Gloryhole Mommy











I faked being casual, even as my head was spinning with the consequences, "Well, there is a lot more where that came from."

"Mmmmmm, same time tomorrow night?" She asked, her accent back.

My head was spinning.

My mom was a hot woman!

My mom was my most constant stroke fantasy.

My mom had just taken my virginity.

"S-s-sure," I stammered, trying to get my head wrapped around this.

"Great," she said, "your cock is amazing."

I pulled my pants up and said, "Thanks, but I've got to go."

"Bye, sexy," she purred, as I scurried out of the room, out of the adult store and to my bike.

Maybe it wasn't my Mom, I pondered. Maybe I was just imagining it. The French accent didn't sound anything like her.

Then I looked across the street and was relieved to see that my Mom's car wasn't there. Hopping on my bike, playing a little Encyclopedia Brown, I pedalled around the adult store looking for mom's car.

I circled the adult store and began to question what I'd really heard. Maybe I was just hearing things, my many stroke fantasies influencing me at that moment of limbo...when the body controlled my very being while my brain followed on cruise control.

And then...I saw it.

Parked down the road in the dark where the lamppost was out was my mom's car. I slammed on the brakes and barely held myself from crashing.

I stared at the car as many revelations came crashing in on me at once:

1. I had fucked my own mother.

2. I had licked my mom's pussy.

3. I had sucked on my mom's tits.

4. I had gotten a blow job from my mother.

5. My mother had sucked Ralph and Joey.

6. I fucked my own mother.

I fucked my own mother.

I was mortified...I was bewildered...I was in awe.

I fucked my mother.

Yet, I wasn't repulsed, I was excited.

I began pedalling home pondering what I was going to do with this precious information. There was no way I wasn't going to fuck her again. The idea of fucking her without a wall between us was appealing and I felt my cock instantly harden as I played the many various possibilities that existed in my mind.

To my surprise, Mom's car was in the driveway when I got home. That meant, likely, that once she was done fucking me she came straight home.

I didn't go in immediately as I replayed the entire evening in my head. The oral sex, her nipples, her breasts, her pussy, the fucking, her moans and her many flattering words.

It was then I also realized something rather profound...she was cheating on Dad.

Now Dad was gone a lot, and was hardly a romantic man, but still. Then I wondered if he cheated on Mom while he was gone on his many business trips.

I then wondered how long Mom had been going to this gloryhole.

I then wondered what she would do if she knew that the big cock she loved so much was attached to her son.

I then wondered what I should do next.

I couldn't tell anyone about this.

Yet, I sure as hell didn't want my best friends or other disgusting losers like that old man who was in the room before me tonight to be using my mom.

I realized then that to protect my mother from herself, I would have to make her my personal fuck toy.

Confident with my decision, I headed into the house even though I had no plan on exactly how I was going to make her my personal fuck toy.

I walked in and she was in the kitchen, still in the same attire she was in when she left, drinking a glass of milk.

She smiled, "That was a rather quick study session."

I shrugged, "I crammed it in there pretty quickly." I knew my answer wouldn't make much sense, yet it made me feel good as I decided I would try and use word play on her.

"Oh, okay," she replied, looking slightly confused by my answer, although she was often confused by me. My mom was beautiful, sweet and compassionate, but she wasn't very bright (I got my brains from my grandfather).

"You are back pretty quick, too" I pointed out.

"Yes, June wasn't feeling that well," she lied.

"You look a little flushed yourself," I replied.

"I d-d-do?" she stammered.

"Yes, your cheeks are quite red," I continued, knowing the real reason her cheeks were red.

"It's a bit hot in here, I guess," she explained.

"Yes, it is getting hot in here," I agreed.

"I think I'll go and take a shower," she said, clearly uncomfortable with the situation.

"That is a glorious idea," I quipped.

"What did you say?" she asked.

"That having a shower is a glorious idea, why?" I asked, loving watching her look confused and dishevelled.

"No reason," she shrugged and began leaving.

I watched her leave even as I pondered how I was going to play this situation.

That night, I brainstormed a dozen different ways to use this information before coming up with a plan I liked the best.

I tossed and turned all night as I pondered just going into her bedroom and sliding my cock in her while she slept.

Next morning, I showered and came downstairs in just a towel, something I never did.

Mom, being Mom, was already up and making breakfast.

I said, "Good morning, Mom," and gave her a big hug from behind as she was at the counter buttering toast.

"Good morning," she said, surprised by my morning greeting and likely by the poking of my cock on her leg.

"It's a glorious day, isn't it?" I asked, reluctantly letting go.

"I suppose," she agreed, turning around and looking at me, surprised that I was only in a towel. "Why are you not dressed?"

"Oh, I was starving and figured I would come and get a bite to eat first," I answered.

"Oh, okay," she nodded, even though it was obvious she was surprised by my behaviour.

"Do you have any straws?" I asked.

"For what?"

"To suck from," I answered.

"You are not making much sense," she replied, looking at me confused.

Deciding to go for broke, I said, "Actually, I know what you'd rather suck." I then dropped my towel to reveal my completely hard cock.

"Melvin!" she gasped.

"Knees, Mother," I ordered, moving directly in front of her.

"What are you doing?" she questioned.

"Protecting you from yourself," I answered, putting my hands on her shoulders and pushing her to her knees. I asked, as she stared at my cock, "Does it look familiar?"

"Oh my God!" she gasped.

"You said that yesterday," I smiled, clarifying any last lingering doubts that she may have had.

"No, no, no," she babbled, getting upset.

"I think you mean yes, yes, yes," I countered, grabbing my cock and tapping her lips. "Go ahead, Mom. There is no wall this time."

"Oh my God," she repeated, before I slid my cock in her mouth.

She didn't move at first, just sat there with my cock half in her mouth.

I continued, "It's okay Mom, you already had it in your mouth and cunt, isn't that what you called your hot box?"

She couldn't reply with a mouthful of cock, but after another moment she began tentatively sucking me.

"That's it, Mom," I moaned. "No point going to that dirty adult store when you have all the cock you could ever want right here in your own home."

She kept sucking, looking up at me, which was somehow super sexy.

After a few slow bobs, she began moving slightly faster, looking away and focusing on my cock.

I asked, pulling my cock out, "How long have you been going to the gloryhole?"

She whispered, "A couple of weeks."

"Look at me," I ordered firmly.

She obeyed, such guilt and shame written all over her face.

"From now on you will not be going there," I informed her, "is that clear?"

She nodded.

"But you need cock, don't you?" I questioned.

She again nodded, looking back at my cock.

"Say it," I ordered.

"Yes, I need it," she whispered.

"Need what?" I asked.

"Need cock," she admitted, completely ashamed and yet still being controlled by hunger.

"My cock?" I questioned, moving my cock and tracing her pretty lips.

"Yes," she admitted, opening eagerly.

"You understand the rules of the house are changing starting now," I informed her.

"H-h-how?" she asked, still staring at my cock with a look of complete lust in her eyes.

"You will be my Mommy-slut," I answered.

Looking up at me, a smile crossing her face for the first time since learning I knew, she asked, "You like calling me a Mommy-slut, don't you?"

"I like having my very own personal live-in Mommy-slut to use as I wish, yes," I nodded.

"You're such a bad boy," she purred, flicking her tongue on my mushroom top.

"And you're a very bad Mommy," I replied.

"The baddest," she purred, as she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth.

"Yessss, Mommy-slut," I moaned, looking down in awe of what was now happening.

She bobbed back and forth, slowly taking all seven inches of my thick cock in her mouth.

Wanting to fuck her, I pulled out and ordered, "Take off your pajamas."

She looked up at me and asked, coyly, "Does my son want to fuck his mother?"

"Again," I finished, before adding, "this time with no wall in the way."

"It was a hindrance," she agreed, as she stood up and pulled her pajamas down, surprising me by not having any panties on.

"Were you expecting me to fuck you this morning?" I asked.

"I never wear panties, except during that one pesky week." She revealed.

"Wow!" I said, my hot mother getting hotter.

"Your cock is wow," she purred as she reached for it. After a pause, she said, "So I took my own son's virginity."

"That you did," I nodded.

"When did you know it was me?" she asked, gently stroking my cock.

"After I came and you said one sentence without the accent," I admitted.

"Wait, who were you with yesterday at lunch?" she asked, a sudden look of 'oh crap' in her facial expression.

"You've been sucking Ralph off all week and Joey the past couple of days," I revealed.

"Oh God," she sighed, before asking, clearly really worried, "Do they know?"

"They have no clue," I answered, "although they would be thrilled to know it was you. They both have had stroke fantasies of you forever."

"Really?" Mom asked.

"Mom, don't pretend you don't know how hot you are," I said.

"You think I'm hot?" she asked, a look of vulnerability implying she really didn't know.

"Mom, I have used a 100 boxes of Kleenex masturbating about you," I admitted.

"Really?" she repeated.

I was stunned she wouldn't know how beautiful she is. "Mom, how could you not know?"

"Well, I knew you used a lot of Kleenex," she smiled, "I just didn't know you were fantasizing about me while wasting all that yummy cum."

"Well, I won't have to waste any more, will I?" I smiled, leaning in and kissing her.

At first Mom didn't respond, a kiss oddly more intimate then sucking a cock, stroking a cock or even fucking a cock. But when she did, she opened her mouth and our tongues explored each other.

When I broke the kiss, she answered the question I had asked, "You will always have a place to deposit your cum."

"I have a full load now," I said, turning her around and bending her over the counter.

"I like a man who takes charge," she moaned.

"I like a slut who knows her position," I responded, oozing with a confidence I didn't know I had.

"You like calling your Mother a slut, don't you?" she purred, looking back at me.

"I love having my very own Mommy-slut," I answered, as I moved behind her and slid my cock in her very wet pussy.

"Aaaaaaaah," she moaned, "I was already looking forward to this cock tonight."

"Well, you can have it again tonight," I groaned, "but now we need to deal with my morning wood."

"And what a glorious piece of wood it is," she playfully responded.

"And what a glorious hole you have," I responded back, as I began pumping in and out of her warmth.

"I have three glorious holes at your disposal," she purred, adding to her sexy sluttiness.

"You do, do you," I groaned, my balls already beginning to boil.

"Mommy is a dirty three hole cum slut," she declared, bucking back to meet my forward thrusts.

"Fuuuuck," I groaned, her nasty tongue turning me on. I had never heard her swear before yesterday and now she was calling herself a cum slut.

"Pound Mommy's cuuuuuuunt," she moaned, as we both began fucking each other.

I tried to hold back as long as possible, as I groaned, "God yes, you're my dirty fucking Mommy-slut."

"Come in Mommy," she moaned, "fill Mommy's cunt with your cum, baby."

I couldn't resist any longer and declared, "Here it comes my Mommy-cum-slut," as I coated her cunt walls with my load.

"Yesssssss," she screamed, "fill Mommyyyyyyyyyy."

I could sense that her own orgasm was close, and I kept slamming into her as I ordered, "Now come on your son's big dick, Mommy-slut."

"Yes, harder," she said, getting animated, "Fuck Mommy, you bad boy, you mother fucker."

I fucked her as hard as I could wanting to hear her scream, wanting to get her off.

"Yes, fuck, drill me, drill me, fuck, fuck, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh," she screamed when her orgasm finally hit her.

When I pulled out a moment later, I ordered, "Clean me off, Mommy-slut."

She didn't hesitate, spinning around, dropping to her knees and taking my cock, shiny with her cum, in her mouth.

Finally, I pulled out of her amazing mouth, pulled her back up and kissed her again, both of us melting into each other.

When I broke the kiss, I smiled, "So, think you can stay away from the gloryhole?"

"I don't know," she smiled, "I usually need a full load or more for lunch."

"Pick me up at lunch and I'll satisfy your hunger," I promised.

"It's a date," she smiled.

"Oh, it's a glorious day," I smiled, walking naked towards my room.

And with that, Mom and I started having sex at every opportunity including a crazy sex-filled weekend after our morning encounter.

But that is an entirely different story.

THE END ... maybe.

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by Anonymous

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by BTL10105/07/19

Every boy's fantasy!

Absolutely the hottest mom/son story I've read in a long time!

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by prop6901/08/19
by Anonymous11/12/18

lol...a store owner knows the secret.....remember his mortified look?

he will either blackmail the mother or let it slip to the sons' friends so they can have her as well....but then the son is protective of his mother and also wants her to what does he do...hemore...

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by old_law07/27/18


Excellent story, sir!

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by Anonymous07/24/18


Another excellent one from the best writer on!

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