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Transgender & Crossdressers Stories

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Betrayed by Her

 — My life as Sissibitch begins. by Stillherer11/15/083.90

Betrayed Ch. 01

 — Unfaithful wife drives Lance into fem impersonator's arms. by AngelCherysse06/19/054.49

Betrayed Ch. 02

 — Shop 'til you pop; then, dress for dinner. by AngelCherysse06/21/054.55HOT

Betrayed Ch. 03

 — The players take the field. by AngelCherysse06/22/054.56HOT

Betrayed Ch. 04

 — Let the games begin. by AngelCherysse06/25/054.66HOT

Betrayed Ch. 05

 — All you can eat. by AngelCherysse07/05/054.55HOT

Betrayed Ch. 06

 — The Seven Levels of Hell. by AngelCherysse07/08/054.63HOT

Betrayed Ch. 07

 — The Eighth Level? by AngelCherysse07/09/054.64HOT

Betrayed Ch. 08

 — The noose tightens. by AngelCherysse07/13/054.69HOT

Betrayed Ch. 09

 — The game's afoot. by AngelCherysse07/16/054.65HOT

Betrayed Ch. 10

 — Everything that has a beginning... by AngelCherysse07/22/054.72HOT

Betrothed to a T-Girl Princess

 — The future queen has a cock. by SugarandSalt09/01/154.68HOT

Bets Maid

 — A high stakes gambler wins something he hadn't expected. by XtinaSmith201701/23/184.70HOT


 — A little magic & Angus changes, but is it better? by Carmenica Diaz08/24/074.41

Better as Riley Ch. 01

 — Ryan discovers everything is more fun as Riley. by cactusaur05/21/194.74HOT

Better as Riley Ch. 02

 — Becky and Kate bribe Riley to go full time as a girl. by cactusaur05/28/194.80HOT

Better as Riley Ch. 03

 — Riley fully embraces her new slut life. by cactusaur06/15/194.73HOTNEW

Better than Dead

 — Allen is transformed into Ellen by genetic engineering. by ArtyGee07/08/134.12

Better Than Video!

 — Fantasizes about encounter; finds her on the internet. by call_me_dana05/24/074.51HOT

Bettering Their Marriage

 — They wanted better sex, he didn't expect this. by 49greg02/05/134.28

Betty's Date

 — Betty goes on a date with Kevin. by nolfon102/17/174.53HOT

Betty's Date Ch. 02

 — Betty's second date with Kevin. by nolfon103/28/174.34

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

 — A young man comes under the spell of ladies underwear. by trevorm10/09/104.22

Bexley Perplexity

 — The start of something very new, and confusing. by UnexploredYearnings04/22/164.57HOT

Bexley Perplexity Ch. 02

 — Wyatt learns Bexley's biggest secret. by UnexploredYearnings04/30/164.58HOT

Bexley Perplexity Ch. 03

 — Wyatt experiences two new things, and loves both! by UnexploredYearnings05/14/164.64HOT

Beyond Beyond

 — Woman has sex with two transsexuals. by NormaJane01/01/174.42

Beyond the Bookshop Ch. 01

 — An eighteen year old is torn between being Jake or Jane. by namowa01/05/164.28

Beyond The Grey Metal Walls

 — A young tranny wanders into a dangerous area. by CarrieQ03/14/143.60

Beyond the Wall

 — A young man experiences a whole new world. by Drakon6611/20/164.79HOT

Bi Pantyhose Passion

 — My first Bi-Sexual encounter in Pantyhose. by june61309/29/104.29

Bi-Curious Meets Transgender Escort

 — John fulfills his fantasy of experiencing a Transgender woman. by Luv2pleees12/22/164.71HOT

Bi-Three Way with CD/TV

 — Strap-on, oral & anal fun for a CD/TV and two friends. by a_mi_mwm05/19/054.32

Big Ben

 — Trucker picks up a hitchiker in the rain. by call_me_dana08/19/074.14

Big Black Cock at the Beach

 — Writing for an erotic hypno, past induction phase. by Lehot11/03/164.53HOT

Big Bobby and Sweet Sally

 — Truck stop love blossoms between Big Bobby and Sweet Sally. by DanteDidIt09/16/174.65HOT

Big Bobby and Sweet Sally Ch. 02

 — The road calls and Sweet Sally follows. by DanteDidIt10/18/174.51HOT

Big Bobby and Sweet Sally Ch. 03

 — Big Bobby teaches Sweet Sally not to talk to strangers. by DanteDidIt01/10/184.42

Big Daddy

 — Black drug dealer makes offer he can't refuse. by latexcd6908/16/084.36

Big Day for Sissy Pt. 01

 — Master introduces sissy to new adventures. by KurtWaldman09/03/163.93

Big Dick Beauty in Space

 — A 33rd century romance of sorts. by SugarandSalt01/15/154.77HOT

Big Flipping Deal Ch. 01

 — Nick's renovation partner has a secret that's a big deal. by IanSaulWhitcomb08/31/154.65HOT

Big Flipping Deal Ch. 02

 — Lindsey reveals her secret. Nick has a strange dream. by IanSaulWhitcomb09/02/154.76HOT

Big Flipping Deal Ch. 03

 — Nick looks at she-male porn. by IanSaulWhitcomb09/04/154.71HOT

Big Flipping Deal Ch. 04

 — A dangerous encounter leads to bowling. by IanSaulWhitcomb09/05/154.77HOT

Big Flipping Deal Ch. 05

 — Nick takes Lindsey to his cousin's wedding. by IanSaulWhitcomb09/06/154.83HOT

Big Flipping Deal Ch. 06

 — Nick and Lindsey go on a date. by IanSaulWhitcomb09/08/154.84HOT

Big Flipping Deal Ch. 07

 — The finale! Nick stays over, Lindsey gets nervous, and ...? by IanSaulWhitcomb09/09/154.87HOTContest Winner

Big Man on Campus Ch. 01

 — A college playboy gets more than he bargained for with Mandy. by games4yosoul08/09/184.31

Big Man on Campus Ch. 02

 — Brad meets Mandy once again... by games4yosoul08/24/184.39

Big Surpise In Small Package Ch. 01

 — He went looking for some action. by 7thSpade07/10/074.45

Big Surprise

 — Big dick bottom tranny surprises him. by johnthome769006/14/164.50HOT

Big Tranny, Little Bed

 — Sharing a bed brings two friends together. by SugarandSalt06/28/124.70HOT

Big, Black and Built

 — An encounter at the gym leads to fun. by fuzzie_writer06/11/134.63HOT

Big, Black and Built Ch. 02

 — More fun with my new gym-buddy. by fuzzie_writer06/17/134.73HOT

Biggest Fan Futa

 — His idol has a big secret, and she needs his cute body. by FemFreak04/03/194.61HOT

Biggest Fan Futa Ch. 02

 — She convinces him to go to another show. by FemFreak04/17/194.71HOT

Bike Shed Rendezvous

 — Becky tasks sissy boy to dress & more. by Tomsparty05/10/054.34

Biker Bitch

 — Crossdresser takes a nice long bike ride. by amandawhipp09/20/164.23

Biker Bitch Ch. 01

 — Biker is found to be a closet transvestite & pays the price. by MicheleNylons12/13/174.51HOT

Biker Bitch Ch. 02

 — Cassie's back story. How she became a biker transvestite. by MicheleNylons12/14/174.60HOT

Biker Bitch Ch. 03

 — Cassie finishes her training and practices seduction. by MicheleNylons12/16/174.69HOT

Biker Bitch Ch. 04

 — Cassie makes the manager fuck the teller during a bank job. by MicheleNylons12/17/174.72HOT

Biker Bitch Ch. 05

 — Cassie fucks Dale after the bank job - wants her patch. by MicheleNylons12/20/174.77HOT

Biker Bitch Ch. 06

 — Cassie meets a Biker from the Devil Dogs and sparks ignite. by MicheleNylons12/21/174.76HOT

Biker Bitch Ch. 07

 — Cassie takes a beating from Natalie but they make up after. by MicheleNylons12/23/174.84HOT

Biker Bitch Ch. 08

 — Cassie is fucked by a Cartel Hefe; the ATF spoil the party. by MicheleNylons12/24/174.76HOT

Biker Bitch Ch. 09

 — Cassie is imprisoned with some tough hombres who use her. by MicheleNylons12/27/174.77HOT

Biker Bitch Ch. 10

 — Cassie meets up with an all-girl biker gang. by MicheleNylons12/30/174.79HOT

Biker Bitch Ch. 11

 — Cassie makes Jill an offer she can't refuse. by MicheleNylons01/03/184.80HOT

Biker Bitch Ch. 12

 — The Finale - Cassie's Last Ride. by MicheleNylons01/16/184.73HOT

Biker Boys Replacement

 — My friend puts me in touch with a CD Mistress. by phoenix19610/30/113.82

Biker Boys Replacement Ch. 02

 — Meeting my Mistress. by phoenix19611/03/114.49

Bikini Boy

 — Discovering my sister's panties was inevitable. by jakladd08/04/054.68HOT

Billie and the Bordello

 — Hacking gets a boy into deep trouble. by nikkiesilk02/19/164.66HOT

Billion with a 'B'

 — Lonely futanari Faith fantasizes about her neighbor. by FourDodos04/15/184.27

Billy Is Billie on Halloween

 — He is invited to a costume party as a schoolgirl. by CuriousGuy4U11/05/064.46


 — Kara looks for her father, and finds a sperm donor. by YKN494904/19/124.59HOT

Birth of a New Sissy Ch. 01

 — Average guy meets a neighbor and finds a new hobby. by AltErik02/17/094.60HOT

Birth of a New Sissy Ch. 02

 — Our 'hero' is led further into submission. by AltErik02/21/094.57HOT

Birth of a New Sissy Ch. 03

 — Jeff introduces himself to Erica's wife. by AltErik02/26/094.68HOT


 — John gets something special this year. by Fot123406/09/154.61HOT

Birthday Breaking

 — A requiring her friends, their strapons and my submission. by purekink07/18/104.56HOT

Birthday Night

 — Alex's birthday night finds their perfect third. by AnaTG01/23/154.63HOT

Birthday Party Ch. 02

 — She is a he, but it is my party. by iser2101/08/034.54HOT

Birthday Present Pt. 01

 — He becomes his wife's lovely lesbian lover. by donnaallure02/26/064.76HOT

Birthday Present Pt. 02

 — He becomes his wife's lovely lesbian lover. by donnaallure03/31/064.71HOT

Birthday Present Pt. 03

 — They play with friends. by donnaallure05/07/064.68HOT

Birthday Present Pt. 04

 — A brief rest, then on with the fun. by donnaallure06/16/064.64HOT

Birthday Present Pt. 05

 — The next step. by donnaallure10/05/064.69HOT

Birthday Present Pt. 06

 — The situation comes to a head. by donnaallure12/15/064.53HOT

Birthday Surprise

 — Married man meets a lovely "lady" with a big surprise. by Dannycmm10/13/064.54HOT

Birthday Surprise

 — His girl gets him a Tranny for his birthday. by vinyldolls666608/16/073.91

Birthday Surprise

 — Wife gives hubby gift of a new outfit & trannie cock. by PurpleFox01/30/084.39

Birthday Surprise

 — It proves even in middle age you can still be surprised. by Bfarr1603/17/154.02

Birthday Surprise

 — A wife gives husband a birthday surprise. by Booblover5612/15/16HOT

Birthday Wishes Ch. 01

 — Kelly has the time of her life. by b_wishing06/16/134.24

Birthday Wishes Ch. 02

 — Kelly's life keeps getting better. by b_wishing06/17/134.39

Birthday Wishes Ch. 03

 — She finds out what one feels like inside of her. by b_wishing07/08/134.32

Birthyday Party Ch. 02

 — Next step with a she-male. by iser2101/12/034.52HOT

Bisexual Black Man's Paradise

 — Bisexual black man experiences all that life offers. by Samuelx02/12/083.73


 — Once a sissy whore, always a sissy whore. by Dennis_St_John07/10/124.38

Bitch Maker Ch. 01

 — Kinky shemale finds a man to be her maid. by YANKEE DAN04/02/064.27

Bitch Maker Ch. 02

 — Tim becomes less a man. by YANKEE DAN09/10/064.43

Bitch Maker Ch. 03

 — Forced feminization by two shemales. by YANKEE DAN08/25/104.42

Bitch Maker Ch. 04

 — Reluctant Tim chooses to be a bitch for Sammie. by YANKEE DAN06/21/124.59HOT

BJ at Throb Nightclub

 — I met a guy at my local nightclub and blew him in the toilet. by MicheleNylons06/01/164.44

Black Book Diary Entry: Barbara

 — I was drawn to her by her correspondence. by PositiveThinker12/14/093.49

Black Cock & Birthday Presents Ch. 01

 — Crossdresser's wife opens him with a birthday surprise. by frezrevup10/04/104.22

Black Cock & Birthday Presents Ch. 02

 — Continuation of Sandy's Birthday Surprises. by frezrevup10/05/104.52HOT

Black Cock & Birthday Presents Ch. 03

 — Sandy gets her second surprise. by frezrevup10/06/104.50HOT

Black Cock & Birthday Presents Ch. 04

 — Sandy's third surpise is in a public bathroom. by frezrevup10/07/104.27

Black Cock & Birthday Presents Ch. 05

 — Going into the night Sandy takes cocks 3 different ways. by frezrevup10/08/104.56HOT

Black Cock & Birthday Presents Ch. 06

 — Final Chapter: Sandy redefines getting passed around. by frezrevup10/09/104.59HOT

Black Cock Smoking Sissy Slut

 — A smoking sissy is on the hunt for black cock. by Lisa_Fuckslut06/15/164.36

Black Cross Dresser Chronicles

 — Black cross-dresser bangs hot Black couple. by Samuelx01/19/153.60

Black Cuckolding Journey Trois

 — Haitian dominatrix tames a black cross-dresser. by Samuelx09/09/153.62

Black Femdom for Black Gentlemen

 — Black mistress makes black Bull fuck black sissy. by Samuelx01/19/163.62

Black Femdom for Black Sissies

 — Black dominatrix discovers Black hubby's secret. by Samuelx09/13/17

Black Girls Have Big Dicks

 — A first time with a black shemale goddess. by britneyfan07/20/074.55HOT

Black Like Me In Ottawa

 — Haitian guy meets dominant white transsexual in Ottawa. by Samuelx05/21/143.44

Black Love: Transsexual Edition

 — Bisexual Black man falls for sexy transsexual. by Samuelx11/07/093.53

Black Mafia - 1975

 — Bucky Collins wins big at the poker game then gets lucky. by puzziboi11/05/114.22

Black Man Becomes A Sissy Maid

 — Couple turns macho black man into sissy maid. by Samuelx10/17/113.42

Black Man Discovers New Pleasure

 — Macho stud discovers BBWs and Transsexuals. by Samuelx08/05/063.69

Black Man's Cockwhore

 — Sucking huge black cock in women's clothes. by little sebastian01/05/064.32

Black Man's White Sissy

 — A white punk learns to be feminine to his black master. by nancyvasquez10/26/094.25

Black on Black Cuckolding Rocks

 — Somali wife cuckolds hubby with Jamaican tranny. by Samuelx03/01/143.56

Black Orgy Party Time!

 — Bisexual black men meet Transsexuals & BBWs. by Samuelx11/08/083.72

Black Transsexual Gangster

 — Transsexual gangster dominates interracial couple. by Samuelx04/14/123.46

Black Transsexual Nation

 — Black transsexuals and the men who love them. by Samuelx03/22/083.69

Black Transsexual Power

 — Bisexual black guy falls in love with Black BBW tranny. by Samuelx03/06/113.35

Black Transsexual Power Deux

 — Black BBW Transsexual tops macho Black male. by Samuelx03/06/113.73

Black Transsexual Power Games

 — Black transsexual fucks a macho Haitian top. by Samuelx03/06/113.32

Black Transsexual Power Play

 — Haitian guy falls for mixed-race transsexual in Canada. by Samuelx03/06/112.75

Black Transsexual Submission

 — Black couple submits to dominant transsexual. by Samuelx12/14/083.73

Black Transsexuals

 — Off-duty black policeman meets sexy lady. by Samuelx04/05/073.73

Black Transsexuals Rock

 — Bisexual Haitian man meets strangely sexy black chick. by Samuelx05/14/103.34

Black Transsexuals Rock Ch. 02

 — Gorgeous transsexual seduces 'straight' black man. by Samuelx05/15/103.43

Black Vengeance

 — A black, ghetto dickgirl lures a cute white boy to her nest. by ScumDumpster6903/26/194.52HOT

Black Widow Chronicles Ch. 01

 — A black widow's first time emasculating an alpha male. by GrantFoley02/02/164.24

Black Women Love Transsexuals

 — Black woman and boyfriend entertain hot tranny. by Samuelx11/27/123.33

Black Women Love Transsexuals Too

 — Bisexual man's girlfriend tries sexy transsexual. by Samuelx11/20/123.74

Blackmail by Choice

 — Chris decides it's time to start living out his fantasy. by Sissy_Sammi_02/19/184.55HOT


 — He gets blackmailed into being a slut. by cdsissybambi6911/21/154.55HOT

Blackmailed by a Bitch

 — A straight man is blackmailed by his fiancee's shemale boss by HarlanPilate09/25/134.55HOT

Blackmailed into Humiliation

 — A young man finds himself humiliated by a group of girls. by BrandonBD8510/03/154.06

Blackmailed into Submission

 — Blackmailed into submission by my neighbor. by tzleaze12302/17/193.96

Blackmailed into Submission Ch. 02

 — Mistress Brenda ensures her slave's obedience. by tzleaze12303/19/194.20

Blackmailed into Submission Ch. 03

 — Mistress goes to the adult theater. by tzleaze12303/22/193.83

Blackmailed Pt. 02

 — Still blackmailed, but enjoying it. by cdsissybambi6911/22/154.62HOT

Blackmailed Pt. 03

 — No longer being blackmailed, Bambi enjoys herself. by cdsissybambi6911/27/154.71HOT

Blackmailed Pt. 04

 — Hannah and Bambi meet some interesting people. by cdsissybambi6911/30/154.75HOT

Blackmailed Pt. 05

 — Hannah and Bambi have some downtime, then go to an orgy. by cdsissybambi6912/09/154.68HOT

Blackmailed Pt. 06

 — Bambi blows a cop and whores herself out. by cdsissybambi6912/20/154.73HOT

Blackmailed Pt. 07

 — Bambi makes a big decision and goes shopping. by cdsissybambi6905/28/194.60HOT

Blame Abba Ch. 01

 — Well, I knew I was bound to be caught one day. by BethanyJ04/24/124.52HOT

Blame Abba Ch. 02

 — But sometimes getting caught is good! by BethanyJ04/29/124.71HOT

Blame Abba Ch. 03

 — First date. by BethanyJ05/04/124.78HOT

Blame Abba Ch. 04

 — ...and finally, Cyril. by BethanyJ05/10/124.75HOT

Blame It On You Tube

 — He gets sucked into a road trip. by griffin5709/18/124.38

Blane's Hydraulic Inevitable

 — Sissy Blane has the obligatory date with Mr. Plumrose. by EvelynT12/31/164.15

Blind Date

 — Anthony is persuaded by his work manager to go out on a date. by XtinaSmith201710/24/174.74HOT

Blind Man's Bluff

 — Aversion therapy for the shy. by griffin5712/03/124.58HOT

Blossoming Shemale Ch. 01

 — Meet James, he's about to go through an upheaval. by TheTitLover07/26/124.08

Blossoming Shemale Ch. 02

 — James learns who kidnapped and has designs on him. by TheTitLover10/18/124.37

Blossoming Shemale Ch. 03

 — James wakes with a big pair of tits and sexual frustration. by TheTitLover12/05/144.41


 — An attempt at mind control backfires. Feminization ensues. by dreadknots06/02/184.56HOT

Blushing Bride Ch. 01

 — Stag party gives groom the chance to play the bride. by britneyfan04/16/064.28

Blushing Bride Ch. 02

 — He takes next step towards being a blushing bride. by britneyfan05/05/064.65HOT

Blushing Bride Ch. 03

 — Crossdresser bride loses his cherry. by britneyfan05/10/064.65HOT

Blushing Bride Ch. 04

 — The Hen Party. by britneyfan12/14/074.50HOT

Blushing Bride Ch. 05

 — The Wedding Night. by britneyfan05/19/084.61HOT

Blushing Bride Ch. 06

 — Wedding presents. by britneyfan06/14/084.67HOT

Boat Trip

 — A gangbang with black men. by little sebastian04/26/074.46

Bob and Carol and Gemma and Alice?

 — Could we possibly help our friends with their problems? by BethanyJ12/26/114.68HOT

Bobbi from Tennessee

 — Sue catches Bob and turns him into Bobbi. by call_me_dana07/15/104.27

Bobby's Weekend

 — Bobby has fun on the weekend. by angelle42001/21/104.02

Body Image

 — Mistress turns her lover into a submissive, impotent girl. by monika ikon12/24/014.45

Body Politic

 — TS Heidi blackmails a sexy, conservative female mayor. by YKN494907/17/144.77HOT

Body Types

 — Be careful what you desire: you might get it. by Dawns06/21/083.85

Boi Toy

 — Teen is awakened by a caress by Jamie_in_dresses01/23/134.26

Bookstore Bound

 — Sub tgirl is bound & ring gagged, then left in a bookstore. by shawnavinyltv03/31/104.58HOT

Bookstore She-Male Whore

 — She-Male loves to fuck and suck at adult bookstore by Anal Slave03/06/034.40

Booth Sucker

 — Nasty TV fun at an xxx bookstore booth. by Marlene01/10/034.55HOT

Born Beautiful

 — Hermaphrodite learns there's no reason to feel ashamed. by lionshell09/24/084.67HOT

Born to Be Ch. 01

 — Ashley is ready to start his new life in the big city. by DamienDeath2003/07/194.78HOT

Born to Be Ch. 02

 — Selena shows Ashley the ropes of a few rather girly habits. by DamienDeath2004/21/194.77HOT

Bosom Buddies

 — Two Army buddies meet after some time. One has changed. by luk7710/22/184.57HOT

Boss and his Girly Boy

 — A feminine guy willingly seduces and submits to his boss. by maanmathan_playboy12/12/154.01

Boss Lady

 — Female boss catches employee wearing her lingerie. by StephanieSeymour12/04/074.49

Boston Surprise

 — Transgendered love. by FRSWRITER05/31/094.16

Both Sides Now

 — Pat tries to find a life & love after a medical mistake. by jackie_em02/07/184.63HOT

Both Sides Of The Coin

 — A man finds himself dressed and in an unfamiliar spot. by jamie2323201/25/134.42

Bottom Kim

 — Kim is bound & taken by Master Jim. by Master Jim02/11/044.23

Bottoming My Way to the Top

 — A con story of an ordinary boy who wants to make it big. by gtanya01/06/184.21

Bottoming My Way to the Top Ch. 02

 — The beautiful boy indulges in his first criminal activity. by gtanya02/21/184.28

Bound and Loved

 — A lover willingly bound and pleasured. by jamesina09/23/124.35

Boy to Bride Pt. 01 Ch. 01

 — Adam MacDonald's secret life of CDing is found out! by sissyscarlet06/12/183.94

Boy/Girl Ch. 01

 — Lola and Bob and a poodle named Fifi. by lindiana05/04/054.19

Boy/Girl Ch. 02

 — Holy cow! She's going to love this job. by lindiana08/24/053.84

Boyfriend Sexfight

 — Boyfriends sexfight for their crossdressing gurlfriends. by danidhotcd04/07/184.30

Boys in the Attic

 — A young man finds a new life in an unexpected place. by Roustam03/29/144.59HOT

Boys will be Girls

 — Mark/Marilyn's San Francisco adventure. by genderbender02/21/014.31

Boys will be Gurls

 — When Harry helps out a friend and becomes Harriet by satisfiedsissy07/14/174.49

BoyTrainers, Inc.

 — A kidnapped 18 yr old boy is turned into a wiggling priss. by LicoriceOrElse04/05/094.19

Brad and Tina Ch. 01

 — Was she ready for younger Brad? by TinaJ02/10/074.28

Brad's Adventure

 — A man gets sucked off by a sissy in a video booth. by nancyvasquez08/25/184.38

Brad's Bitch

 — He needs more than a girlfriend or wife; he needs a bitch. by Cyanlot05/24/114.42

Brandi's Diary Ch. 01

 — Brandi reminisces about the start of her transformation. by WildBrandi08/08/124.33

Brazilian Discovery Ch. 01

 — Joan arrives in Brazil. by dan5708/27/104.53HOT

Brazilian Discovery Ch. 02

 — First days in Brazil. by dan5708/28/104.52HOT

Brazilian Discovery Ch. 03

 — Partying in Copacabana. by dan5708/29/104.52HOT

Brazilian Discovery Ch. 04

 — Joan seduces a nice Brazilian guy. by dan5709/25/104.50HOT

Brazilian Discovery Ch. 05

 — News from Brazil. by dan5708/29/124.50HOT

Brazilian Discovery Ch. 06

 — Joan’s adventures in Brazil come to their end for now. by dan5710/01/12

Brazilian discovery Ch. 07

 — How Riya parted with his girlfriend before her sex change. by dan5710/07/124.50HOT

Brazilian Heat

 — First time Trannie sex. by drewriter09/19/044.56HOT

Brazilian Heat Ch. 02

 — Things heat up for a hot trannie. by drewriter09/28/044.70HOT

Brazillian Punsihment

 — A Brazillian gang shows an investigator not to ask too much. by Ravenarioch02/03/184.34

Break Down

 — A Sissy repays a Good Samaritan. by AmberFemXD02/25/164.20

Break-Up Surprise

 — Depressed friend finds a little help after a break up. by sexyness22204/17/084.14

Breakdown Dilemma

 — Dressed up and car breaks down, what can I do... by sammysamson405/27/194.42

Breakfast with Miss Lara

 — First year college kid makes breakfast for a friend. by Drybone01/03/184.28

Breaking Up and Making Up

 — Two strangers become friends. Friendship can lead to more. by nikkiesilk08/29/164.81HOT

Breeding Seasons

 — Boys should be careful wandering the world beyond the walls. by DamienDeath2003/07/174.73HOT

Brett's Transformation to Brenda

 — Single young man transforms into sissy. by tinycuck8410/23/144.39

Brett's Transformation to Brenda Ch. 02

 — Brett continues his path with Amber. by tinycuck8410/28/144.33

Brewing Up A Storm

 — TS couple faces prejudice. by Elainew12/28/01

Brian and Bree, and Mitch Ch. 01

 — Mitch discovers Brian dressed up as Bree. by JosieCD08/26/114.59HOT

Brian and Bree, and Mitch Ch. 02

 — Bree and Mitch continue a wild night, then have a talk. by JosieCD08/30/114.41

Brian Becomes Brittney Ch. 01

 — Summer of fun turns into forced sexual slavery for Brian. by BrittneyCummz52811/16/104.03

Brianna and Gene

 — A bumpy evening out leads to unexpected encounter. by inkandiridiumnibs10/09/174.72HOT

Brianna Finds a Father Figure

 — Brianna is caught crossdressing and finds a new daddy. by Sissy_Sammi_12/19/174.49

Brianna Gets Caught

 — Susan's plan finally comes to a point as she catches Brianna. by Sissy_Sammi_01/10/184.43

Brianna Goes to the Mall

 — Diane takes Brianna to the mall, and things fall into place. by Sissy_Sammi_01/03/184.69HOT

Brianna Meets Mommy

 — Rick introduces Brianna to his wife. by Sissy_Sammi_12/26/174.51HOT

Brianna Spends Time with Daddy

 — Brianna and Rick spend some quality time together. by Sissy_Sammi_12/23/174.58HOT

Brianna's First Day as a Daughter

 — Brianna experiences her first day as Diane and Rick's daughter. by Sissy_Sammi_12/30/174.57HOT

Brianne in her College Days

 — Crossdresser finally takes a look outside her dorm. by Skimpylilpanties08/12/074.21

Brianne Rides Again Pt. 01

 — Crossdresser gets her first taste of a trucker. by Skimpylilpanties08/06/074.26

Brianne Rides Again Pt. 02

 — Crossdresser gets more than she bargained for. by Skimpylilpanties08/07/074.56HOT

Bridal Protector

 — What is it? And why does Anita have one? by oggbashan11/06/173.66

Brie's Night

 — Brie has a special night with a new man. by Brian7003/05/174.59HOT

Briefly Encountered

 — TS testing in Amsterdam. by wylite07/16/134.32

Bringing Daddy's Work Home

 — Kamesha finds something interesting. (Cowritten by BrownCuriosity) by BrettLynn05/13/014.60HOT

Britney - Les Avocat

 — American TS Lawyer in France and her kinky affairs. by call_me_dana01/20/154.53HOT

Britney Story

 — A night of pleasure with the world's biggest pop star by britneyfan07/25/054.62HOT

Brittany's Holiday Encounter

 — A crossdresser first time out at an adult bookstore. by cdbrittany4bbc12/11/144.24

Broken In by BBC

 — Discovering his feminine side, and love for BBC at a party. by sissyashley4bbc01/10/194.62HOT

Broken on My Break

 — Man is ruffled and broken down into a cockslut. by TopSeeker06/14/164.68HOT

Broken on My Break Ch. 02

 — The rest of Rich's night as he further devolves. by TopSeeker11/01/174.64HOT

Broker of Record Ch. 03

 — A new student spices up the training by wombat996601/21/144.39

Brother to Sister

 — Twin siblings' joke backfires in a big way. by IrishMuffin10/06/103.91

Brotherly Desires

 — A visit from the neighbour leads to fun for two brothers, by fuzzie_writer09/03/134.49

Brotherly Love, Sisterly Love Ch. 01

 — Brothers explore crossdressing together. by sexy_jessie04/20/074.64HOT

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