Aunt Mary's Foot Job


I, also, remember a time when I fell asleep on your bed. You were pretending to be fooling around in your room, then I felt you touch my feet a few times and I also felt you kiss both of my arches, trying to be subtle of course, but I felt it. I thought it was cute so I didn't open my eyes to say anything about it to you because I didn't want to ruin it for you.

Oh, and don't think I didn't realize what was happening all of those times you said you had to go to the bathroom...I knew it was to jerk off! Believe it or not, we girls don't get offended by that. It's a boost to our self-esteem to know a guy thinks we're so hot and beautiful, he needs to go into the bathroom and play with himself, while thinking about us, until he cums.

Anyway, I put my boots on again to avoid getting my feet dirty while we came in here and to hopefully keep them sweaty for you. Do you want to take them off for me?"

My heart started to pound and I nodded happily as she put both of her feet on my naked lap. I quickly opened the side of her right boot and pulled it off. The light in her room was on so I was able to see her beautiful feet. I think my mouth might have been watering, at that point, too.

"Do you want to kiss my feet? It's OK if you want to."

She'd read my mind! I nodded and started to kiss her foot all over her sole and licked her arch a few times. It was so white, pretty, smooth, soft and her foot tasted really nice. I actually thought it'd taste salty, but I was wrong, it was...well, I can't really explain it. Then I started to open her left boot so I could pull it off, too.

"Oh, my! Your dickhead is leaking a lot of precum! I can't believe how much you like my feet! Rick, do you like only my feet or any girl's feet?"

I was completely honest with her.

"I won't lie, Mary. I look at other girls' feet, sometimes, and some of them look cute, but I've never imagined anyone, other than you, making love to my dick with their feet. I swear, the only feet I've ever jerked off to belong!"

"So, this nice dick of yours belongs to my feet, and my feet only?"

She giggled and I nodded happily as I finished pulling her left boot off and started to kiss and lick her left foot. Mary was smiling the whole time, then she surprised me.

"I hope not to be sorry, afterwards, for what I'm going to say, but you've always been so nice and cute with me. I think you deserve to hear this. Rick, I honestly had no idea you wanted me and my feet so badly. If I hurt your feelings at some point, I apologize. It would've been better if you'd have talked to me about how you felt. I think I would've talked to you and tried to make you understand it's OK to want someone but when they're family, by blood or law, it's a difficult situation."

"Damn! I wish I would've had the courage, back then, to tell you how I felt. I was always so happy when you were around me. My heart always beat so fast when we were playing video games or chatting in my bedroom. I guess, without knowing, I've always been in love with you."

Mary looked as if she was shocked. She moved her right foot towards my dick and curled her toes softly and lovingly over my dick head. She held it under her grasp, for a moment, then massaged it by curling and uncurling her toes as she continued to caress my face and smile at me without saying a word. I totally melted as she kept curling her toes over my cockhead until she stopped.

"OK, Rick. I don't want you to touch your dick, alright? Let me do this! I haven't given a footjob before, but judging from our previous experience, tonight, I think I know what you like so let me make you cum!"

I nodded, grabbed her left hand with my right, mainly to feel her touch, sat back and let her do it. I guess she'd decided to make me cum fast because she wrapped both arches around my cockhead and started effortlessly sliding her soft, sweaty, slippery feet up and down.

Her strokes started to reach more and more of my cock, so it wasn't only the head. They were sliding from base to head and vice versa, up and down, and the toes of her right foot curled over my cockhead from time to time. I moaned every time she did it. All the while, she was caressing my hand as I held hers.

A few minutes went by and I was getting more excited, but I needed more. I was imagining what Mary's legs looked like without her jeans on!

"Mary, you're making me crazy, but I can't get your legs out of my mind. Would you take your jeans off so I can see and touch your pretty legs while you make love to my dick with your feet?"


She released my dick for a moment and unbuttoned her jeans.

"Pull them off for me, Sweetie."

I did and she quickly took my dick between her soft, sweaty, slippery and smooth feet. I was able to touch and feel the soft skin of her legs, which was exactly what I needed! Having her sitting on my right made things easier, too, as she continued to make love to my dick with her feet.

I said 'make love' because I've seen a lot of porn videos and, in most, you see a girl jerking off a guy and that's it, but Mary! She was being so tender and loving with her motions, I really felt she was making love to my dick with her feet. I started to moan as I was getting closer and closer to an orgasm!

"Rick, you have to cum! My legs are getting very tired. Remember, I've never done this before!"

"I have an idea," I said.

She stopped moving her feet but kept my dick between her soft arches.

"How about you lay on your stomach, like you did while watching TV, only your legs will be between mine? I'll stay here, with my back to the wall, and you can give me your feet, again? That way your legs won't have to work so hard for it."

"OK, let's try that."

She did as I asked, gave me her feet, again, and wrapped me between those fleshy, soft, sweaty soles of hers and started to slide up and down my dick.

"This feels much better! Thank you, Rick!"

She alternated between having my dickhead either between her arches, between the balls of her feet or between her soft toes, giving me soft squeezes every time she wanted to until the moment had come...I couldn't hold it any longer!

"Mary, I'm about to cum! Love me, Mary! I want to see your soles covered with my milk!"

"Don't worry! I'm not letting your dick go until you give me a nice, big load!"

She made love to my cockhead for a few more moments until I started to cum. She didn't let my cockhead pop out of the grasp of her feet. When I started to shoot my load, she took every string of cum on her soles. I was moaning as my dick and her feet got very slippery and, for a moment, my dick escaped her grasp. It felt so good when she expertly moved her foot enough to make my dick slide back between her arches. I don't think she had any idea how good she was at giving footjobs.

She continued to make love to my cockhead with her soft, sweaty and cum covered arches for a while longer, then her motions became slower and softer. She'd let my cockhead escape for a second or two, put her soles together, place my cockhead at the middle, where both arches met each other, and she'd let it slide between her arches again.

She kept doing that for approximately ten minutes or more. Then my cum started soaking into her skin, and her feet became less and less slippery, until my cum had dried up. After that, she'd lower her toes and curl them over my balls to make me moan. Finally, she looked back at me.

"Wow! I've never taken such a big load from any guy in my life! That was not, entirely, unpleasant! Do you always cum like that?"

She was slowly caressing my dick with her feet as I replied to her question.

"Honestly, this is the first time I've cum this much, Mary! You make me feel like no other woman can!"

"Really? I've never had anyone tell me anything like that. Thank you, Rick. You make me feel wanted, pretty and needed, again. I'd forgotten what a nice feeling it is. Now, it's time for you to go home, but let me make sure I take everything from you before you go, including the last drop!"

It felt so amazing when she wrapped her lips around my dick and started to suck on my dickhead! Then she took me into her throat, again, and sucked me so hard I felt the last drop being sucked out from within my dick. The feeling was exquisite! Once she'd made sure she'd sucked the last of my cum, she released my dick and gave me a few loving kisses on my cockhead.

"OK, Rick, get dressed. You really need to go home, now, and I have to clean this mess up."

I nodded, got off of the bed, put my clothes on and left for home.


After I arrived at home, my mom greeted me.

"Hey, Kiddo! Where were you?

"I was at Aunt Mary's, Mom. I wanted to eat Chinese food and since I knew she likes it so much, I bought enough for both of us and took it there. Then she asked me to watch a Disney movie with her. I like those movies, too."

"Aww, that was nice of you, Honey! It sounds like you guys had fun."

I smiled, nodded and thought to myself, 'If you only knew!'

"Yes, Mom, we had fun. You know I like to chat with Aunt Mary."

Then I went upstairs, took a shower and went to bed.


This is, hopefully, the first part of this story. When time allows, I'll post more parts.

If you liked the story, please leave a comment and vote. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed it.

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by Anonymous

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by Footloverb02/19/19

So fucking HOT

Probably one of the hottest short stories I’ve ever read!
I wholeheartedly agree with you, there is something sensational about the feeling of a sweaty foot on my dick!

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by Anonymous01/18/19

too funny

a foot fetish! another author has a sock fetish. wimp misses the pussy in the house because he can't see past a FUCKING foot...LOL!!!

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