My husband's naughty dad.

I met my future husband at work, I was promoted to his office, and became his secretary, he is a high flyer and going places, already has his own people, which isn't usual for someone his age in the company.

Only 26 years old, good looking and a target for most of the girls, and some of the married ones too!

And believe this or not, he still lives at home with his widowed dad.

I am 22, got all my degrees in business etc, so am looking to better myself too.

I am quite good looking, even very good looking if I want to be bigheaded about it, tallish, 5ft 7", good body, keep myself in shape, and have dark auburn hair down to my shoulders, like to dress well, silk and lace sort of girl, stockings, heels etc, never had any trouble getting a guy, but was careful who with, and even more careful who I "put out to."

After I had been working for him for about 3 weeks, he asked me to lunch to discuss ways forward and to improve the section he was in charge of, one lunch became 2, became 3, and so on, and so on.

We started dating, and got closer and closer, everyone knew to keep away from him now, we were falling in love, and I was happy, our sex life was excellent, the only fly in the ointment was that he had to travel away on business fairly regularly.

When I asked him why he still lived at home, he said he had never had reason to leave, and when I met hid 46 year old dad John, and the house they lived in, I understood why!

It was enormous, driveway a mile long, or so it seemed, 6 or 7 bedrooms, 4 en suite, huge reception rooms, massive gardens front and rear, heated pool, they shared the kitchen, his dad would cook normally, because he didn't work now, just pottered around the house, doing odd jobs, looking after it and the garden, although he did have hired help twice a week.

He also did a bit of private work on the internet, so all in all he was a busy man.

He is independently wealthy, his parents, and their parents had handed it all down, and one day it would all be Michaels.

I met him 2 months into my relationship, and I loved from the get go, he was great, terrific fun, I could see where Michael got his looks from, we got on like a house on fire.

He had made his son go to college, get the qualifications he needed, and get a job, which turned out to be a great thing he did, because it gave him a proper insight into the way of the world, just like his dad's dad had made John do.

Our romance was a whirlwind affair, and we were married 9 months after we first went out, and we moved into his house with his dad, we had our own rooms, so there was never any invasion of privacy from either direction

Here I was, a normal girl brought up by loving, but not wealthy parents who had struggled to bring me up, pay for college and all the rest of things that make for a happy childhood.

My parents couldn't afford a big wedding, so John, my future father in law, went to see them, and using his undoubted charm he got them to accept a cheque to pay for it, and not one word would ever be divulged that this had been done, the only ones who knew but didn't care, were we 5, his dad, my mum and dad, me and Michael.

Then the astonishing thing as the speeches were made, my dad, my husband, then his dad, he dropped a big envelope on to the wedding breakfast table, said to me and Michael that this is your wedding present from me and your sadly deceased mum.

Michael opened it, and inside were the deeds to the house all signed over to us both, I was complete and utterly flabbergasted.

He had given the house to us, it was ours, then out of the deeds dropped a cheque, it was for £500.000, The fact we were sitting prevented us from falling over, but only just, that's for alterations and repairs that need doing, he told us.

With that he sat down, toasted us both, and said to a stunned party, well! Let's party hey?

We had a whale of a time, and a great day was had by all, we then departed on a 2 week honeymoon, which was a great holiday and a great success.

We returned and tried to get back to living a normal life, I continued to work, although Michael wanted me to stop.

One of his dads proviso's in giving us the house was, he was to live in it until the end of his days, which we fervently hoped was a long way off.

And it certainly wasn't a problem for me, I just loved it all.

I got to know the house, every day was a new day for me, and I couldn't get enough.

What I didn't know was his dad had developed feelings for me he shouldn't have, although it was never apparent to anyone, until a year after we had moved in, Michael had gone away for 5 days on the Monday, it was now Tuesday afternoon, I had just got in from work, he gave me a small gift, beautifully wrapped. He told me to go upstairs and try it on, which puzzled me, but I went up, he called after to me, that when I had it on, could he come and see me wearing it?

I said yes over my shoulder, still now knowing what it was, I got to my bedroom, unwrapped it, and there it was, a fantastically beautiful negligee, made in what was obviously very expensive black silk that just shimmered in the light, edges trimmed with a red rose colour, the straps were, and under the arms, and around the flared bottom, also in there, were a pair of tiny lacy black silk panties, also trimmed in the red, with a tiny hand made rose in the centre at the front.

I loved them immediately, John must have timed my reaction and movements, because a moment later, he called out, 'got them on yet?' Without thinking I called back, 'yes I have.'

I heard him coming upstairs, and thought to myself, heck, Im in this very skimpy outfit and my father in law was on his way up to see me in it.

Well, I thought, what could I do about it now? Nothing, that's what!

He did knock, bless him, I said 'come in,' showed him, and did a little twirl in front of him.

He had one hand behind his back, and said, 'turn around honey, put your hands behind you, palms up, I have another present for you.'

I did as bid, he stepped up to me, I raised my arms, the next thing I knew was, I felt a softness on each wrist, and a clicking sound, what I wasn't aware of was, the clicking sound I heard was wrist cuffs fastening them selves to me.

I sort of looked behind me, and couldn't really understand what had just happened.

I was handcuffed, and immobile. Nonplussed is a word that sprang to mind after a short while.

There seemed to be a very thin chain or wire from one arm to my other, that's when what he had done made itself apparent in my mind, he had captured me, and I was practically helpless.

I said, 'John, what's going on?'

'Im sorry baby,' he said, 'but its something I have to do, something I have wanted since the day I first met you.'

Now it really did dawn on me what he wanted, and what he was after, for my part, I never knew I would respond the way I did, and after just a few minutes too.

I said, 'John, you are my husband's dad, please don't do this.'

He was near me, and just reached up to my shoulders, and pulled down the 2 little straps holding my lacy top, and did so until my boobs jumped out, he reached for them, took both nipples into his fingers and squeezed and rolled them before I could react to it.

I nearly died from embarrassment, and not in some little arousal either if I were to be honest.

I stepped backwards away from him a couple of feet, that's when the back of my legs collided with the bed, and I toppled backwards on to it.

As I did so, he reached underneath the top and just pulled the panties right down and off me.

'John,' I pleaded, 'what do you think you are doing, please stop right now.'

'Sorry honey, no can do' he replied.

He climbed on to the bed with me, always one step ahead it seems, I thought, he lifted me into the centre of it, wrapped me in his arms, and kissed me, I did manage to turn my head away, but he just went for my neck, which is one of my most sensitive places, especially the bit between, neck and shoulder, I couldn't help moaning and shivering when he quickly found that spot, I begged him to stop be fore it as too late.

'Sorry babe' he replied, 'it already is.'

He got me kissing him back, I couldn't help it, I was becoming more turned on by the second.

What with his necking me, and fiddling my nipples I knew it wasn't going to be very long before I was going to be joining in and loving it, and that happened a few short seconds later.

He tickled my wanton pussy, sucked a nipple into his hot mouth, and I was gone, my father in law had trapped me, conquered me, and seduced me in one very easy lesson, and I wanted him to make love to me now as soon as possible.

Quickly getting off the bed, he undressed, and revealed a very impressive cock, long, thick, and so very hard, and it was all because of me he said.

I was the cause of his desire and arousal for me, so he had to make me his didn't he?

Well, I wasn't going anywhere now was I? I was handcuffed, helpless, and now the moment of truth, he quickly climbed over me, and started pushing his beautiful cock into my ever sweetening pussy, he hooked his hands under my shoulders, and started ramming it into me, I was loving every second of my wanton fucking now, amazingly, he apologised for doing this, I smiled up at him, and repeated his prior words to me, 'bit late now isn't it?' I said.

He laughed, and said,' yes I suppose it is!'

You are the naughtiest father in law in the world I told him, seducing me and fucking your son's wife.

He then started fucking me harder and harder, and I couldn't stop myself from joining in as best I could.

He was, and is a wonderful lover, he made me cum in torrents, Im not going to say he was better than my husband, but it was certainly very different.

We spent the whole day in each others arms one way or another.

I begged him to release me, I told him that I wouldn't fight him; I wanted to make love to him too.

He did as I asked, but left one cuff on in case I misbehaved he said, which I assure you, I didn't.

Making love all ways now, I 69nd him, which we both loved immensely, he 69nd me, but the most satisfying thing I did was, I straddled his left thigh in the afternoon, cupped his balls in my left hand, caressed them smoothly, and wanked him slowly with my right, when he eventually came, I gobbled the lot up as quickly as I could.

That night I slept with him in his bed, we made love again, and the thing that amazed me most was, the fact that I didn't feel guilty at all, John confessed that he did, but now it was done, it was done, he said.

When Michael made his customary call at 9.00pm, I took it in our bedroom, because we had our own number there, we had a longish chat.

I did feel a twinge of guilt then, but that was all, and I still went straight back to sleep with his dad.

We slept together all week; Im sure that to an outsider, we actually would have appeared as man and wife!

And in effect, that's what we were going to become, I was a wife to John in the week, and when Michael was home I was his wife completely.

There wasn't one act of love John and I didn't do, including him fucking me in the ass, I didn't like it at first, but he wanted it, so that was that!

I learned to love it, and I sure do now!

I am going to convince Michael to do it with me there too.

I was in love now with 2 men, my lovely loving husband, and now my sexy father in law, we had agreed that we wouldn't make love or do anything after Thursday night, stopping activity between us at midnight, except if he wanted me to wank him, which was difficult to do and not follow up on it!

Michael came home at Friday afternoon; his dad had "arranged" to go out with friends for the evening, leaving us on our own, he was so considerate; Michael and I went to bed very early that night, and I made sure he was more than happy with my welcome home loving, I gave him everything I could, I just about fucked his brains out!

I know it's hard to reconcile me loving two men, and the fact that they are father and son, but that's how it is, and it's worked out wonderfully, I am completely satisfied in every way by two men who I love with all my heart.

John never attempts to touch me when Michael is home, even if he doesn't go away for a week or two, ha has never given a hint of what is going on, so that relieved me of any tension I was experiencing.

Me and my father in law are still lovers 6 years on, Michael and I now have 3 wonderful children, and I have no idea who is the father of any of them, and I don't care, Michael is a wonderful loving father, and John is the tenderest of grandfathers, he adores them and takes them every where.

How could I be happier? I have the strongest of love from my 2 men, and I love them both so.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/12/18

the first night with my father in law !

My father in law and I have always gotten along. He was always teasing me about my beautiful blue eyes . My husband had to go out of town for 4 months working 12 days straight then 4 days off.
It was amore...

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by Anonymous08/19/18

Secretly in love with my father in law

I orgasmed so hard to this story! I fell in love with my father in law, Edward, the first time I met him 5 years ago when my Marine husband (boyfriend at the time) came home to visit from japan . I alwaysmore...

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