tagFetishPatti's Breast Enlargement

Patti's Breast Enlargement


Patti had an astounding figure, long legs, big hips and a nipped in waist, but she had always thought one thing was missing. Her tits were big at DD's but not big enough for her.

She'd always held back from getting them done because she was afraid of surgery, but while searching online she found a place only an hour away from her that promised amazing results - without surgery!

The clinic were running a discount trial of their method, which seemed to involve taking a few tablets and applying suction to her hooters.

In a few clicks, Patti was signed up.

When her appointment came round, she felt nervous and buzzing with excitement and arousal. She had always been turned on by big tits and she wanted her own body to be the sexiest example of big boobs out there.

When she arrived in reception she immediately noticed that not only were all the staff all women, but they had clearly all been using the clinic's services themselves. The dark haired woman with puffy red lips who greeted her at reception had tits the size of cantaloupes. She was absolutely stunning. Patti couldn't take her eyes off her as the receptionist absent-mindedly pushed a red fountain pen in and out between her lips as she made some notes on a patient's application form.

Patti had her own form to fill out, with her medical details and a consent form with some of the risks involved. 'May lead to increased sensitivity and libido.' was one of the warnings.

"Seems like a good thing to me!" Patti thought, signing away.

She had just completed the form when the receptionist said "Nurse Tata will see you now" and led her through a door to an assessment room.

Nurse Tata was tanned with wavy brown hair and fake-looking football sized mammaries. "Would you mind if our new receptionist Susi observed your appointment? We want her to get a feel for everything we do here."

"Oh yes, sure that's okay" said Patti. This part was probably just some questions about her health.

"Okay sweetie, lift up your top, I hope you've come bra-less as requested? Good. We just need to take some measurements first."

Patti felt a little embarrassed as she lifted her top up. Her double D's which were very round and perky with very puffy defined nipples, poked out obscenely from under her rolled up t-shirt.

The nurse took out a tape measure and began taking measurements. she measured round the base of each breast, twice. Once loosely, and once pulling the tape measure extremely tight so her tits felt like they were being bound up. She measured around the areolas in the same way, around the full bust and back, and around both boobs at the same time, once gently and once tightly.

She took out a cold metal ruler and measured nipple length as well. "We also need to measure skin elasticity." said nurse taking hold of Patti's nipples, pulling them as far out as she could and bouncing Patti's tits. Patti gasped, but felt like she couldn't object any more than that. After all this was a medical professional just doing her jobs.

She found her nipples being pinched an incredible turn on, and she was more worried that Nurse Tata and Susi would notice how hot this inspection of her tits was making her.

"Okay, just leave your top rolled up like that honey, there are some cameras situated around the room that are just going to do a complete 3d image of your body. While that is happening, I just want you to describe what you want your breasts to look like at the end of this process."

"Well...umm..." Started Patti shyly. "Um... I guess I'd like really big round tits, about the size of beach balls. I know that is large but I've got big hips and I think my frame can take it."

"That's okay sweetie, you don't have to explain yourself here, we understand you wanting them to be really large." Nurse Tata smiled running her hand over her own boobs.

"Okay, and I'd love to have huge puffies,you know big dark puffy areolas with long puffy nipples on the end. I know my nipples and areola are already pretty puffy but I'd like the areola to be almost as big as my tits are at the moment. Do you think that will be possible"

"Oh yes, I think that will definitely be possible. I also requested my areolas to be super puffy when they did mine. It's so sexy isn't it?" said the nurse.

Patti felt so self conscious sitting there with her tits jutting out, describing what her ideal breasts looked like, especially with BOTH the nurse and Susi there watching her. It was making her so hot. She could feel her juices dripping out of her pussy into her knickers. She was sure she was going to leave a wet patch when she stood up to leave!

"Okay, we have a 3d scan of your boobs now, and now I'm going to manipulate the scan until you are happy with the results. So...a lot bigger...very pert and round, natural looking or fake looking? Okay, more fake looking. Yes, I like that fake look too, as you can see. Big uh...sexy puffy areolas and nipples..."

The doctors face was looking a little flushed and her eyes a bit glazed Patti thought, and her voice had taken on that low turned on quality that some women get. Or was she just imagining it?

The doctors voice snapped her out of her private thoughts. "Yes we'll need attachment BFT78 for the pumps I think nurse"

"Okay, just a few more questions hun. We also have a special on clitoral and labial enlargement, using our non-surgical method, to go with our breast enlargement package, it is 75% off for those who are already opting into the breast enlargement package. Would you like puffier labia and a real big clit?" She handed Patti some leaflets with the pricing. "Would you like to go ahead and have that booked in? We can complete the procedure at the same time."

"Uhm...ah...yes, okay I'll do it!" This was something Patti had always dreamed of, but didn't know was even possible.

"Okay, if you'd like to come back into the waiting room, the doctor will be with you shortly for your procedure."

They all rose to walk back to the waiting room and Patti saw that there was a damp patch on the chair from her pussy juices. Her trousers must be damp at the back...How embarrassing! But then she noticed that as she followed the nurse and the receptionist back to the waiting room, she saw that they each had a damp spot on their asses. So they must have been enjoying the experience as much as she had!

In a few minutes the doctor came out. She had blonde hair scraped back in a ponytail, and pouty pink lips, as well as watermelon sized hooters, which were struggling to be contained under her white doctors dress, even though it looked like it had been specially fitted for her... "If you'd like to come through?" she said, indicating another door.

There was a doctors couch for her to sit on. The doctor gave her some tablets to take - "These will catalyse the chemical changes needed for you breasts to expand to the kind of proportions you desire." she said. Then she called in Nurse Tata who had a tube of ointment. "Nurse Tata is going to apply this ointment to help your body stretch comfortably. Just lift your top up again."

Patti raised her top and the nurse began to rub the ointment into her tits, paying special attention to her nipples. It seemed to warm her tits and leave them thrumming and sensitive. "You'll need to remove your trousers and underwear for the additional package you ordered, honey." smiled the nurse.

Patti slipped off her trousers and panties and the nurse began to rub her already dripping wet pussy with the ointment. When she rubbed her engorged clit it was like she was slowly jerking it off. "Wow, yours is big already isn't it? I've just got to ensure it's all covered."

Then the doctor pulled down some large plastic domes with tubes attached to a large machine. The domes fitted over her oiled up tits, forming a seal over them. "Okay, and we'll need attachment BFT78 please nurse." said the doctor, whose name tag read Dr. Gail.

Nurse Tata left the room and reappeared shortly with attachment BFT78 which was two tit shape moulds in the shape and size she'd described as her perfect breasts. The original plastic domes were removed and attachment BFT78 was fitted over the top of each rubber seal. Then the tubes were fitted to a small valve on the 'nipple' of each attachment.

"Okay, just lie back on the couch, relax and enjoy yourself! The suction may stimulate some pleasurable feelings. Lets turn the suction on please nurse!" said Dr. Gail. The machine that the tubes were attached to hummed into life. The feeling of suction was incredible...incredibly arousing. The suction made her tits feel bigger already...maybe they even were slightly bigger, now she looked at them.

"Now, would you apply the clit pump Nurse?" said the doctor.

Nurse Tata brought a small tube that fitted over Patti's clit, massaged her bud into the tube and then switched on the suction. Immediately her clit stood to attention, and she felt the blood rush into it. The feeling of her tits being sucked by the tit pumping machine, and the increased suction on her clit was causing Patti's pussy to gush with fluid. She arched her back and moaned as she fought the urge to stuff her fingers into her dripping wet twat.

"The patient's arousal levels are increasing. The increased blood flow that comes with arousal should help the enlargement process." Dr Gail noted. "Breast size is 20% towards desired goal already."

Patti looked at her tits, stuffed into the plastic tit-molds and saw that they were already significantly bigger, and her areolas were puffier and more defined than ever. She longed to rub her hands over her oiled up boobs. They were going to be so enormous when they were done, she was going to have trouble walking through a doorway without squeezing them together... But this was something she had always dreamed of. It would be worth it.

"Clit size is now 2 inches, and the tube is filled. We'll need to size up to a larger clit pump if you want to go bigger. Is that enough for you honey?" Nurse Tata said, tugging on the clit pump a little.

"That's big enough for me right now thank you nurse." murmured Patti, hardly able to make a sensible decision, she was so turned on. "Don't take it off, it feels so good!"

"Okay, lets leave the clit pump on, and set it to pulse. That should increase your arousal levels enough to see your breasts expand to 50% of desired size."

The pump on her clit began to buzz on and off, causing her clit to pump in and out of the tube. The effect was as if her clit was being jerked off, or sucked off. The feeling was incredible and within less than a minute Patti's pussy began to pulsate, her muscles bearing down until suddenly and unexpectedly, a huge squirt of girl-cum jetted out from her cunt. "UUURNGH! Oh Fuck, oh, oh fuck, oh fuck!" screamed Patti "That's never happened to me before!" she gasped.

Nurse removed the clit pump, giving her some time to come round from her orgasm. "It's okay, it happens a lot in here. It's just part of the process... Okay, your tits are at 50% of desired size now, we may need to increase the stimulation in order to get you to 100%."

"Yes, yes do it!" moaned Patti breathlessly, barely aware of where she was anymore. "I need to be filled up and fucked..."

"Okay, if you say so honey." said Nurse. She took out a pink jelly double ended dildo and pushed it into Patti's twat. "Let's apply the clit pump on pulse again and fuck your pussy with this at the same time." Nurse fitted the pump on and activated it.

Patti's hole was so wet and juicy that she could really move the dildo around in it. It squelched in and out, and Nurse rotated it vigorously too. "I think there's room to fit the other end into your juicy cunt. Want to be double penetrated honey? It's gonna stretch you and make you feel sooo good!" With both ends of the double ended jelly dildo inserted into her twat hole Patti finally felt full up.

Nurse pushed the ends deeper and deeper into her cunt; the tit pump making her tits feel like they were so huge and sensitive; the clit pump buzzed away, and once again Patti's pussy pulsed and squirted, this time soaking Nurses white uniform, revealing her huge bouncing bra-less fake tits beneath the fabric.

When Patti came back to earth she saw that her tits now filled the huge molds. Doctor Gail removed the plastic attachments and wheeled over a mirror. Patti could just about still reach her huge puffy nipples to play with them. "Are you happy with them honey?" smiled Nurse.

"They are just what I wanted!" Patti sighed.

"Now," said Doctor Gail "We usually advise patients to stay on our premises for a few days to recover and get used to their new assets. We have beautiful accommodation and a private beach for our clients if you'd like to book in for a short stay to recover from your treatment?"

"That sounds wonderful!" Patti purred.


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