tagLesbian SexNew Roommate Pt. 02

New Roommate Pt. 02


Many thanks to erktec for helping me with this.

Jessica fiddled with her phone, her leg bouncing nervously against the side of the bed in the evening light. She flipped through texts from her friends, looked at her email, checked her various social media accounts, all without really paying attention. Her brain was entirely on a different track of anxious speculation, wondering what if, what if. She wasn't a big worrier normally, but this was anything except normal. She'd known Abby for less than a week and had masturbated with her, fingered her, and kissed her, in that order. How the hell could a relationship come out of that?

The door to the room opened, and her eyes shot up to find Abby standing there.

"Hey," Jessica said, setting down her phone.

"Hey," Abby managed in a whisper, looking twice as nervous as Jessica felt. She edged towards her own bed, dropping her bag and sitting down quickly.

There was an awkward silence as Abby stared at the floor and Jessica stared at her, trying to figure out what to say. She had run through this conversation over and over in her head since the encounter in the bathroom, but now that it was here her mind went blank.

"Wanna date?" a voice said. Jessica realized it was hers. Abby looked up with shock in her eyes, unsure how to react. Jessica mentally slapped herself. What the hell was that? I had hours to think of something! She's never-

"Yes," Abby mumbled, looking down again. Jessica faltered mid-thought, her mind reeling.

That was it? Seriously? Out loud, she said weakly, "Oh. Good."

A tiny, fleeting smile crossed Abby's face. "Did you expect me to say no...?"

"No, no, I... I don't know what I was expecting, honestly. I kinda just blurted that out."

Abby's smile returned, growing wider, and Jessica felt the tension in her chest melting away. After another brief silence, Abby brushed a lock of hair out of her face and glanced up to meet her eyes. "So... what now?"

Wanna fuck? came unbidden to her tongue, but Jessica stopped herself in time. Even as a joke, that one might not go over so well. After a moment's thought, she asked, "Want to go get a drink and talk about things?"

"I'm only twenty," Abby said ashamedly, as if that was somehow her fault.

"Oh shit, yeah. Sorry, I forgot. Uh, we could get something to eat, then?"

"Um..." Abby hesitated for slightly too long. "Sure. That sounds fine."

"Sorry, am I screwing with your plans for tonight?"

"No, no..." Abby paused, then continued, "Well, it's just, I have a thing due tomorrow, and I have to do some, you know, other stuff..." She looked up quickly, worry on her face. "But it's okay! We can go, I'll do it later, it's not important anyway, I don't want-"

Jessica shifted forward off her bed, not really standing up but moving close enough to put her hands on Abby's shoulders and look her in the eye, cutting off her apologetic babbling.

"Hey," she said quietly, "it's not a big deal. We can go out some other time." She squeezed Abby's arm, giving her a smile, then returned to sitting on her bed. Abby took a deep breath, her posture losing some of its tension.

"Okay..." she murmured.

Jessica wanted to just hold Abby in her arms and tell it was all fine, to not worry, that there was no pressure, but despite everything they'd already done together, that type of intimacy seemed inappropriate. She settled for changing the topic, asking Abby about her day, trying to get both her roommate and herself to relax. Once Abby got past her tongue-tied shyness, she was fun to chat with, and Jessica didn't realize how time was passing until she had to turn on a light. Abby started giving her laptop longing glances, so Jessica excused herself to do some homework of her own. Abby gratefully opened up her computer and lay back on her bed as Jessica opened up her bag, pulling out a packet of questions.

They were mostly quiet except for the tapping of keys and the scribbling of her pencil, but after a while, Jessica started noticing something. Abby would type for a while, then at increasingly frequent intervals would stop and let out a frustrated sigh, holding the backspace button. Eventually, Abby groaned, shutting the laptop and setting it on the floor before slipping under the covers and turning to lay with her back to Jessica. She was confused for a second, then understanding dawned with a tingly rush of heat between her legs.

"Um, Abby," she began, and her roommate froze, going rigid underneath the blankets.


"Do you... I mean, I don't want to rush things, but we've already, y'know, so do you want me to... help? I could just leave for a while if you don't, I really don't want to pressure-" Jessica faltered as Abby rapidly nodded her head against the pillow. "O-Okay." She set down her work and moved to sit next to Abby's back, putting a hand on her shoulder. Her roommate remained almost curled up, shivering slightly. After a moment, Jessica lay down to be the big spoon, wrapping an arm around Abby's waist and holding her trembling warmth close to inhale the sweet shampoo scent of her messy hair

"We kinda did everything backwards," Jessica murmured. "But... now that we have the chance... I want to go a little slower. Not that I don't like frigging you, it's just... I've been thinking about kissing you all day."

After a few nerve-wracking moments, Abby twisted to lie on her back, exposing her blushing face. Her eyes were shut. Jessica propped herself up on one arm to lean over her roommate, her heart pounding. Abby's lips were just as warm and soft as she remembered, and she couldn't stop herself from turning one kiss into another, and another, the gentle, sweet touches slowly becoming hotter. She finally pulled back, stroking a thumb over Abby's freckled cheek as her eyes opened to meet Jessica's gaze. Uncontrollable smiles grew on their faces.

"God you're adorable," Jessica whispered, a quiet chuckle escaping her as she brought their lips together again. It wasn't really a conscious decision that led her to straddle Abby's waist, just the desire for more and the knowledge that it would be easier this way. Her hands weaved in her roommate's hair as her own spilled down, curtaining their faces in wavy black as they traded kiss after kiss. It took a while, but Abby didn't stay totally passive; her hands came up to hold Jessica's waist, slipping a few inches under her shirt to caress her bare skin. Jessica slid a hand down her own body to encourage the exploration, gently taking Abby's wrist and guiding it further up her chest. Hesitantly, Abby cupped Jessica's heavy breasts through her bra, giving them a very gentle squeeze that made their owner smile.

"They're not made of glass," Jessica teased, shifting her hand under the edge of Abby's t-shirt to stroke over her skinny hips. "Want me to show you what to do?"

Abby swallowed hard, nodding, and Jessica sat back to tug off her top and bra before doing the same to her roommate, exposing her petite chest. The only reason Abby ever wore a bra was to stop her nipples from poking through her clothes, but Jessica had no complaints about the adorable little tits on display in front of her. She bent over her roommate again, breasts hanging free as she began to kiss down her neck. Abby blushed and bit her lip as Jessica reached up to play with her chest, rubbing her thumbs over the sensitive buds on top that were already stiff. When her mouth reached Abby's collarbone, she shifted to kiss and lick at her nipples, taking them into her mouth to briefly suck and drawing out little gasps.

Jessica was pretty sure Abby had been ready to go the second she sat on the bed, but now they were both worked up and needy. Her patience was wearing thin, and Abby's hand pushing her head lower was all the invitation she needed to whip the covers off her roommate's legs. Abby's pants were already undone and partway pulled down, making it easy to tug everything off and leave her totally naked. Abby took shallow breaths, clutching at the bed as Jessica started to kiss up her leg. When she reached her puffy, reddened pussy, she looked up to meet Abby's eyes, wordlessly asking permission and getting it in a frantic nod.

Abby didn't taste like much, just a hint of pleasant sweetness. Jessica lapped it up with slow, teasing licks, starting from the bottom of her heat and working upwards, finding the spots that made her react the most. Abby whimpered and writhed, her heels digging into the mattress as her legs involuntarily tensed. Jessica carefully pulled apart her folds and coaxed her clit from its hood, starting to lick it and getting a low moan in response. Abby clamped a hand over her mouth as the other weaved in Jessica's hair, holding tight. It wasn't forcing her down, just keeping her close, and Jessica continued to tease the sensitive bundle of nerves, enjoying the cute, muffled noises she was able to draw out with each bit of stimulation. She liked going down on girls in general, but she couldn't get enough of Abby. Every motion of her tongue was rewarded with a squeak or a gasp and the mild but delicious flavor of her arousal, encouraging her to keep licking and make her feel as good as possible.

She already knew Abby came pretty quickly, but it still surprised her when her roommate's thighs clamped down around her head after only a few minutes. Abby bucked into her mouth as her back arched, her legs quivering, moaning into her hand while shuddering waves of bliss crashed over her. Jessica kept gently lapping at her clit, giving her as much pleasure as she could until Abby slumped back against the bed, her chest heaving. Another tentative lick over her folds made her tense up like she was oversensitive, so Jessica just swiped her tongue over her lips and moved to lay alongside her, resting an arm across her roommate.

"Thank you..." Abby whispered, trying to catch her breath, her heart pounding underneath Jessica's arm.

"Mm." She leaned in for a kiss on the cheek that turned into a kiss on the nose when Abby turned to look at her. They were still for a moment, then both giggled softly, snuggling closer in the warm afterglow.

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I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. 👍🙌🙏

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by HiddenInTheOpen04/17/19

Very good second part!

And I hope there will be a part 3 (perhaps more?). Thank you for sharing this with us!

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by silverwolf5504/13/19

Such amazing erotic literary style!

I have really enjoyed reading this and the previous chapter. You are really gifted at writing, so engaging and arousing! Please continue to submit work to smytt.ru. I can't believe you're new at this..more...

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