushing a dog's head away from her crotch. An attractive girl, she has brown eyes and dark hair tied into a ponytail. Cindy has always admired Julie's body, her ability to talk to guys. She is taller than Cindy, with slight hips. Scarface says that in the Gulf War the Iraqis were able to take Kuwait so easily because they tied up the young daughters of Kuwaiti nationals and allowed dogs to have sex with them. Julie gasps, horrified. He laughs, nodding his head. "Yeah," he says, "Crazy, right?" He explains that it's a form of torture that goes back into antiquity. Like, invading Huns and Roman Legion times, he says. You smear bacon grease on a girl's pussy and then let the dogs lick it off.

Julie looks at Cindy.

He says that even if the dogs terrify a girl, eventually she will give in to that rough tongue licking her pussy. When the dog smells her arousal, he knows he can fuck her.

Cindy laughs. Is this a joke? This has to be a joke, right?

Her pussy is throbbing.

Scarface flips on a lamp, illuminating a bed with a scaffold floating above it, a bunch of leather straps with little silver buckles hanging down. After that, he says, it's just a problem of logistics. He flips a few more lamps on. A camera on a tripod points toward the bed. "Not a popular video," he says, "but the people that like this shit, pay a lot for it."

Cindy goes to her friend, touching her back.

Julie's shoulders shudder.

Cindy wants to say something but she's not sure what. She is really turned on and not sure why. It's embarrassing and inappropriate. She keeps her body still, desperate to hide her arousal.

Scarface stands by the tripod. "You need one camera back here, to get the big picture." He turns to the bed and holds his hands out, like a director. "Then you need another camera here." He points to the head of the bed, "Shooting her face. She's going to come and you're going to want to capture that."

Julie sobs, burying her face in Cindy's chest.

Cindy blows air from her mouth, clenching and relaxing the muscles in her thighs. Her embarrassment has turned to guilt, a deep and horrible guilt.

She strokes Julie.

Scarface stands before them, holding a handheld camera. "Then this one?" He touches Julie on the shoulder and she looks up. "This one is for getting the close ups shots, so those sick motherfuckers can see it sliding in and out . . ."

Julie's face goes white.

His face lights up. He chuckles, grinning with those big white teeth.

She throws herself at his feet. "Please, please. I'll suck cock. I'll suck your cock." Her voice is throaty and frightened. She rubs the front of his pants. "You can fuck me. You can fuck it, fuck it. You can fuck . . ."

A rush of desire makes Cindy's nipples hard little rocks. She bites her lower lip.

He puts the camera down and takes each of Julie's hands in his. He grins down at her.

"Please, fuck. Please . . ." She rubs her face on his groin.

He shakes his head, snorting. Taking her by the armpits, he hauls her to her feet. "I'm not like that," he says. She looks at him mystified. "You don't have anything I want in that department." A few of the men in the room laugh.

Julie looks over her shoulder, her mouth open, a panicked expression on her face.

Cindy meets her friend's eyes, narrowing her own.

He's gay? He's telling her he's gay.

"Please," Julie tugs her cute shirt over her head and stands in her bra and panties. Her eyes are wide, her voice stressed. "I'll suck anyone's cock. I'll suck it. Anyone can fuck me. Anyone who wants can fuck it."

His hands go to her shoulders and he shushes her until she stops talking. Her shirt falls from her hand. He makes her take a deep breath.

"Easy," he says.

She closes her eyes. Breathes deeply.


"You are going to suck some cocks," he says. Julie opens her eyes, hopeful. "You are going to fuck some guys." A look of relief washes over her. Scarface raises an eyebrow and looks her in the eye. "That's what you agreed to when you took the drugs."

Julie swallows, twisting her hands together.

He tilts his head. "Right?"

She nods.

He smiles. "This is different," he says. "This is punishment for not taking off your pants."

Julie's face falls. Shaking her head, she makes a high-pitched keening noise.

He touches his finger to her mouth. "Shushhhhh."

She quiets.

"You have to do something extra now." He glances at the bed, then moves a lock of her hair out of her eyes. "You don't want to play with the animals?"

She shakes her head.

He purses his lips, lowering his chin. He stares at her for a long moment. Taking a deep breath, he opens his arms, palms up. He shrugs his shoulders. "Okay."

She falls into his arms, sobbing.

He grins, looking around the room. He pets her, kissing the top of her head and whispering into her hair. Tucking her under his arm, he leads her into the other room.

She glances back, an anxious look on her face.

A hand on Cindy's shoulder startles her, and she makes a little yip.

It's the dealer.

She fumbles with the button on her shorts, trying to push them down her hips as quickly as she can, but he tells her to leave them on. He asks how she got here, and she points out the guys by the dance floor. Taking her by the hand, he leads her back into the bar.


Cindy's is horny and scared.

She doesn't want the guys to know what she's done. The dealer follows her into the bar. John spots her and grins, but she doesn't return his smile. The dealer tells the guys they have to leave, that she and Julie are working for him tonight.

"Where's Julie?" Dan asks.

"Working," the dealer says.

"Doing what?"

Cindy hides her face.

The dealer motions for her. She steps forward, and he puts his arm around her shoulder, lowering his head to hers. He asks her name in a low voice and she whispers the answer. He takes her shoulders in his hands, slipping behind her. She faces her friends, searching their faces.

"Cindy's going to suck your cocks before you go."

Cindy gasps.

Her knees buckle a little, and the dealer tightens his grip on her shoulders. Watching him out of the corner of her eye, she quickly composes herself. She forces herself to grin. She didn't expect him to say that, to expose her that way, but it's out there now. Her friends all know what she agreed to do tonight.

Tim is talking loudly. John is scowling, waving his hands.

Dan is quiet, his face blank.

The dealer listens to Tim and John, his fingers massaging the muscles in her neck. Blood thumps in her ears. The further she gets from the reveal, the easier it is to accept. She's going to suck their cocks. It's thrilling and wrong but there isn't anything she can do about it now except feel self-conscious and guilty. She's unsure where to put her eyes.

John asks about Julie.

Tim says he won't leave without Julie.

"Cindy?" John asks. "Cindy. What the fuck are you doing?"

She turns to the dealer, a resigned look on her face.

He signals for the bouncers.

"Wait," Dan says. Everyone looks at Dan. He shrugs. A slow grin spreads across his face. He looks at Cindy, the dealer.

"Yeah," Dan says. "Suck my cock."

The dealer grins.

Cindy makes a big exhale. She didn't even realize she was holding her breath until she let it all out. With Dan's announcement, the tension in the group suddenly dissipates. Feeling relieved, she laughs, but she isn't sure why.

John glares at her.

Tim converges on Dan, scolding. "Dude? Are you serious?"

Dan's eyes are flat.

He takes a seat at the table with his knees apart. He's only been dating Julie for about two weeks, but they've known one another since second grade. He's notoriously self-centered. After their first date, she joked that if they were ever shipwrecked on a deserted island, he would barbecue her for dinner the first night.

The dealer looks at Cindy. Is she really going to do this?

Dan is motioning for her to come to him, rubbing his crotch. The dealer tilts his head to look in her eyes. She raises her chin and laughs. Sucking Dan's cock isn't something she would have done on her own. Her heart is hammering in her chest.

She pulls a chair over near Dan, sits, and puts her hand on the inside of his thigh.

Her head feels light. The bar is filled with mostly middle-aged people and a few twenty-somethings here for the band or maybe looking for drugs.

"Cindy?" John says, intonation rising.

He says her name again, this time more sharply, like an indictment. He asks point blank if she is going to suck Dan's cock.

She grins, gazing past John.

It's like she's in a dream. She lowers her face to Dan's crotch, opening his fly. She is going to suck his cock. Her fingers wrap around his warm length, but she can't get it out of his underwear. He has to help. She keeps her head near his groin as he reaches inside his pants. His cock comes out long and pink, with a twist to the left. It's the biggest cock she's ever seen.

Dan is looking around the bar.

The dealer has a small handheld video camera pointing at her. The thrill of doing something forbidden courses through her and she blanks her mind. Her mouth goes on the cock.

It's warm and salty.


"Fuck," Tim sounds amused, incredulous. "She's sucking his fucking cock!"

John laughs.

Everyone laughs. Dan takes her head in his hands. He humps her mouth, holding her head in such a way that she has to get off her chair to accommodate his thrusts.

The dealer makes Dan let go of her head.

She kneels, panting.

A small crowd is forming. Dan's cock is wet with her spit and she works it with both her hands. The dealer asks her to look into the camera. Staring into the lens, she fills her mouth with cock. The band stops playing and wet slobbery sounds come from her lips. People in the crowd pull out their phones. Cameras flash, illuminating her face.

A middle-aged guy with a felt hat grins at her.

Dan stands. She nuzzles her chin between his legs, taking his balls in her mouth. She works his cock with her hand.

His fists are on his hips.

"Come on her face," the dealer says. The dealer is talking to Dan, but she responds, jacking his cock towards her open mouth. "Give it to me," she whispers, the throaty timber of her voice surprising even her. "I want it."

The dealer exults, chuckling.

"Fuck that slut!" A woman cheerfully calls out.

Cindy cuts her eyes to the woman. She is grinning, wearing a red dress with a plunging neckline. Her face is bright with excitement. She talks to a man standing behind her but keeps her eyes on Cindy.

Dan grunts. He is ready to finish. The dealer calls out, "Here we go."

Cindy tilts her head back, opening her mouth. Dan ejaculates, cum oozing onto her cheeks, her chin. Phones flash. Cum splashes on her lips, her tongue. The woman in the red dress makes her face go hard. Swallow, swallow, swallow, she commands.

Cindy swallows.

The woman laughs. "She ate it, she ate all that fucking shit."

Cindy lowers her head, a bitter taste in her mouth.

The dealer waves John into position. He is twenty-four. When he was a senior in high school, Cindy was in seventh grade. She went to the senior prom with him because no one else would. The woman in the red dress stands behind Cindy, stroking her hair. Cindy raises her chin, holding onto John's thighs. This is the first time she's seen his cock.

"Come on me," Cindy husks. "Come on my face."

She can tell by his expression that he is close. The summer she went to prom with him was the same summer her parents split, the summer her father moved out.

She closes her mouth, her eyes.

The crowd goes quiet. Someone laughs nervously. Then people call out abruptly, growing boisterous. Loud. Something warm and wet splashes on her cheek.

He is coming on her face.

Sticky cum wets her cheeks, her forehead. Opening her eyes, she watches John pull his cock the last few times. Cum slides down her jaw, dripping onto her tank top. The crowd parts and now Tim stands before her, grinning.

The woman tilts Cindy's head back with both hands, presenting her face. The woman coos, "One more, baby. One more for you."

His cock is hard and throbbing. Ready.

Cindy meets his eyes.

Tim has a faraway look on his face. Suddenly his cock jerks and cum splashes across her cheeks. He grabs his cock in his fist and pumps it, sending more cum on her face. Strangers are laughing, eyes sparkling. Some groan. She finds the dealer's camera and stares into it, waiting for Tim to finish.

Dan downs his drink then thunks the empty glass on the table.

The woman behind Cindy grabs her by the hair, meeting her eyes. "You a cum dumpster, little girl."

The men laugh.

Cindy bites her lip, ashamed. This wasn't supposed to happen this way.

"A sweet little cum slut," the woman says crisply.

The dealer doesn't want Cindy to wipe her face. Little wisps of hair stick to her cheeks, and she has to tilt her head and pull the hair away with her fingers.

She stands.

Tim takes his jacket from the back of a chair and puts it on. He moves beside her. Reaching between her legs, he squeezes her cunt.

She groans. It's the first contact on her pussy all night and it feels delicious.

"Like that?" Tim asks, his face is inches from her cum drenched cheeks.

The dealer is filming all this.

She nods, shaken. It's horrible, but it's true. Why hide it?

Tim puts his hand down the front of her shorts. It feels so good she almost sobs.

"Let's go," Dan says.

"She's wet," Tim announces. "Really fucking wet."

"Don't tell Thunder," she whispers, gathering her wits. Thunder is her dad. Tim fingers her pussy. He lives three doors down from Thunder, the apartment where Thunder moved right after he left Cindy and her mom.

Tim sniffs his finger. He grins.

"Please," she says.

He moves to the other side of her, putting the same hand down the back of her pants. Finding her asshole, he slips his finger inside.

Cindy grunts.

He plunges his finger in further, to the second knuckle. It stings a little.

He has her by the upper arm, finger fucking her asshole. He stands silently by her side, grinning. She has to hold onto him for balance. Soon her bottom grows moist, sticky with sweat. He pulls his hand out of her pants, then puts his finger under her nose.

It's got a strong musky aroma.

"Come on," Dan says. "We have to go."

Tim smiles.

He moves his finger to her lips.

She knows he is punishing her. This is payback for dissing him earlier, with her eyes. She didn't want to dance with him or John, and now they've both jacked off on her face.

She deserves this.


She takes Tim's finger into her mouth, meeting his eyes. Please.

She sucks the bitter taste.

Tim looks at the dealer, the camera. The crowd is slowly disbursing, people milling back onto the dance floor. The band starts warming up.

"Thunder's going to know," Tim shrugs. "There's no way you're keeping this quiet."

"Tim," Dan says. "Dude, let's go."

Tim sighs.

He pulls his finger from her mouth. Careful not to get his finger in any of the cum, he tilts her chin up. He looks her in the eye.

"Happy birthday," he says.


"You're House Trick," Scarface tells Julie.

She nods. She's kneeling in the bathroom, near the toilet. She's barefoot, in her panties and bra. "What is that?" she asks.

He grins.

He stands before her in his jockey shorts, his pants draped over the shower curtain. "House Trick takes care of all personal attitudes in the house." He drinks from a can of beer, then sets it on the sink.

Julie is nodding. She grins, rubbing her hands on her thighs.

"But, like, what does it mean?"

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