tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLayla is Publicly Fucked

Layla is Publicly Fucked


You may be wondering what happened to me, after pirates stormed my yacht off the coast of Africa whilst I was enjoying a gentle session of bondage and licking with my lovely best friend, Harriet.

Harriet is a cousin of mine. Since my father died my Uncle has been guardian of my millions - left to me on my parents' death - and I have lived pretty much protected from the world on my father's superyacht. I didn't see my uncle often, but Harriet had come to live with me on the yacht, and from the first day she suckled on my warm, swollen tits I had been besotted with the feel of her mouth on my body. She had licked and sucked and nibbled and pleasured me, night after night, and we had been moving to adventurous games with handcuffs. I had been particularly aroused by the feel of bulldog clips on my warm fat teats, and she had penetrated me many times with a candle. I felt a woman of the world. When I suckled on Harriet's sweet and luscious pussy, I felt complete.

Imagine, then, my shock when, tied up on my stateroom bed I watched Harriet being fucked so hard and deeply by a black pirate that I could see his cock actually moving her stomach as he thrust deep into her, watched her eyes rolling in pleasure as spread her hungry pussy, watched as she came in waves on his enormous dark tool as he plunged and fucked her, pleading for more as he slapped and rode her, his huge fat tool stretching her like a toy. And then... and then she knelt at his feet and began to feast on him, adoring his fat black cock, sucking and rubbing and grunting and shivering as he ordered her to work for his load. God she was begging as he fucked her mouth. I couldn't believe the show she was putting on. It was making me hot.

I thought I would be next, that I'd be taken and fucked by a pirate, but that was not what fate had in store for me. As I watched in fascination whilst Harriet fed like a baby his rearing dick, hands grabbed me suddenly from behind and a bag was pulled over my head. The clips were yanked off my horny tits and I was pushed into the bed. As I struggled someone laughed... I thought it was Harriet... and I felt a mouth latch onto my right teat and start to suckle me expertly.

'Oh God...' It felt like Harriet. It was beautiful. Was this a man? I moaned...

And then a voice said, 'eat her pussy you lazy bitch,' and I realised that it actually was Harriet's mouth that was on me, chewing and gnoshing at my tits as only she knew how. And as I squirmed in surprise, I was held down by strong hands and Harriet's wet mouth moved to my hot clit and drew it in between her teeth as her tongue poked gently between my pussy lips, finding my hole and starting to fuck me gently.

'No... Harriet don't...'

'You love it, you horny little bitch,' she whispered, her breath feathering my pussy, and she began to suckle on my hooded clit as if she was sucking the juice out of an orange.

God it was so sensitive, she is an expert. I started shuddering and crying and begging but she wouldn't stop, her teeth and lips and tongue plundering me, her fingers squeezing and twisting my fat, slightly bruised tits, pulling on them as she squeezed and stroked and licked and chewed on m hot protesting clit.

I love having my tits squeezed. My teats were fat and swollen from the bulldog clips and I had fantasised for ages about having a man on each. 'Oh God suck my tits...'

And to my joy invisible mouths did, my two tits, sucked into hungry mouths, roughed and sucked and licked and chewed, and I begged for more as Harriet licked and teased me and two unknown men worked my teats like professionals.

'Oh God.. h yes, oh fuck me...'

I could hear the pirate laughing, 'shit Harriet, you were right, she's just what we need..'

I didn't care. I wanted to be fucked, double fucked, triple fucked. I wanted tongues on my pussy and tight hungry mouths on my teats. I hadn't realised how much I had been aching for a man until now. I wanted cocks.

I arched my back, moaning at the glory of it as I felt the candle, parting my labia, nosing into my front pussy, pushing past what hymen remained, singing into me, parting the walls like the red sea, running past my G spot as I moved to let it in, longing for a fat horny cock to take me at last. Harriet ran it deep into me, and now she was fucking me rhythmically as she played with me, felt her fingers stretching and exploring my asshole as the men's fingers tweaked my tits and rough laughter surrounded us.

I couldn't control myself. I pushed my pelvis into her face as wave after wave of shuddering climax seized me and shook me like a doll. And they sucked and sucked at me, as if they were feeding for ever.

As the climax receded I started to come to my senses. What was I doing? I was being sucked and teased by strangers. Hannah was putting on a show... God knows why... and I was totally vulnerable, handcuffed and naked. I struggled to free myself but Hannah was still fucking me, pushing on my G spot as my teats were licked and chewed and sucked.

I begged her to stop and struggled to free myself from the handcuffs, but I could hear the pirate urging her on and I knew this was for him, not me. Harriet was playing me as only she knew how, my body like a guitar she was making music with. On and on it went, and I could feel now that something was dripping on me, and realised that someone was cumming on my tits and rubbing the juices into my fat teats as I moaned and pleaded for mercy...

I thought it would never end but, finally, she was done with me. And that's when I heard her say, 'this is where we say goodbye, Layla, you spoiled little bitch. I've served you like a slave at my father's request, whored for him in your bed, sucked and pleased and played with you like a spoilt little toy, chewed your horny teats and worked on your greedy clit whilst you lay there as if I was your slave... Well now it's your turn to be the slave. You can say goodbye to all this, darling. Your obituary is in the Times today and your will gives it all to me. You're lost at sea.

I gasped. I couldn't believe it. 'But the crew...'

She laughed. 'They all work for my Uncle. Some of them have been promised they can fuck you later, when these boys have got you set up in your new role,' she laughed, 'it should be quite a spectacle, the public fucking of Layla. I can hardly wait. I'll miss your hot little mouth Layla. I hoped I could have you back as my little pussy slave, but I've at least been promised a ringside seat at your first fucking. It's going to be quite a show.

I gasped, 'my new role... pubic fucking? By strangers?'

'Of course not. My father wants to put his cock in you before anyone else does. He's auctioning ringside seats for the public fucking.'

I thought of all she'd told me about my fat, perverted uncle, with his bad breath and his grasping hands and penchant for having girls sucking his cock under the dinner table. 'I can't fuck my uncle...'

'Oh, you will darling. You'll beg for his cock and drink his cum, and I'll be watching. I've done it often enough, for God's sake...'

'You've fucked your father?'

And then, right on cue, I heard my Uncle's voice.

'Ah Layla. I'm so glad to find you looking so willing...'


I struggled to hit up but hands pushed me back and I felt a new weight on the bed.

I realised he was kneeling astride me, close to my face. I could smell cum, and cock. Strong, pungent, man smell.

'Suck Uncle Abdul's balls, baby...'

I opened my mouth to object and my mouth was filled by the skin of my Uncle's scrotum, which he began to grind against my face. I struggled but the hands holding me down slapped me, and I felt Harriet start to lick my pussy again...

'Suck Daddy's balls, baby, you're going to beg for this...

'But I'm your niece...'

'Oh I believe in keeping it in the family. Suck my balls, Baby, and then you're going to drink my cum...'

And he pulled the hood of my head and there he was, my fat ugly uncle, with the most giant, knobbly cock I had ever seen, his balls dangling loose over my face, his greasy hair slicked back... 'say hello to your new Master, Layla...'

'I don't want to...'

'Suckle my balls, Baby. Nice and gentle... that's right, put your mouth on me... oh yes, oh that's nice... lick the soft parts baby, then suckle my eggs into your mouth... oh yeah, oh Harriet she's going to get good at this, oh nice...'

Frantically, desperate not to become so horny that I wanted my horrible uncle to fuck me, I began to suckle on his hairy balls. The skin was soft, and as I suckled, he moaned. Carefully, desperate to please, ashamed and upset, horrified by the sight of his huge dangling cock above me, I put my mouth on his pungent skin and took his testicle into my mouth, first one then the other, over and over. I could feel he was rubbing his dick over my head, groaning and starting to shudder, then his vice said, 'open your throat girl...' and I did, and gagged as his fat knobbly cock, all purple and veined pushed deep in, past my teeth and my tongue to the back of my throat.

'Oh you love that don't you baby? My cock is going to be your lord...now swallow Daddy's cum.'

And as I fought and gagged, he was fucking my face, fast and lustfully, ramming his fat knob into me, the big purple cockhead pounding at the back of my throat, faster and faster until I could see his balls start to contract and he was cumming in great shuddering jerks, his spunk squirting into my throat. And I swallowed and sucked and licked and lapped him clean, ashamed and humiliated as Harriet candle-fucked my pussy to bring me to a great, horrified climax.

It was 48 hours later when I found out exactly what was going to happen. Harriet told me, when she brought my supper.

I was in tears. 'I don't get it. I mean, why not auction my virginity, if you want the money.'

but Harriet laughed. 'It's not just any auction,' she said, 'it's the opening ceremony, to introduce you to the cult. My father wants to fuck you in public, but to initiate you properly he has to share you. So he auctions the shares...'

'So I get fucked by two men at once?'

She smiled. 'Three. You'll love it, sweetie.'

The ceremony took place in a house on the mainland that evening. Harriet had made me dress in a virgin-white transparent dress, and she had oiled my body, till my tits were shiny and my nipples dripping.

'Stop crying, Layla. Just think, you'll be the centre of attention. It's what you love you horny little bitch...'

'But I'm a lesbian. You're a lesbian.'

'I'm no lesbian, you idiot. Wait till you'd had a cock like my father's, honey. Then decide if you're a lesbian...'

I was led onto the stage under a bright light, so bright I could hardly see my audience, but I could see there were about half a dozen men. As the bidding began, in a currency I couldn't identify, Harriet sat me on a chair and made me spread my legs, and she slipped something inside me, something cool and round.


"You'll see...'

The men came up onto the stage and inspected me, but it seems they weren't allowed to touch, because when they asked her to, Harriet would pull a nipple, or spread my pussy lips for them. Whatever it was that she had put there, they could see it, and they laughed.

They were all naked. I was trying not to look, but a series of enormous cocks paraded past me. I had no idea where they were going to go. I was shivering in fear and anticipation when my Uncle strode onto the stage, and they all took their seats. I saw them all swallowing blue pills - I didn't know why, not then, anyhow.

There was a drumroll, and the lights went down lower. I was in a pool of light. Harriet had taken the chair and I was standing now, naked except for a leather harness they had put round me, which allowed my uncle to pull me in any direction he chose by yanking on the straps. The bidding had begun. To my horror, I heard Harriet say, "now, Daddy...', and the thing in my vagina began to buzz.

Wicked gorgeous slut-sex feelings shot through me like electricity. In a split second my pussy went into standby mode. I could feel myself starting to blush as my tits erected and may back arched. My lips parted, and I started to take little gasps of air...

A murmur of approval went through the crowd and my knees began to shake. As I started to shiver and twist, my orgasm beginning then and there, the bidding started.

I could hardly concentrate as my uncle turned me round, bent me over, spread my legs, and ordered me to open my mouth and suckle on the fat brown end of his knob as if I was a little bitch and it was supper. I was cumming like a whore and I hardly knew what I as doing. The bidding rose higher as he groaned, stirring my open mouth with his thick slippery knob and urging the men to bid high to join him. Bidding rose high still as saliva ran down my chin and I gobbled and suckled...my pussy was contracting and shuddering, my arse was in the air, facing the audience, they could see right into me and I barely cared.

There were tears running down my cheeks, tears of shame and humiliation, but my body was wild. As the egg buzzed and vibrated in me, he ordered me to suck his balls, and groaned and shuddered as I feasted on them, pleasuring his knob, his balls, his knob again, and waited for the moment when hands would grab me, and cocks would plunge into me and I would be fucked like a strumpet.

Now he had brought Harriet, and I was ordered onto her lovely tits as my pussy and butt were oiled and lubed. The bidding was over.

There were three of them on stage now. Three men, three cocks. First my Uncle, fat and in his fifties, his giant irregular knob already swollen and straining, wanting to finish what it had begun. Then the man who had fucked Harriet on the ship. His cock was black and straight, longer by far than my Uncle's but not as fat. Precum glistened on the end.

Finally, an old man, very old, and they brought his wheelchair on stage. His cock slim and smaller, but the others deferred to him and it was soon clear what my first task would be.

As the assembled throng began to clap rhythmically I was directed his groin. His fatl brown cock sprang half erect, and I took it in between my lips and I began to suckle.

His cock swelled and filled my mouth, and he pushed my head into his groin.

'Suck my lovely dick baby, work for it like a slut,' and his cockhead went right into my throat.

Something happened to me. As I felt his velvet cockhead touch my hard palate a feeling of wild lust took hold of me. Oh my god, at least, a cock. I was going to suck and fuck real cocks. I had fantasised about this whilst Harriet suckled on my clit. I had longed for it. Now at last I would suck a knob and drink his cum...

Hungry and lusty, I obeyed the order with relish. I was overtaken by something beyond myself. Other fingers were probing my pussy lips, spreading and stroking my virgin cunt, but I hardly noticed, I was shaking with long repressed desire as I gobbled on that wonderful hard penis, tasting, stroking and licking around his glans, playing with his slit with my tongue, teasing it and tickling it as I smiled up at him hungrily, chewing and gumming and feasting on him as if I had been starved for a week and he was my first meal.

As I gobbled I muttered, 'oh yeah, I love this...'

Why was I so willing when I was being sold by my Uncle? Partly I was angry. I wanted to show Harriet I didn't need her. I wanted to show my Uncle I could be a hot slut for a cock that wasn't his. But partly I was excited. I was going to be fucked for the first time. A public triple fucking at a slave auction wasn't ideal, but it was the kind of thing I'd fantasised about. I might as well enjoy it. And partly I just didn't want to waste my first fuck by getting upset about it. We all lose our virginity in different ways. I was going to drink their cum and milk them dry. We'd see who was in charge...

And so I threw myself into sucking that old cock with all the enthusiasm of a novice, caressing and playing with his hairy balls until he jerked and came in a thick stream of cum that seemed never ending. Thrust after thrust, spray after spray the thick creamy stuff exploded from him. I had never expected so much of it. he must have been storing it for years. He jerked and shuddered and fucked and sobbed as I moaned and sighed and thrust myself onto him, eating him so completely and deliciously that I barely noticed the fingers fucking me. And as I suckled him clean and dry I realised what the blue pill had been, because he was still hard and gorgeous and I was sucking again when I heard my uncle say, 'now Layla, I'm going to fuck your pussy and be your master, but you need to beg like the bitch on heat that you are,' and I took my mouth from that beautiful cock and I begged.

'Oh master, oh please fuck me with your giant cock...'

He bent me over, my legs splayed, like a bitch on heat. I was holding the chair, my pussy wet and glistening, desperate and ready...

And then he was penetrating me, my wicked Uncle. First I felt his fat cockhead nosing around in my turgid tissues, pushing and spreading and striking as I tingled and shivered. And I felt my pussy lips spreading as he probed between my labia and found the entrance to my inside, and then his fat questioning knob head began to force a way in, seeking the route deep into the soft closed tissues of my pussy.

He was at least three times as thick as the candle.

He came a little way in as my tissues stretched gloriously and I moaned and shuddered, and then I felt him contact my hymen and he groaned, 'oh nice tight pussy, Layla, open your lovely wet cunt for the master...'

And I shuddered and pushed back on him, wanting it done, wanting it in me, wanting to be taken and used and fucked and defiled by his giant cock...

It was straining against my hymen, but I was tight and small. His fingers were feeling my clit now, and felt like a huge knob dangling under me, and he was telling the audience, 'she contracts like a bitch...' and I realised they were all expecting their turn...

'Oh God Uncle it won't go...'

'Beg for my cock, baby...'

"Please give it to me. Please uncle, please master..

'Please daddy?"

'Oh god daddy fuck your slave...

And he drew back and then, as I begged and groaned, he plunged forward into me like a conqueror, forcing his passage through my closed and juicy tissues like a conqueror coming home. I roared in pleasure and pain as my hymen split for him and he drove down into the tight dark passage of my virginity, his shaft running up past my G spot like heaven, like a train coming into the station, all the way, all the carriages, deep and long and swollen. And as he entered me I swear he swelled and grew, but I hadn't a moment to relax, for as soon as he was in he was swelling indie me, adjusting his hips, adjusting his angle... and then he drew back again and in he plunged again, long and hard and gorgeous, and I moaned and strained... and again, drawing back, spreading me, fingering me, plunging deep into me...

'Beg baby...'

'Oh God Uncle I love that. I love your cock. Put it back, fuck me hard, do whatever you want to me...'

'Here you are...,' he was deep, swollen, 'you like that, slut?'

'Oh yes master, fuck me master, I'll do anything...'

Oh and now he was fucking me, grunting and banging and pumping me like a dog fucking a bitch. There were no teasing hands on my pussy now, there was just thrusting, like a piston engine, in and out, slow, fast, grunting and rubbing and stretching my virgin tissues as his cockhead ran back and forth past my G spot and I cried with pleasure at the raw exciting feel of his shaft spreading my pussy wide with every thrust.

'Oh God daddy, oh yes, of fuck me like that...'

'Oh yeah,' he was moaning, 'do you like my cock? Do you like it? Do you want more?' and I begged for more and sobbed with lust as he fucked me.

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