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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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 — Jenny goes for some retail therapy and gets raped. by ickric11/22/063.77

Tentacle Captive

 — Ignored by her boyfriend, redhead gets what she sought. by ifonlytofly09/10/133.73

Tentacle Touches Ch. 02

 — Continued from Tentacle Touches - Angry Man Dan. by arachnevelodona08/24/113.27

Tereon & the Boys

 — Her curiosity is satisfied beyond her wildest dreams. by Lynn_Elliot04/29/124.28

Teresa's Christmas Finale Ch. 03

 — Vengeance is delivered; the conclusion and twists. by WifeWatchman12/30/174.82HOT

Teresa's Submission

 — Teresa is seduced and dominated by her friend by TeresaAnn08/31/164.25

Terri and Sherri and I

 — An adulterous Step Mother must get absolution. by Stabuiela02/12/174.27

Terri from Tonopah: The Alternative

 — I find a wanderer in the desert. by BogartsBoss09/18/121.87

Terror Filled Nude Day Naked Walk

 — Husband coerces his wife to strip naked on Nude Day and... by SuperHeroRalph06/30/113.87

Terror in the Snowstorm Ch. 01

 — They're kidnapped and coerced. by wantsomefun195105/13/094.59HOT

Terror Island Ch. 1

 — Vacation for two couples turns into the worst of times. by lynn_bb01/22/024.20

Terror Island Ch. 2

 — First night at the clearing. by lynn_bb01/24/024.38

Terror Island Ch. 3

 — The second night in the clearing. by lynn_bb01/27/024.50HOT

Terror Island Ch. 4

 — Second night in the clearing: Lynn's downfall. by lynn_bb01/30/024.52HOT

Terror Island Ch. 5

 — Late the second night and next day... by lynn_bb02/03/024.37

Terror Island Ch. 6

 — Taking care of the guests. by lynn_bb02/09/024.49

Terror Island Ch. 7

 — Getting the ladies ready for the Finale. by lynn_bb02/16/024.49

Terror Island Ch. 8

 — The filming begins. by lynn_bb02/19/024.40

Terror Island: The Finale

 — The women start their new life. by lynn_bb02/27/024.47

Terry's New Job

 — She trades her modeling career for a new life. by Ironwood_Butterfly04/15/074.56HOT

Terry's Pain

 — Sleazy man leaves young wife to pay his debts. by MasterJack11/19/024.04

Terry's Party Plans

 — My first short story, inspired by true events. by pa31906/15/123.12

Tessa - Game of Thralls

 — Tessa's new 3-D TV makes her a virgin sacrifice for a cult. by valmcjames07/19/174.52HOT

Test of Five

 — Cardinal Girl attempts to adjust to her changes. by HandcuffGirl09/07/094.56HOT

Testicle Targets

 — His balls are used for target practice. by RonWCB12/03/083.51

Testing Carol's Limits

 — She gets more than she bargained for in her driving test. by MALIBUMAN66601/13/114.30

Tethered... Ch. 01

 — The bonds of a dream become the chains of reality. by Mistress_of_Shadows07/17/124.51HOT

Tethered... Ch. 02

 — The dream is lifted...reality comes crashing down. by Mistress_of_Shadows09/11/124.56HOT

Tethered... Ch. 03

 — Unwilling servitude gives way to primal urges... by Mistress_of_Shadows02/15/134.48

Tev's Ordeal

 — Space Alliance officer faces a prickly situation. by KrisMeads09/14/134.46

Texas Dildo Massacre Ep. 01

 — Their bus gets lost in the woods. by FINC03/17/054.39

Texas Dildo Massacre Ep. 02

 — Lost teens are captured one by one. by FINC03/28/054.43

Texas Dildo Massacre Ep. 03

 — Bus crash survivors are humiliated. by FINC05/18/054.55HOT

Texas Dildo Massacre Ep. 04

 — Teacher & students are turned into farm sex slaves. by FINC09/12/054.47

Texas Dildo Massacre Ep. 05

 — Teacher & students endure mad family's games. by FINC01/15/064.41

Texas Dildo Massacre Ep. 06

 — Final: the climatic orgy. by FINC05/10/064.49

TFF: Ovion Archives

 — Tits and fucks. by 50shadesofblues03/04/164.00

Thai Staff Deep Throat White Cock

 — Two pretty Thai women are forced to deep throat a white cock. by sydneyguy808/17/183.29

Thalia and the Big Girl Ravisher

 — Office Queen Thalia meets the Big Girl Ravisher. by binder38us12/06/064.14

Thank God - A Mormon Sex Story

 — A hot confident coworker seduces a married Mormon man. by Chocolatecrunchies10/31/163.92

Thank You Miss Landlady

 — The 18 year old finds the sexy landlady alone... by daddyduckett03/25/183.82

Thank You Miss Maggie

 — The horny ex-student returns for his favorite teacher... by daddyduckett01/24/183.95

Thank You Miss Principal

 — He's 18 and nailing the principal... by daddyduckett06/17/173.80

Thank You Officer

 — The 18 year old nails the sexy cop looking for him... by daddyduckett06/23/183.69

Thank You Olivia

 — The horny 18 year old finds a soon to be bride all alone... by daddyduckett06/09/183.56

Thank You, My Friends! Ch. 01

 — Son gets forced to participate in an incest orgy. by amachi05/31/174.06

Thanks For The Quickie

 — You force me to surrender again in a mile-high lavatory. by LadyCypris10/06/133.88

Thanksgiving Dinner

 — Sabrina gets a taste of something new. by SabrinaPink12/14/104.37

Thanksgiving Dinner Ch. 02

 — Sabrina learns about group sex. by SabrinaPink12/18/104.31

That Bitch, That Bitch...

 — Evil mother-in-law ruins his life, so he fights back. by Jaz09/01/004.21

That Damn Pink Thong

 — Weekend takes great turn for guy with panty fetish. by bane33004/27/054.38

That Feeling

 — A bride's first experience with sexual humiliation. by PassionForAll07/09/122.62

That Fucking Belt

 — A girl makes a bet in a bar, with serious consequences. by Victoriajohn04/08/124.32

That Holiday Buzz...

 — The first of Lauryn's holiday episodes with some old friends. by amyshakes10/24/064.21

That Jagged Little Shiver

 — Elaine is made to discover her inner bitch. by StephenWolfe6011/30/164.35

That Rainy Friday Night

 — A young man tries to make his dreams come true. by deputy duffy04/07/033.86

That'll Teach You!

 — Miss Cici tackles an unruly pair of students. by SeedyK02/07/123.82

That's Entertainment

 — Blackmailed by stepfather into entertaining clients. by SarahsHooters03/08/164.39

That's No Story!

 — "That's no good, I mean what the fuck. That's no story." by MungoParkIII11/28/073.00

That's Not All Bears Do In The Wood

 — A couple requires help from two men and has to pay. by xstory_writer05/10/103.92

That's What Mouths Are For

 — Man evens the score with hot coworker. by Lucifers Tongue08/16/043.87

The "No Intercourse" Rule

 — Leah sets limits on their relationship. by Heironymous08/30/144.39

The "Stepford" Guys Ch. 01

 — Three men pick the wrong place to tresspass. by cheeky231212/21/073.46

The 'Cat' Burglar

 — Intruder helps himself to her 'personal belongings'. by CreaseChef07/14/03HOT

The 'Give Up Yet?' Game Show

 — Girls get pushed too far to win. by Mr Arbagast07/28/034.39

The 'Researcher'

 — What he won't do to get a story... by kitten196407/05/133.58

The 102nd Virginia Ch. 03

 — A Confederate soldier tries to escape Gettysburg. by JohnWCulp05/13/114.44

The 1071cc Mini Cooper

 — She thinks he loves hs Mini more than he loves her. by abroadsword03/20/113.67

The 13th Step

 — The 13th Step is where some AA members prey on newcomers. by Shady_Lady02/02/193.79

The 150th Slave Pt. 01

 — The Sex Slave lottery continues. by roseyfingers07/12/154.45

The 150th Slave Pt. 02

 — Another Lottery and an Adventure nearer home. by roseyfingers07/14/154.59HOT

The 150th Slave Pt. 03

 — She is persuaded to be in three very risky lotteries. by roseyfingers07/16/154.47

The 150th Slave Pt. 04: Original Ending

 — The 148 and 149 Slaves are taken. by roseyfingers07/18/154.58HOT

The 150th Slave Pt. 05: Alternative Ending

 — 149th slave is chosen and driven. by roseyfingers08/11/154.51HOT

The 150th Slave Pt. 05: Original Ending

 — The 150th Slave is chosen. by roseyfingers07/22/154.50HOT

The 150th Slave Pt. 06: Alternative Ending

 — The alternative 150th is chosen and initiated. by roseyfingers08/18/154.51HOT

The 150th Slave Pt. 07: Alternative Ending

 — Heights and Depths of Slavery. by roseyfingers08/25/154.49

The 150th Slave Pt. 08: Alternative Ending

 — Raw exploitation and other business. by roseyfingers09/02/154.39

The 150th Slave Pt. 09: Alternative Ending

 — Breeding and other business. by roseyfingers09/08/154.33

The 150th Slave Pt. 10: Alternative Ending

 — Conclusion to the Alternative Ending. by roseyfingers09/15/154.57HOT

The 150th Slave: Alternative Ending

 — Beautiful woman take big risks. by roseyfingers08/05/154.70HOT

The 1st Mission – A Way Out

 — Her only way out is to accept a job of seduction by braindump08/19/144.30

The 3 Prices You Pay

 — The prices I paid to get out of debt. by skirtnpantyhose07/31/084.36

The 4.0

 — What it worth keeping the perfect GPA? by ladyiza02/16/074.07

The A.M. Titty Villa Horror

 — Ghost BUSTers investigate a former brothel - a dramedy. by drknowone06/24/104.57

The ABCs of Scrapbooking

 — Danielle winds up dominated and in her friend's book. by hoededoe1205/25/124.41

The Abduction

 — American woman is abducted in Egypt. by MsErotica195004/13/074.37

The Abduction

 — A girl leaves a club and is kidnapped. by nitegazer10/02/104.34

The Abduction Gambit

 — Terror as two men abduct, hunt, punish and toy with me. by PixieTink08/29/184.30

The Abduction of Angelina Manzoni

 — A journey into darkness and human depravity. by Bazzza07/07/063.77

The Abduction of Karen

 — Karen is taken and ravished. by smiles127708/07/064.11

The Abduction of Keresha Brown

 — Evil man faces the ultimate punishment. by Marcus Victory08/23/053.68

The Abduction of Lady Ardis

 — A Scottish Period Piece: Trouble in the Highlands. by dr_mabeuse11/12/154.68HOT

The Abduction of Susie Wells

 — A dark tale of abduction and humiliation. by Andy5v05/13/034.30

The Abduction Of...

 — You, perhaps? by ProfessorMisery01/23/124.38

The Abduction Team

 — Tina's story: her life is changed. by spiritsoflondon11/09/124.56HOT

The Absentminded Model

 — Lily was late as usual; this time, she would pay for it. by Majorkjm08/22/083.94

The Academy

 — 19-year-old Bambi is tricked at school. by Heytherebambi07/11/173.50

The Accident

 — Things could be worse. by sevenstepsalone05/06/154.00

The Accidental Porn Star Ch. 01

 — A good wife finds out her sexy past may not be so hidden... by PFDWrites07/07/164.49

The Accidental Porn Star Ch. 02

 — Things get worse for Susan as she tries to keep her secrets. by PFDWrites07/08/164.49

The Accidental Porn Star Ch. 03

 — Susan's secret is getting harder and harder to keep! by PFDWrites08/05/164.51HOT

The Accidental Porn Star Ch. 04

 — Susan's worst rival has learned her secret... now what? by PFDWrites08/26/164.60HOT

The Accidental Porn Star Ch. 05

 — Susan's blackmail gets even more personal. by PFDWrites04/07/174.66HOT

The Actuary Couldn't Figure

 — You bet your ass the numbers don't add up. by JRob06/04/094.36

The Actuary Couldn't Figure Pt. 02

 — You bet your ass the numbers don't add up. by JRob06/08/094.37

The Ad

 — Master 2 huge 4 sub, LF f who can take Him, pics & add. req. by CaringAndDemanding01/17/174.40

The Ad Ch. 01

 — Masked man is pleasing & teasing you in an old warehouse. by el_ron07/22/134.09

The Ad Ch. 02

 — Masked man is pleasing & teasing you in an old warehouse. by el_ron08/04/134.18

The Addict

 — A sex addict who forgot how to feel... by LilianaMarieUnicorns02/13/134.10

The Adjustment Facility Ch. 01

 — Abduction and submission for a higher cause. by FurLove10/10/054.32

The Adjustment Facility Ch. 02

 — More abducted and conditioned for the cause. by FurLove10/15/054.56HOT

The Adjustment Facility Ch. 03

 — More furry recruiting. by FurLove11/03/054.54HOT

The Adjustment Facility Ch. 04

 — Things no sooner conclude then they open to a new future. by FurLove11/09/054.49

The Adventures of Clover Ch. 03

 — Clover is forced to suck the headmaster's cock. by clovermoffatt08/04/164.03

The Adventures of Clover Ch. 04

 — Clover has to suck the Headmaster's hard cock. by clovermoffatt08/06/164.11

The Adventures of Daisy

 — Daisy is ganged in a bar & loves it. by Rocky Mountain Man01/01/054.00

The Adventures of Jack and Jill

 — Jack collects on a debt owed by Jill's husband. by GypsyGirl8406/18/064.22

The Adventures of Jack and Jill Ch. 02

 — The Conclusion of the Adventures of Jack and Jill. by GypsyGirl8405/17/104.39

The African Safari

 — Guy and two girls are taken by natives. by Kip Carson07/11/004.16

The Aftermath

 — The shame of a rape, but also another feeling...? by justagirl07/30/013.76

The Afternoon Walk

 — An afternoon walk leads to a life-changing experience. by missadv3ntures09/24/104.03

The Age of Enlightenment

 — A princess is desperate to try and save her estate. by jlorthia08/25/154.39

The Agency

 — One way of interrogating... by Pokee06/21/103.82

The Agreement

 — Father-in-law's obsession realized. by Trudydoes04/18/194.24

The Alarm Clock

 — Woman gets fucked? Or does she? by hard2love6402/25/093.87

The Alien Invasion The Fannie Zarco

 — A strange way to in Invade Earth. by Seawolf773912/18/084.14

The Alley

 — The Alley beckoned. by Lux Argentum09/07/034.39

The Alley

 — She goes into a dark alley to escape a man. by Deanndra08/19/043.92

The Alley

 — A story of forced seduction. by peterstories10/03/043.87

The Alley

 — A young woman's encounter in an alley leads to a surprise by bondagekitten77508/06/113.92

The Alley Ch. 02

 — ...he takes her even further. by Lux Argentum10/11/034.28

The Alleyway

 — He watched you from afar and had to take you. by UKeroticWriter10/05/073.78

The Alleyway

 — Gia visits her lover but gets a surprise. by apieceofwork08/21/134.08

The Allowance

 — Julian & Kate. She wanted to earn some extra cash. by unknooown01/29/134.08

The Alpha Wins

 — I make a mistake daring an Alpha male with my Asian wife. by Cuckedbyasianwife12304/02/193.21

The Alternative Ch. 1

 — Amanda's past catches up with her. by Chicklet04/23/024.49

The Alternative Ch. 2

 — Amanda's former secretary is involved in the scene. by Chicklet04/30/024.60HOT

The Amazon's Revenge

 — Thief is captured by Amazonian homeowner. by ZTVFemdomtales06/09/183.97

The Ambassador's Drunk Niece Ch. 01

 — Drunk 18-year-old is taken while passed out. by the_h_bomb03/15/144.39

The Ambassador's Drunk Niece Ch. 02

 — Drunk teen is taken while passed out. by the_h_bomb03/25/144.25

The Angel of Death

 — A torturer seems more interrested pleasure than pain. by naxet03/11/103.80

The Ankle-Crossing Air Hostess

 — Cross her at your peril. by davidmuleguy12/18/11

The Anniversery Gift

 — Brenda gets a special anniversery gift. by binder38us02/16/043.60

The Anonymous Friend

 — She pays for teasing her anonymous friend. by troublegrrl08/08/034.43

The AO Massage Ch. 01

 — Free massage leads to unexpected forced entry. by dildok1211/12/123.75

The AO Massage Ch. 02

 — The realization that I had been setup by Dan hit me. by dildok1202/06/134.28

The Apartment

 — A chance encounter with a real-estate agent. by linda_stachurski01/26/183.69

The Apartment

 — A non consent story. by SilvieMemette03/10/182.76

The Application

 — Young man reapplies for a job he didn't get. by Rambler04/04/014.35

The Appointment

 — Woman gets special attention from doctors. by justalittlehobby05/07/184.08

The Arctic

 — Eira is forced to save her people, but at what cost? by jadewinchester02/19/164.50HOT

The Arctic Ch. 02

 — Things are not always as they seem. by jadewinchester04/07/164.74HOT

The Arctic Ch. 03

 — Eira faces her biggest challenge yet. by jadewinchester01/14/174.67HOT

The Arctic Ch. 04

 — Astrid and Eira run into a little trouble. by jadewinchester01/28/174.76HOT

The Arctic Ch. 05

 — Eira makes it to the village and learns more about her past. by jadewinchester02/23/174.89HOT

The Arctic Ch. 06

 — Eira must return home and face unbearable truths. by jadewinchester07/24/174.68HOT

The Arctic Ch. 07

 — Eira frees her people. by jadewinchester07/04/184.86HOT

The Argument

 — You use a fight as a way to get what you want. by ShalysiaJix03/15/093.94

The Argument

 — Kate regrets standing up to Julian. by unknooown08/12/093.84

The Arresting Officer

 — Brie meets a cop who enjoys his job too much. by InnocenceXX06/21/014.45

The Art of Adornment Ch. 01

 — A young woman is reunited with the man who ruined her life. by Allyshaa05/23/113.70

The Art Teacher

 — He teaches her respect for art. by jeleane07/28/063.97

The Asian Intern & the Married Man Ch. 01

 — Alisha gives a married man what he really needs by Netoru09/28/154.41

The Asian Intern & the Married Man Ch. 02

 — Mark takes his work home with him... by Netoru11/11/154.42

The Asian Intern & the Married Man Ch. 03

 — She joins Mark for his anniversary holiday with his wife! by Netoru01/29/164.51HOT

The Asian Intern & the Married Man Ch. 04

 — Mark finally has Alisha over for dinner to meet the wife. by Netoru02/16/164.55HOT

The Asian Intern & the Married Man Ch. 05

 — Joyce and Alisha have a girl night in! by Netoru03/09/164.41

The Asian Intern & the Married Man Ch. 06

 — Alisha likes it more when it's just the two of them. by Netoru05/27/164.62HOT

The Aspirer's Audition

 — A nubile, wannabe model sees the dark side of modeling. by DesiDog05/10/113.89

The Ass Bandit of Medowbrook

 — Anal rape spree shocks a small, peaceful town. by FORCEfantasies210/06/034.11

The Assassin of Elania Ch. 01

 — Sophia is captured by cmajor8703/26/144.17

The Assassin of Elania Ch. 02

 — She wakes up. by cmajor8704/01/144.29

The Assassin of Elania Ch. 03

 — Sophia tries to escape. by cmajor8706/24/144.20

The Assassin's Bride

 — A traitor falls for his target's lover. by Bellie44409/06/184.68HOT

The Assassin's Bride Ch. 02

 — Trapped in Michael's Web. by Bellie44409/12/184.65HOT

The Assassin's Bride Ch. 03

 — An intruder visits the island, Michael lays down the law. by Bellie44409/18/184.62HOT

The Assassin's Bride Ch. 04

 — Carina learns more about the intruder. by Bellie44410/04/184.59HOT

The Assassin's Bride Ch. 05

 — A failed truce. by Bellie44410/11/184.70HOT

The Assassin's Bride Ch. 06

 — A Bargain's Tumultuous End. by Bellie44402/03/194.56HOT

The Assassin's Bride Ch. 07

 — Carina makes Michael an offer and Gavin fulfils his promise. by Bellie44404/12/194.71HOT

The Assassin's Prize Ch. 01

 — An assassin is taken by her master. by mariebisous06/24/184.38

The Assault

 — He's returning home, but he should have been more careful. by regnglad07/16/094.36

The Assignment Pt. 01

 — Anne Richards faces her toughest assignment yet. by Rot_Feuer02/13/154.04

The Assistant

 — Tired of being a bottom. by KCMary09/15/114.05

The Assistant Pt. 01

 — One man down on his luck, takes an offer he can't refuse. by Mrfriskay10/28/154.16

The Assistant Pt. 02

 — A continued tale of Femdom. by Mrfriskay11/09/154.33

The Asylum

 — Kay is tortured by the asylum's sadistic doctor. by lil_one8909/22/154.05

The Asylum

 — Sexy big assed girl gets used on a class trip to a prison. by BigAssedSadaf03/16/184.18


 — Three women kidnap a young stud. by jenny blyth06/08/013.37

The Attack

 — Dani gets a violent surprise when she comes home. by SpiceMustFlow12/21/123.57

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