tagCelebrities & Fan FictionConnie Nielsen's Nude Affair

Connie Nielsen's Nude Affair


This is not meant to be a true story, or imply that any of these people are like this in real life. So, chill, folks.


Connie Nielsen had a little secret from most of her fans. She was a nudist in private, whenever she was alone or with her beau, Lars Ulrich of Metallica. The problem was that Lars didn't get or accept why she wanted to be nude when he wasn't around. He got a little jealous.

Perhaps he thought that she was cheating on him. Hell, she didn't worry about that with him! In fact, she had told him that groupies were an exception, as far as she was concerned. Admittedly, she used to be married and was once more conservative about sex, so this was as radical a consideration as she was willing to make so far.

Maybe listening to all of that heavy metal, hard rock, and rap was having a liberating effect on her. Why should that be a problem for him? She hadn't yet fucked around on him, but if he could sleep with other women while he was on the road, why couldn't she have a little fun on the side when he wasn't around to take care of her? What was with his double standard? He was generally a fair and decent man, after all. She loved him for all that he was, except for that recently surfacing jealousy.

Well, if he is going to accuse me of sleeping around on him, or assume that about me, I might as well go ahead and do it. He has plenty of groupies, has taken advantage of his carte blanche to fuck other women, and has told me so. I enjoyed listening to it and got very wet afterward, leading to some great sex. Why can't I fuck another guy? Of course, since he makes a big deal of my nudity, I'll be totally nude when I do it. In fact, I'll spend that weekend completely naked.

She made up her mind. When Sebastian spent the next weekend with his father, she would find a sexy guy, go to his place, and be nude all weekend long. Then, of course, she would tell Lars. She had to tell Lars everything, so he'd understand that he could either drop the double standard, or he can drop her instead. She was sick of him being jealous whenever he was away from her, fucking groupies as he pleased.

It's the one problem with our relationship, but it's getting old. I want to be nude, have fun, and do something when he's gone to lessen the loneliness of his absence. I am a great girlfriend, am I not? Shouldn't I get to have fun too? I put up with his road trips, just as he does with my movies. The difference is that he doesn't tell me that I can fuck other actors or members of the crew. I tell him that he can sleep with groupies, however. Besides, so far, it has been about relaxing and being comfortable, not about sex. I can make it about sex, though, since he equates nudity with fucking, and I am rather horny when he is gone.

This was the major reason that Connie had divorced her ex-husband: he was absurdly jealous, when she had never been anything but the most faithful and loving wife that she could have been. He had just assumed that when they moved to LA, she would succumb to "Hollywood Syndrome", meaning affairs with colleagues. She had never assumed the same thing about him and women in his films.

Having just lived with that kind of jealousy, she had determined not to be that way with others. In fact, she had encouraged Lars to sleep with groupies, since she wanted to avoid that kind of obsession and have a different kind of relationship with him. Everything had been perfect, until he became so upset about her desire to be naked. Now he had to mess things up by behaving like that.

There remained the question of choosing a man to fuck for that weekend. He would have to be the sort of man who wasn't after a long-term relationship, for one reason or another. He would also have to be the sort to not mind "bareback". Connie hated rubbers, as did Lars. She just made a point of regular tests for HIV and STDs. Aside from that, she wasn't too worried about the consequences of unprotected sex. He would also have to be the sort who wouldn't mind an "encore" fling now and then. Just because she was about to renounce monogamy didn't mean that she was ready to become a slut yet.

The next issue was whether or not the other man would be a celebrity like herself. Perhaps a B-movie type or another prominent supporting actor (which seemed to be her perpetual role in Hollywood, as she was never quite as famous as the A-list girls like Angelina, Jen, and J-Lo) would be best. There was Bruce Campbell from "The Army of Darkness" and "Evil Dead". She wondered what Bruce would think of fucking her. It could be fun.

He wasn't home, however, when she rang him up. That left the vacancy open for the naked tryst. Perhaps a fan would be great, but that might lead to a stalker, and Connie was too good a mother to expose her family to stalkers. No, it would have to be someone who wouldn't obsess over her. She didn't want to be anyone's obsession. It was too scary. She remembered the tragic tale of Rebecca Shaffer, after all.

She thought about this as she drove to the set of her newest film, some romantic comedy that was a bit sappy, but a nice challenge after a long series of epics and action films. That may have been a large part of her relative obscurity. An actress seemed to require a sappy romance film to be famous with her fellow women. Otherwise, only men would be aware of her. The trouble was that Connie always seemed to land those more action-oriented roles, and she even enjoyed the contrast with most women in her business.

She was thinking about this and wishing for a drag, when she heard a woman yelp in pain. Evidently, she had stepped on the toes of a girl at the set. The thing was that this wasn't just a girl. She was fairly young, certainly compared to Connie's 41 years, but she was clearly a mature woman in her early 20s. Her long, brown hair fell in curls that reminded Nielsen of the hairstyle that she wore in the film "Devil's Advocate" and played Cristabella. The only difference was that Connie was a redhead in that film, just like now. She had been a brunette and a blonde a few times, but she frequently went back to her natural crimson color, as she did now.

The woman also had a very cute, anguished look on her pale face from the toes. Connie finally recognized her: she was Natalie Portman from the more recent Star Wars trilogy. Damn, she had always found Natalie attractive, but she had never met her before.

"Sorry about stepping on your toes, Miss Portman. I was just brooding a bit and pacing. I was also wishing for a cigarette," Connie apologized.

"Call me Natalie. You're forgiven. I guess that you have a load on your mind, Connie. I hope that I can call you Connie, since we are playing romantic rivals for the same guy. You know, we have both played royals. I was Queen Amidala and you were Princess Lucilla," Natalie noted.

"That's true. Yes, definitely call me Connie. No one calls me anything else, except my son. He calls me 'Mom', of course. You wouldn't have a cigarette on you, would you? I am trying to quit, but my current mood makes it very rough," Ms. Nielsen explained.

"Sorry, I don't smoke. What is the issue, anyway? Maybe I can help you with that. I know a shrink," Ms. Portman replied soothingly.

"No shrinks for this one, I think. I am thinking about where to find a man for a fling. Well, that is embarrassing! I have a boyfriend, so I'm not looking for a serious deal, just a tryst. I want to fuck some guy for a weekend. I hope that doesn't offend you," Connie whispered.

"I wouldn't advise cheating on him, Connie. Just a word of advice that I hope doesn't come off as arrogant from a younger woman," Natalie tried to dissuade her at this point.

"Arrogant, no! It just doesn't apply to this case. It wouldn't be cheating, since I would tell him and he has done other girls with my blessing. Well, he has done groupies. I don't want either of us to have another serious lover, unless it is someone whom we share. Since Lars isn't bi, that would be a little tough to achieve, so I am just pursuing a fling. I am tired of his double standard and his temper tantrums. I am very good to him, so I don't see why he should object to my nudity thing. I wasn't going to do anything, but the recent fight made me realize that I have been out of character in letting him impose such an unjust rule. I won't be unfair to him, and I don't see why I should put up with him being unfair to me," Connie clarified.

"Damn, that's a little wilder than I ever thought that you would be!" Natalie reacted to that information. With most people, she would have said "TMI", but she somehow wanted to discuss this with Connie.

"Yes, and I am fine with that. I don't want him to be frustrated when he's away. I guess that I have embarrassed you. I'm sorry about that," she added.

"Don't worry about it. I have to admit that I find it kind of stimulating. This is a very kinky side to you. I don't know what I expected, but I doubt that it included you being in an open relationship of sorts. You're dating Lars Ulrich, right? I guess it shouldn't have shocked me too much. Musicians are sometimes wilder types than actors. Well, since we're discussing unfulfilled fantasies, I have to admit being a little bi-curious. I particularly find older women attractive. I don't know why, but a woman in her late 30s and up is more appealing than a woman my own age. Would you or Lars object to a threesome some time? I have to admit being a Metallica fan myself and the idea of a threesome has its points. It would allow me to satisfy multiple fantasies at once. I'm not dating anyone right now. Just a thought. I might be persuaded to find a man for you, if you agree to that," Natalie spoke quietly and urgently, rather stunned at her own brazenness.

"I think that Lars has been in a few threesomes, Natalie, so I doubt that it would be a problem for him. I haven't really thought about women much, but I wouldn't have a problem with it, either. In fact, what do you say to me trying you out next weekend? Then we could do the threesome later. I wouldn't mind exploring sex with a woman. I'm getting older, and the time in which to experiment is shrinking. How many chances might we get? I did get a little aroused when you said that part about finding forty something women sexy. The idea appealed to me more than a little. I pictured you eating me out, in fact, with your curls flowing down between my thighs. God, I hope that we're talking low enough!" Connie laughed at herself. She was very shocked that either of them was discussing a possible Sapphic tryst, let alone both of them.

"I think that we are, babe. I hope that you don't mind me calling you that. I see you and want to just devour you, as a matter of fact. That hasn't exactly been on my mind with most girls. Like I said, I think that it is because you're an older woman. It's a kink, I guess. Maybe that's why my bi-curiosity hasn't surfaced much, because I am pickier about women than about men. If you're serious, I can go for this 'weekend' idea of yours. Should I be naked the whole time too? If so, can we stay indoors? I don't want paparazzi getting any freebies of a naked pair of actresses," Natalie informed her.

"Very well. We'll stay indoors. I do prefer seeing you naked the whole weekend. Lars will be gone and we can just fuck wherever in the house we like. It's summer, after all. I think that he'll be turned on when he realizes that 2 women have done it all over the place. I would also like a taste of your pussy as well. It shouldn't just be you licking my cunt. It's a date, then?" Connie explained.

"Naturally, I would love to be eaten. Yes, it's a date. We'll have to wash our faces a lot, but that won't bother me. Damn, this plan beats what I had in mind before! I half-expected for you to turn me down cold, by the way, and say that you're not into girls. That would be most women's reactions, I think. Most straight women, anyway," Natalie agreed.

"Just as I expected that you would judge me for my 'alternative lifestyle'. Isn't that what it is called, since it is not like my last marriage: monogamous and conventional? So, what were your dull plans before I stepped on your toes?" Connie grinned.

"A typical night on the town, with drinks and gossip, followed by the typical Saturday hangover and the same for the next day. That gets old, however. This sounds like more fun and less agony. I might come back even more relaxed this time. I guess that we should be discreet, however," Natalie answered.

"Well, of course. Discretion is very understood with trysts of this sort in many countries. Our fans don't need to know that we lick each other's pussies now and then. No toys, however. At least not right now. I'm not quite ready for strap-ons and such. Just women eating women out. I'm not a lesbian. I'm just trying you out for now, and vice versa. Agreed?" Connie nodded.

"Of course, it's agreed! Think that I want to deal with such toys right now? It's a bit intimidating to try cunnilingus, let alone dildoes and vibrators. I will shave myself, however, if you wish. That way, come Friday night, I'll be nice and smooth down there. It should be a delicious experience, I think," she accepted the proposal from the Danish actress.

"True, and I will shave as well. That way, we'll know that all we are sampling are pussy and juices from pussy, not piss. I'll need a drink or two to get my nerves to relax, however. This will be my same-sex virginity you're taking," the Dane commented.

"Mine too. I guess that we'll be even. God, this will be quite the tabloid deal if it comes out. Let's just make sure that it doesn't, at least not yet," Natalie concurred.

"Done," Connie winked at her.

The rest of the work day was dull by comparison, of course. How could any action possibly be more interesting than the plans that Connie had made with another actress to taste each other? Admittedly, it was different from her earlier scheme, but this difference was a pleasant change. It would be a side of herself that she hadn't tried out, and the choice of partners seemed excellent. Natalie looked like she was eager to experiment with Sapphic pleasure. She also seemed every bit as friendly as she did in the movies. She would make a fine friend with benefits. Connie had tried just about everything that she could think of with a man, save for threesomes and heavy SM. What would be so terrible about experiencing the body of another woman? It was worth a try, for novelty's sake and curiosity, if nothing else.

Connie was extremely tense and shaking with excitement when she got home from dropping her son off at his father's place. She had discussed it further with Natalie, who had agreed to show up at her place. It seemed the ideal location to both of them, being more secluded and private than Natalie's residence. She wondered if Miss Portman would really show up, but she preferred to be optimistic.

Natalie was a little tardy, but not by much. That was understandable anyway, since she was a very busy and popular actress, more so than Connie in terms of demands for her attention. What really threw Connie was what she did the moment that she arrived. She put her arms around the Danish lady and planted an extremely long and serious kiss on her lips. She even inserted some tongue. Connie was more than just flustered; her face turned redder from embarrassment than from her freckles.

"My God, Natalie! What prompted that?" she asked her guest, when she had a chance to breathe again.

"Hey, if we're going to be lovers for the weekend, why not go all-out and include kissing? There are certainly more intimate places that I will be kissing in a few minutes, and those will include tongue. I see no reason not to taste your lips first. I had a feeling that we would love it, and that a kiss like that would reassure both of us that we really wanted to try this out. I don't know about you, but I completely enjoyed that!" Natalie exclaimed.

"So do I, believe it or not. Damn, I am really starting to think that I might be truly bisexual! Which is news to me, since I always identified myself as straight. So, would you like some wine first, to help you relax while undressing?" Connie reacted.

"Not really yet. I think that I just need to do it and get used to the feeling of not wearing clothes for 2 days. If it goes well, I might even be a little less self-conscious of my figure afterward. Want to watch me strip? I could do a striptease for you," she teased her new fuckbuddy.

"Actually, I'm not really into striptease tonight. I just want to rip the clothes from your body and take you, if you don't mind. I haven't done that much, and it would be a nice change," the hostess suggested.

"Then don't just stand there and talk about it! Use me! I would love to be taken forcefully by you and made to pleasure you. Just be warned that I'll return the favor," Natalie encouraged her.

"Is that supposed to be a good thing or a bad one?" Connie laughed, and then she tore Natalie's tank top off in half.

The Dane then took full advantage of Miss Portman's lack of a bra by putting her mouth to the younger woman's breasts. She deliberately avoided the nipples, vigorously licking and teasing her colleague's mammaries. Natalie might not have been the overtly busty sort of woman, but what she had was a sensual bosom. Her tits were smaller than Connie's, but that didn't disgust the Danish actress. Instead, she found them delightful, as she indicated by sampling them in such a carnal way.

Natalie was getting rather damp between her thighs already, and she was still partially clothed. Connie was orally pleasuring her breasts, which she had always considered her least appealing assets! To be proven wrong about them by a gorgeous European émigré was a truly gratifying revelation! She simply stood and let Connie service her bust, passively but happily receiving that pleasure.

Connie was hardly one to stop with merely arousing her sex partners, however. She wanted them completely ecstatic at her efforts, and Natalie was no exception. She removed her partner's blue jeans and sighed with gleeful surprise upon realizing that Miss Portman had chosen to go commando. She was totally nude now, except for her shoes, which didn't stay on her feet for more than seconds, or so it felt.

If Natalie was startled by the assault on her breasts, she was even stunned when Connie knelt at her feet and began sucking her toes in turns. The Dane steadily moved up her colleague's body toward the thighs, licking and tasting as she went. If Natalie was going to be eaten, it seemed that Connie wanted a full-course meal with dessert. The way that her hostess licked and nibbled her caused Natalie's arousal to become more visible. Her fluids began seeping down her legs toward Connie's mouth. The Danish actress simply cleaned them off without complaint.

By the time that Connie had reached her pussy, Natalie was more aroused than she had ever been in her 21 years of life. None of her ex-boyfriends had bothered to tease and tantalize her like that, and she had to wonder why they didn't realize that it would have set her on fire. Well, that was moot; she was now being given the right kind of treatment for her sensual needs. She loved to be tormented in this way, with a mouth and tongue not quite getting her off for a while. She ached for an orgasm, and yet she needed for the torture to continue for a while. The great thing this time was that she was being licked by a person who understood her desires instinctively, and even seemed to share them.

"Oh, fuck, Connie, you're fantastic! Your tongue is....ughh...um....so fucking great!" she squealed at last, while her Danish hostess orally serviced her cunt.

Natalie didn't beg for a climax. She wanted to wait longer and let Connie finish the job. She had to hold out for the full extent of her pleasure. One thing was certain, she would repay Connie with interest. The main difference was that she would focus on Connie's bottom in a way that the Dane would never forget for the rest of her life. She had always wanted to rim someone, but none of her exes was willing to let her do anything there. They all seemed to regard it as dirty and disgusting. Hell, even during her little one-night stand with Jude Law, he seemed to object to it. That was too bad, considering that she regarded Jude's ass as something delectable. Well, that didn't matter now. Connie seemed like the sort who would allow it. God, she hoped so!

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