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Letter to a Cuckold


This was a letter I received from my wife's new lover, informing me of my wife's new found sexuality and how he had exploited my wife's new found love for sex.


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your wife is OK. I'm sure, by now, you're beside yourself with panic, since you haven't seen her in a few days, but your wife is just fine, not harmed, and is currently resting comfortably right beside me. Who am I, well...? I'm the guy that ended the fidelity in your marriage.

You see, a few days ago, I went to visit my sister, she works part time as a beautician at a salon, sorry a boutique. Our family is very well off and she doesn't need the work but she has fun socializing and it pretty good at it. At least that is what your wife tells me. Anyway, when I walked in I saw my sister working on someone hair, talking and laughing. As I walked up, they were deep in girl I picked up that they were giggling and laughing about the size, or the lack of it of some mans member. I came up behind my sister to give her a hug and was suddenly smitten by the beauty of the woman sitting in the chair. Of course my sister saw me quickly enough and turned to give me a hug, but I was caught by the sight of a beauty in a tight blouse, short skirt, and silky long legs. To say I was in awe was an understatement. As you have probably guessed, the masterpiece before me, is your wife.

I tried to regain my senses and slowly began to talk with my sister, but my eyes kept being drawn to your wife. Slowly we began to include her in the conversation. I asked what they were talking about when I walked up, cause I love a funny story, your wife simply responded "oh nothing, just my husband." I noticeably looked your wife up and down then told her what a lucky guy her husband was to have such a beautiful wife. Your wife looked up at me with a beautiful smile and her face became slightly flush as she responded "why, thank you."

I found a seat nearby and listened as your wife and my sister continued to talk, it was still about you, but not the same subject. I learned that you had a dinner planed for that night, then a nice little vacation planned. A week on the islands, how sweet and romantic. I envied you at that point. A week of seeing this beautiful creature in a bikini on the sand, and out of her suit in the safety of your private bungalow. Your wife even showed my sister your tickets and reservation info. This must have been some week you had planned, your wife was gushing with anticipation.

Then lady luck came and sat down on my lap. Because your wife had been sitting for so long without moving her head, she developed a spasm in her neck. It looked quite painful, I noticed her wince a few times as my sister put the finishing touches on her silky hair. Your wife then asked if the girl that does massage treatments was there for her neck. Luckily, she wasn't. So my sister offered me up. My sister told your wife how my hands are firm, yet smooth as butter, and because I wasn't an employee, there would only be a minimum facilities charge. Your wife did hesitate, for about a second, but then another shot of pain went through her neck as she turned to look at me and she quickly agreed. I didn't even need to be asked. The thought of putting my hands on your lovely wife was a wet dream come true.

I guess I should describe myself, I'm tall, about 6'3". Dark blond hair that my sister keeps in whatever style is current. I weigh about 235, most people describe my body type as chiseled. I work out a lot, because I like to take my shirt off at the beach and watch people, mostly women, stare in awe. A little vain I know, but it's fun to see, especially if the women are with a man or a family. I've done a bit of modeling, mostly business suits and fashion, but also some underwear and a topless shot for Abercrombie and Fitch. Several people say I should be in movies, or play the American style of football, but I'm comfortable with my life, laid back and easy going.

My sister led your wife and I, back to the massage room. After getting your wife comfortable on the table and showing me were all the oils and warmer was, she excused herself to go to her next client. I was working on your wife's neck, as we discussed your impending vacation. I told her that I enjoy the beach, but snorkeling and scuba diving is a lot more fun and beautiful. It's a whole different world beneath the waves, and the colors are much more vibrant. She said she didn't think you had anything like that planed. That's really too bad, you can see so much more of the world under water, not to mention the weightless beauty of a woman.

I worked on your wife's neck for a while, and soon had her moaning in pleasure from my hands. I found the muscle that was tight and began to trace it down to her shoulders. The tightness of her shirt kept me from getting to the source but with a little convincing, she removed her shirt and bra and laid back down under a towel. As I continued to work the muscle, lower and lower, I began to shift the towel, inch by inch down her back, till the curve of side of her breast became visible. Your wife must have known cause she pulled her arms in a little tighter to obstruct my sight.

I asked her if she would like for me to get the rest of her back. She seemed hesitant, so I offered to resume work on her neck and shoulders while I pulled the towel back into place. She agreed that would be nice as long as I didn't mess up her hair. I pulled up a seat at her head and resumed my menstruations. Your wife was again moaning in appreciation. Long drawn out moans as my fingers slid over her skin and worked the muscle. I lowered the sides of the table, allowing your wife's arms to rest a little more naturally, below the table, but in doing so, put your wife's hands and forearms on my legs. She tensed up when her hands first made contact, but my menstruations soon had her relaxed.

I'm quite large below the waist, or so I've been told, and your wife's hands were merely an inch away from the head of my cock. I tried not to pay attention, but the heat of your wife's hands and her moans of delight caused a reaction. My heart began to beat harder and harder. Then my cock began to grow with each beat, working its way down the leg of my shorts toward your wife's hand. When it made contact, your wife jumped, and quickly moved her hand lower on my thigh. My cock, seeking its prize, continued to swell and chase it. It happened several times, my head would encroach on the tips of her fingers only for her to move it away. When only her wrist was on my knee and my cock was still seeking out its prize, your wife simply gave up the relentless pursuit of my trouser snake. I continued to grow, now nearly at full mast, as the head of my cock worked its way under the fingertips of your wife's hand.

To give her credit, she didn't move for a long time. But it was having an effect. Her breathing became quicker, her neck and face became flush, and after a few minutes, I could feel her fingers begin moving, to explore the considerable size of the head of my raging monster. Her feather light touches moved back and forth over the head, followed briefly by a light squeeze. Then she removed her hand and let it hang off the table. I was disappointed to be sure, but I was still touching your wife so I wasn't to upset.

After a few minutes, I felt you wife shake her hand, it must have been going to sleep, at which time I took her hand and held it out to allow blood flow. After a minute, I took her hand and placed it back on my leg, with her hand and arm resting on the shaft of my cock. I felt my cock surge at the touch of your wife's hand and arm, and then I let your wife's hand go and resumed work on her shoulder.

Within a few minutes, she was again feeling around the shaft of my cock with her finger tips. Taking in the girth of my manhood. I felt her shift her arm, and now her fingers were lying around my cock. Every so often, she would give it a squeeze. The skin on her neck and shoulder was getting hot to the touch and turning a deep pink shade. I'm pretty sure she was getting turned on.

My experience with women has taught me to keep then wanting more. So I slowly pulled my chair back, letting her fingers which are now wrapped around my cock, slide along its length. As soon as my cock was out of her grasp, I stood up. Your wife raised her head and looked up at me, desire painted across her face and asked, almost with a whimper "Are we done?" "No" I replied, "But I think it would be a good idea if I worked on your upper back, your neck and shoulder are loose but there is still tension between your shoulder blades and in your upper back." Your wife responded "Yea, your right, I am tight down there." She sounded a little disappointed, and I'm still not quite sure if she was referring to her back, or something else.

I pushed the towel down her back, this time the curve of her breast clearly in view as her arms were now hanging off the table. I put up the arm rest for her to rest on, and the whole time, she kept stealing glances at my crotch. Standing at the head of the table and leaning over her head, I began working the muscle in the upper back and between her shoulder blades. Soon she was moaning again, enjoying the feeling of my hands across her naked back.

I felt something brush across my leg, and when I looked, your wife had moved her arm so that her hand was hanging off the arm rest and was between my legs. She was hoping for another feel of my cock, so I obliged her. Every so often, I would shift my weight and let my leg and cock brush up against her hand. Every once in a while, it would hit just right and she would give it a light momentary squeeze.

I worked my hands around her sides, and every so often, I would let my finger slightly brush the exposed flesh of her breast that was pushing out under her weight. I began alternating witch side I would do it on and I began to feel your wife shift her body, trying to prolong the contact. Her breathing was again becoming ragged and her face was flush. I'm sure her panties were soaked even then.

I looked down her body and realized her skirt had ridden up her legs. The bottom cleft of her ass was visible and looked so inviting. I worked my hands down her back, pushing the towel lower and lower, till it was bunched just above her ass. Her naked back was on full display and had a slight sheen from the oil. As I leaned farther and farther, the top of your wives head came closer and closer to my crotch. There was a slight touch, and she turned her head till her face was right at my crotch, my fully erect penis on display under my shorts, pinned between my leg and the table. I heard your wife draw a deep breath and realized she was trying to take in my man musk, and her hand took a firm hold of the head of my cock, filling her small hand, and gave it a firm squeeze. I watched as her ass cheeks clenched together and a shiver ran through her body.

I decided now was to good time to change the game a little. With a little reluctance, I moved away from your wife's hand and shifted around to the side of the table. Your wife's face followed my crotch around to the side, refusing, even for an instant, to look away from my crotch. The bulge, running down my leg was clearly evident, as my cock strained against the material of my shorts toward freedom. I began running my hand up and down the length of your wife's back. Up the middle and down the sides, letting my fingertips brush the softness of her breast. Then reverse, running my hand up the sides and down the back.

You wife's breathing was deep, and every so often, she would shift or wiggle her bottom. I caught a whiff of her arousal and knew then that this was only going to end one way. I asked her if she would like a full body massage, my gift for her upcoming vacation. She agreed and I shifted the towel down over her ass. She started to reach for her skirt and panties, but I said "allow me". I reached under the towel and took hold of the waist of her skirt and panties at her hips. I lifted her hips, then slowly began pulling the fabric down off her hips. I pulled it tight as I pulled the fabric over her ass. Then gathered the fabric and pulled it on down her legs. When her panties, if that's what you can call that strip of fabric, came exposed, the scent of her arousal hit me full force. Where it was merely a whiff before, it was now a sent that filled the room. Kind of like a bouquet of flowers, only better.

I looked at the crotch of your wife's panties and they were soaked, her sweet honey almost dripping from the fabric. The sent filled my nostrils and where I was fully engorged before. I was now steel hard. My cock ached painfully with each heartbeat. The leg of my shorts pulled away from my leg and your wife's eyes were looking on with a look of pure lust.

I started rubbing her calves, working the sides with my fingers and letting the palm press down the on the back. She must have had a wax appointment prior cause her legs were silky soft. I worked the muscle over and over, a moan escaping her lips with almost every stroke. I moved my hands over the back of her knees and on to her hamstrings. I kept the same motion as I did wither her calves, but added a little circular motion, up the inside, with my thumbs pulling the flesh, then out at the junction of her ass and legs, then down the outside with my fingers. This had the effect of pulling her legs apart and exposing her pussy to the air of the room. While it was still not visible, the scent of her arousal was becoming overpowering.

I applied some more oil to her legs, and as a result, it caused my hand to slip a little higher then I intended at the time. My right thumb came in contact with the soft lips of her smooth pussy. The lubrication she was leaking caused my thumb to slide along the length of her slit. When my thumb made its initial contact, your wife took in a sharp intake of breath, which she let out with a long deep moan. Her hips also jumped and slightly pushed against my thumb, wedging my finger deeper into her slit.

I decided now was as good a time as any, and instead of pull my finger away, I pulled her cheeks apart, and kept my thumb running up and down her slit. Sliding down almost to her clit, then back and around the entrance of her overheated pussy. You wife started to work her hips around in circles, trying to make my thumb make contact with her clit or make my thumb dip deeper into her. Soft moans and whimpers every time I would come close but not quite there. The towel began to slip from her ass due to the movement, but she didn't seem to care. Before long, the towel slipped completely and landed in a heap on the floor. Your wife either didn't notice, or didn't care, I'm going with the later, and her hip movement only became more demanding.

Within a few seconds, the moans and whimpers turned to groans of frustration as I would not allow her the contact she so desperately wanted. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her lips were parted, as her breath increased. Then I saw her lips move. It formed a single word but no sound came out. I continued my teasing ministrations and again, her lips moved for form a word. This time the sound that came out was barely a whisper, and still could not be herd. Her hip movement was becoming erratic and difficult to control the limits of my touch. Then she softly whispered the word again. It was difficult, but I barely caught the word that escaped from her lips, "Please."

Your wife was begging me to end her torment, and touch her more purposefully in the spot that till that day had been reserved exclusively for you. "Please what", I asked? "Please" she repeated more wantonly. "Please, what. Touch you, lick you, fuck you, and give you an endless series of orgasms. What are you asking of me?" She simply responded again, "Please." Now knowing I had complete control, I told her, "Please is not enough, ask me to do what you want me to do, tell me that you want to feel my hand on and in your pussy, tell me you want to feel my tongue circle your clit and suck you to an orgasm, tell me you want to feel my cock spread your pussy lips and slide into you inch by long inch. You have to say it. I want to hear the words come from your lips."

I used my thumb to slide around the opening, gathering the lubrication that was free flowing from her overheated pussy, and slid it up till the tip of my finger lightly brushed the exposed tip of her clit. Your wife jerked at the minor contact, with a sharp intake of breath. Her eyes were closed tight and I saw her lips begin to move. But again, she was making no sound. "I cannot hear you, speak up, and tell me what you want." This time, she began to speak as she was taking deep breaths. It was almost in audible at first, but with each word she gained strength. "Please, touch my pussy, use your finger to rub my clit and fill my pussy. Please make me cum!"

"What about your husband," I asked? I felt her body stiffen, and thought my pride and ego had made a mistake, but with my thumb poised at the entrance to her pussy and my finger right below her clit, my other hand had a firm grasp on the cheek of her ass pulling it wide apart exposing her little rose bud, there was little else that she could think about. I held there for what seemed like an eternity, but was really only about 5 seconds. She took in a deep breath and held it for a second, then your sweet, beautiful, innocent, and faithful wife stated with conviction, "I need it, give it to me, he'll never know, fuck him." "Fuck him huh, not quite what I had in mind" I replied.

I plunged my thumb into the depths of her hot wet and unbelievably tight pussy. My finger slid up over her exposed clit and began working in circles around and over it. "Yes" your sweet wife hissed, "Oh God that feels so good", she continued. The muscles of her pussy clamping onto my thumb, trying to grip it and keep it from moving. Her pussy was so tight that I was feeling the blood flow to the tip of my finger slow. Her ass and hips launched themselves off the table, toward my fingers. She continued to push back farther and farther, trying to drive my thumb deeper and deeper into her steaming cunt. Before long, she was on her knees. Her beautiful breasts were hanging just above the surface of the table. Her head was lulling around, occasionally throwing her head and hair back, and moaning loudly each time.

I used my free hand to smack her ass, and was pleased when your wife moaned, "Yes, smack my ass, spank me, punish me, I'm such a bad girl, oh God I'm being such a bad girl." I smacked her ass again and said, "Yes you are, you're being a very bad girl. Letting a stranger finger your married pussy and play with your clit, you are a very bad girl." Which I accompanied with another hard smack on her ass. That was when it happened, your wife tensed, her head came back so sharply I thought she broke her own neck, her eyes and mouth opened in a silent scream. She was cumming. Her pussy clamped down like a vice on my thumb and began vibrating like a massager. A river of pussy juice flowed around my finger and down onto the table. The tremors in her pussy began to expand and take over her entire body. The entire time I continued to wiggle my thumb inside her pussy and run my finger over her clit.

Suddenly, your wife pulled away and launched herself forward. Her hand immediately went to her pussy, cupping it and protecting it from further simulation. She settled back down, twitching and moaning every few seconds. Then she rolled over, slowly bringing the front of her naked body into view. Just as I imagined, it was perfect. As she laid on her back, her full breast pointing strait toward the ceiling. Your wife's nipples were hard as diamonds and her perfect breast were rising and falling with each deep breath as she came down from her high.

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