tagIncest/TabooLakeside Camping

Lakeside Camping


My mother and her sister were always pretty close which meant that our two families ended spending a decent amount of time together. We didn't live close enough that we could just pop over whenever, but we got together on most of the major holidays and usually for a week or two during the summer as well. There was a particular cabin on the edge of the woods that our parents liked to rent out that we had been going to for as long as I could remember. The summer after I turned eighteen was no exception.

I tended to enjoy myself most of the time even if the location wouldn't have been my first choice. I liked spending time with my cousins Erin and Laura, and even my sister Megan since we didn't always hang out all that much when we were at home. The four of us had long since grown out of the 'boys against girls' mentality that had left me rather outnumbered when we were younger, and neither had it escaped my attention that the girls had been getting increasingly attractive over the years.

The fact that they were all older than me and therefore had developed physically faster than I had probably contributed somewhat. I was aware that I probably wasn't supposed to pay any attention, but it never seemed particularly wrong to me on a moral level to acknowledge beauty. I was always more worried that I would get caught somehow, that one of the girls would catch me staring at them. I did my best to be discreet but I wasn't perfect.

The "kids", as we still got called by our parents, were mostly in charge of keeping ourselves occupied during those summer vacations. We got quite a bit of leeway as to what we did, even getting the use of a car if we wanted. One common activity for us was to spend a night or two out in the woods by a nearby lake camping, with tents and a fire and everything. The thrill of playing unsupervised with the fire had worn off a while ago, but it was still a good time.

As we headed off into the woods for our traditional camp out, I once again got stuck with the heaviest bag much to no one's surprise. Taking a little longer to get it settled comfortably I ended up lagging behind the girls a little, although I caught up fairly quickly since we weren't moving all that fast.

I ended up walking just behind Laura, who was the closest to me in terms of age being only a few months older. Probably purely because of our similar ages I felt as though I could relate to her better than to either Megan or Erin. I unashamedly let my gaze settle on her butt more than once as we traveled, though I had to be careful because she glanced over her shoulder every now and then to ask me something.

Finally we arrived at the site we had been using for years. The old logs we used to sit on were still there beside the faint outline where we built our campfire. If anybody else had visited the spot since last time it wasn't obvious.

"Alright," said Erin after setting her pack down and stretching, "I'm going to get some firewood. Someone needs to start getting tents set up."

"Aw, we just got here. There's still plenty of daylight," Laura pouted.

"But if we wait it won't get done until we're all too tired to do it properly. We've tried that before remember?" pointed out Erin.

"She's right," added Megan. "And I call firewood duty too."

That left Laura and me to set up the tents. I purposefully remained silent during the exchange because I knew it wouldn't help the outcome either way.

"Argh fine, let's just get this done. I want to go swimming," Laura said as the other two headed off.

"It won't take that long," I assured her.

We had enough practice setting up tents that it really wasn't a big deal, which is not to say I was any more interested in doing it than she was. I simply recognized that it was faster just to get it done than to complain about it, and probably Laura understood that as well even if she didn't show it. We actually finished before Erin and Megan got back which cheered her up somewhat.

"Okay let's go swimming now," she urged.

"We could wait for the other two, they won't be long," I suggested.

"Oh whatever," she scoffed. "They stick us with this job they deserve getting left behind. Besides, it'll give you a chance to perv on me a little more," she added with a smirk.

"Ah, you noticed that," I said, blushing and looking away.

"Yeah, but whatever. I don't care that much," she said, trying to dismiss my concern quickly once she realized her teasing might actually slow the process down.

"I'm sorry," I apologized, not sure of what else to say.

"Come on, don't be such a baby about it." Laura grabbed my hand and tugged me in the direction of the lake. "You aren't exactly the first guy to check out my ass, it's not a big deal."

Since it seemed like she truly didn't mind that much, I decided to give up trying to apologize and just go along with her. It was, admittedly, kind of a relief to know she wasn't angry about it.

I remained quiet during the short walk to the lake, still trying to process the new information. Once we got to the water I knew there was potential for the situation to become awkward once again since rather than bathing suits we usually just stripped down to our underwear. Actually, even having bathing suits might not help all that much.

Laura didn't make things awkward though, she simply started pulling off clothes when we reached the shoreline. She looked back at me as she finished removing her shorts and smiled to see I had only managed to deal with my sneakers and socks. She stood there for a few more seconds, long enough for me to pull my shirt over my head, then walked casually into the water.

"Slowpoke," she called over her shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah," I muttered.

Erin and Megan showed up not too long after I got onto the water as well, helping to distract me from my thoughts. I tried to act casual while they stripped out of their clothes too but I think that just amused Laura even more. She at least didn't say anything, which I appreciated.

With the four of us together things devolved pretty quickly into splash fights and games of how long we could stay underwater without taking a breath. I gradually began to relax and enjoy myself as time went on, almost able to forget I had any problems at all. Until it came time to get out of the water and dry off anyway.

We didn't have towels with us so it was basically just a matter of letting the sun dry us off. I flopped down on the grass beside the shoreline and was joined shortly by Laura. I immediately noticed that her bra had gone semi-transparent from being wet and her nipples were poking rather prominently against the material. From the smile playing on her lips I could tell that she knew it too.

"You're enjoying this aren't you?" I sighed.

"A little. I never realized it was this easy to get a reaction out of you or I might have tried it before." She paused to pull her hair back out of her face. "Besides, I kinda like getting some attention now and then."

"From me? You must be desperate," I joked.

"Says the guy who likes staring at his cousin's ass," she retorted immediately.

I shut up after that, knowing it was not a fight I would win. I just hoped she wasn't planning on bringing it up whenever she wanted to win an argument with me.


Later on, after it got dark, the four of us were sitting around our fire when Erin started passing out wine coolers. Being the oldest she had always been the instigator among us, and so naturally had been the one to start smuggling out booze on our camping trips. Not that was such a big deal this year since even Laura and me were almost legal, and I suspected our parents knew about it as well.

I wasn't much of a drinker but I accepted the offered cooler anyway. They actually tasted alright and I wasn't in the mood for being teased about not taking one. I ended up downing two more before feigning being more tired than I was and crawling into my sleeping bag in one of the tents. I hoped maybe I would feel better after getting some sleep, I didn't want to spend the whole time feeling weird.

I listened to the girls talking and giggling for a while before drifting off into a light sleep. I woke up again instantly it seemed when Laura entered and claimed the sleeping bag next to mine, although it must have been longer than that.

"Were you asleep?" she whispered.


"Sorry," she giggled. "Erin and Megan took the other tent, so you get me tonight."

I stayed silent and wished she had phrased her statement a little bit differently. Laura seemed to be just tipsy enough not to think about what she was saying, but not to the point of being truly drunk.

"You should have stayed out there a little longer," she continued after winning her fight with the zipper on the sleeping bag. "Our sisters totally made out."

"How many drinks did you say you had?" I asked after a short pause, thinking I must have misjudged her inebriation level.

"No really, they...." she paused briefly in thought. "Well I don't remember exactly how it happened, but I'm not making it up. I think your sister was a little more drunk than she thought she was."

"What and Erin wasn't? She went along with this too if I understand correctly."

Laura didn't answer for a moment and I started to think she had fallen asleep on me.

"You know she's into girls right?" she finally said.

"Who Erin, seriously? No, how the hell would I know?"

"I dunno, I just thought you knew. It never occurred to me that you didn't. You probably shouldn't say anything to the parents though, she still hasn't told them. Ours or yours."

"Shit, that's... wow I just don't even know what to think."

"Does it bother you?"

"Well, not really," I replied thoughtfully. "I mean it's not like it's any of my business what she does. Still seems a bit weird her and Megan doing... whatever it was they did."

"Yeah, I guess," Laura said quietly.

"It's too bad it wasn't you and Megan, it would have given me something to throw back at you next time you make fun of me about checking you out," I teased.

She didn't say anything after that and I just assumed she was tired. I hadn't slept very long but it seemed to have been enough that I didn't feel like going back to sleep immediately. Instead I let my thoughts drift toward the idea of Megan and Erin making out, and tried to imagine what it would look like. Times like that I knew I deserved every accusation of being a perv that I got, and probably more still.

A little while later I heard Laura slip quietly out of her sleeping bag and make her way to the front of the tent. I turned my head to watch her just as she started unzipping the entrance.

"Where you going?" I asked.

She looked back at me startled as though she thought I had been asleep, probably a fair assumption given how long I had been lying there.

"Can't sleep," she said. "I'm gonna go for a swim. Never went at night before, always wanted to go swimming in the moonlight. You know, romantic girly shit."

"Oh, okay."

I settled back down and waited for her to go, but instead she remained in her crouched position for a moment and fiddled with the tent flap.

"You want to come too?" she asked finally.

I was tempted to say no, I had managed to get pretty comfortable where I was and felt like I was almost to the point of getting back to sleep. There was something in the way she asked though, like she wanted me to say yes more than she let on.

"Alright, sure," I said.

The air was a little cooler than it had been during the day, but still warm enough that I wasn't worried about being too cold when we got back out of the water. The thought did lead me to another potential problem though.

"How are we going to dry off after?" I asked.

When the sun had been out it hadn't been an issue, but that wouldn't work in the middle of the night.

"Skin'll dry fine," she replied. "Anything else, you're on your own."

I didn't grasp immediately what Laura meant until halfway through taking my clothes off when I realized that she had removed her bra and was starting to pull down her panties as well. I stood there looking like an idiot as she ignored me completely and glided into the water.

"So what was this all about? Just to see my reaction?" I asked as I joined her finally.

We were standing where the water came just up to our necks. Laura had been staring up at the moon while she waited for me but now turned back toward me.

"I planned on being alone to start with," she pointed out. "But I decided there's something I should probably tell you, something that might help explain things. Maybe I shouldn't say anything though, I don't know."

"You know I won't tell anybody, whatever it is," I assured her, guessing at the reason for her hesitation.

She watched me silently for a long moment before finally speaking again.

"Alright, well you know how I said Erin's into girls before?" she asked.

"Yeah, so?"

"Well... me and her did stuff a few times. Sex stuff I mean."


I had definitely not seen that one coming and was unable to come up with anything that seemed like a proper response. Laura had gone back to staring at the moon, probably to avoid looking at me.

"So when I say it doesn't bug me that you check me out sometimes, I really mean it. I've done worse," she whispered.

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense," I said slowly. "Wait, so does that mean that you're into girls too? Not that it's any of my business," I added hastily when I realized that my question sounded like an accusation.

"I dunno. Some of them sure, but not to the extent my sister does or anything. I still prefer guys most of the time."

"And does that have anything to do with why you invited me along?"

"Maybe," she shrugged. "I'm in kind of a weird mood tonight. I don't really know what I want."

I put my hand on her shoulder, feeling her bare skin underneath my palm. I hadn't exactly forgotten that we were both naked beneath the surface of the water, but I still felt a shiver run up my spine at the reminder.

"What happens if I don't know either?" I asked.

"Then nothing happens, I suppose."

Her lips seemed to shine in the moonlight, I wanted to kiss her so badly then. It would be so easy to forget that she was my cousin, to forget that back in the real world we couldn't be together.

Instead I let go and drifted away from her slightly. Part of me was hoping she would force the issue, that she would make the decision for us. I wanted to but I couldn't bring myself to be the one to break that barrier.

We stayed in the water for a little while, swimming around or floating wherever the small currents took us. The mood had changed though, there was a tension between us that was making me rather uncomfortable.

"I think I'm gonna get out now," I said finally.

"Yeah, okay," Laura replied, heading for shore as well.

She strode back onto dry land ahead of me, almost seeming annoyed. As soon as she reached our clothes she bent down to start getting dressed.

"Shouldn't we at least dry off some first?" I asked.

Despite the tension between us, I couldn't ignore the fact that my cousin was completely naked and no longer obscured by the water.

"Enh, whatever. It's not my clothes getting wet."

As she straightened up I saw that she had put on my shirt rather than hers. She then bundled up her clothes in her arms and waited patiently for me. I gave up and pulled on my boxers and shorts, leaving me still topless which didn't seem to bother Laura at all.

"At least you look hot in that," I remarked as we started heading back.

My shirt was bigger on her, but not enough that it came down farther than the edge of her butt by more than an inch or two.

"Didn't take you long to get back to perving on me."

"Hey, it's not that I don't want to do anything else. It just seems, I don't know...."

"Wrong?" she suggested.

"No, not really. It's more...." I waved my hand in the air as if it would help, then sighed helplessly. "I have no idea what I'm trying to say."

"So what's new?"

We soon made it back to the tent and crawled inside. Once Laura had climbed back into her sleeping bag she squirmed around briefly then held out my shirt to me.

"Here, you can have it back now," she said.

"Yeah thanks."

It was a bit damp as I expected it to be and I threw it to the side to deal with it in the morning. Laura rolled over to face away from me as I did, obviously not planning on talking to me anymore.

"I should have just kissed you, shouldn't I?" I finally said into the silence.

"Yeah, you should have," she confirmed. "But it's not really your fault, I don't even know what I expected. I had it built up in my head like it would work out somehow."

"And that's the thing, I don't know for certain what you want me to do. I don't want to do the wrong thing."

When she didn't respond further I scooted closer to her, hoping wildly I had some idea what I was doing. I unzipped her sleeping bag down to about her waist, then slipped my arm inside until my hand reached her bare stomach. I slowly caressed her tummy until I was certain she wasn't going to tell me to stop.

As I felt my way higher up her body her hand suddenly landed on mine and I expected her to pull it away. Instead she simply let it rest and follow my movements as I tentatively let my fingers continue their path. Finally my palm closed around the soft contours of her breast and I breathed out a deep sigh of relief as she still didn't remove my hand or tell me to let go.

Suddenly she whirled around and launched herself at me, kissing me fiercely before I had a chance to react.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "I just... I just needed to know."

"You could have just asked," I said.

"It wasn't that sim...." She stopped long enough to let out a deep sigh. "Can we please just leave it for now?"

I nodded my assent and wrapped my arms around my beautiful, naked cousin as she attacked me with her mouth again. My sleeping bag very quickly started getting in the way and the two of us fumbled at until it was opened and nothing else lay between us except my shorts.

"My ass feel as good as it looks?" Laura asked teasingly.

My hands had been running all over her back and down her longs, smooth legs, but I had admittedly been focusing mostly on her butt. After all the time I had spent staring at it I couldn't help wanting to feel every inch of it.

"It's absolutely perfect," I breathed in reply.

"Bullshit, there is no way my ass is perfect. You get points for the answer though."

She smiled predatorily and slid slowly down my body and I felt the warm air from her mouth trail from my neck down to my stomach. She efficiently stripped me out of my shorts and underwear, tossing them toward her pile of clothes on the other side of the tent. Then the warmth of her breath returned where it had left off just above my increasingly full erection.

I jumped slightly when she first touched it, not with her fingers but with her tongue in a quick, testing lick. She followed it with a longer stroke, licking all the way from the base of my cock right up to the tip.

With her mouth held directly at the apex of my erection she delicately wrapped her lips around it and slowly lowered her head. In one smooth, deliberate motion she took me inside her until I could feel the back of her throat. Then, even more carefully, she pushed further until she reached the base of my cock, actually taking part of it into her throat.

"Holy shit," I groaned.

Laura pulled back off of me and sat up grinning.

"You like that? With all the practice I put in it's nice to have someone appreciate it," she said.

"Practice?" I inquired with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, just on toys though, just in case I wanted to be able to do it sometime. You're not going all jealous on me already are you?"

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