tagLesbian SexKim's New Life Ch. 26

Kim's New Life Ch. 26


As sunlight started to peek through Barb's bedroom window in the morning, I turned on my side and looked at my new lover sleeping soundly under the blue satin sheet. Knowing she was naked beneath it, I carefully sat up, slipped down to the center of the bed while simultaneously, slowly peeling the sheet down past her hips so I could get a full look at her body in the daylight. She lay on her back, right leg pulled up at a forty-five-degree angle, giving me a perfect view of her beautiful vulva. Counting Kelly's, this was the second time I had been able to look at a female vagina up close. Well, Kelly made me 'inspect' mine in the mirror after she shaved me, so, technically Barb's is the third.

Barbara's vulva, no longer aroused, looked like a delicate flower just waiting to unfurl. I had never thought about it before, but suddenly realized that every woman must be different 'down there.' Kelly was right. I really am naive and have a lot to learn.

I stared at her pink lips and thought about how wonderful it was making love with her the prior evening. I even imagined I could still taste her sweet juices. Thank you, My Mistress.

At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to lean down and kiss her clit but knew that would awaken her. Selfishly, I wanted more time to just enjoy looking at her while she lay so still.

My eyes studied her thick patch of pubic hair. I chuckled to myself remembering the two times I had to stop the enjoyment of licking her to remove a hair from my mouth. I will have to tell her to shave or at least cut it short, if she intends to continue her new lesbian desires. No, I will tell her that I will personally shave her the next time we are together, if Kelly does permit me to make love to her again, as she had indicated. I think I will give Barb an option. If she wants to keep her bush, I will trim it into the shape of a heart and only on her abdomen. Shaving between her legs will be mandatory.

As I watched her narrow waist and full breasts slowly move up and down with each breath, I realized I was getting turned on. I swear there was a smile on her face.

Suddenly I knew I needed to hear Kelly's voice. Still naked, I went to the den, pulled my cell phone out of my purse, and dialed. The first thing she said was, "Are you naked, pet."

I glanced down, laughed, and said, "No, Mistress, I am not."

"Why not? Do you think my rules only apply when you are with me?"

"I understand, ma'am, but I am still at Barbara's. You said I was free to decide for myself until I called you."

"Did you not sleep with her last night?"

"Yes, I did, Mistress."

"Then she knows what you look like naked. Being naked this morning should make no difference."

"But Mistress, Barbara did not see me naked."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN!" she screamed.

"She has your fetish about white socks, too, ma'am and asked me to keep them on. I wore them to bed last night and still have them on, ma'am."

"Oh, you little fucking slut! You got me. You do know the consequences for teasing your Mistress, though, don't you?"

I felt that thrill again. "Yes, My Darling Mistress. I'll be looking forward to receiving every one of those consequences."

"Don't put anything else on until you're ready to leave there, pet."

"I won't, My Mistress, I promise."

We talked for nearly an hour. I told her everything I could remember about my date with Barb. I even explained Barb's 'Doubting Thomas' attitude about our M/s relationship. Eventually Kelly asked, "The big question is, did your tryst with another woman change your feelings about your Mistress?"

"Oh, not all, ma'am. If nothing else, I love you even more."

"I hope so!

"So, what do you think about your new lover?"

"I adore her, Mistress. Thank you for insisting that I go to bed with her. I already know that I will want to see her again, with your permission, of course."

"That will all depend on how good a slave you are after you return to me, pet. I do have a proposition for you, assuming you will renew your contract." My excitement increased as she explained her idea. I was glad she also gave me permission to make love with Barb if the opportunity arose today.

Just as I hung up, Barb walked into the den wearing her robe. "Who were you talking to, Kim?"

I laid the phone down and replied, "Mistress Kelly."

"Yea, right! I still cannot believe the full extent of the relationship you described. And just what did you talk about?"

"Mostly about what you and did last night."

"You told her what we did?"

"Yep! Every sordid detail. I told you I would have to. There really are no secrets between us, Barb."

I think she was a little upset that I would "kiss and tell" because she changed the subject, "While I like the view, you don't have to run around naked, Kim. I have an extra robe that you can wear."

"I'm not permitted to wear anything except the socks until we are ready to leave for the airport."

"Mistress' orders, again" she said grinning.


If she was angry, I could see the anger quickly dissipate. "Wow, this is going to be a fun morning. I like your phantom Mistress more every minute. I'm pleased you are required to remain naked. I just love looking at your pierced nipples. Right now, I think we need to wash off the smell of sex. Would you like to shower with me? Then we'll have some breakfast before you leave."

When we got to the bathroom, I asked if she would shave me, explaining that I wanted to be smooth for Kelly. "You'd really let me shave you?" she replied. I nodded. "I was surprised when I saw you shaved your pubic hair and have to tell you again that I like the look. Your neither lips are so...exposed...that way."

I explained that it was another of Kelly's "requirements" and that she, too, kept her pubic hair shaved. "Actually, one of my 'slave' duties is shaving her."

"Maybe I'll have to try it someday."

"Truthfully, Barb, you'll have to get rid of that muff before we make love again. Now that I have eaten both shaved and unshaved pussies, I must agree with Mistress Kelly. Making love to a bald pussy is much better. It's difficult to explain but running your tongue over that smooth flesh is so much more enjoyable, and you don't get hair caught in your teeth. She also taught me that it is better to have someone else shave you. If you do it yourself, you always miss a few stray hairs. I was going to suggest that you let me do it the next time I'm in town, but I'm game if you want to do it now."

"But you won't be around to keep me shaved."

"That's your problem, doll. The first time is the most difficult, though. You can decide while you are doing me."

I placed a towel on her cabinet, sat on it raised my legs and spread them with my heels on the edge. Barb quickly removed what little stubble I had, then said, "OK, you've convinced me. I'm next." We switched positions. I told her that I would give her two choices: shave everything off or trim the hair over her abdomen and shape it like a heart. She asked about a 'landing strip' and I replied that she had to choose between the two options I gave her. She picked the heart.

I started by trimming the long hair with a comb and scissors, carefully placing the cut hair in a pile on the towel. I explained that Kelly had put mine in a plastic bag for me to keep as a souvenir. She said that she wanted to do the same in remembrance of our night of lovemaking. "I wish I had taken the time to run back for your thong," she laughed. "I'd pin them to the wall above my bed so I could see them every time I entered the bedroom."

By the time I had finished, we were so turned on that we made love again, but this time on the bathroom floor. The shower was next. We hugged, kissed and washed one another, taking so long we ran out of hot water. After drying off, she asked me to put the socks back on, and then joined me by putting on a pair herself. That's how we prepared, and ate, breakfast. It was fun frolicking around her kitchen with both of us practically nude.

My time to leave arrived too quickly for both of us. Back in her bedroom Barb said, "Kim, I want to kiss you one more time while we are still naked. I wholeheartedly agreed. It was long, a toe-curling, kissed. Our tongues danced for the longest time. If time were not against us, we would have ended up on the bed again.

When I laid my clothes out on the bed, Barb noticed that I hadn't included panties. She said she could loan me a pair of hers since I had apparently left my only pair in the park. We laughed again about that, wondering who would find them and what they would think. I passed on her offer, saying that I did have another pair, reminded her that I rarely wore them anymore, and said that, in any case, Kelly hadn't given me permission to wear any on the way home. This started a short discussion during which I again explained Kelly's rules for my clothing in detail. She finally acquiesced her position, saying, "You really aren't making any of this up, are you, Kim."

"Every word has been the truth, Barb."

"I've thought about going out without underwear a few times when wearing a skirt but always chicken out at the last minute. I guess I am not as brave as you are."

"Bravery has nothing to do with it, Barb. As I told you last night, 'In Bondage there is Freedom." The only thing I have done voluntarily is agree to be Mistress Kelly's sub. I can't tell you how many times I've mentally resisted one of Mistress Kelly's orders and how embarrassed I've been obeying some of them." While we were talking, Barb had put on a pair of panties. When she pulled her jeans on, I suddenly got an idea. "Why don't you join me, Barb? Wear a dress or skirt without underwear today, instead of those jeans."

"I can't do that, Kim."

"And why not? You didn't wear panties last night, and you don't have any on now."

"Lack of panties isn't very noticeable when I am wearing jeans and I only leave them off when I go out at night. Hell, that's a dumb comment. It wouldn't be noticeable when I wear a skirt either. I was really referring to the bra. My 36Ds would be too obvious if I didn't wear a bra." She put her hands under her breasts and lifted them slightly. "These puppies definitely have more bounce to the ounce than yours do."

I laughed at her referring to her breasts as puppies. "Hey, I showed you how much I liked those puppies last night. I couldn't get enough of them. Besides, they are firm, and you already said that you rarely wear a bra outside the office."

"I'm sorry Kim. I lied about that, too. I was trying to impress you. Since the club was rather dark, I didn't think it would be too noticeable if I wasn't wearing one. Besides, I wanted to be like you. I guess all my untruths are the reason I wanted to believe you were making up your story."

Then it hit me. I went into her closet, found the white, T-shirt dress that I had seen earlier and handed it to Barb. "OK, Barb. I'm tired of your Teddy-Bear bullshit. I know you're as much of a slut as I am. Here, put this on. It should display those puppies quite well."

If her stare were any intense, it would have burnt a hole right through me. I was beginning to think I had gone too far when she said, "And what if I don't want to?"

"I'll spank your ass until you finally agree. I should spank you anyhow since you lied to me, your best friend."

"You wouldn't dare! Besides, you said you were submissive."

Knowing I had to push my luck to find out if I were right, I picked up her hairbrush and sat down in the chair next to her bed. "I said I have a submissive side, Barb. As you have already noted, I am very demanding in my professional relations. I told you that I didn't know I had submissive side until Mistress Kelly exposed it. Just because I enjoy being submissive doesn't mean I can't spank your ass. You have just encountered my bossy persona, dear. After last night, I thought we had something good going. Don't spoil it all now by being a stubborn bitch. Your comment just earned you a minimum of ten smacks with this brush whether you wear the dress or not. You can refuse, but you are taking a chance that you won't see me ever again. Now drop those fucking jeans and get your ass over my lap." I was ecstatic when she obeyed my next order and dropped the panties too.

With both garments around her knees, she laid over my lap. I put one arm around her waist and without any preparation, started smacking her ass hard with the hairbrush She was screaming for me to stop by the fourth swat. Her white cheeks were starting to turn a deep red by the tenth. I rubbed my hand slowly over the wounded flesh. This was the first time I had ever spanked anyone and was surprised how hot her ass was, even though I knew mine was just as hot after the times Kelly had spanked me. I slipped my fingers between her legs to confirm my suspicions. Her pussy was very wet. That and the moan accompanying my exploration left no doubt that she had even enjoyed her punishment. I realized spanking her also turned me on. I continued fingering her cunt, clit and even her anus until she climaxed.

I permitted her to stand once she had recovered from her orgasm. Her hands grasped her ass. "I didn't think you'd actually do it," she said with tears in her eyes.

I spread my legs and said, "Well now you know. Do you think you can find a way to thank me properly for the spanking and the orgasm?" Dropping to her knees she didn't hesitate licking me to a wonderful climax. I, in turn, licked my fluids from her face then tongue fucked her mouth.

"Now, Barbara, are you going to wear what I tell you, or do you want more."

"I'll wear the dress."

"Without underwear?"

"Yes, damnit!"

"Watch the language, Barb, or you'll get another spanking." She smiled.

I stood, kissed her and watched as she finished pulling the cotton dress over her head. Cotton socks and penny loafers completed her outfit. Looking into her full-length mirror she said, "Wow! My nipples are hard. It's a good thing we aren't going to the mall." I just smiled. She then rubbed her ass through the dress and commented, "That really hurt, Kim."

"But, all things considered, you liked it."

She dropped her head a little and answered, "Yes, damn you! Oops, sorry!"

"I can honestly tell you that I've experienced worse. In fact, the spankings I get are much worse than what you just experienced." She was quite surprised.

On the drive to my apartment, Barb asked if the spankings I received had been for disobeying Kelly. I confessed that some were for simple disobedience, "and more," but explained that most spankings were administered simply because Kelly liked to spank me. We also discussed other types of 'punishments.' Her interest peaked, I think, when I explained the concept of sensuous pain and told her that what she experienced during the spanking was just that. It hurt at first, but once the endorphins kicked in, there was no question she was turned on.

It was then that I revealed Kelly's idea. "Barb," I started, "As you know, the training phase of the installation is nearing completion. Everyone will primarily be working on the simulator to hone their skills. There are enough knowledgeable workers now to help those that might need more training. I should be able to take a week off to come back and close my apartment. Hunter already said they will give me time to move. "How would you like to take some vacation to help me drive my car back? It will be much easier with two of us driving. We should be able to do it in two days. Then you can stay with Mistress Kelly and me for a day or two once we get there."

"Are you sure it would be OK with your Mistress Kelly?"

"Absolutely! In fact, it was her idea, and I'd really like you to accept."

"Why would she suspend your submissive status while I am there?"

"I didn't say that, Barb," I said, smiling inwardly. "There would be no change."

"You mean...?"

"Yes. I would be required to carry out the terms of our agreement. You would see Kimmy the slave in action. Do you think you could handle that?"

"I definitely could, as long as you don't mind."

"The truth is, Barb, I'd love it if you were there. I truly enjoy my new relationship with Mistress Kelly and want to share it with you. I want you to see how real it is. Let me sweeten the pot a little," I said, already knowing her answer would be 'yes.'

"Mistress Kelly said that if I decide to renew our agreement for a year, it would be performed at a formal ceremony; sort of like a marriage. She said I could invite you if you would like to attend, but you'd have to spend those couple days with us first, so you have an intimate knowledge about our lifestyle."

"Ok, Kim. You've convinced me. You are on! I'd be happy to drive out with you and would love to attend the ceremony. All I need is a few days' notice so I can arrange the vacation."

Stepping inside my apartment, I immediately stripped, to Barb's surprise. "This really is hard to believe, Kim, but I'm not complaining. In fact, I love seeing you naked," she commented. Of the dresses I had described to Kelly for the flight back she had selected a tan, collared, belted, rayon shirtdress that was the only other dress I had with a full skirt and above-the-knee length. I loved the feel of the fabric against my skin but had only worn it once several years ago. I had purchased it as a dare on a shopping trip with a friend, to wear on a trip we had planned to Hawaii. It was too short for my then conservative persona (ending at mid-thigh) and had hung in my closet for several years. I'm not sure why I hadn't given it away. It didn't quite conjure up a "cowgirl" look but knew it would look great with the hat and boots. We headed directly to the bedroom where I quickly packed a suitcase with a few of my clothes that I felt Kelly might approve, once the skirts were properly shortened.

I packed another case with all my panties, panty hose and bras and handed it to Barb, explaining that Kelly ordered me to get rid of them. "You may have anything you can wear, Barb. Give the rest to charity or throw them away."

"Well, we already know the bras won't fit, right?" We both had a good laugh at that comment.

I handed the ID tag to Barb. "Time to put this back on, love. As I explained, it means you are returning your lover to my Mistress." Barb's fingers trembled as she removed the captive ball from the ring, slipped the ID tag on and replaced the captive ball. That brought back memories about how I felt when I replaced Kelly's clitoral ring with the D-ring and pendant. "OK, Kim. It's official. Much to my regret, you belong to your mistress again. Damn, I did enjoy you, though."

When I pulled the powder blue shirtdress over my head, she commented, "You're really going to wear that on the plane with nothing under it."

"This, my white socks, my boots and nothing else were Mistress Kelly's orders, my dear."

"Wow! Now I am impressed. At least the two pockets hide your hard nipples and rings; well, almost. Turn around for me, babe." When I did, she exclaimed, "Wow, I love the way it clings to the crack of your ass. That's pure sex."

As we approached the entrance to the airport's short-term parking lot, I commented, "You are going in with me, aren't you?"

"Dressed like this? You frigging jest, my dear. I plan to drop you off near the sky cap desk."

"Nothing doing. I want you to walk me to the security check point."

"And how are you going to make me do that?"

"I just won't get out of the car. The police will make you move on."

"We both know that won't work. You're never late for an appointment, so I know you won't take a chance on missing your plane."

"It sounds to me as if the irresistible force has met the immovable object. What If I said that I won't go out with you when I come back the next time?"

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