tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFun with Cindy Ch. 01

Fun with Cindy Ch. 01


Chapter 1 Fucking with Cindy

Cindy was on her knees in front of me, giving me a long, slow and very wet blowjob. Her hands were rubbing the tops of my thighs. She knows she is only allowed to use her mouth on my cock. I slid into her throat and she gagged slightly, producing even more drool. There was already a puddle of saliva between my legs. Later, I'd make her lick it up before cleaning my ass with her tongue. I watched her working for a few more minutes, looking right into her beautiful blue eyes. She looked amazing, all made up but not overdone, elegant. I like her to look her best when she sucks me and I think she enjoys putting on makeup at the vanity. Just like a real person. Except for the thin leather slave collar and her best friend, the butt plug.

"Time to use your titties, slave."

She cupped her breasts, squeezing them around me. Her boobs are great. Not huge, but big C cups that hang just enough. Her tits are what made me want her. The rest of her fit body is a bonus. As she moved her chest up and down my shaft I told her,

"More spit, sweetheart."

I use affectionate terms like sweetheart and honey when she pleases me. I love her so much. I call her whore, cunt or something else insulting when she's in trouble. Poor Cindy hasn't heard her name since I took her.

She lowered her head and drooled onto the head of my cock as it thrust out from between her tits then disappeared again. Over and over. I felt the saliva running over my balls. More for her to lick off the master's chair.

"That's enough spit. Faster now."

She increased the pace of her bouncing. I thought to myself, "This must be a good workout for her thighs." As I was thinking fondly of her thighs, my shaft popped forward from inside her cleavage to the space between her boobs and where her hands were holding them together. She corrected it immediately but the damage was done. Her slippery saliva was no longer confined to the path of my dick through the tender valley between her tits. With her hands wet she couldn't hold her soft, round breasts together as well and I soon slid forward again. I sighed and glared at my little 20 year old Cindy. My sex slave was no longer a teenager. I had given her quite a birthday party a few weeks earlier. Streamers, cake and so much more. That's another story.

I had wanted her to make a mistake; it's why I told her to speed up. I love her when she gives me a reason to punish her. This afternoon will be a torture session for my slave.

"Stand up and turn around, slut. I want to cum in your asshole."

Her brow furrowed. She's so cute when she pouts. While looking sad is fine, she's not allowed to hesitate when given an order. I slapped her across her adorable face and her ponytail flew to the side.


Cindy rose and spun to face away from me. She reached back and eased the butt plug from her firm, round tushy, placing it on the table next to my chair. I mentally added it to the list of things her tongue had a date with. Cindy hates having anything up her ass. I know because whenever I let her decide on a reward for herself, she asks to remove her nearly constant companion. Other than that, the plug stays in unless she's using the bathroom or I'm exploring her bowels with my cock. The butt plug's not that big and she must be used to it physically by now. Something in her head makes it degrading, even after all the depraved acts we've performed together.

My cock was still slimy with spit so I entered her fairly easily as she sat on my rigid penis. Knowing how much she hated this made me rock hard. I let her fuck me for a little while, bent over with her hands on her knees, her tight bottom moving up and down. She relaxed to let me delve in and clenched down hard while I pulled out, jerking me off with her sphincter. I was getting close to cumming so I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her onto my lap. I yanked her pony tail with my other hand, twisting her head back by her dark brown hair and kissed her. I shoved my cock as deep as possible into her ass and unloaded inside her.

After my orgasm I leaned back, still inside Cindy's butthole, and fondled her tits. As I relaxed and started to soften I said,

"Back on your knees, sweetie. Clean off my cock."

My gorgeous slave complied, frowning a bit at the taste of her own ass mixed with my semen. After she licked and sucked me spotless it was on to the master's chair. It's the most comfortable piece of furniture in the basement and she knows well that she's not allowed on it. Shortly, it was sparkling clean as well. I'd been standing behind my chair, watching Cindy's tongue polish the seat. I walked around and knelt on the chair, facing the backrest. Sticking my ass out I told her,

"There's still some spit back there, my love. Would you take care of it? Get on your feet."

Bending at the waist so her breasts dangled towards the floor, my Cindy licked the spit off my ass, working her way to the center. When she got there she gave me a quick rimjob before sticking her pink tongue out as far as she could and pushing it inside. She knows I like that and it would mean a severe punishment if she didn't clean me inside and out. As I turned and sat back down I said to my slave,

"Good job, honey. You're almost done. Just wash your butt plug and put it back where it belongs."

The look of disappointment on her face told me she had been hoping I would forget about it or at least not make her suck the shit off of it. No such luck. She licked all over and when it was nice and moist she stood, squatted slightly, and pushed it home. As she inserted the toy she turned her head away shyly. Too cute.

"Bring your stool over here and sit next to me."

She retrieved the hard, flat stool from her makeup area and seated herself next to me. I turned on the tv and we watched a sitcom while she ate the ham and turkey sandwich I brought her. Some people like making slaves eat disgusting meals but that doesn't do much for me. I need her to stay healthy so Cindy pretty much eats the same things I do. Unless she's on a cum-only diet, of course, she has to stay trim! The show ended and I shut off the tv, turned to her and asked,

"What did you do wrong this morning, slave?"

Speaking for the first time that day, my pretty girl answered,

"I touched your penis with my hands while I was using my breasts, master."

"And what is the only thing that should touch me when I fuck your tits?"

"My tits, sir"

"That's right. I will punish you for that and since you don't seem to be able to use your titties properly, they will receive the punishment. Now get in your house and while you wait for me to come back and give those tits of yours a lesson, I want you to think about what a worthless piece of trash you are. Try to think of ways to improve yourself because I don't need a dumb as a rock slave fucking up all the time!"

My tone had become harsher as I berated my fuck toy. Those bright blue eyes welled up and her pouty lip started quivering but she held back the tears. I love my Cindy when she cries. I just want to hold her close while in my head, laughing at her hopeless situation. I can't let her know how much I enjoy it or she'll turn on the waterworks all the time, hoping for mercy or favor. I want to be sure they're sincere tears of misery. She knows that if a tear makes it onto her cheek when she's not being punished she gets a 24 hour butt plug upgrade.

The house she moved towards is a metal box set into the wall of the basement. A cube, about 3 1/2 feet on each side, containing a blanket, pillow and a coffee can with a lid for her waste. Oh, the things she's done to earn those scant comforts. She often loses the blanket or pillow when she fails to please me. The first time they were taken away, I made her don a strapon and rape a recently kidnapped bitch in order to have her bedding returned. That's another good story.

Cindy didn't know there were a night-vision cameras in the ceiling corners of her cozy little house. Early in her slavery, she had taken her special friend out of her ass while she was in her house for the night. That action resulted in quite a beating. Now she knows better.

My slave took a bra from a hook near her front door and started putting it on. I stopped her, massaged some flexall onto her tits and gave each one a good slap to make sure she was aware of the area that would be punished when I returned. She put the bra in place (I want her wonderful breasts staying pert!) and stood patiently with her mouth open. I chose a big red ball gag and fit it into her mouth, locking it in back. Cindy crawled into her home and I closed the door behind her, making sure the door and the two inch diameter window set about waist high were locked, leaving her in darkness. I put my ear to the door and could just hear her crying around her ball gag. That made me smile. Poor Cindy, she should have done a better job titty fucking me and not touched me with her goddamn hands.

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