tagIncest/TabooDirty Talking Discovery

Dirty Talking Discovery


Willow was laying on her side in the motel room bed and wished like hell that she could be somewhere else. She didn't even care where just somewhere that wasn't here listening to her dad kissing his new girlfriend but trying to keep things under control at the same time. "Knock it off," he said and she giggled. The sound was like nails on a chalkboard to Willow. She did not understand what her dad saw in this woman. She was annoying, rude to most people she came in contact with and completely hostile toward Willow and Landon, her older brother. Willow's and Landon's dad had told the woman - she refused to acknowledge her if possible and never said her name - that this vacation was for him and his kids. Willow had about cheered out loud when she'd heard her dad say that. Even Landon, who pretty much ignored the annoying twit, had even been thrilled with their dad telling her she couldn't come on their road trip. And yet, here she was. She'd been here waiting for them when they'd come back from a day of hiking and swimming in the lake. It made Willow mad that she was infringing on their time together. In so many ways this felt like a last summer to her and she wanted to have this time with her dad and her brother. She would be living with her mom come fall when she started going to college. While Willow was looking forward to college she wasn't really looking forward to living with her mom. They got along but she had a feeling that was because they didn't see each other on a regular basis. Hopefully she was wrong though and everything would be fine with their living arrangement. Right now, she wouldn't mind being at her mom's rather than here listening to her dad's whiny girlfriend.

"Come on. I drove all this way."

"Which I asked you not to do."

All right, dad, she thought and smiled in the dark.

"I know you did and I'm sorry if I've upset you. I just thought you might have been missing me and changed your mind."

"I know," he said quietly and Willow could hear him kiss her. "It's just that I told you how important this trip with Willow and Landon is to me. He's already halfway through college and she's starting in a month. I know they aren't going to want to continue going on family vacations with me."

"Oh baby," she said in a sickly sweet voice that made Willow nauseous. "I'll go on all the trips with you."

She heard her dad sigh and then there were obvious noises of them kissing again. Their breath was becoming more shallow and she knew they were getting turned on. Shit, she thought. Please don't let them have sex with me here listening. They don't know I'm awake but still, yuck!

Willow actually started to doze off and then her eyes flew open as she heard her dad groan. Oh no, please no, no, no! She shuffled around in the bed in the hope that they would stop. The woman giggled again and said, "Relax, she's asleep. Why isn't she in the other room with her brother anyway?"

Thankfully her dad didn't tell his girlfriend that she was here because Landon had hooked up with a local girl at the lake and then gone out with her tonight. Willow had begged her dad to let her stay in here because she was sure her brother would bring the girl back to get laid. And now here she was, stuck in hell, listening to her dad with his girlfriend. Sometimes life sucked ass. She wished she had the courage to roll out of bed and just go sleep in the truck. She didn't want to embarrass her dad, though. Besides, he seemed to have it under control. Mostly. It would be nice if he'd stop kissing her and be quiet. Better yet, send the intrusive twit on her way.

Willow's eyes had adjusted and she could see her dad lying on his back with his girlfriend on top of him. She could see her hips moving and heard her dad's choppy breathing. Why the hell she was watching her dad get grinded on she wasn't sure but Willow couldn't tear her eyes away, either. She continued to watch as her dad reached up and began to play with his girlfriend's breasts. She moaned and Willow blinked as her stomach tightened with the stirring of lust on her part. Oh hell no, she was not going to get turned on by this!

Willow shut her eyes and willed herself to fall asleep but of course to no avail. She heard them moving around then she heard her gasp and Willow opened her eyes again with what she felt was a sick curiosity to know why. There were slivers of neon motel light slipping through a crack in the drapes and with her eyes adjusted to the dark again Willow could easily see that her dad was sucking on his girlfriend's nipple. When he moved to do the same to the other one the woman moaned and Willow felt a hard tug of sexual need in her pelvis. God, she loved to have her own nipples licked and sucked on so she knew just how good it felt.

"You like that," her dad said and Willow's body gave an involuntary jolt at the deep and gravelly tone. She'd never heard his voice like that and it shot a thrill through her body. She was pretty sure her pussy was getting wet.

"You know I do."

He took a deep breath and said, "We still can't do this, though."

"So you say but I feel your hard cock throbbing between my legs."

Willow bit her lip to keep from moaning. She loved dirty talk like that. And apparently so did her dad because he did groan. Then he whispered, "We have to be quick but quiet about it."

"Ok," she said. "But she's sound asleep."

Willow shut her eyes to a slit so that she would appear asleep but could still see them. Her dad turned his head to look at her for a moment and she was sure to keep her breathing slow and even. Then he turned his head back to face his girlfriend. "Still, I don't want to wake her up."

"Then we won't," she said and gave a light laugh. "I'm sure she's had sex, though."

Willow had but didn't care for her dad's girlfriend to be talking about it.

"Even if she has I don't want to think about it."

Thank you, dad! Please put a muzzle on your girlfriend.

"There's nothing wrong with thinking about it. I mean, how could you not? She has such firm, sexy breasts."

What? Willow thought even as her nipples hardened and pressed against the soft blue cotton of her t-shirt.

"What?" he dad asked at the same time. "You've looked at my daughter's breasts?"

"Come on," she laughed again. "You haven't? Maybe you've noticed her ass then. It's round and luscious."

"Jesus Christ," her dad groaned and there was a different quality to the sound.

"You have noticed," his girlfriend said and she sounded excited, too.

Willow still thought she was in some kind of Twilight Zone hell but she was excited, too. It was one thing to love dirty talk with her boyfriend and quite another to hear someone else talking dirty about her. And the fact that it was her dad and his girlfriend was a mix of revolting and confusing but she was still turned on. She cautiously slid one hand up and under her t-shirt and let her fingers slide over her flat belly and up to flick back and forth over her nipples. All the while she continued to watch through the slits of her eyelids as her dad and his girlfriend kissed and licked and touched one another. Her dad was obviously onboard for having sex now. That was fine because the sights, sounds and rapidly rising smell of sex, along with her own masturbation, had Willow in need of an orgasm now, as well.

"Have you ever thought about fucking her?" she asked as her dad was once again sucking on her nipples.

Had he?

"She's so fucking hot running around your house in her tank tops and little panties," she panted. "How does she not know how sexy that is?"

She hadn't been trying to be sexy. It was her home and she wanted to be comfortable there, damn it.

"What if you walked up behind her, grabbed her hips and ground your cock into that luscious ass?"

Her dad groaned and Willow had to bite her lip again to keep hers in because she could see it so perfectly in her mind. Her pussy was throbbing and her body was coiling and quivering at the same time.

"Then slid one big hand up under her shirt to play with a little tit and pinch a nipple." It was exactly what Willow was doing to herself at the moment. And desperate for some relief she slid her own hand down into her panties. Jesus, she was soaked. She'd known she was wet but her panties had to have an extreme wet spot on them. She slid her index finger over her clit and her hips jerked. She went completely still and took a slow, deep breath. Fortunately she noticed that her dad and his girlfriend were too far gone to notice anything about her right now. Thank God.

"You could slide your other hand in her panties and feel her pretty pussy," she gaped as her dad flipped them over and ground himself against her. "God, I think you're harder than you've ever been."

"Shut up," he said and reared up and yanked her panties off of her. His girlfriend gasped. Willow did too because she heard the fabric rip in his hands. He really did seem to be excited. And it was because they were talking dirty about her. Jesus but that excited her.

"No," his girlfriend said. "I bet her pussy is really tight," she trailed off on a squeal as Willow's dad slammed his hips forward and obviously shoved himself deep into her all at once. Willow went back to stroking her clit as she watched her dad fuck his girlfriend. She so badly wanted to shove a couple of her fingers into her pussy and finger-fuck herself but didn't dare. She continued to rub her clit and forced herself to remain still even though she wanted to rock against her hand. She watched her dad roughly slam his himself into his girlfriend over and over again and listened to his heavy, rapid panting. She noticed that he didn't kiss his girlfriend anymore though and thought that momentarily odd. Willow was enthralled with her dad and how sexy he was while he fucked. How had she never noticed how broad his shoulders were or what a great ass he had? She saw now though and continued to stroke her clit while she marveled over his male beauty. And to her delight when he shouted as he came Willow's orgasm overtook her, as well. She rocked her hips a little bit but then forced herself to be still as she came harder than she ever had in her young life. And afterward, she left her hand in her panties, slick with her own creamy wetness, and listened to her dad's breathing. She watched as he rolled off of his girlfriend and presented her with his back as he laid on his side. After a few minutes she knew he was asleep and she let herself fall into that blissful state as well.

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Needs more.

It's unfinished.

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by Familyluv2114u08/15/18


Although that story was short it definitely did its job and I came really hard by the end! Lol,that dirty talk did it for me,and knowing that her dad did in fact have sexual feelings for his daughter andmore...

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