tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Game Of Torture Ch. 1

A Game Of Torture Ch. 1


There were three of them, and one of them had a gun. The gun was pointing at me. Well, to be more specific, the gun was a sawed off shotgun, and it was pointing at my crotch. They had my undivided attention.

I had stopped off at the supermarket to pick up a carton of milk and some bread on the way home from work. Since my car was a brand new Land Rover, I didn't want it scratched, so I parked way out from the store. It only took a minute to pick up the items I wanted, and the only people ahead of me in the express checkout were three women. One was a real looker, but her two friends were average at best, so I didn't pay much attention. Besides, I've never had ANY luck trying to pick up women in groups.

Anyway, after I paid, I walked out into the parking lot and put my little bag of groceries on the back seat. I shut the door and turned to open the front door. That's when I saw the woman with the shotgun. The one with the gun was the looker, and her two friends were now behind and beside me. I was trapped against the side of my car.

The looker said softly, "Shhhh. I'm trying to be really quiet. If you yell, then there won't be any reason for me not to shoot, will there?" I shook my head. "Good, now be a good boy, hand my friend the keys, and put your hands behind your back." I did it, and felt the cuffs click into place.

"Back up a bit," was her next instruction, and she illustrated it by pushing me back with the shotgun barrel in my groin. After I had stepped back a step, she opened the rear, driver's side door, moved the groceries over to the middle, and told me to get in. I did. When I was sitting down, one of her friends reached in and fastened the seatbelt. The looker shut the door. With my hands cuffed behind me, there was no way for me to reach the seatbelt buckle. Two of the women got into my car. The looker was in the driver's seat, and one of her friends was in the back, with me. The friend now had the shotgun.

Holding the shotgun in one hand, she reached over with the other hand and slipped a black hood over my head. I was now blind, and since my Land Rover has very dark tinting, I knew nobody could see me. It was hard to see into the back seat during the day, much less at night. In a matter of seconds, I had gone from being a successful computer network administrator on my way home, to a helpless captive in my own, now stolen, car. My evening was not getting off to a good start.

The drive was fairly long. I didn't have a way to be sure, but it seemed like an hour or more. Finally I heard gravel under the tires, and felt us climbing up a winding road of some kind. Then the gravel noise ceased, and the car stopped. I heard doors opening, and then I heard my door open. The hood was pulled off, and looker undid my seatbelt. She told me to get out. I did.

I was in a very large garage. It had two two-car doors, and a lot of other space as well. In fact, it was deep enough to park two cars one behind the other, but the only car in it was mine. Besides the two garage doors, there were two regular doors. One was right in the middle of the back wall, and looked like heavy-duty steel. The other was up a flight of stairs in the rear left of the space. A few moments later, that one opened, and the third woman rejoined up.

All of these women looked to be maybe in their mid to late thirties, and all looked fit. I don't mean just watch-your-weight kind of fit, either. These women looked like they worked out. Looker was about 5'6" tall, with a medium figure, brown, shoulder length hair, and brown eyes. She was one of the prettiest women I had ever seen. One of her friends looked Asian. She was about 5'4" tall, slight figure, short, black hair, and black eyes. She couldn't have weighed more than 90 pounds with wet clothes on. The third woman had her dirty blond hair in a French braid. She was short, maybe 5'1" at most, but she was buff! She had more muscles than Arnie and Sly put together. She had a chest, but not breasts, if you know what I mean, and I didn't like the way her blue eyes looked at me. She looked like she was eyeing up a nice steak.

Looker seemed to be the leader. She said, "Let me make the introductions. My name, for the purposes of this meeting, is Candy. My small friend is Ming, and my muscular friend is Hannah. Those are our last names. We all have the same first name. Our first name is Mistress. Do you understand?"

"I guess so," I managed to stutter out.

Candy nodded to Hannah, who took one step and planted a solid right into my solar plexus. I went down, and I think it was about an hour before I managed to breath again. Candy said, "Pick him up, Hannah." Hannah grabbed my upper arms, picked me up, and set me on my feet. Maybe I should mention that I am over 6' tall, and weigh over 200 pounds. She didn't seem to put a lot of effort into picking me up.

I was still doubled over trying to get my breath sorted out when Candy said, "Next time her punch is going a few inches lower. Imagine how that will feel. Now, do you understand?"

Computer nerds aren't as stupid as we look. I answered, "Yes, Mistress Candy."

"Good, that's much better. Now, apologize to Hannah for making her hit you."

"I'm sorry, Mistress Hannah. Please forgive me." It was obvious that these women had kidnapped me for some weird ritual, and going along seemed like the safest thing right now.

"You are a pretty fast learner," Candy said. "Now, don't bother Hannah while she gets you undressed. You won't like what happens if you do."

Hannah came over and smiled up at me. I didn't like the smile. Then she said, "Kick off your shoes." When I did, she knelt down and took off my socks. Then she reached up and undid my belt and button, and slid my pants down to my ankles. She pulled my briefs down right on top of them. Then she had me lift up one foot at a time and removed my pants and briefs completely.

Next, she went to a cabinet on the wall and got some rope. First she used a short piece to tie my ankles together, and then tied the middle of a longer piece around my scrotum above my balls. Each end was about 10' long. Ming and Candy each took hold of an end and stood to my sides. This meant they were each 10' away, and each had a rope connected to my balls.

Hannah then went behind me and unlocked the handcuffs. My shirt was a polo type pullover, and she pulled it up and over my head. She then went back to the cabinet, and returned with two very strong looking leather cuffs. She put these on my wrists and locked them together behind my back, using a piece of chain maybe three inches long to connect them. She then untied my ankles and retied the rope above my knees. I didn't resist while my hands were free because with my ankles tied and two women holding ropes attached to my balls I didn't think I had much chance.

At this point, I would have to say that the evening was really in the crapper. I was standing butt naked and surrounded by three women. My hands were fastened behind me, my knees were hobbled, and two women had ropes tied to my balls. In addition, I was so scared that my mouth felt like cotton and I had to pee in the worst way. My penis, normally fair sized, had shriveled to about the size of a breakfast link.

Candy handed her rope to Hannah and came over. "Having fun yet? We sure are. Now, come along." She turned and walked toward the big, steel door, and her friends followed her. Since they were holding the ropes attached to my balls, I decided to tag along, too. With the rope above my knees, I was having a bit of trouble keeping up, but Ming and Hannah encouraged me by jerking their ropes.

They led me through the door, which led into a storeroom of some kind. At the back of the storeroom was another steel door. Inside that was a short (4') corridor, and then yet another steel door. That one opened up into a large room. This room had painted concrete walls. It was at least 40' by 40', and had a 10' ceiling with large, steel I-beams that obviously held up the house above. The steel door was the only entrance.

The ceiling was black. The walls were red, and the floor was dark gray commercial-type carpet, with a lot of pad under it. There was a bed that looked queen sized, and another one that looked kind of like a hospital bed. There was a toilet, sink, and shower stall in one corner, and a cage in another corner. There were also a lot of strange looking devices. They looked like torture equipment. I really didn't like the look of the room. It had a look of permanence that made me think I was going to spend some time here.

The first thing they did was lead me over to the toilet. Hannah held my penis while I peed. It was the most humiliating moment of my life until then. When I was done, she took some toilet paper and wiped it off, and then washed her hands. Then they led me back to the center of the room.

When we reached the center of the room, Candy took a chain that was hanging down and hooked it to the chain connecting my hands behind my back. Then, she picked up a remote from a nearby padded table and pressed a button. The chain started rising. Before long, it was pulling my hands up behind me. As it did, I was forced to bend over at the waist. Soon, my upper body was horizontal to the floor, and my arms were pulled up enough to cause some pain. Then the chain stopped.

Ming and Hannah dropped the ropes connected to my balls and went behind me. Candy had put down the remote and was untying the rope from above my knees. As she finished, Ming and Hannah arrived with a flat board. It was about a foot wide and three feet long, and had eyebolts attached at the ends and in the middle. After making me step up onto the board while they slid it under me, they each put a cuff on one ankle and then used double-ended clips to pull my legs apart and fasten them to the eyebolts. Candy then took the ropes tied to my balls, fed them through the center eyebolt, pulled them snug enough to make me bend my knees a bit, and tied them off.

I had never felt so helpless. I was naked, captive in a locked room, legs spread, hands pulled up behind, and balls tied down. I could wiggle, but that was about it, and I couldn't even wiggle much. I asked the obvious question. "What are you going to do to me?"

"All in good time," was Candy's answer. "First, we want you to understand your situation. Ming, do you want to do the honors?" Ming just giggled, but I didn't take that as a good sign.

Ming went to a cabinet on one wall and took out a stick of some kind. She brought it over and showed it to me. She said, "This is a fiberglass pole from one of those little tents." It was about three feet long, 1/4 inch in diameter, and one end had been taped to form a handle. I was pretty sure I knew what it was for.

"Please, don't do this. I haven't done anything to you. I'm a nice guy. Please, just let me go, OK?"

I heard the swish of the first swing, and when it hit, it hurt worse than anything I had ever felt. She put it right in the middle of my butt. Even worse, I involuntarily jumped and pulled really hard on the rope holding my balls down. A few seconds later, I heard another swish and it hit the EXACT same spot. A few seconds later she hit the same spot again. Then she moved a bit and did three on another spot. She continued like that, moving between the backs of my thighs and butt. I was screaming, crying, begging, and trying not to move so I didn't tear my own balls off.

I don't know how long she kept doing this, but when she finally stopped, I was begging to do anything they wanted if she would only not hurt me anymore. Somebody let my arms down, and I collapsed on the floor. My legs were still pulled apart, and my arms were behind me, so I just kind of curled up forward as best I could. My balls were still tied to the board.

Hannah said. "Did you like that?"

"No Mistress," I answered. "Please tell me what you want. I'll do whatever you say."

Candy said, "OK, here's the deal. You are our toy for a while until we tire of you. What we do with you then depends entirely on how you act while you are here. We like to play games. The three of us are very competitive, and you are the game board. We call the first game the torture game. Let me tell you how it works."

"We are going to play seven rounds. That means each of us gets seven turns. For each turn, we will roll three dice. The first die tells us what area on your body we can torture. The choices are butt, cock, balls, cock & balls, we choose, or roll again and add two minutes. The second die tells how many minutes. The time is the die roll plus three minutes. The third die tells us which implement we can use from a chart we have. The total of the three dice is our score for that round."

"So, after each of us rolls the dice, she will fasten you in whatever position she wants and torture the specified area for the specified number of minutes using the specified implement. Then the next one of us will roll the dice, and so on. When all seven rounds are finished, we total our scores for each round and whoever has the highest total wins. The winner gets to do anything to you or make you do anything she wants for two hours."

I looked up at her in disbelief. "You're going to torture me just for some game?"

She just smiled and said, "Hannah, I believe you are first."

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