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Mature Lady and the Coed


I enjoy all genres of written erotica. My works are a mix of personal fantasies, real encounters, and rewrites of stories read many years ago. This is my first attempt at lesbian erotica. I have always been fascinated by it, first in the written form, later on VHS tapes, and of course the vast amount now available online. It is a rewrite of a story I read sometime in the 80's. The ending left me hanging, so I want to try to improve on that. As they say, we shall see.


My name is Margaret, my friends call me Marge. I'm divorced, 52, 5 feet 5 inches tall, with green eyes and shoulder length light brown hair. I've always been curvy, with wide hips and large boobs, and of course after giving birth to my daughter, my tummy wasn't as tight as it had been before. And with the passing of years, my boobs became larger and more pendulous, and my butt and hips grew more 'generous'. But I had always received attention and compliments from men, even as I grew older, so I was totally blindsided when my husband ran off with his co-worker.

My daughter and I struggled for a few years after my divorce, but luck was with me, and I took on a good job at the local university. Several promotions followed, and I eventually became VP of a department. We moved from a shabby apartment to a nice ranch home, followed by my recent purchase of a larger 2 story closer to campus. We were happy, involved in many college and community activities. But, there was a hole in my life, and I didn't know how to fill it. Oh, I dated several men, but nothing that lasted. I couldn't seem to connect on an emotional level anymore. Even sex had lost it's appeal, in spite of the skill of some of my partners. I tried to meet my needs with a vibrator, but that became more frustrating than satisfying. I wanted and needed something, but didn't know what it was. That all changed for me on a wild night a year ago, when I rediscovered my love of sex, and found the emotional attachment I craved.

I had to attend a fundraiser, and would be home late, but my then 19-year-old daughter was having friends over. I knew the girls, coeds from the college, both older than her, and very nice and intelligent. One, Sarah, was a student assistant in our department, while the other girl, Tina, was popular and well-known on campus. Sarah was a runner, tall and slender, with a tight little body. Tina was shorter, with a more lush body, big breasts and round ass. My daughter was curvy, but not as much as Tina or I. My daughter did not have a boyfriend at the moment. Like me, she had dated a few boys, but none became serious. As far as our guests, I didn't know if they had boyfriends, and I didn't want a party breaking out in my house, so I gave the three of them the standard warning about no booze or guys in my house while I was gone. They laughed at me, and told me not to worry, no guys were in their plans. With that settled, I left for the fundraiser.

Several hours later, I returned, a warm glow on my face from the wine served at the event. The garage door was open, but camp chairs and a cooler were in the way, so I parked in the drive, and entered the house. The downstairs was dark. I stepped out of my shoes, and padded around, trying to find the girls. After a short search, I heard a muffled sound from above. Ah, they were upstairs. The stairs were carpeted, so I made no noise as I walked up. The door to her room was cracked open, with soft lighting coming through. Another muffled sound, like a person struggling to keep quiet. My curiosity was growing, so I slipped up to the door and peeked in.

My jaw dropped at the sight before me. Sarah was lying naked on the bed, her legs spread, hand on her crotch rubbing her outer lips, the other hand cupping and fondling her small B-cup breast. She was watching my daughter and Tina who were on the floor. Both were kneeling. My daughter's knees were apart, her hands on her thighs, her eyes closed. Tina was kneeling before her, and had a hand on her pussy, a finger slipped between the lips and obviously rubbing her clit. As I watched, Tina leaned forward, and sucked in one of my daughter's nipples, bringing forth a sigh of pleasure. I was stunned, unable to do anything but stare, and as I watched the girls, I became aware of becoming aroused, a warm wet glow growing in my pussy.

Tina continued to finger my daughter's clit and suck on her nipples. As I watched, my daughter's breath grew ragged and shallow, and she arched her back, thrusting her boobs to Tina's face. Then I could see her tense up, shudder, and let out a long sigh as the orgasm hit her. Tina strummed her clit for several more seconds, and withdrew her hand as my daughter slumped down onto the carpet. Tina turned around to Sarah on the bed, and took one of Sarah's legs in each hand. Spreading them apart, she lowered her head to Sarah's pussy, and began to eagerly tongue Sarah's clit. I watched for another minute or so, then came to my senses and eased away from the door. My mind was racing at what I had seen, and I was very confused about what I should do. The wetness between my legs did nothing to help my thinking. I located my shoes, and went back into the garage. Standing in the dark, I finally decided to wait a while, then go back in, and make enough noise they would know I was home.

I waited 10 long minutes, nervously wondering how I was going to handle the situation. And, what situation was I going to handle? Surely they wouldn't waltz down the stairs and announce they were lesbians? I gave the door a bang as I closed it, walked around and turned on lights, turned on the TV, poured a glass of wine, and sat down to wait. Right away, I heard my daughter yell down "Mom, is that you?"

"Yes dear, it's me."

"Ok, we'll be down in a minute."

Very soon, they rumbled down the stairs and into the living room. Their faces were flushed and their eyes were excited, but had I not seen what I had seen, I wouldn't have suspected a thing. They sat and chattered, asking questions about the fundraiser, and putting on a great act of acting like everything was normal as could be. I was trying to think of a way to address the subject on my mind, when Tina unexpectedly asked if I could give her a ride back to her apartment. "Oh, well, uh, yes, I suppose I can. Aren't you staying the night?" I asked.

"I'd like to." she answered, giving my daughter and Sarah a look and a smile. "But I have to get up early tomorrow." I saw that Tina was braless under her t-shirt, and her nipples were large and erect. Probably still aroused from having sex, the thought ran through my mind.

"All right, let's go." I pushed up out of the chair, and slid on my shoes. Tina grabbed her sweater, and we walked to the car. As we walked down the hall, I couldn't help but notice her ass swinging in front of me, the round globes jiggling under the spandex. We got into my sedan and left for her apartment, which was on the opposite side of the campus, requiring a longer drive than I had anticipated. Once in the car, Tina said very little, and in fact appeared to be bothered by something. As we neared her place, I glanced at her, and she was rubbing her eyes. I was curious at the change in her mood, but didn't say anything until I had pulled into the parking lot and shut it off.

"Tina, is something wrong?"

"No" she replied in a tiny voice, and wiped her eye again. I felt under the seat, and found a box of Kleenex, and handed it to her. She dried her eyes, smiled, and handed the box back to me.

"Are you sure you're okay? Something has you upset." She sighed, and leaned back in the seat.

"I'm tired of being alone. Everyone but me has someone." she said in a quiet voice. "I have lots of friends, but no one to hold me and love me. I'm one of those life-of-the-party girls, the one everyone likes to have around. But when the party's over, I always go home alone. And if I do take someone home, they leave the next morning. I'm so fucking lonely, I can't stand it!" She started to cry again, and put her hands over her face. My maternal instincts kicked in, and I leaned towards her, putting a hand on her head, and stroking her hair.

"I know how you feel, Tina. I've been divorced a long time, and even though I have my little girl, it still gets lonely at night." After the words were out, I wondered, why did I say that? My own feelings were in conflict. This girl is young enough to be my daughter, and an hour earlier, I had watched her having sex with my daughter. But yet, I had been aroused by what I had seen, and it brought back memories of my own experiments with girls in college. Tina was obviously attractive, no, more than attractive, she was very sexy too. All these thoughts were whirling around in my head as I tried to console the girl.

Tina seemed to have cried herself out, but I continued to stroke her hair. She took a deep breath, turned to me, and looked at me with her reddened eyes. "Thanks." she said, her voice still shaky. She slid over closer to me, and embraced me, giving me a hug. I hesitated, and out my arms around her shoulders. Her breath was warm on the side of my neck, and I shuddered involuntarily. Then I felt her breath on the side of my face, and her lips brushed my cheek, soft and light. I knew where this was going, but I didn't want to stop, couldn't stop. My heart was beating fast, and I could feel my pussy become warm and moist again as Tina lay more soft kisses on my face, working her way forward. She pulled away for an instant to look at me, then closed her eyes and kissed me on the lips. Again, I shuddered, the touch of a woman's lips on my own bringing back a flood of memories.

We continued to kiss, gentle and tender, holding each other close. I felt the first touch of her tongue on my lips, and I parted them, allowing the soft pink flesh in, where it probed and flicked at my own. I threw away my fears and doubts, and kissed her back eagerly. She responded by putting her hand on the back of my head, and pulling me hard against her, her lips and tongue working nonstop with mine. This went on for several minutes, as hot and sexy a make out session as I have ever had. Then Tina pulled away, and looked at me, her eyes bright and cheeks flushed with excitement. "I've had a crush on you from the day we met." she said in a husky voice.

"Oh, well, I'm flattered." I stammered. She gave a small laugh, and kissed me again.

"As much fun as this is, making out in your car, we'd be more comfortable inside. You want to come in?" she asked, a hopeful look on her face. This was my chance to back out, but I knew I really didn't want to.

"Um, sure." I breathed, taking the plunge. After all, I told myself, if things got weird, I could gracefully excuse myself and leave. We let go of each other, exited my car, and went into her apartment. It was small, but clean, and she took my hand and led me to the bedroom, closing the door behind us. Inside, she turned and faced me. Giving me another sweet smile, she peeled off her t-shirt in one quick motion. I gasped as her arms lifted above her head, her full boobs thrust out at me. They were big, but firm, with the upturned ends tipped by large red nipples. Throwing her shirt aside, they settled back onto her chest. I stared, it had happened so fast, but I couldn't take my eyes from them. I was so envious, I had a body like hers back in the day. Tina closed the gap between us, and slid her arms around my waist. Closing her eyes, she pushed her boobs into mine, and kissed me long and deep, her tongue pressing against mine. My hands on her shoulders, I kissed her back, now into what I was doing, no longer holding back.

Tina's hands slid down my back and over my round ass until she was cupping a fleshy cheek in each hand. Then she pulled me against her pelvis, her hands squeezing my ass. We were molded into each other, lost in each other's body and mouth. My heart was pounding, the excitement at what I was doing was so intense I was almost shaking. I was a strong and confident woman, but now I was putty in this girl's hands, and I was going to do anything she wanted. Any notion of leaving was forgotten. One of her legs slid between mine, and now we were grinding our crotches on the leg of the other. Oh My, this was so wild, and I still had my clothes on!

That soon changed. Tina released my mouth and ass, and stepped back. With a look of intense hunger and concentration, her fingers flew down the button of my blouse. I held my arms away from body, as she slipped it off my shoulders, to fall on the floor. She sucked in her breath at the sight of my large soft boobs, held up by a red bra. She molded her fingers around them, and gave each a squeeze, causing me to sigh and arch my back. This was her signal, she stepped back into me while sliding her hands around to my back, and kissed me while unhooking my bra. I felt the clasps come loose, and my tits sag when the support was no longer there. She stepped back, pulling the bra with her, and my boobs fell onto my chest.

"Oh my God." Tina whispered. "Your boobs are amazing. So big, and such big brown nipples too."

I sighed, and held my arms out. "Yep, and they almost reach my belly button too." I laughed, what else could I do? This was the body I had. Now that she could see me, I thought she might have a change of heart. But no, she was looking at me with lust, and a hunger I had not seen in a partner in a long time. She stood close to me again, and deftly undid the belt, button, and zipper on my slacks. Then, hooking her thumbs in the waistband, she knelt and pulled my slacks and panties to the floor in a smooth motion. I put a hand on her shoulder, and stepped out of my clothes, and stood there, naked as a newborn. Tina was still kneeling in front of me, and placed the palm of her hand on my pubic bush. She pressed her hand against my mound, and ran her fingers through my curly pubes, then slowly and sensuously slid her hand up my belly, and on up between my tits. She kept it there, and stood to face me, then lowered her hand, and quickly squirmed out of her spandex tights. Now she stood before me, both of us naked, and drinking in the sight of each other. She was lovely, full upturned boobs with erect cherry red nipples, a soft tummy with a dark tangle of hair beneath it. Her thighs were thick, but her lower legs and ankles were trim. It was like looking at myself, 30 years ago.

Tina sucked in her breath. "Margie, you are so beautiful." she said. "Your body is amazing."

"Oh, you really think so?"

"Oh yes! I said I've had a crush on you, and I've wondered what you look like under your clothes. You have a body to die for."

Her words touched me in a way no man's compliments ever had. Here was a young girl in her prime, with a killer body herself, telling me my middle-aged body was beautiful. Words escaped me, so I just smiled, and held my arms out to her. She came to me, and we locked in an embrace, mashing our lips together in a hard and passionate kiss. Now I could feel her soft skin against mine, her pillowy curves against mine. It brought those memories again, of how good another female body felt. We stood, kissing fervently, our boobs flattened against each other, and grinding our hips together. My heart was pounding with excitement, and the familiar tingle was stirring between my legs. I had not been this aroused in a long time.

With a start, Tina broke the kiss, pulled her face away, and looked at me. "This is really hot, let's get in bed and take it up a notch." I just nodded, and we released our grip on each other. Tina took my hand and led me to the bed, and I lay down. There I was, my hair a mess, my boobs big flat mounds on my chest, and my legs spread, ready and waiting for what was next. Tina didn't keep me waiting, lifting my legs and pushing them back onto my chest, exposing my wet pussy to her. She dove in, giving my clit a swipe with her tongue, causing me to cry out from the sudden jolt of pure pleasure. That was followed by an amazing tonguing, as she licked and sucked at my clit, alternating with stabbing her tongue inside me. I grabbed my legs behind the knees, and pulled myself open as far as I could, sighing and moaning at the incredible sensations she was giving me. Then Tina gave me something new. She fastened her lips on my clit, and slipped a finger inside me. I could feel the tip brush the spot inside me.

"Aaah, God, oh shit." I cried as my back arched and my eyes flew open. That was her cue, and she pressed down and rubbed the spot hard. It took me over the edge, and I orgasmed as never before, the contractions rippling through me. I released my legs and grabbed the sheets in my fists as I rode out the intense waves of pleasure. Then it subsided, and I lay slack, panting from the effort. Tina climbed into bed next to me and snuggled in, nuzzling at my neck.

"Wow Margie, you really got off. I thought you might pass out on me.

"I almost did. Whew, that was intense. That little move you made on my spot inside was the clincher." She smiled and kissed me, softly this time. I felt worn out, but also very relaxed. Tina gave me a few minutes to recover, just kissing and cuddling. Then she cupped my boob, and slid her thumb across the nipple, at the same time slipping her tongue into my willing mouth, letting me taste my own juices. I was still buzzing from the orgasm, and her renewed attention was getting me worked up again. When she felt I was ready, she got up on her knees next to me. I thought she wanted me to finger her, but she had other ideas. She eased a leg over me, so she was kneeling astride my belly, and began to move up my body. It was a very erotic sight, her big tits jiggling as she moved, and her wet pussy sliding over my tits as she came closer. I was both nervous, and excited, it was obvious she was going to put her pussy over my face, so I could return the favor she had given me. But it had been a long time, years, since I had licked a girl's slit. I hoped I could make her feel as good as she had done for me.

It was there, inches away, pink and wet, a thin line of pubic hair on each side of the outer lips. I could smell the musky odor of an aroused pussy, so similar to mine, but still different. I put my hands on the round globes of her ass, and pulled her to me, sinking my tongue into her as the lips pressed against my face. She moaned, and rotated her hips, grinding against my mouth, as I lapped as deep into her as I could. The taste was a long-forgotten memory, a slightly metallic tang. I sighed into her, and dug my tongue even deeper. Her clit was rubbing against my upper lip, and I tilted my head back slightly, bringing my tongue to bear on her hard little nub.

"Oh." She cried softly, as my tongue flicked over it. I traced circles around it, flipped my tongue against it, and pressed my tongue against it. Then I sucked it in between my lips, and licked it some more. Tina writhed and bucked, moaned and cried out, letting me know I was giving her what she wanted. Her juices, mixed with my saliva, ran down my face and onto my neck. I slid my hands off her ass, up her ribs to her big firm tits, and grasped one in each hand. Now I was fondling her boobs while working over her clit. "Ah...ah...ah...ah..." she cried every time I hit her clit. I took no mercy on the poor girl, no more than she had given me, and continued to push her to orgasm.

Then, she was there. She clasped her hands over mine, pressing her boobs into her chest, and threw her head back. "Aaaaaaaaaaaah." She let out a throaty yell, and squeezed my head between her legs as the orgasm wracked her body. Finally, she released the pressure, and slid back off my face, giving me room to breath. She sat on me, breathing hard like she had run a race, and looking at me with a crazy smile.

"Margie girl, you really know how to eat pussy. Where did you learn to do that? I thought you were a total hetero."

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