tagBDSMMaking a Slave Ch. 02

Making a Slave Ch. 02


Reading some of the stories, I guess I need to give some disclaimers. Everyone is over 18, and in this series everyone is willing. I have another set written from 3rd person that will be introduced later as a dungeon.

The Viper's Nest is a nightclub owned by Nathaniel's vampire group. It is a club that caters to drugs, sex, booze (it is a club) and that sort of environment.

Nathaniel will get rougher, first for himself, then for the slave.

I would be interested in feedback, as this is my first foray into Erotica. Thanks.

* * * * * *

I found myself returning to the Viper's Nest sooner than I expected. My aggression had returned with a vengeance that even a session with Noel hadn't satisfied it. I believed that some of it might have been a desire to see the woman who had willing taken my abuse and had nearly pledged herself as my sexual slave.

The same room was prepared for me, complete with the same red haired woman already kneeling on the floor awaiting my arrival.

As I opened the door I saw her eyes creep up to see who entered. A huge smile crossed her face when she saw it was me. I shut and bolted the door behind me. After our last encounter I had no fear of her trying to leave, but although the club was currently vacant, I wanted to make sure we remained undetected.

Licking her lips I saw that she wanted to speak, but was unsure of my desires. Once my aggression was out last encounter, we had a regular conversation but she could see by my posture and demeanor that we were definitely not to that point yet.

"I see they found you again." I spoke and watched a shiver race through her.

"Oh, yes Sir. It is my pleasure to be here." she answered, her eyes still directed to the ground but watching me. "Please, Sir, use me however you desire."

"I planned to." I snapped at her. I smacked her across the face. "I don't remember needing to ask for your permission."

"No, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir. I was simply trying to express my excitement for serving you, Sir." Words rushed from her lips as she bent further from the waist to rest her bare breasts on the floor, as prostrate as she could. "I await any punishment you decide."

"Don't move." I commanded and started removing my clothes. She twisted her head to rest her cheek on the floor, waiting for whatever I decided to dish out to her. Her inner thighs were damp from excitement.

Once undressed, I was already hard in seeing her again. She was bringing out my lust easier than even Noel could at times. My hand on her back to keep her bent, she presented her cunt to me, her legs parting to give me better access.

One swift motion buried me into her, eliciting a moan from her. Two thrusts pounded her and I heard her whispering again. A slap left a red hand print on her right ass cheek.

"Either speak or be silent." I ordered her.

She moaned again. "Oh yes, Sir. Please Sir. More Sir." she repeated.

A stronger slap had her yelp in pain. "Nothing for you now." I landed another slap that made her cry out again. "Do I need to continue?"

"No, Sir. I will wait until commanded." she promised.

It took another fifteen minutes for me to allow the pleasure to build. This early I was still trying to keep my strength from being too much. Last time I had allowed her to lead me to the first and lose some of the aggression.

By the time my release came, she was nearly besides herself with lust but held herself in check. On my last thrust into her I grabbed her hair, tugging it backwards and whispered, "Now."

The strain of containing herself caused her to scream as she was finally allowed to let go. I turned from the woman on the floor, giving her a moment to compose herself.

"Sir?" came her voice. I turned and saw her still prostate, her face now facing the floor.


"Thank you, Sir." she gushed with emotion. "May I approach you, Sir?"

I tensed, the aggression making me on edge. However, nothing in the last interaction we had made me think that she was interested in hurting me. Quite the opposite. "Yes."

Instead of rising, she crawled toward me, stopping only when she was at my feet. "Please Sir, my I ask a question?" A nod had her swallow before her question. "Has Sir ever done breath play?"

The concept was not new to me. Restrict the breath of one of the people to heighten pleasure. For this, it would be hers, not mine. Anyone trying to get that close to me would likely lose their life.

"No. We will not." I shook my head. The feel of the pulse under her neck, steady and strong would tempt me, especially in my current state. Unrestrained by my commands, I did not doubt that she would die. I would be addicted to the feeling of killing, of feeling her heartbeat slow and stop under my grasp.

But, I had to admit the thought excited me in my current state. She saw my cock started to swell and rise and leaned forward and took me into her mouth. I grabbed her hair and removed the stimulation as I moved to the edge of the bed. I sat on the end of the bed and replaced her at my feet. Released from my grasp, she dove forward to put attention back on my cock.

Feeling her lick and suck I leaned back, supporting myself with my arms behind me. She lapped at the underside, swirling her tongue around the head and flicked her tongue all the way around. I moaned as sensations battled with the rage and aggression inside of me. Her ministrations continued and I felt her hands come up to assist. One cupped my balls, a light touch while her other wrapped around the shaft.

I let her continue, her hand moving up and down on the shaft while her lips continued their work. Although the pleasure was growing, the aggression was still winning.

Quicker than she could react I tugged on her long red hair, telling her she was not longer required to do anything. All she was to do now was endure. My cock was getting harder as I thrust completely into her mouth and hit the back of her throat. She moaned at my taking control and guiding her. I took a step to the side causing her to spread out, giving me access to the rest of her body.

"How much do you like pain, or is it the submission?" I asked and received a shuddered moan in response. My left hand reached down and cupped her breast. The mound of flesh filled my palm nicely and gave it a knead. When I didn't get as strong reaction, I squeezed, moving down to pinch her nipple.

A small sigh escaped around my cock as I held her in place but allowed her to go back to her lapping. I smacked her side and received a moan, moving for the second smack on her breast.

When the second strike landed she closed her eyes, body lurching and moaned. The vibrations on my cock pushed my pleasure farther.

"Catch your breath. I am about to take what I want." I warned her. She moved as much as I allowed to show that she understood. Putting my hands on the side of her head and thrust deeper down her throat, pausing at the end of the thrust for a few seconds.

I continued for about ten minutes, feeling her gasp after each thrust. It was close to the play she mentioned, but I could not feel her pulse to tempt my aggression. My next thrust was met with a squeeze as she swallowed, trying to milk down my shaft. I met her eyes and saw them twinkle as she knew what she was doing.

Her new treatment only allowed me to last a few minutes more before a growl escaped my throat, shoving my full length down her throat, liquid pouring down it.

"Good girl." I praised her, her eyes falling down, but her smile couldn't stay off her face. "You are helping, but I am going to beat you again."

A final long breath drew into her lungs. "Oh God, yes. Please Sir, I cannot wait for that." she gushed.

"Choose what it will be." I ordered. If I hadn't know better, I would think she was a thrall as fast as she bolted to the dresser. A critical eye washed over the implements before she chose two.

She rushed back to my side, falling to her knees as she held up the items she had chosen. "Please, Sir. I choose these. However you choose."

A slap turned her head, a hand print showing. "I told you to choose, not direct."

"Yes Sir, sorry Sir."

She had chosen a paddle and crop. It was a standard technique. Start with the lesser instrument, go to more severe when "warmed up".


Not with a thrall who was fighting his own aggression and wanted to take it out on someone. I briefly wondered if that was her intention.

I had grown soft since my climax, knowing that this would arouse me again. Last time this was where most of my aggression had been sated. Now, knowing that the woman in front of me enjoyed it so much, I wondered if that would still be true.

"Up." I commanded. "Hands up."

She leapt to her feet, her hands flying to her head. "Yes Sir. Thank you Sir."

I snapped the crap through the air, seeing her shudder hearing the snap in the air. Like last time I watched her waiting for me to strike. Her eyes closed and stopped herself from rubbing her legs together.


My first strike was on the calf of her left leg, which nearly sent her buckling to the floor. A quick correction had her steady again and ready for the next.


The second was on her right shoulder. A moan came from her.

"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir." she spoke in a louder voice than her usual whisper. "More, please Sir. More. I would love more, Sir."


I landed the next two on her ass, one on each cheek. A louder moan escaped her, her breath panting. One or two more strikes would send her over the edge.


Two on her front landed, one on her stomach and one just above her cunt. Two on her back, one on her lower back and one under her ass.

A scream accompanied the shuddering woman who fell to the floor writhing in pleasure.

"Up!" my voice commanded, tone learned from my vampire. When she took too long the crop landed soundly on the arch of her left foot. The scream that followed was not one of pleasure, but shock and pain. "I said up!"

"Yes Sir." she was on her feet a moment later, favouring her left foot. "Please Sir, more.


Two strikes landed, followed quickly by ten more minutes of little pause. Near the end she started to wince when the blows overlapped.

"Thank you Sir. More, please Sir." she insisted. "I want more, Sir."

Her body was a smattering of rectangles from the end of the crop.

"Just starting." I informed her, putting the crop down and picking up the paddle she had brought me.


The paddle came down on her breast, just between two rectangles. A gasp came out, followed by a moan. Her hands were down at her sides.


A backhand cracked her right hand, up on the fingers not the hand. She took the hint and put them back on her head.


After the next two she shuddered again with a long moan and her eyes closing. "God yes, Sir. More, please."

I took my time this round, pausing sometimes for nearly two minutes as she tried to anticipate when and where I would strike. Sometimes I would land blows in rapid succession seeing her breath increase as she enjoyed it.

This continued for just over an hour. From her shoulders to her knees were covered in red splotches from either the crop or the paddle. I had been right, and I was aroused and ready to screw her again. She shook with lust. A touch from me would have her crashing over the edge.

Another grasp of her hair had her bent over the bed, arms stretched out in front of her. I ran my hand over her back and ass feeling the edges of the marks I had caused.

I felt her shudder and smacked her ass as before. "No."


"You will ask."

"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir." she said, her voice shuddering as her body did.

I grabbed her hips and buried myself deep within her. A moan escaped both of us, mine deeper than hers. As I thrust I held her back, unable to rub against the bed. That would wait.

This would be my last foray this round. This was all pleasure, no aggression. It had worked a second time. Not having to fight for dominance, I was free to revel in the pleasure she was providing.

"Please Sir." came her voice, still strong. Her body was coming back to meet me. A thin sheen of sweat had broken out over her body from our exertion. "Please may I, Sir?"

"No. Wait."

A moan was her response, but I saw a smile as she peeked back at me. "Yes Sir."

Five minutes passed without her asking again. I smacked her leg eliciting a deeper moan from her. I continued that patters. Thrust, retreated and smacked her leg.

This treatment only lasted just over a minute. I could feel the strain in her body as she fought sensation. I was having to focus myself, keeping release just at bay.

"Please Sir. Oh please Sir. That feels so good. May I, Sir?"

"Not yet."

This moan was of frustration as she struggled to comply. I released her hips allowing her cunt to rub on the bed as I pounded her. The noise from her was one long moan, hands shaking as she clutched the comforter on the bed.

"Oh God, Sir. Please. I can't wait any more, please Sir." she begged.

Two hard thrusts shoved her against the bed "Now."

She screamed and clutched my cock as forcefully as she ever had, writhing in response. I only lasted another three thrusts before my fingers dug into her hips, climax overcoming me. I cried out, as vulnerable as I had ever been, my breath rushed out of my lungs. Feeling my release triggered another for her, her body convulsing as she screamed.

I recovered before she did, her breath still short as I moved away. Unlike last time, her clothes were here neatly folded on the floor. The only thing she wore was the bracelet on her ankle.

"Sir?" came her voice, slightly hoarse from screaming.

"Madeline." I answered, showing her I was in control of myself again. One more large breath was sucked in before she righted herself on the bed.

She pushed her hair back, green eyes meeting mine. "Nathaniel. It is good to see you again."

"The one who controlled you, screwed you and beat you?" I commented back.

"Oh, yes. All of those things, and more to come, I hope." she replied. "I don't suppose you have moved into the market yet?"

Her comment referenced back to our previous conversation to her willingness to commit and submit to me as a sexual slave.

"No. I am still not."

"I would inquire about your friends, but things tell me that you are not one to discuss things with friends." she said. "So, I will wait for you."

"Tell me about the anklet." I bade her. She looked down at it and back up. "Current owner?"

For the first time since meeting her, she seemed angry at me. Crossing her arms over her chest she turned her head.

"What did I say?"

"I am not disloyal to my owners. If I have one, I am not out looking for another one. If I offered myself, then I am without an owner. Forgive me for my nerve. I would happily accept whatever punishment you deem necessary." she explained.

"I'm sorry. I am unfamiliar with the semantics of the relationship. I did not mean to insult you by implying otherwise."

"Apology accepted." she nodded her acceptance. "Previous owner."

"Why previous?"

She seemed taken aback at my bold question. "He was unwilling to provide what I needed."

I gave a nod. "Fair enough."

"I have a question," her question started. I tilted my head. She moved toward me. I tensed but did not move. This time when she knelt at my feet, the feeling was not the same as earlier. Her hand came to my right leg, pushing my jeans away. "What is this?"

She was pointing at a tattoo on my ankle. I had two, one on my left shoulder and one on my right inner ankle. Her finger traced over the cartouche of my name.

"It's a tattoo." I explained. "My name."

"Hieroglyphs?" I nodded. "That's amazing."

"Thank you."

"Good night Nathaniel." she started toward the door.

"Good night Madeline." I watched her.

"Until next time."

I watched as she was the first to leave the room this time.

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