tagLesbian SexEmma and Becs Pt. 02

Emma and Becs Pt. 02


I feel you tense a little as I whisper in your ear.

I gently squeeze your hands in mine and I can feel you relax again, you give my hands a little squeeze, releasing one of my hands, your fingers slowly tracing over my palm, fingers and away from my hand as you step past me, leading me off down your hall.

Walking behind you, smiling to myself, your skirt still bunched up around your waste.

My eyes fixed on the perfect bum wiggling in front of me, I know that you know exactly where my eyes will be fixated on, so much so I nearly walk into the back of you when you stop at the last door in the hall, but I save myself, taking a deep breath, watching as you open the door and lead me in to your bedroom by the hand.

We get halfway across room towards your bed, when you stop. You hand going limp in mine, your head fixed forwards but I can sense the sudden doubt on your face. I release your hand, walk back to close the door, walking back over the room towards you, I undo the remaining buttons on my shirt, you haven't moved, still standing in the same spot.

I place one hand on your shoulder, the other brushing your dark hair to the side, leaning forward to gently kiss the back of your neck. That does the trick, a cute little sigh escaping your lips, your hands reaching behind you to find my hips, holding me as you push your hips back, rubbing your bum against me, my turn to sigh as I continue to lightly kiss, suck and lick your neck, up to quickly suck your earlobe. Your fingers squeezing my hips in response.

Kissing along your jawline, my hand in your hair gently pulling back, tilting your head back as my mouth travels up from your jaw, my lips finding yours, no nerves for either of us now, my tongue pushing past your lips into your mouth, our lips locked, tongues dancing, both of us softly whimpering as we kiss.

Moving my hand from your shoulders, then down over your arms to encircle your body, one hand above the other on your stomach.

Your hips automatically pushing back into me as your body responds to the touch of my hands on your stomach.

I don't know how it's possible but we both manage to smile as we continue our kiss.

Fingertips pulling at the material of your blouse, tugging it out of your bunched up skirt, my fingers immediately finding the bottom button, undoing each button as my hands move upwards, our kiss deepening, your hips circling, pushing back against me.

Purposely pulling the material of your blouse outwards so I avoid touching your breasts as I undo the buttons that hold the blouse over your breasts.

Not touching you, but you still sigh as we kiss, chest pushing outwards.

Reaching the last button, I undo it. Reluctantly breaking our kiss, my hands on the collar of your blouse as I step back, slowly lowering it down your arms.

You take your hands from my hips to allow me to remove the blouse, looking around, I spot a chair just to my side, folding your blouse and placing it on the chair.

Stepping closer to you once more, kissing your shoulder, my hands between us, to the clasp on your bra... I'm fiddling, fiddling... I feel you wiggle as you giggle. I laugh 'what's happening, why can't I do it', my shaking hands still struggling.

You reach behind you and effortlessly undo the bra, much to my dismay.

Letting the straps fall down your shoulders, catching the falling bra in front of you, looking over your shoulder at me, your eyes widening as you see my shirt is open, then, winking as you toss your bra across the room.

I can't help but giggle and shrug my shoulders as you once again look forwards.

Taking advantage of you looking ahead, I push my shirt down my shoulders and off, looking around before tossing it onto the chair, out of your line of site.

Reaching behind me to undo my bra, with ease! Removing it and tossing it onto the chair with my shirt.

All the time I'm watching, your hands clenching and unclenching at your sides, sometimes moving up to your stomach, crossing your arms over your chest, I swear I can see what you are thinking, weird as it is 'what are you doing becs, relax becs, your being silly'.

Reaching behind myself to unzip my skirt, pushing it down over my thighs, along with my thong, letting them fall to my feet in a bunch, stepping out of the skirt, kicking the thong from my foot.

Stand up straight, deep breath.

Stepping up behind you, kissing your shoulder, my hands finding yours where they rest over your stomach.

Wrapping my fingers in your's, a gentle squeeze as I kiss up your shoulder, gently sucking the bottom of your neck. Another cute moan escaping your lips, making me smile against your warm skin.

Closing the little gap between us, pressing myself against you, you gasping quietly as you feel I am naked.

Moving my head up, you instinctively tilt your head back allowing me to capture your mouth with mine.

Out tongues immediately greeting each other, our lips coming together, a deep kiss that leaves you and I moaning into each others mouths.

I gently squeeze your hands in mine, slowly moving them up higher. Up further, covering your breasts with our joint hands. Again we both whimper into our kiss, your hips pushing back against me.

Untangling our fingers I leave your hands on your breasts and slowly move mine lower, fingertips barely touching your skin as I move me hands down your sides. Thumbs pushing into the bunched up waist band of your skirt and pushing downwards. Your hips wiggling as I push your skirt down over your hips, letting go of it and allowing it to fall at your feet.

Our kiss continuing, lips parting briefly every so often to allow us to breath.

Your skirt gone, your thong resting bunched up just under your beautiful bum. Dragging my nails ever so lightly up your outer thighs, then, breaking our kiss, my tongue flicking over your neck, shoulder, as I bend, my fingers catching your thong on your thighs and slowly pushing it down your legs.

I come to rest, crouching behind you, pulling the thong at your feet, you so instinctively, lifting each foot for me to remove it and toss to the chair.

My eyes level with your bum, blinking, licking my lips, as I stare for what seems like an hour. I could easily stare at your bum forever.

Regaining my senses, I stand, not a word, my hands onto your shoulders, guiding you the little steps towards the bed, all the while, your hands remain covering your breasts.

Leaving you standing at the edge of the bed, I lift your hair from the back of your neck, leaning forwards to kiss the top of your spine, another cute whimper escaping your lips.

Bending as I drag the tip of my tongue down your spine, flicking it from side to side over your skin.

My hands lightly dragging down your sides as I lower. coming to rest, crouching behind you.

Placing my hands on your lower back, gently applying a little pressure. You know what I am hinting at, one of your hands leaving your breasts to place in front of you on bed as you lower yourself to lay down, your feet still on the floor, as you come to rest.

Placing one hand behind one of your knees, I lift your leg, lifting it to rest bent on the bed.

I gulp, the position of your leg exposing you in front of me. Your pussy glistening, perfect little bum sticking up a little, your hips gently circling, and your tight ass, there it is, calling to me.

Running each of my hands along your thighs, coming to rest on your bum, soliciting yet another cute moan from you. Softly running my hands over you, caressing your bum, I lean forwards to place a soft kiss on one cheek, then the other.

You automatically lifting your bum up to my lips, I bite, gently.

My fingers in the crevice between your cheeks, gently pulling out, opening you for my lowering head, I stop and inhale, the mixed sweet musky scent almost making my eyes roll. I hear you gasp as you hear me inhale, your hips pressing down onto the bed in need of contact, your body showing your want.

Pursing my lips, I blow softly, circling your tight ass with a stream of air, quickly daring to lower my head, the stream of air quickly glancing over your glistening pussy, your legs quickly stiffen, you whimper and lift your hips. Blowing back up, all the way past my fingers that hold you spread, then big gulp, licking my lips, I lower my head, tip of tongue ever so slightly flicking over your ass. I smile as I hear your groan. Tentatively, circling, licking up and down. Pushing the saliva from my mouth from my tongue onto your ass, a little firmer, your hips starting to rise and fall. Moaning against you as I press the flat of my tongue hard against your ass. Your back arches and you bum lifts, your beautiful little whimpers spurring me on.

Pressing my tongue harder on your ass, feeling it loosen, wink on my tongue as I circle and lick.

Face pressed close to you, nose in the crack of your beautiful bum, tongue faster, harder, pressing my tongue to you and shaking my head.

Hands squeezing your bum to hold you as your legs start to shake, your squeals muffled as you bury your head into a pillow.

Your hips jerking, as I lick furiously, stopping to close my lips around you and quickly suck back and forth, nails digging into your bum as I feel you stiffen, your shoulders go down, your bum lifts, legs quivering and a guttural groan escapes your throat as your climax tears through you.

My hands gently squeezing your bum, tongue slowly licking up and down, stopping to kiss your ass, hands gently pushing, lowering your bum, leaving you lying on your stomach, body jerking every so often with little aftershocks.

I crawl up onto the bed, kneeling beside you, sitting on my heels, taking you hand to hold it as you slowly turn your head, glazed eyes looking up at me, weary smile on your face. Other hand stroking your hair, 'rest up hon, the night is young' winking down at you. Your smile broadens as your eyes slowly close...

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It's not easy to write in the first person well done.

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