tagCelebrities & Fan FictionI Fucked Peter North!!!!

I Fucked Peter North!!!!


This story is based on actual events that happened to me recently. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent and to ignite the fantasy within me.

My real estate business is based in Melbourne, but thanks to some creative management and hard work, I lave much of the day-to-day business to my staff now, and prefer myself to explore the fun side of the business. Recently I had a call from a lawyer friend who works on the Gold Coast. He had a client in the USA that had contacted him seeking a medium-sized luxury apartment and asked me if I would be interested in splitting the commission with him. Naturally I agreed, the chance to head north and soak up some sun, whilst working on an exciting project just the thing to pass the time as my husband, Steve, was immersed in the last few weeks of the football season with his work.

So, I found myself seated in the Qantas Club at Melbourne airport waiting for my flight, scanning my contacts and setting up inspections for my client. The brief was specific yet simple: A medium-sized, private apartment, walking distance to the beach, and in a building no more than five years old. The client was not interested in renting it out, preferring to purchase outright and then fly down from the States each winter to escape the cold now that he had retired from his business. I had no more information than that, apart from the contact number of Jason, my lawyer friend. I was to advise Jason when I had organised at least three properties for the client to inspect - he would check them out on the we first, and then, if satisfied, he would fly down and inspect personally.

I booked my usual suite at the Hilton on the Gold Coast and after the short flight, Jason's P.A. Russell met me at the airport and drove me to the hotel. I had packed a couple of suitcases because I was not certain how long it might take to complete my assignment and didn't want to be caught short. The room is one of my favourite places in this country of ours. It has two bedrooms, a large living area, kitchen and the most magnificent bathroom - all with spectacular views over the amazing Gold Coast beaches. It also has an incredible pool which overlooks the beach, and it is less than 200 metres to the golden sands and the famous Gold Coast foreshore.

I spent the first couple of hours unpacking and enjoying a nice lunch with a glass of wine whilst continuing my homework. Just before dinner time, I felt a little tired so I decided to head down to the gym and soak my body in the spa as I knew the next few days would be busy. I put on a one-piece swimsuit, then wrapped myself in the wonderfully luxurious fluffy gown, put on the complimentary slippers and headed for the elevator. Six floors down and I was at the gym, where a new face greeted me.

"Greetings, ma'am. A swim or perhaps a massage?" asked the handsome young attendant with a European accent.

"Just a soak in the spa today, thanks," I replied, smiling and heading towards the place I had spent so many hours over the past three years.

I lay in the large spa tub thankful to be alone and at peace, my eyes closing and my mind drifting until I heard voices and opened my eyes to see a young couple entering the spa room.

Newlyweds, I guessed, the woman in her late twenties, a large solitaire shining next to a golden band on her left hand. The man was slightly older, handsome, and with an amazing six-pack, just the way I liked them. Dark hair, dark eyes, smouldering. Gorgeous.

I decided to stay a while, and then, after they had settled into the warm water, I stood, facing away from the youngsters, my taught butt cheeks framed by the white material of my wet one-piece suit. I know my legs and ass are still in good condition, and I enjoyed the teasing nature of my exit from the spa. I know, I know, it's naughty, but hey, you only live once and I am addicted to teasing, so what the hell!

Back in the room there was a message on my mobile from Jason. He said Russell would be at my disposal as long as I needed him, and to ring him when I was ready.

The next morning I spent three hours setting up inspections and appointments as I enjoyed a lovely buffet breakfast overlooking the beach. I called Russell and arranged for him to pick me up at one, with four scheduled inspections that afternoon, and three the next morning.

I had a busy couple of days, but by the time the second days' inspections were done, I had chosen four properties that I felt matched the client's brief. I rang Jason and emailed him the four links and he said he would contact his client and get back to me.

My work finished for the time being, I decided it was time to relax and enjoy myself for a while. I rang Steve and he was in Perth, so I figured I would head out to dinner somewhere and maybe catch a show or a movie.

I showered and noticed my pussy was a little hairy, so I spent some time shaving myself smooth once more. I know many girls these days have their pubic regions lasered, but I prefer to leave my winter woolies on when not spending much time in a bikini, so I still shave when the need is there. This also gives me an amazing sense of smoothness and I know Steve thoroughly enjoys licking and tonguing my freshly shaved pussy, so who am I to argue?

I had some new underwear, so I slipped on a black lace g-string and matching bra. Yes, I am old fashioned, I still prefer the look and feel of g-string panties over the modern boy-peg style. Call me crazy but I think men still love knowing that a woman has a small thin piece of material encased in her butt crack when she is wearing tight pants or a nice fitted skirt or dress.

Over the matching black lace set I put a red dress with a plunging neckline and a pair of black classic heels which matched my small clutch purse. Simple diamante earrings rounded off the ensemble and I headed down the elevator to the lobby where Russell was waiting.

"Wow, Ma'am, you looked fantastic!" he said, his eyes lighting up like candles.

It was the most animated I had seen him in the three years we have known each other. Usually he was all business, very professional and quiet. I enjoyed the change, appreciating the compliment.

"Thanks, Russell. That's very nice of you. Can we head to Jupiter's please? I have reservations at Entwine at 8.30pm"

"Certainly, ma'am."

He has always called me 'ma'am' and I smiled at the professional manner he always addressed me, wondering what he might be like when his black suit was off. Would he be well hung? Muscled? I could tell he was not overweight, but it was difficult to tell if he worked out as he always wore the same outfit.

We arrived after the short drive south to Jupiters and I entered the Casino lobby and was shown to Entwine by the concierge, Lewis.

My table was in the corner, with a view over the fountains and the glass atrium area which I loved. It was private, but allowed me to still watch everyone who entered the building, a fact that I appreciated as my champagne was delivered by a latino waiter with an amazingly tight ass and a pair of muscled arms. I smiled at him as he asked me if there was anything else he could do for me. Mentally I asked him to take me right there, under the table, but in reality, I replied.

"No, thank you. Not right now."

The champagne was delightful and the meal exquisite.

It was still early when I finished dinner so I headed to the upstairs gaming room for some roulette, which I love. I put down $200 and then spent the next thirty minutes or so playing my usual numbers: 0, 8 and 11. I have no particular system or logical way of playing, I just like to cover my lucky numbers (8 & 11) and the zero always appeals to me for some reason.

Anyway, I was rolling along without luck, when I caught sight of a man playing on the table about five metres away. Our eyes locked as I looked up and he did the same. Just as I was starting to smile back at him, the dealer called 'Zero' and I won 35:1 on my five dollar chip!

I momentarily looked away from Mr.Handsome as the chips were pushed my way, and when I looked up again, he was gone!

An hour later I had managed to win five more times and left with a rather large sum compared to my starting $200. Russell escorted me up to my room and then politely excused himself. That night, with a few champagnes, the winnings and the thought of Mr.Handsome filling my head, my fingers explored my swollen clitoris as I lay in bed. My mind was filled with erotic images as I pleasured myself to orgasm with the curtains wide open and the bedside table light on.

The next day as I waited to hear back from Jason I decided to hit the beach, rather than the hotel pool. I was restless and needed some excitement, and so, I put on one of my more modest (tiny!) bikinis, grabbed my towel, sunnies and tanning oil and headed across the road to the beach.

It was a hot day, and I had to constantly cover myself with tanning lotion to prevent burning, but I was developing a really nice glow from the sun. As it was still winter in Melbourne I marvelled at the warmth upon my body and began to doze off in the midday heat.

"Careful lady, you're gonna burn there if you're not careful."

A shadow was blocking my sun as I squinted to see who was speaking to me.

"Oh, my apology, am I blocking your sun? Well, just as well, honey, cos you're going to end up toast if you don't look out!"

He was a cocky bastard, I decided.

His accent also told me he was American, and not from these parts.

"Thank you for your concern. I'm quite well acquainted with our aussie sun, and my lotion is 30 plus."

I played coy, pretending to be disinterested. In reality, I was marvelling at the six-pack and hunky arms on this stud as he chastised me about sunburn.

Without another word being spoken, Mr Cocky dropped down his towel next to me, grabbed my lotion and squirted some onto his hands. Before I had a chance to speak, he started rubbing it on my shoulders and arms.

"What on earth do you think you're doing?" I asked in mock shock.

"It's pretty obvious, sugar. Someone has to take care of you. It's clear you ain't one for taking advice!"

His hands felt strong and warm on my skin, and so, as he continued to apply my lotion, I relaxed a little and began to enjoy his work.

Half an hour later we were in the water splashing about, and I was having a lovely time with Mr Cocky. It turned out he was actually an accountant from Iowa in the USA and was here on vacation. He had never really spent time on the beach back home and so was really enjoying the sun and surf of the Gold Coast.

After swimming around for a while we returned to our towels on the sand and as I was drying off my body, making sure to towel my boobs slowly, and exaggerating the movement of my butt as I wiped my cheeks dry, my mobile rang.

It was Jason.

"Dee, honey. Great news! The client loves two of your recommendations and wants to fly out tomorrow. Can you set up inspections for Saturday afternoon? I'll get back to you once you have confirmed, ok?"

"That's great, Jase!" I said.

"I'll get onto it right away and get back to you asap."

I hung up and Mr Cocky was standing there still dripping wet, his muscled torso rippling in the sun, his gorgeous eyes making my pussy melt and my nipples harden in the sun.

"Honey, it's been a fun afternoon, but that call was work, and I have to go. I'm sorry, but thanks for the sunscreen lotion!

I knew he was shattered, and thought we were going to get it on, but I had bigger fish to fry and needed to get to work setting up the inspections. I gathered my things, and then, after smiling at Mr Cocky, walked off towards to the hotel, making sure that my bum wiggled just a little more than usual.

Back in my room I quickly went to work, and by dinner time I had the appointments made, contacted Jason to confirm times, and hit the shower.

Once the water hit my back I realised I must have been in the sun a little too long, just like Mr Cocky had said, because my shoulder stung as the hot water hit them. I lathered up my whole body and enjoyed the feeling of the tanning lotion, all slippery on my boobs and body as I cleaned it off. By the time I finished my shower, my nipples were swollen and I was very horny!

I stepped out of the shower and towelled myself dry, admiring myself in the mirror as I grabbed the dryer and started to blow dry my hair.

Saturday morning dawned hot and sunny, and I had a wonderful buffet breakfast at the hotel. Russell picked me up just before midday and I headed to the first of the inspections. Jason had organised Russell to collect both he and the client from Jason's office at one, and the first appointment was for 1.30pm.

Sitting in the car alone, my mind wandered to the identity of the mystery client from the USA. Jason had said sweet little, and I always respected client's wishes for privacy, but inside I was quite excited that I was about so show an American client through two stunning homes that I had chosen for him based on the brief.

The fact that Jason had also agreed to split the commission with me added to my excitement as both apartments were well over the million dollar mark and my commission would be considerable.

As Russell parked the car outside Jason's office building, I stayed in the car and waited for Jason and the client. While waiting I checked my appearance to make sure everything was in place. Heels were elegant yet high. My long legs were encased in my new Guess leggings, skin tight and slightly shiny, just the way I like them. My blouse was a white shimmery material which was just see-through, and underneath I wore a brand new bra which was skin coloured so only the slight outline was visible. I'm not one to flash black lingerie under see-through tops, as I find that look a little cheap, but I knew the bra was clearly visible for those wanting to stare.

As I was checking my nails, there was a knock on the limousine door and Russell opened it, and a man climbed in. I couldn't see him clearly until Jason also climbed in, kissing me on the cheek. As I kissed him back, my eyes almost popped out of my head! The client was none other than my all-time favourite porn star, Mr. Dumpmaster himself, Peter North! I was speechless!

"Dee, please meet, Peter. Peter, Dee, your agent!"

He leaned forward and shook my hand, then kissed me on the cheek. Blushing, I shook his hand in return before leaning back in my seat, trying desperately to recover my lost breath!

In that delightful American accent, he said, "Lovely to finally meet you, Dee. I can't wait to see what you have in store for me today."

My eyes opened widely as he settled into the seat opposite, next to Jason, and we headed off.

The car ride to the first home was a complete blur. I was truly starstruck.

Now, I know most people will ask how the hell I knew who Peter North was, but let me say this. I have had a total obsession with Peter North since I saw my very first porn movie in late high school days. The star of that movie was none other than Peter North, and I remember marvelling at his amazing body, good looks and of course, huge cock that spurted rope after rope of hot, sticky cum all over the face of the actress in that movie.

As we arrived at the first apartment block, we stepped from the car and the courier was waiting with the keys for me. I took them and opened the front door, turned off the alarm, and then invited Peter and Jason inside.

Peter was dressed in classy black trousers and a nice shirt, and he was older than I thought he would be. However, he was still very handsome and as I showed him through the first home, we enjoyed each other's company. Upstairs I was explaining the view and the features, but was really just swimming on an air of excitement being in the company of my greatest fantasy on the planet!

"This a lovely home, Dee. You chose well. It is perfect. So tell me, does the beach get very busy?"

The home was located just south of Miami beach and a little quieter that the actual Cold Coast area. I had spent many days over the years exploring the golden beaches of the coast, but I deferred to Jason's superior local knowledge.

"This place is pretty quiet compared to Surfer's Paradise, but it still gets busy in the main seasons. Mainly tourists renting places up here for holidays."

"Ok, well I adore this place, but let's head to the second one to compare," said Peter.

Climbing back into the car we chatted and enjoyed a glass of champagne as we headed north to the second home I had chosen for Peter. The chat was relaxed and pleasant, and I was careful not to make any comments that gave away the fact that I knew who Peter was. I was doing my absolute best to stay cool and not embarrass either the client or myself, when Peter took my breath away.

"So, Dee. Tell me, is there a Mr.Bennett?"

I spluttered on my champagne.

"Um, yes. Steve. His name is Steve."

I managed to blurt out, wondering if he was genuinely interested or was flirting with me a little.

"Of course there is. A woman of your age with your looks would not be single."

I blushed.

"OOh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you, Dee. That was meant to be a compliment. After all, you're stunning, and you can't blame me for asking."

"No, no, it's fine. I just didn't expect that question from........well, you know, you."

I nervously sipped my champagne, feeling flushed from embarrassment once more.

"Me? Why not from me, Dee? " he asked quizzically.

"Well, you know. A famous........actor like you. I just didn't think you'd be the least bit interested in whether I was married or not."

Another sip of the champagne, which Jason politely topped up as he saw my glass was now empty.

"OOoh, I see. So, you know who I am I take it? And just who do you think I am?" he asked.

I was totally mortified, but knew I had to answer.

"Well, excuse me for thinking this, but I think you're Peter North, the famous porn star."

He looked at Jason, and both men then smiled and laughed loudly.

"Well, well well," stated Peter.

"Indeed I am, Dee. Now tell me, how does a pretty little aussie woman like you know who the hell Peter North is?"

I gulped down the second glass of champagne in one go.

"I have seen much of your.........your work." I replied.

I knew my face was bright red from the embarrasment of admitting I knew who he was. He was probably the best known male porn star of all time after all, and I knew both Jason and he were surprised that I actually knew about that kind of thing.

"I see. And just what do you think of my .........my work, Dee" he asked, staring me right in the eye.

"I l......I admire it very much," I replied, looking away as I felt the flush of my cheeks engulf me.

Just as he was about to say something, Russell announced we had arrived at the second apartment I had organised. It was perfect timing, saving me from further embarrassment.

As Russell held the door open for me I quickly walked to the courier who once again was there to meet us with the keys and security details. This second apartment was right on the beach and in the golden mile of Hedges Avenue on the Gold Coast. This one was everything the first one wasn't. It was opulent, brand new, overlooking one of the best stretches of beach in the country. It even had a spa on the balcony overlooking the beach and I actually really liked this place. I remember when I found it I imagined what it would be liked to sit in the spa sipping champagne and watching the beach below.

The embarrassment of the conversation in the limo was momentarily forgotten as I went into realtor mode, explaining to Peter the house and the location. This time for some reason Jason stayed behind drinking a beer with Russell, as I escorted Peter into the apartment and began to explain the internal features.

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