tagIncest/TabooLove in the Step Family

Love in the Step Family


My parents got divorced when I was 8 and I stayed in Britain to live with my dad while my mom went back home to the US. She wasn't the maternal type and I didn't see her for the next ten years. Occasionally I'd get a card for my birthday or Christmas, but that was as far as it went. Dad got remarried and his new wife became my mother. A month before my 18th birthday we'd all been out celebrating. I'd got a place to study medicine at Oxford and I was going to follow in my father's footsteps and become a surgeon. On our way back to the car we ran into a friend of mine who asked me to come with her to the movies. My dad said it was OK and she would drop me off at home as soon as the movie was over.

Three hours later we pulled up outside the house but it was completely dark and dad's car wasn't on the driveway where he usually parked. I asked my friend to come inside with me and it was obvious that they hadn't come home yet as the afternoon's junk mail was untouched. I got a really bad feeling inside. My friend had to go home, but I stayed up waiting for my parents to come home. A couple of hours later my worst fears were confirmed as my step mother's parents pulled up outside the house. They would never come at this time of the night if it wasn't bad. My parents' car had been hit by a drunk driver in a big truck and they'd been killed. I was inconsolable. I lost all the will to do anything and refused to take my place at Oxford. An old friend of my dad's pulled a couple of strings and told me that because of the circumstances they'd hold my place until next year.

On my 18th birthday I was sitting alone, packing up things. I'd decided to sell the house as it had too many memories for me. I felt all alone in the world and I wished that I'd been in that car when my family perished. I was startled by the sound of the phone ringing and even though I didn't feel like talking with anybody I picked it up. It was a long distance line and on the other end someone started singing Happy Birthday to me. When she was done singing she said "Happy birthday darling!"

"Mom?" I asked incredulously. "Is that really you?" "Sure is honey!" she said. "Just wanted to wish you a happy 18th birthday!"

I started crying and she asked me what was wrong.

"It's dad," I hiccuped. "He's dead." "What happened Jo? When did he die?" "He was hit by a drunk driver a month ago. I don't know what to do. I'm not going to university anymore. I need to get away but I don't know where to go." "Why don't you come here, honey?" "But you've never wanted me to come over there before." "Your dad wouldn't let me have you. It was a condition of our divorce, I was to make myself scarce and since he had all the money and the influential friends I didn't know what else to do. That's why I called you today. Our agreement only lasted until your 18th birthday."

With an amazing speed it was decided that I should put everything in storage and sell the house and go live with my mom and her husband for the next 6 months at least. A week later I was on the plane and I was getting really excited as we came into land in Chicago. I was going to see my mom again. There was a big reception for me at the airport. My mom was there with my step dad Pete, my 20 year old step brother Steve, and a number of aunts, uncles and cousins I'd never seen before. They were all hugging and kissing me and I was enjoying getting to know them all, and getting reacquainted with my mom. I immediately took to Pete and Steve and I was looking forward to getting to know them better.

At the end of the day I was really tired. The long flight, the time difference and all the excitement had gotten to me so I went to bed early. The next morning I woke up at 4 a.m. and I was wide awake. My body clock was still on British time and thought it was 10 a.m. I didn't think anybody would be up so I didn't bother with a robe when I went downstairs into the kitchen to find a snack. I was inspecting the contents of the fridge when I felt a presence behind me.

"Mmmmmmmm," said Steve and cast an appreciative glance across my body. "I suspected you had a nice body yesterday and now, with that skimpy t-shirt against the light in the fridge I can see that I'm right."

I was shocked at his words, and even more shocked when he stepped forward and I could see that he was naked, sporting a massive hard-on. I'd never seen a naked man in my life and I was shocked by the size of his cock. He could see where my eyes were looking and he laughed.

"You want some of my shaft li'l sister?" he asked. "I'm not your little sister!" I replied. "I'm your step sister." "Even better," he replied and walked up to me and placed his hand on one of my breasts.

He took my hand and led me to his bedroom which was dominated by a huge bed. He placed me on the bed and spread my legs. For a moment I thought he was going to start fucking me, but then he kneeled between my legs and ran his tongue across my wet slit. I moaned out loud.

"You like that, huh?" he grinned. "What else do you like?" "I don't know." "You don't know? Don't tell me your a virgin?" I nodded. "With those tits and that ass? Don't British guys know a good fuck when it's in front of them?" I giggled. "Apparently not."

He worked his tongue between my lips and into my tight pussy. I gasped for breath and pulled my t-shirt up so that I could knead my tits that were now on fire. I then felt his lips close around my clit and he started sucking. I couldn't breathe anymore and I started squealing with pleasure. Suddenly I heard a door open and I tried to make Steve aware that someone had heard us. But he wouldn't listen and continued tongue fucking me. It was so good. He was licking me, sucking my clit and fucking me with his tongue. I knew I was going to cum soon. As the door to Steve's bedroom opened I couldn't hold back anymore and felt my cunt contract around Steve's tongue and with my legs wrapped around his head I forced his face into my pussy as I was cumming.

When I stopped cumming I heard an applause from the doorway. "Well done son," said Pete and entered the room, closing the door behind him. "Thanks dad," Steve grinned at his father, his face wet with my pussy juices. "Did she taste as good as you were hoping?" "Better, she's still a virgin."

Pete walked up to the bed and took off his boxers, which were all he'd been wearing, revealing a cock as big and as hard as his son's. He then helped Steve pull my t-shirt off. I was feeling a bit frightened. I'd just had the first orgasm of my life and now my mom's husband and his son were on either side of me, with massive hard-ons.

"What do you want from me?" I asked and tried to shield my pussy and tits from them. "We want you," Pete said and pulled my hand away from my pussy. "But this isn't right," I protested. "Oh yes it is," Pete replied. "You've come to stay with us and then you have to fit into the family. And in this family we fuck together." "And you enjoyed what I just did," Steve continued. "And I'm not gonna give you head like that and not get anything in return. Have you ever tasted a cock?" "No." "Then you can taste mine. I'll teach you to be a cocksucker."

Steve pulled me up and told me to get on my hands and knees in front of him. I did this and then he knealed and shoved his cock onto me, slapping my face with it a couple of times.

"Now open wide," he said and when I did, he let his cock slide across my lips.

I closed my lips around his shaft and started sucking. He tasted so good. I was amazed. I'd heard about blowjobs but never thought I'd do it, or even enjoy it, but I was loving this. I sucked his cock hard, trying to get it deep and then letting it slide out of my mouth so that I could lick my lips and then suck him in again.

"She's a natural, dad," Steve said with delight and I could feel Pete move back behind me.

I felt Pete's fingers running across my pussy. Then I felt his hard cock resting against my ass as he reached forward and kneaded my tits. I could feel my pussy juices running down the inside of my thighs. Steve was grunting as I kept sucking him, now also using one of my hands to play with his balls. Pete kept kneading my tits, constantly rubbing his cock along my wet crack. Without warning Steve roared and started squirting his cum into my mouth. Pete had gotten ready for this and held my head in place, forcing me to drink Steve's milk. Steve finally pulled out and I collapsed down on the bed. Pete rolled me over on my back and bent over to start sucking my tits. He was biting my hard nipples and I felt myself even wetter than before. Steve reached over and stuck his finger up my cunt.

"She's so ripe for you dad," he said and Pete slid a finger in next to steve's. "I think you're right son," he replied. "Do you mind if I fuck her first?" "Not at all dad, I've already had her sweet mouth."

Pete spread my legs wide, spreading my cunt wide open for him. With a big smile on his face he bent over and licked me. At the same time the door opened and my mom walked in, stark naked. She didn't look pleased and for a moment I was afraid that I wasn't going to feel what it was like to be fucked by Pete's big juicy cock.

"Didn't I tell you to let the girl rest her first night here?" my mom said in an annoyed tone of voice. "Yes," said Steve, "but she woke up on her own and she's loving this." "I can see that," continued my mom. "But you should have woken me up, I wanted to be part of this." "You are now," Steve grinned. "Dad's gonna have her cherry."

With a smile mom walked up to the bed and lay down next to me, making Steve lie on the other side. She started stroking my tit.

"Oh honey, I'm so happy to be here when you lose your virginity. Pete's gonna give you a really good time."

I must have looked stunned so Pete bent over, whispered in my ear to concentrate on him and then kissed me gently. I felt his cock run up and down my slit and then he started entering me. He was so big, it was almost as if he was tearing me apart and I moaned out in pain. But Steve and my mom gently sucked on my tits and then I adjusted to the size of Pete. He moved in further and further and then stopped.

"This is going to hurt, but only for a while." Then he slammed himself inside me and I cried out in pain. But as he said, it only hurt briefly and then I smiled at him. He started fucking me, slowly at first. Sliding his shaft that was red from my virgin blood almost all the way out and then all the way back in, burying himself deeper inside my tight cunt every time.

"Oh fuck," he cried out. "This is the tightest cunt I've ever fucked in my life. Jo, you're lovely, you're so good."

I smiled at him and started moving my hips in rhythm with his. An instint inside of me already knew how to fuck him. Mom and Steve had pulled away completely now and were just watching Pete possess my body. He pumped me harder and faster. His tongue invaded my mouth and he started sucking on my tongue. I wrapped my legs around him and he got even deeper inside me. When I couldn't hold myself any longer I cried out as my cunt contracted around Pete's wonderful shaft. The next moment he let out a roar and bucked himself against me and shot his load up inside my womb. I felt wave upon wave of satisfaction hit me until we both finally relaxed and Pete kissed me deep.

"You're a great little fuck Jo," he smiled at me. "We've got to do this more often."

Pete rolled off me and into my mom's arms and she got down between my legs and lapped up my pussy juices that were mixed with Pete's cum. Even though I'd already orgasmed twice that evening I could feel myself getting excited again as mom was licking my pussy. I turned over to Steve who was once again playing with my tits and I kissed him deeply. He smiled at me and asked if I wanted some more cock and I nodded. He stood up next to the bed and pulled me towards him. I was on my hands and knees, feeling his hard cock resting against my ass.

"Hey dad," Steve said. "Are you game for some more?"

Pete and my mom giggled delightedly. Pete knealed in front of my face and I started licking my pussy juices off his cock, making it grow hard again. My mom manouvred herself under my tits and started sucking on my nipples and Steve shoved his cock right inside my cunt.

"Oh yeah" Steve roared as he buried his shaft deep inside my warm pussy.

I felt Steve smack me hard from behind. Someone's finger, probably my mom's, was rubbing my clit and Pete was fucking my mouth. I felt like a whore and I was loving it. We were going on forever, the only sounds in the room were of Steve slamming into my cunt and the suckling noises I made when Pete fucked my mouth and my mom made sucking my nipples. Before I knew it I came againg but Steve just kept fucking me. He went harder and deeper, my mom kept rubbing my clit. I could hardly breathe for Pete's cock, but I continued. I was loving it. I was regretting not having known them sooner. Finally Pete roared and shot another load inside me, this time down my throat. Then Steve started twitching and I came again and I cried out in delight. Shortly afterwards we were all collapsed on the bed. My mom smiled at me and said I really was my mother's daughter.

That was five years ago. Steve and I are married now, but we still live with mom and Pete and all four of us share a huge bed. With Pete and Steve I've learnt all the joys of sex and not a day goes by that I don't fuck one of them. I'm finally happy again.

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