F.E.M. Pt. 01


I was 38, divorced, without a job and my girlfriend had just dumped me for a man with more money, that is to say, a man with a job. In fact, it was now a year after the law firm who had employed me for ten years had let me go --undoubtedly because my salary had reached twice that of the most junior attorneys. My savings were gone and my unemployment benefits had just expired.

I was a good lawyer, very experienced in divorce law and general civil litigation, but despite all the resumes I had sent and the numerous ads I had answered, no one was interested. I had even applied for legal positions which involved areas of law I knew nothing about. No luck at all.

So, when I responded to yet another ad, I expected nothing different. In fact, I barely paid attention to what the ad said. The only thing that stood out in my memory was that the ad required a head to toe picture. But I, of course, realized that attractiveness was an aid to any profession, so without another thought I attached a full body picture of myself in my best suit.

A call came a week later. The female voice told me they wanted to interview me right away, in fact, in three hours, if possible. I quickly accepted and typed the address she gave me into the notes app on my phone. As I got ready, I realized I had not kept the ad and I remembered only a small portion of what it had said. I would just have to "wing it."

The address brought me to a two-story building on the outskirts of the city. Plastered on the outside were three huge, pink letters: "F.E.M." The lobby was empty, but for the same letters nailed to the wall. Underneath the letters on the wall was the full name: "Female Empowerment Management." Ahead about ten steps was a wall and a single wooden door. I scratched my head and checked the address on my phone. As I was doing so, I heard the door open and a female voice ask, "Mac?"

I looked up from my phone and into the light blue eyes of a beautiful, blonde woman, dressed in a black miniskirt and tight, white blouse that showed ample cleavage. My mouth froze. I must have looked comical, because she chuckled. "It's ok," she said, "this happens a lot--men getting confused about this place. That's why I come to the lobby."

"Ok, sorry," I blurted out. I wasn't sure if I was more off balance by the sign, or her looks. I pulled my gaze off of her gorgeous face and back to the wall sign. "I answered an ad for a legal position and I am not sure I am in the right place. I don't know anything about "female empowerment."

She smiled. "Well, hopefully we can change that." She was holding the door open and she gestured towards the inside. "Come in." She waited as I considered whether to comply. A streak of impatience flashed across her face. Her lips pursed. "Last chance," she said, as she held the door open.

What choice did I have? I went up to her and followed her through the doorway. The ass beneath her short, black skirt looked tight and pert as she brought me down a hallway. A quick film fantasy of that ass in my bed ran through my head.

She ushered me into a big office, with a large, expensive mahogany desk. There was a woman sitting behind who looked to be forty and not nearly as attractive as the one who I had first met. This woman had a plain face, no makeup and her black hair was cut short. She pointed to a chair in front of the desk. Before her was my resume and my photograph. The woman who brought me to the office sat in a chair off to the side.

"Mr. Zander, we are in the business of female empowerment and we have a position available for one of slots in legal. You have the necessary background. But what we need to know is, do you have the other attributes that we require?"

I looked at her quizzically. I also had noticed that neither of the women had introduced themselves. I was about to ask, politely, for their names, but the woman behind the desk spoke first.

"Please stand up, Mr. Zander," she said.

I looked at her with a furrowed brow. Her mien became stern. I kept thinking about how badly I needed money. I had never been asked to do such a thing at an interview. I began to wonder what was going on. Her expression darkened. She was absolutely serious. I glanced at my picture on her desk. Seems that appearance is exceptionally important here.

I stood.

She relaxed and sat back. Her eyes roamed from my eyes, down to my chest and down from there. I blushed. She grinned. "Now turn around."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Something wrong?" she asked.

I craned my neck towards the woman who had met me in the lobby. "Yes, we need a very thorough understanding of how other women will think of you. In any job involving clients, looks help. As the ad said, for a male position in our company, looks are VERY important.

I gulped, still confused and unsure. "Male position?" But I sucked it up and turned in a circle.

"What do you think, Miriam?" asked the older woman.

"Fine ass. Nice bulge. Handsome face. He passes the first test, I'd say, April."

I gaped at the two women.

April nodded to Miriam, then pressed a button built into her desk.

I plopped down in my chair. "Listen, I..."

April raised her palm.

I went quiet.

I heard a knock on the door behind me. "Enter!" Miriam yelled. I heard the door open, then the sound of feet softly moving across the floor.

I followed April's eyes and turned in my seat. My mouth dropped open. Coming up to the desk was a man, a man carrying a silver tray, a tray with coffee cups and a coffee pot. The man was naked. No, I take that back. He wore just an apron. A string was knotted at the back, just above his bare ass, which was now prominently displayed in front of me, as the man set down the tray on a side table and served April behind the desk.

Miriam then snapped her finger. The almost naked man grabbed the serving tray and hurried over to her. He set down the tray and handed a cup of coffee to her. She then raised her index finger. He froze. As he stood there, she sipped her coffee, slowly.

April was staring at me, obviously waiting to see my reaction. A test. I gulped, looked back at Miriam and the manservant. "What kind of place is this?"

Neither of the women responded. Miriam placed her cup down on the serving tray. The man was still locked in place. She looked intently at the apron and simply nodded.

The man reached behind his back and pulled the string. The apron dropped to the floor.

Miriam's eyes grew wide and a broad smile spread across her face. "Turn sideways," she told the guy.

That made it so his erection was in plain sight for me. She looked directly at me and said, "This is a place where intelligent, handsome men are treated well and are paid handsomely to provide all kinds of services to women."

The man's cock was big. She was stroking his shaft and massaging his balls. He started moaning and in a minute he was fully erect.

"I want some 'sugar' in my coffee," she said. She pulled his cock down toward her cup.

Her strokes became rapid. The man's knees started to quiver and he was breathing heavily. Through clenched teeth he gasped, "Madam, may I please come?"

She slowed her strokes, deliberately restraining his orgasm. "When I say so!" she snapped.

"Yes, Madam," he said weakly.

She waited a minute, teasing him, then resumed her fast movements. He was back at the brink. This time she brought him over the edge. Cum shot out of him and splattered into the coffee cup. When it was full, she directed the rest onto the tray.

She swirled his cum into her coffee.

"You can leave now and nap for an hour. Then back to work!" April said. The guy picked up his apron, then the serving tray and with wobbly legs shuffled out the door.

I was stunned. I didn't know what to say, or do.

April spoke. "So, Mr. Zander, you must understand that at FEM, men serve women, fully, completely, without question. In return, you will find that all your financial and professional needs will be more than satisfied. Do you have a problem with that?"

I tried to get my head around what I had just witnessed. "Before you answer, let me tell you more specifically what you have to gain by working here." She wrote on a pad of paper and slid the pad over to him. He picked it up. There was a number on it --a big number-- and the words, "also with generous health insurance, pension and vacation benefits."

The salary being offered to me was $30,000 more per year than my last job. Never mind the insurance, pension and vacation benefits. As to the obviously unusual "benefits" just displayed, well, I was too surprised to know what to feel.

I looked from April, to Miriam and back to April. I managed to ask, "As a part of the legal services unit, what would I be doing, I mean, as far as legal stuff..."

April grinned. But Miriam answered. "The legal unit assists women with any legal matter. Many of our women face difficult divorce and family law issues. In short, many of their men refuse to accept the dominance of the women and legal difficulties ensue. Your background fits nicely into our need, as does your looks. You have not left after seeing some of what we and our clients expect from our male employees, so that is good. Your willingness to be submissive is important."

Submissive. The word struck me like a slap.

April spoke. "Indeed, you will be performing legal work, but also anything else a woman tells you to do, as long as it is doesn't involve unreasonable pain or danger. It is all in the contract." She produced a document.

"But, before you sign and bind both yourself and FEM to the terms --" She gestured with her hand for me to stand up again. "Take off your clothes--all of them." April pressed a key on her computer keyboard. "This is the final test."

I sucked a long, deep breath, then let it out. I stared at the contract, at the money it represented. I hesitated. But, I had gone this far...

I began to undress. I removed my tie and suit coat. Just as I was done removing my shirt and tshirt, the door behind me opened. A young woman walked in, no more than twenty-five. She looked excited. "I saw this guy coming in and I was hoping he would make it to the final test!"

She was damn cute. She stood next to April's desk and watched me very intently.

I removed my shoes and socks. I unbuckled my belt and off came my pants. I stood there with just my boxers. All the attention on me had excited my cock. My erection pressed the fabric outward to its limit.

My hands wouldn't move. They were frozen on the waistband. My heart was racing. I needed a final push.

The young woman provided it. "We need to see all you have to offer. Take of your shorts."

I peered directly into her eyes. The energy in her gaze flowed into my hands. Down went the boxers and out popped my massive erection.

All three women smiled. Miriam said: "Certainly an attractive cock."

The young woman nodded her agreement, without removing her eyes from my member.

"Then it is unanimous," April said. "But we must be sure that you can properly use that attractive cock." She nodded at the young woman. As the woman walked over, April said: "To be clear--you are to never initiate contact with a woman employee or any client, in any way. But if a woman wishes you to touch her, you are to do so as she commands."

The young woman was next to me. She reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties. Then she bent over April's desk and pulled up her skirt. "I feel like having a cock in me this morning."

Looking at her tight, young ass and pussy made me so hard it almost hurt. She had kept on her black high heels.

"Go ahead," Miriam told him. "Show us what you got."

It was too much to resist. I rammed her hard, too hard. She yelled, but didn't stop me. Her young pussy was already soaking wet and hot. I drove into her again and again. She grunted with pleasure each time I did.

As I slammed her, April grabbed her face and kissed her. Miriam grabbed my ass as I plunged into the young pussy. She moaned with ecstasy. I pumped my cock into her until I knew I was about to explode.

All of a sudden April was next to me. She pulled me back, moving me out of the young one. Then she grabbed my pussy-juice coated erection with one hand and my balls with the other. "You are going to be very useful around here!" She dropped to her knees and her lips smothered the purple, bulbous head of my cock. She moved both of her hands to my shaft, so she could work those in concert with her mouth. I felt a hand come in from behind me, underneath. The silk-like flesh of Miriam's hand felt incredible as it massaged my balls.

"Yes, he will fit in very well," Miriam said.

April grunted her agreement, with her mouth full of my cock.

The young woman was now standing, kneading my ass as April sucked me.

Miriam whispered into my ear. "Come for us!"

April's head moved faster. In a minute she had me ready to blow.

The muscles in my legs locked and I knew I was done. A huge spurt of cum shot into April's mouth. Two other big spurts followed. Most woman would have quit after the first or second one, but she wouldn't release her mouth. She hungrily kept swallowing.

When it stopped, I almost collapsed to the floor, but Miriam supported me and helped me drop into the chair.

April kept licking around her mouth, to capture globs of cum she had not swallowed.

When April returned to her seat, she said. "Well, you have passed all the tests. Now, just sign the contract and you can begin your new career. Actually, it is rather like a new life--a life, I think, you will come to greatly appreciate."

My hand quivered from exhaustion, but I managed to sign.

My new life had begun.


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Great setup, great action, great writing - don't stoppppppppp

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