tagIncest/TabooIn The Beginning

In The Beginning


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I moved in with my dad the very next day after I graduated high school. My mother was a royal bitch and was trying to force me to go to a college that she wanted me to go, not one that I wanted to go to. My dad didn't try to force me to do anything that I didn't want to, so I was taking some time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. The other reason was that my mother wouldn't let me date.

Two days after I had moved in, my dad came home early and caught me getting my brains fucked out on the dining room table by a guy I had met while out taking a jog. I was completely naked with my legs up in the air screaming; "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Instead of getting mad, my dad laughed. I was so embarrassed and that guy kept fucking me hard. All I could do was cover my face with my hands.

I figured out then, that my dad was really cool. My mother said that he was a perverted son of a bitch. I told him what my mother called him and he asked me how did I know that he wasn't. My dad has a great since of humor and often is way too silly.

I got a chance to bust him in the act on a Saturday night. I had been out partying with some friends, drinking and carrying on. It was around 11PM when I got home, and I could hear the woman moaning before I got the door open good. She was screaming louder than me when I'm getting fuck good.

"Give me that big dick!" That cracked me up. My dad had this girl who couldn't have been more than three years older than me, doggie-style across his bed and he was nailing her hard. My dad looked at me with a big grin on his face and started fucking that chick harder.

She was good looking too, and had tits the size I wished I had. My dad wasn't looking to bad his self. He was being so silly, slapping her on the ass and telling her to call him daddy. I stood in the door with my hand over my mouth to muffle my laughing. He grabbed her hair and told her to "getty-up." I had to leave then. That was too much for me.

I asked him about her later and he said that she was no one special, just a nice piece of ass that he picked up at the grocery store. I was surprised, but then he made me admit that I had been just a nice piece of ass for a few guys.

Trouble began when I asked my dad how I looked in a mini skirt and tank top. I was on a mission to get laid by this cute guy I had met at the Mall. He lifted the back of the skirt and said that he'd fuck me. I was like, "What!" He told me that I had seen the way that he acted, and asked me what made me think that he wouldn't fuck me. I was like, "Holy shit!" He laughed. He said, just because my mother was a bitch, didn't mean that she was a lair.

My dad played around all the time, so I thought that he was just messing with me, but he said no joke. He even wanted to fuck me. I was like, "Damn!" and his dick was pushing out the front of his pants. I could feel my pussy throbbing. He poured Vodka in a glass and went to his room laughing.

I was so fucked up in the head so much, that the really cute guy that I had met in the Mall seemed like an annoying little boy. I left ten minutes after I met with him. I had to talk to my dad.

He had just come from the shower and was getting dressed to go out. I told him that I wanted to talk to him about what he said about wanting to fuck me. He said other than being him daughter, why shouldn't he want to fuck me. He said that I was good looking, had smooth skin, shapely legs, and a nice bubble butt that he loved.

The part about him being my dad was getting kind of weak, because I was so horny I was damn near cross-eyed.

He laughed and asked me did I want to fuck, and afterwards he would take me out to eat where he was going to take the lady he had intended to pick-up. I dropped my head and looked up at him while biting my bottom lip like I did when I wanted something.

My dad chuckled and pulled me over to the bed. He told me that he was going to kiss me like he had never done before. He nearly took my breath away. He is a fabulous kisser. He pulled my top off over my head and I got a flash back. I wanted him to touch my tits so bad, my nipples ached. He laid me back on his bed and I spread my legs like a slut. Oh, I wasn't wearing panties.

He lifted me with both hands by my butt and buried his face in my twat. I was moaning like a cow in heat. His tongue snaked up me and I was coming like crazy. My legs were trembling and I squeezed the heck out of my nipples. I almost fainted when he pushed his wet tongue up my butt. I was completely on fire.

My dad chuckled, and then he flipped me over and gave my bottom a smack. I came up on my knees with my legs spread. I already saw him in action in that position and I pushed back as soon as I felt the head of his thick cock.

He fucked me harder than I could ever imagine being fuck, and he wasn't laughing or playing around. He said that he wanted to fuck me really bad. I thought he was going to split me in two. Then he said, "Baby I hope you're on birth control." My head felt like I had drank something really cold too fast. I had come off the pill and had been using condoms, because the pill was causing me to be nauseated.It was too late anyways. I came too and it was a really big mess all over us.

My dad started laughing saying that if he knew my pussy was so good he would have fuck me a long time ago. I was thinking that my dad was really nuts.

I had never been that sore before after sex. I felt like I had been ripped open. I could tell that my dad was real excited that he had fucked me. He was almost jumping up and down. I could barely stand.

My dad talked about fucking me again, but we didn't. We became a lot closer. We discussed everything even his finances, something I never heard him talk to my mom about. He got me a car and gave me two hundred dollars a week for getting around money.

I started getting sick and feared the worse. Sure enough, I was pregnant. My dad fell on the floor laughing. He said that my mom would blame it on him for letting me run wild, but she wouldn't know just how right she would be.

My dad fucked me up my ass after diner that evening, and it hurt for me to even move after that. He told me that as much as he liked fucking me that I should go out and find a man of my own. I was thinking, fat chance with a kid, but my dad said that all I had to do was to let the guy know that I liked to fuck.

This hysterically funny black guy, named Gerald, came on to me so strong, and wouldn't let me go without me giving him my phone number and a kiss. I was seven months pregnant and big as a house.

Gerald came to visit me and was fucking me while I laid on my side on the big pillows in the living room. He was so passionate and he had a good sized dick too. He said that he wished that he could get me pregnant and have one of the beautiful mixed kids I use to see hanging out at the Mall.

Gerald and my dad got along great, making each other laugh. My dad told me to tell Gerald about my pregnancy. I did and Gerald seemed happy about that. It was so weird listening to my dad bragging about fucking me to another man right there in my face. Damn! I got so horny. Gerald and my dad fucked my pregnant ass on the king sized bed my dad had bought me.

Gerald married me two weeks before I had my daughter. My dad insisted that we stay at his place, mainly because he still wanted to fuck me. Gerald didn't mind that at all. When ever I had the baby asleep in the nursery, either Gerald or my dad, and sometimes both of them would be fucking me. It didn't take long before I was pregnant again.

There was constant laughter in my dad's house, even my babies were all smiles. My mom was a bit jealous at times. She had even attempted to reconcile with my dad, but she couldn't handle the thought of his constant cheating.

It was about three years after Gerald and I got married that I found out my dad's past. My dad asked Gerald had he ever had sex with anyone in his family. Gerald said that he had a long standing affair with his sister who was a year older. My dad said that he had fucked his mom after his dad left when he was just starting college.

Some how I wasn't that shocked. My dad continued telling us that he had fucked my mother's sister on his wedding day to my mom, and their mother when they came back. He said that he was fucking my older cousins on a regular basis, but I was too young back then. He said mainly, he liked college freshman, because they wanted to be so grown up. I laughed at that. I feel the power to fuck who ever I wanted after high school.

My dad said that said that my mom had enough when he had snuck off with her my cousin Janice and was fucking her when the rest of the family was having a party for her. He said that my mom had come home to get some things for the party and caught them. It seemed like my dad had fucked every woman in our family.

Gerald was impressed by my dad. He said the worst he'd done was to fuck his mom when she came home drunk. He said that he had a couple of cousins he would have liked to have fucked.

I had two girls and was pregnant with my fourth, and I started to wonder if my dad and husband would fuck them when they got old enough. I blocked the thought out of my head.

When the youngest of my four daughters turned eighteen, I started to think back over all of this. I sat her down in my bedroom and told her everything. She laughed at the fact that I was a slut. I didn't want to know if she was a virgin or not, I just told her that she should try to make good choices when it came to having sex.

Seeing my daughters sucking on their father and my father's dicks makes me feel secure.

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