tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMiss Sanders Sex-Ed Class

Miss Sanders Sex-Ed Class


The school bell rang and all the students finally came back to life and grabbed their bags to rush out of the door. "Remember, to get your permission slips signed by your parents to participate in sex education classes!" Miss Sanders told her students before they all rushed out.

Miss Monica Sanders enjoyed teaching her senior class, especially come time for sex-ed. She enjoyed watching the students snicker, get wide-eyed, and even shocked by some of the stuff they learn. Unlike any other class they had before. She felt they listened to her better since she is only twenty-five and not much older than most of them. Most were all eighteen, if not, nineteen. A young teacher who can relate on a better level than if a more mature teacher tried.

Taking her hair down from her hairpins, the charcoal black hair falling gracefully down to her shoulders. Taking off her glasses and putting them in her teacher bag. Miss Sanders took off to the teacher's lounge before calling it a day and going home to prepare for tomorrow's classes.


After roll call was given, Miss Sanders asked for all the students to pass in their permission slips so she can have down who will or won't be in the class after lunch. Couple of students hung out around her desk before school started, she enjoyed interacting with her students, being their friend and also their mentor in life. She's glad to know they can come to her if anything ever came up that they might need to confide in someone with or have a chat.

Some of the boys, yes, had crushes on her and she knew it, and could sometimes even feel their eyes just stare at her round butt pushing out against her skirts or tight khakis. Or try and look between the button spaces to catch glimpses of her breasts or bra, she often chuckled to herself of how determine some of them get of trying to catch a view or two. Sometimes, some of the guys would accidentally rub against her trying to get to his seat, she should probably of said something about it, but boys will be boys and it never gets out of hand or to the point of feeling uncomfortable.

This morning, Gary went through the doorway and bumped into her, rubbing the back of his palm over her butt, she had on a black skirt with a light pink blouse. She felt his hand and she shuddered from the touch, before going back to her desk to get the morning classes situated and in order.

"Good," she exclaimed. "Everyone will be attending sex-ed class this afternoon!"

Lunch finally came and went, and Miss Sanders was finishing up her lunch at her desk grading papers from last week, she fell a little behind in grading and making up for it during her lunches. She heard the final bell ring and all twenty-two of her students came pouring back in, hyper and full of life after their lunch.

"Ok, all, everyone have a good lunch?" She asked, standing up walking in front of the class.

"Yes." The class all chimed in together.

Feeling a little nervous like always before the first sex-ed class, Miss Sanders closed the door and went to her chalkboard and wrote sex-ed in big letters on top in the middle board. "Ok, everyone has their permission slips signed and it will take up three days, all afternoon after lunch until school lets out." Informing the class of their new schedule for the remainder of the week.

"To start off, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding anything of this subject." She smiled at her class, looking at the boys sort of blush and the girls too, something about open talk of sex always brings out giggling and red faces, she chuckled silently at her students.

"I have one," Marie raised her hand.

"Yes?" Leaning on her desk, noticing some of the boys checking her huge tits pushing out against her tight fitting sweater.

"I hear it hurts the very first time a girl has sex, if so, how much and how long will it hurt?" She asked catching Miss Sanders off guard by the question, normally they ask little questions in the beginning, she thought to herself. Surprised at how fast the subject of actual sex came up.

"Yes, it does, but not real long or hurts as bad as you may think, it is the pleasurable kind of hurt. Just make sure you are wet and ready though for penetration. If you are dry it holds the possibility of causing some problems and not only that, but a lot of hurting, too." She tried to answer as well informed as she could, getting a little turned on, knowing Marie is still a virgin and just told the whole class. Oh, how the boys will be after you now, she thought. "Any others?"

"Here," Ben motioned towards him.

"Yes, Ben?"

"Does size really matter?" He asked her quietly and nonchalantly.

"Why? You small?" Holden, spoke out loud and caused a laugh in the class.

"No! I'm just wondering!" Ben fired back fast.

"Holden." She gave him a stern look. "Well, Ben, some women would say it does and others it doesn't matter. I can't really say in a whole, but if you found the right woman, size shouldn't really matter." She was thinking if his cock really was small or huge and if he just wanted to know if it was true about the size of a dick. She admits to herself, she loves sex-ed, open talk about this with a group of naïve and inexperienced students, it turned her on and really gets her hot. Feeling her pussy starting to come to life with heat.

"Question." Tina looked at Miss Sanders.


"Does it matter to you?"

"Excuse me?" Thrown back by the blunt question, and from a female nonetheless.

"Size? Does it matter to you?"

"Umm. . ., well," She stammered over her words, this is the first class she ever had this open and willing to talk about the subject. And so fast it came up, too. "Sometimes." Shyly she answered.

"Miss Sanders?" Kelly spoke up.

"Question?" Knowingly it was, but asked anyways.

"What is a blowjob? I mean, I think I know, but I don't know for sure." She asked getting embarrassed about her question, feeling she should know what one is in front of her peers and about asking such a blunt question, too.

Miss Sanders couldn't believe this, they were so straightforward, not holding back on anything. She was getting turned on by explaining some of the questions, she started softly sliding her butt slowly along the edge of her desk, wanting to get the basics first, and later on let them ask these questions. "Kelly, all that will be explained later on in class, for now let us focus on the basics and we will have question time towards the end."

Miss Sanders moved in front of the chalkboard and wrote female and male on each side and created a column. Looking back at her students she caught some of the boys eyes move faster than lightning at what she was writing and not what she was wearing. Turning back around, smiling at the attention she was getting, she faced her students. "Who can name off differences men and women have from one another? Feel free to just answer, but do it in a orderly fashion and not all at once." Turning around, slightly moving her hips back in forth while doing so.






The students kept on, and Miss Sanders was writing as fast she could to keep up with the answers being given. Shaking her upper body, letting the boys imagine her breasts wobble back in forth under her pink blouse as if she was facing them. After a minute of letting the students call out the differences, she called it to a stop and turned around to look at her class. "Well done! There are a lot you all called out. Some I didn't think you'd all know, but you all seem to be familiar with a lot."

Moving back in front of the class, Miss Sanders tried to hold her anxiousness down and maintain herself. Looking at all of her students, well behaved and attentive, she couldn't be prouder, some of them even cute too, twelve boys and eleven girls, all inexperienced it seems and willing to learn. Pushing herself up on her desk, Miss Sanders brushed her black hair, she left down for today, out of her glasses and crossed her legs slowly.

"Who wants to be my first volunteer?" She asked, sounding a little dry in her voice.

Immediately hands flew up in the air and she picked Kelly, "Since I didn't answer your question, Kelly, you can be apart of this." She smiled at her student.

Kelly worked her way up through the isle, stepping over book bags, books, and the occasional foot. She stood in front of Miss Sanders, noticing a look in her eyes, but passed it off as awkward feelings about teaching the class. Miss Sanders placed her hands on Kelly's shoulder and looked back at the other students. Kelly was a average looking student, long, dark brown hair, done up in a ponytail today and she had on tight hip-hugger jeans with a green shirt that had a heart in the middle of it. Her breasts just budding out and looking bigger than they are because of her shirt fitting tight around her chest.

"Class, you have to promise me something now." She said seriously, looking at the accepting faces of her students, silently saying 'they promise.' "What we do in this class, stays in the class and will not be spoken of at all to anyone. You understand me?" She said, putting on her friendly, but, 'if you cross me you will find out what Hell looks like' look.

"Yes." All the students said, Kelly's voice ringing sweetly in Monica's ear.

"Ok, since there seems to be more differences for females and not males. We will start with a female."

Kelly looking at her teacher quizzically. Wondering what she is talking about and leading up to. Miss Sanders looked at Kelly and smiled, rubbing her shoulder now with her hand, comforting her for what she is about to do.

"Kelly, I am going to show the class what maturing girl's body looks like. Ok?" She said looking in Kelly's eyes, at first Kelly was about to object, but looking in her teacher's soft green eyes, she knew everything would be ok, and that she was in good hands. Nodding in approval, she stood there like a mannequin allowing her teacher to do whatever she wanted to.

Miss Sanders first lifted her shirt up past her breasts and bared her covered maturing breasts to the class, the class was taken back by what was happening. Never in their wildest dreams did they ever expect this to be happening, but they made a promise and they were loyal to their teacher. She was nice and she was only teaching them. Better a responsible adult teach them and not learn in other ways, some students thought. Other's had their mouths wide open or gasping at what was happening, some guys were about to hoot until they saw Miss Sanders' look and decided to stay quiet, some girls were shocked by it, but found it ok for the most part.

Monica cupped one of Kelly's breasts underneath and pointed at her white, silky bra. "This is a bra, I am sure most of you know this by now." She looked at the class, who some are still trying to get over the intial shock of what is happening, but still taking in what she is teaching. Pulling her bra down now, exposing Kelly's little breasts and soft nipples, she cupped the same one again and pointed out to the class the names of what each area is called and their purpose. Some of the guys of course were only paying attention to her exposed breasts, even some girls too, and others were just watching. Silently.

Miss Sanders began to lightly rub Kelly's breast and play with her nipples by pinching and rolling it between her fingers. "As you can see, they are highly sensitive and her nipples will grow hard."

Kelly started breathing heavier, slowly taking in her teacher's voice and letting her fingers play with her breasts in front of the class to see. Her hand naturally went down to her pussy, and she started rubbing it over her jeans.

"Now, you can see where she is reacting to my touching," Miss Sanders explained to her class, who was watching very much, some of them getting turned on, but trying to not show it. "For a woman, touching down there is the same for when a male would touch himself down there. It just works differently."

Miss Sanders stopped fondling her student's breast and told her to take her shirt and bra off completely. Without a moment hesitation, Kelly slid her shirt off with ease and unhooked her bra and let it slide down her arms to the ground, it was so silent, you could actually hear it hit the floor. Standing in front of the class, she felt her nipples harden even more. Her young teenage pussy wetting up and heating her body up with sensations she never really felt as strong before. Miss Sanders picked her bra up and looked at it.

"Oh, you're a B cup." She read aloud for the class to hear her. "Please unbutton your jeans and let them fall down so the class can see your whole front. Leave your panties on." Smiling at Kelly, Miss Sanders looking at her class, who are being very well behaved and actually learning, despite some of them getting turned on, but they will never forget what they will learn during this class.

Rubbing Kelly's cotton panties, Miss Sanders went on to explain those panties are one of many types of undergarments that can be worn and telling the class to make a mental note of the wet spot she has in the front, mainly between her legs. She told the class, mainly for the boys to learn, it was excitement. As a male grows hard, a woman grows wet and hot. Having Kelly turn around, she showed the class the back of her panties, too. "Ok, you may turn back around, Kelly," she instructed her. "You are doing very well, Kelly."

Stepping behind her student, Monica reached her arms around to her front and hooked her thumbs inside her panties and pulled them down. Kelly didn't resist at all, she was excited, breathing hard and really wanting to touch herself now. She was being a good student and was glad she was picked to do this for Miss Sanders. Feeling special in her own way. Letting her panties drop down to her ankles above her crumpled jeans, Kelly stood there now in front of the whole class, feeling the air hit her nude body, she lightly shuddered.

Miss Sanders stepped back beside Kelly and looked at her in all of her natural young, nubile beauty. Looking at her slender shoulders, thin body frame that matches well with her budding breasts and slim stomach. Eyeing her down below, she saw her brown pubic hair, Kelly kept her legs slightly open and looking straight at her one could make out her pussy lips. Legs that are athletic due to her volleyball and basketball playing for the school team.

Running her fingers through Kelly's brown, soft pubic hair, Miss Sanders looked at her student's eyes glued right at her crotch. "This is pubic hair, everyone has it, though some shave it off, but it is whatever you feel like you want to do." Informing her students, getting even more turned on running her fingers through her soft, virgin pubic hair. "Now to show you the rest, Kelly will you please turn around and place your elbows on my desk?"

Doing as she was told bending over placing her elbows on the desk and looking back at her teacher's face, smiling at her. Miss Sanders took both palms and rested them on each side of Kelly's butt cheeks and opened them up. The class was now looking at her pussy and puckered asshole, some guys starting to slightly rub their jeans and girls staring in awe, and some even slightly getting turned on at the sight. "Kelly, please hold your left side open so I can point out to the class female parts."

Kelly reached around with her left arm and held her butt open, feeling the cold desk warm up from her intense body heat. Looking forward now at the chalkboard where it shows the differences between males and females, jumping real quick when she felt a finger slide over her asshole down to her pussy. She never had that happen before, well, by anyone else at least. She did masturbate often and loved sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy until she came. This is new to her, though, feeling her teacher now opening her pussy lips up, sharing to the class what her pink lips and wet hole looks like.

"The outer lips is the labia majora, they are different from each girl, some can be puffy, others plump, symmetrical or asymmetrical, it all depends, there are many looks." Pushing in on her soft, plump pussy lips. Feeling her own pussy continue to become sopping wet, by touching her young student and showing her off for the class. Spreading them open and showing her pink lips and dripping, wet pussy hole. She looked at the class, "These inner lips are called labia minora, but I know for nature's reasons you won't remember the last parts of those two names. Instead, pussy lips and pink lips, I believe is how you kids would say nowadays, yeah?"

A little chuckle let out in the classroom, along with Kelly, who looked back at her classmates who are staring at her open sex on display for them all. Miss Sanders' fingers were wet from Kelly getting so excited from all of this and is surprised her student had made it this far not cumming or getting a orgasm. Moving from her pussy, Miss Sanders moved her fingers from her student's pussy to her little asshole, "And this students, is the anus, I am sure we are all familiar with this part of our bodies, we all have one." She smiled at her class, watching and taking in the education not making a peep. "Kelly, please turn around and stand for us."

Obeying her teacher, Kelly turned around to face her friends and peers, smiling now and looking at them in their eyes. She stood naked in front of all of them, not worried or nervous anymore, she let her legs slightly part, though a little constricted due to her jeans and panties still at her ankles. Miss Sanders saw this and knew they would get in the way of furthering educating her students about female anatomy. Asking her to remove all of her clothes, but can leave her socks on since the floor being cold, she happily did as she was told, kicking off her shoes and sliding her jeans and panties off to the ground near her bra. "If you will, please, hop up here on my desk so the students can have a better view." Smiling at her student, looking at her cute hair done up and her brown eyes staring back at her, happily doing what she is told during the class time.

Sitting at the edge of her desk, it was slightly cold against her bare rump, but she knew it would warm up soon. Being told to open her legs as wide as she can, Miss Sanders found a problem where she couldn't teach her students properly because of her desk being too wide and not being able to get behind Kelly right to show the class rest of a vagina. Getting Kelly's empty desk, she told Kelly to get on that instead for better situating. Sitting again on a cold surface, Kelly rubbed her soft butt around trying to warm the cold desk surface. Miss Sanders asked her again to spread her legs open wide and kept them open, she walked behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist again, lowering her hands down to her young students teenage pussy. Opening her pussy lips with her one hand and looking over Kelly's shoulder, "Ok, now this is the inside of the labia majora." She held her pussy open with two fingers feeling them getting wet again from her young student's excitement.

Jumping up from the desk, Kelly felt her teacher's finger push and rub slowly over her clit hood, going back and forth with her forefinger. "This is the clitoral hood, and inside if you," she pulled back and let her clit show to the class, "is the clitoris, or clit, for short. Kelly do you have your hymen?"

"N-no," She said softly, feeling her clit being rubbed on. "I lost it playing. . . out. . . back." She manage to say between breaths and soft moans.

"Oh, ok that is fine." She said, smiling still rubbing her wet clit. "That can happen sometimes, the hymen is delicate and can break easily in some cases."

Kelly kept rocking back and forth from Miss Sanders rubbing her, her eyes opened up fast when she felt her push two fingers inside her pussy. Miss Sanders explained this is where everything happens and where the men put their penis and when pregnant where the woman has her baby. Sliding her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy hole, she pulled out both of her fingers leaving Kelly in a state of lust and pleasure.

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