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Las Vegas Vacation


I am a consultant for a large computer company and my wife Mary is a real estate agent. We have one child, a daughter that we just sent off to college. We miss her very much but are also enjoying the freedom that the empty nest gives. Mary and I are in our mid forties and have been married for the past nineteen years. We met during our senior year in college but it took me two years to decide that I needed to make Mary a permanent part of my life and I have never regretted that decision

We learned early in our marriage that sexual intimacy can get stale in a hurry especially with a child in the house. To counter this we began to schedule a one week vacation each year just for the two of us. We always tried to make these vacations as romantic as possible. Luckily our parents were always more than willing to have our daughter spend a week with them and she enjoyed visiting with her grandparents.

Over the years Mary and I began to look for vacations that were not only romantic but would also be exciting. Twelve years ago we took our first vacation to Las Vegas and we both loved it. At the time we thought Las Vegas was the tackiest city in the world but it also provided the most fun we'd ever had on a vacation. Since that first Vegas vacation we have been back every year.

We always go in July although in recent years we have also made additional trips in either March or October. Vegas is always hot in July, but there are ways to beat the heat. Drinking lots of water, keeping your body damp when you are sunbathing by the pool, and staying indoors during the hottest part of the day. I've been in southern Florida in the summer and that is much more uncomfortable than Vegas.

The reason for this story is to tell you about our Vegas vacation last July. It turned out to be very different from every other time we have been there. That vacation was different in ways that Mary and I never could have imagined. If you are interested in what happened read on.


We arrived at McCarren Airport around noon on Sunday to begin a five night stay. As we walked out of the terminal building to the taxi queue we were hit by a hot wind blowing through the tunnel formed by the buildings and the raised roadway that goes to the drop off areas for the various airlines one floor above us. The air temperature at the time was 110 degrees F. This was no surprise as we had felt this same hot wind on several other occasions.

Our taxi made its way out of the airport and turned left onto Tropicanna Boulevard and proceeded to the corner of Tropicanna and Las Vegas Boulevard. At the corner we made a right and passed between The MGM and New York, New York. From there it was just another five minutes to the Flamingo Hotel, where we would be staying for the next few nights.

Once at the hotel we were able to check in and go directly to our room. Our room was on the tenth floor of the Flamingo overlooking the beautiful gardens behind the hotel. The Flamingo is one of the older hotels on the Las Vegas Strip and it shows some wear but our room was very nice, a king bed, a table and two chairs, a wardrobe with the television inside and a fair sized bathroom. The room was clean which is most important to us.

We quickly unpacked and then I asked Mary, "Do you want to go eat in the hotel then explore the hotel and the gardens or do you want to put on our swim suits and head down to the pool and have something to eat there?"

Mary came over to me with a devilish look on her face and said, "Well, I would like to go to the pool and eat there but first I'd like to see how comfortable this bed is. While we are at it maybe something will come up that I can nibble on." As she spoke she began rubbing her hand across the front of my pants.

Mary only acts like that when she is really horny, and she always seems to get really horny when we go to Vegas. Mary must have been exceptionally horny because she pushed my down on the bed, opened my pants and took my cock into her mouth. Mary has no hang ups about giving me oral sex but it is unusual for her to start out by taking me in her mouth without any foreplay. Of course I didn't complain.

Once Mary had my cock standing firm she got off the bed and removed her pantyhose and panties. The she climbed on the bed and stood over me and slowly lifted her dress up to her waist as she lowered herself down until her pussy was only inches from me face. Mary's pubic hair was mated form the ten hours she had been wearing her pantyhose since she had dressed that morning. Her pussy had a strong musky scent which was not completely unpleasant but almost. I knew what Mary wanted so I didn't hesitate. I lifted my head slightly and flicked my tongue over her vulva. I did this a few more times until Mary's lips where hanging open. Then I lifted my head farther, accepting Mary's invitation, and pushed my tongue inside her excited pussy. I was soon able to lay my head back down as Mary squatted down over my face and pushed her now wet pussy onto my mouth. As I continued to give my full attention to Mary's love nest, she bent forward and once again took my cock into her mouth.

As Mary began to climb the up slope of her orgasm she let my cock slip from her mouth so that she could let out the moans and cries of sexual satisfaction. As her orgasm subsided, Mary took my cock back into her mouth and worked on my engorged member until I climaxed in her mouth. Mary will let me cum in her mouth but she doesn't swallow. As soon as she felt that she had taken all I was going to give, Mary headed into the bathroom to get rid of the thick load I had deposited in her mouth.

When she came back into the bedroom Mary said, "I don't know why, I just ate but I'm still hungry what about you? Let's change and go down to the pool and have something to eat down there."

We changed we went down and found the restaurant by the pool. After eating and spending a couple of hours at the pool Mary and I went back up to our room. Because of the jet lag caused by traveling from the east coast to Vegas Mary and I have established a routine for our vacations so that we don't get so exhausted that we can't enjoy ourselves. During the days we lounge around the pool or go shopping. In the late afternoon we go back to the room and make love, then take a nap. Around six o'clock we get up and shower and go out for a nice dinner at one of the many great restaurants on the strip. After dinner we go out to a show or to one of the casinos to gamble. We usually go back to our room around 12:30 AM and make love again. That day was no exception. We slipped out of our swim wear and into bed and made love slowly and fell asleep shortly after our orgasms.

That Sunday evening was nothing special. We had dinner in the hotel and went to the casino. We played the slots for a while then went to the Black Jack tables. We played cards for a few hours and went back to our room. That night we were too tired to make love again so we just went to sleep.


Monday morning we went out to the pool around 10:00 AM but by 11:30 the weather had started to change. Thunderstorms moved into the area and we had to retreat back into the hotel. The bands of thunderstorms passing through the valley not only kept us from going to the pool but they also kept us from leaving the hotel. With nothing else to do Mary and I found ourselves sitting at a Black Jack table at two o'clock in the afternoon. We were both winning and we had consumed a few drinks and were feeling pretty good. As the dealer was shuffling the cards for a new shoe another couple sat down at the table next to me. As we all waited for the dealer to start the game again the new couple introduced themselves to us.

"Hi, I'm Carl Williams and this is my wife Georgia."

I said, "I'm Rob Mathis and this is my wife Mary. Nice to meet you."

Carl asked where we were from and I told him we lived in Baltimore and he said that he and Georgia lived in Chicago.

It's hard to get an impression of someone when they are sitting next two you at a card table. You don't want to stare at them and you can't see them very well otherwise. But over the course of two hours I got a look at both Carl and Georgia. Carl looked to be close to fifty and Georgia was younger maybe forty five. Carl was about six feet tall, very distinguished looking with silver gray hair, a friendly and I guess handsome face, a trim body and well fitted clothes. Georgia was very attractive with long dark hair and big brown eyes. She looked to be about five feet five inches tall With a very nicely proportioned body. It was obvious that the two of them took good care of themselves.

Carl was very easy to like. As we talked we found that we had common interests in sports and cars and spent a good deal of time discussing both. We got so engrossed in our conversations that I didn't notice right away that Georgia had moved around to sit next to Mary.

At five o'clock I was ahead about $100 and Mary us up about $30 so we decided to head up to our room for our traditional nap. As we got up to leave the table Carl asked, "What are you two doing tonight?"

I said, "We don't have any definite plans. If it stops raining we will probably go over to the Bellagio for dinner and play at the casino."

"Georgia and I are going to see a show at Harrah's then come back here around eleven and listen to the band for a while. If you are not doing anything else maybe you could join us for a drink."

I looked at Mary and she said, "If we're back here by eleven maybe we'll take you up on your invitation."

Then we headed up to our room. On the way up to the room Mary commented that she thought Carl and Georgia seemed very nice, I said "They do seem nice don't they? The funny thing is I have a strange feeling about them."

Mary said, "What kind of feeling?"

"I don't know. Probably nothing. "

Mary observed, "It looks like they take pretty good care of themselves."

I said, "Well, we do too." Mary and I have kept ourselves in good shape over the years. About ten years ago I noticed that I was putting on some weight so we both joined a health club and have been working out religiously three times a week ever since. We're not into body building, we're just trying to stay trim and healthy.

When we got back to our room Mary went to the window and opened the drapes. "Oh, look, the weather is starting to clear."

I walked over behind her and put my arms around Mary's waist and pulled her back against me. Then I began kissing her neck. She turned her head so I could kiss her mouth and we let our tongues play with each other for a while. As we continued kissing like this I moved my hands up under Mary's top and began squeezing her breasts.

Mary broke off our kiss and said, "We shouldn't be doing this in front of the window."

I said, "Why not?" Then I started to lift her top to pull it off. Mary didn't protest, she just lifted her arms up to help me. I threw her top on the chair and unhooked her bra. Mary tried to move away from the window but I didn't let her go. She only protested slightly as I pulled her bra off her shoulders, exposing her breasts. I knew the likelihood that anyone could see in our window during the day was slim but just thinking that someone might possible see us was adding to my excitement. I guessed that Mary was feeling the same when she didn't resist as I unzipped her shorts and pulled them and her panties down over her thighs and let them drop to her feet. Mary was standing in front of the window completely naked while I teased her nipple with my right hand and slipped my left hand between her legs and inserted my finger into her pussy.

Mary reached back and squeezed my cock through my pants and said, "I want you to fuck me now, right here in front of the window."

I quickly dropped my pants and underwear and moved up behind Mary. She spread her legs enough for me to work my cock into her pussy, then standing in front of the window we made love. When Mary had her orgasm I had to hold her up then when I climaxed inside her my legs turned to rubber and I had difficulty standing. When my cock was no longer erect enough to stay inside Mary's it slipped out causing cum to leak from her pussy, she let run down the inside of her thigh. Afterward we both cleaned ourselves up and jumped in bed and took our nap.

That evening as planned we went over to the Bellagio and had an excellent dinner and very poor luck at the slots and tables. At eleven o'clock Mary asked me if I wanted to go back over to the Flamingo and meet Carl and Georgia in the bar.

I said, "We may as well. We aren't having any luck gambling so we might as well get drunk."

It took us nearly twenty minutes to walk from the casino in Bellagio back to the Flamingo. When we walked into the lounge the tables were about half full and we easily spotted Carl and Georgia sitting at a table in the back of the room. The band was on break when we came in so it was easy to exchange greetings as we sat down. It was amazing how easily we fell into conversation with them. Me with Carl and Mary with Georgia.

As the evening went on Carl began to spend more time in conversation with Mary and Georgia began to talk more to me. As it turned out Carl had a great sense of humor and could tell one funny story after another. He had us laughing all night. At 1:30 AM Mary and I decided to head off to bed.

As we were snuggling in bed Mary said, "I really enjoyed Carl and Georgia tonight didn't you?"

I said, Yes, Carl is quite the story teller isn't he?"

Do you still have that strange feeling about them?"

"Yes, but I still can't quite figure out what it is. I guess I just have a natural mistrust of anyone that friendly. I just can't explain it. On one hand I like them both very much but then there is this uncomfortable feeling that something isn't quit right. You know what I mean?"

Mary said, "Not exactly, but we can just avoid them if that would make you feel better."

"I don't think that will be necessary. Besides we may not see them again anyway.


By ten o'clock Tuesday morning Mary and I were lounging by the pool. The temperature was already in the upper nineties but by occasionally taking a dip in the pool we were able to stay comfortable. After we had been there about twenty minutes I heard someone say "Well, we didn't expect to run into you this morning." When I looked up Carl was smiling at me with Georgia standing right next to him. Carl continued, "Looks like you two found the best spot here. Mind if we join you?"

I said, "No. Not at all. Grab a chair and sit." While I was acting friendly and enthusiastic about them joining us I somehow didn't believe that this was a coincidence.

Carl and Georgia pulled their chairs up so that we were sitting in a circle. Mary was sitting across from me with Georgia between us on one side and Carl between us on the other. As we began chatting with them I noticed that Carl was talking more to Mary than me and that Georgia seemed to be addressing her remarks to me. At one point Mary got up to take a dip in the pool to cool off and I noticed Carl watching her as she walked to the pool. I couldn't fault him for looking, after all Mary is attractive, but it triggered something in my mind that I couldn't shake.

The longer we sat the more I notice Carl talking directly to Mary and not including me in their conversation, although I could hear what he was saying and it was noting of importance. At the same time Georgia seemed to be talking only to me. I was trying to be objective but I couldn't swear that my interpretation of the situation was accurate.

At noon we all went to lunch together. At the table the conversation became more inclusive and I began to think that I must have been imagining things, but then as we waited for the check Carl said, "We had a pretty good time last night didn't we? How about meeting us in the lounge again tonight? Do you two like to dance?"

Mary said, Yes, I love to dance."

Carl said, "Good. Georgia and I love to dance too and there is supposed to be a good dance band playing in the lounge tonight. And if you don't mind Rob, I'd like to spin around the dance floor with Mary a couple of times. I'm sure Georgia would love to dance with you too."

Georgia said, "Sounds like fun."

Mary asked, "What time are you talking about?"

Carl said, "The good music doesn't start until around midnight. Why don't we try to get there around eleven to get a good table?"

Once we had settled the bill and Mary and I got up to leave Mary turned to Carl and Georgia and said, "Well, I guess we will see you tonight."

I said nothing as we walked back to the hotel and took the elevator up to our room. When we got back to our room Mary noticed that something was on my mind and asked, "What is bothering you? You haven't said a word since lunch."

I said, "I think know what it is about Carl and Georgia that has been bothering me. They're swingers."

Mary look at me as if I had said something very strange. "You mean because they like to have fun. That bothers you?"

I realized that Mary was naive in these matters and obviously didn't understand what I meant by swinger. I said, "They're swingers as in wife swapping, changing sex partners, group sex. Now do you know what I mean?"

Mary looked shocked. "Oh. I haven't heard that term in a long time. I didn't think people did that anymore. I can't believe you think Carl and Georgia are swingers just because they are friendly people. What is the matter with you?"

I tried to explain to Mary how I arrived at my conclusion. I pointed out how they had found us at the Black Jack table and introduced themselves to us and how it was their idea to meet for drinks and how they showed up at the pool and then invited us to go dancing with them and how Carl said that he would like to dance with Mary.

Then Mary pointed out all of the holes in my argument. They meet us at the Black Jack table by Accident, they asked us to have a drink with them because we all seemed to get along so well. The fact that they show up at the pool could easily be a coincidence. And finally we all do seem to have fun together so why wouldn't they want to get together with us again.

Mary's argument was as strong as mine but she didn't see the way Carl looked at her as she walked to the pool. I was going to mention that but it might sound like I was just being jealous that another man found my wife attractive so I let it go, but I didn't let go of my basic conclusion. I said, "Maybe your right and I am misreading them, but I don't think I am and I just want you to know what I think."

Mary kissed me and said, "You're right, I think you're wrong, but if you feel that strongly about this we don't meet them tonight. I wouldn't want to be with them tonight if it makes you uncomfortable."

I said, "I am not uncomfortable about this now. I am sure of my conclusion and I have warned you, so we can go out with them and if they suggest anything along the lines of swinging or wife swapping we'll just tell them we are not into swinging. I just want you to keep what I said in mind so that you will be prepared when Carl makes his move."

Mary said, "I still don't believe a word of it but I will be alert in case you're right." With that Mary kissed me again and we slipped onto the bed and began our afternoon love making. As my arousal increased I got a mental image of Mary dancing with Carl and then of Carl in bed with Mary. For some reason these images made me hotter and it showed in my passion and seemed to bring out more passion in Mary too. When we had both climaxed we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the noise of the shower running and looked at the clock. It was six o'clock. As I lay there waiting for Mary to finish her shower I thought about the image I had of Mary in bed with Carl and now found the idea upsetting.

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