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Fantasies Shared Ch. 05

 — An ending or the conclusion? by Fantasies Shared10/10/044.06


 — Wife fulfills husband's simple, sexy fantasy. by darrion07/13/024.06


 — Dreams don't need to come true. by Mordrig08/24/094.24

Fantasy #2 Comes Alive For Hubby

 — Jill seduces Marty again while hubby secretly watches. by private_eyes10/23/014.09

Fantasy #7 Takes Place

 — Jill does Josh while her husband watches. by private_eyes10/31/014.26

Fantasy #8 Comes True

 — Josh takes wife hubby around? by private_eyes12/09/014.11

Fantasy 1, Ch. 01

 — Getting in to it. by texasreb136903/28/064.22

Fantasy 1, Ch. 03

 — She prepares for group sex. by texasreb136902/01/074.25

Fantasy 1, Ch. 04

 — Initial sub slut negotiation. by texasreb136905/14/084.27

Fantasy 2, Ch. 01

 — You pick up a few Air Force toy boys. by texasreb136903/29/064.27

Fantasy 3, Ch. 01

 — Louisville's finest. by texasreb136904/13/064.27

Fantasy at the Wild Stampede

 — Threesome fantasy becomes reality at the Wild Stampede. by mtangello01/27/124.28

Fantasy Awakening

 — Husband & wife make each other's fantasies come true. by wayl0n05/24/024.09

Fantasy Becomes Reality

 — Wife has sex with hired stripper while teasing husband. by dussaulr04/17/073.59

Fantasy Becomes Reality

 — Wife's becomes her husband's whore. by nabisco03/31/114.42

Fantasy Becomes Reality

 — When a fantasy girl becomes a normal wife. by Slirpuff11/04/154.23

Fantasy Chronicles #01

 — Hubby reveals secret fantasies of his mind. by hubbyfantasies10/14/133.49

Fantasy Chronicles #02

 — Hot fantasy from the mind of a hubby. by hubbyfantasies10/15/133.51

Fantasy Chronicles #03

 — Hubby's fantasies managed by both he and wifey by hubbyfantasies10/17/133.80

Fantasy Chronicles #04

 — Hotel jacuzzi lights the fuse to hubby's forbidden fantasy by hubbyfantasies10/20/133.81

Fantasy Chronicles #05

 — The neighbor wife's body lotion sparks unspeakable lust. by hubbyfantasies10/21/133.65

Fantasy Chronicles #06

 — Hubby fucks Little Bo' Peep and Wifey. by hubbyfantasies10/25/133.43

Fantasy Chronicles #07

 — Hubby loves both forbidden and wifey melons. by hubbyfantasies10/26/133.59

Fantasy Chronicles #08

 — Hubby & Wifey play a hot game, special thanks to a stranger. by hubbyfantasies10/27/133.41

Fantasy Come True

 — Wife gives in on husband's fantasy. by Hotwife20905/29/164.29

Fantasy Coming to Life

 — I'm married but he is my greatest fantasy. by Lynn0505/13/164.20

Fantasy Cruise

 — Walk on beach leads to wife's yearning. by Dallface07/05/034.05

Fantasy Cums True

 — Wife gives special show at swingers club. by Mr. D10/16/004.18

Fantasy Date

 — A wife plans a delicious show for her husband. by BashfulRogue06/08/093.80

Fantasy Date Night Goes Awry

 — Man in traffic jam sees wife turned into slut via video chat. by ImACuck05/12/173.90

Fantasy Exchange

 — Be careful what you dream of. by cuddlycarol11/09/044.20

Fantasy Fest

 — Wife pleases boss in front of others. by Chuckie05/24/074.16

Fantasy Finally Becomes Reality

 — Fantasy finally becomes reality for hot wife and husband. by SweetVibes04/19/124.21

Fantasy Football

 — A happily married wife meets a pro football player. by LightningSeed08/21/183.79

Fantasy Football Players

 — My wife gets to meet her fantasy man and I get to watch. by emelle7810/27/174.03

Fantasy Football Players Ch. 02

 — The next morning - watching my wife and her lover. by emelle7811/06/173.87

Fantasy Football Players Ch. 03

 — My wife meets some of Floyd's teammates while I'm at work. by emelle7811/11/174.15

Fantasy for Hubby!

 — It was my fantasy, but he was excited too! by alexanaika01/02/104.05

Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Woman lives her lesbian fantasy. by Sahvannah2104/01/024.28

Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Wife goes out for night of fun. by SutherStyle7304/09/024.07

Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Your fantasy is fulfilled as he watches. by wild_jay10/10/024.12

Fantasy fulfilled

 — Wife fulfills one of her husband's fantasies. by poohbr196310/07/074.24

Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Wife fucks a stranger for husband's pleasure. by Saxonista02/16/143.93

Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Two at once, but not how you think. by rapperbs01/28/153.78

Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Chance encounter on Indian train leads to cuckolding. by tantrik72103/24/154.44

Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Young wife wants to take on two men at a time. by DevisPixi04/25/153.86

Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Did she, or didn't she? by Perverthubby7906/23/173.57

Fantasy Fulfilled at a Cost

 — Fantasy fulfilled fulfills another. by aliveinpr11/12/163.51

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 01

 — A couple begins to fulfill each others' fantasies. by wishfulthinker02/05/064.36

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 01

 — Shanny strips for strangers. by baremetal04/30/094.10

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 02

 — Fantasy goes beyond the dreams. by wishfulthinker12/04/064.27

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 02

 — Shanny strips for strangers. by baremetal05/08/094.04

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 02

 — Can They Stop!!! ... Cuckolding. by tantrik72104/14/154.36

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 03

 — Shanny strips for strangers. by baremetal07/27/094.15

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 03

 — The Slippery Path of Cuckolding. by tantrik72105/09/15HOT

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 04

 — Shanny strips for strangers. by baremetal07/28/094.22

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 04

 — Slipping Deeper into Cuckolding. by tantrik72106/23/15HOT

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 05

 — Shanny strips for strangers. by baremetal08/14/094.31

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 05

 — Deeper into Cuckolding. by tantrik72112/05/15HOT

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 06

 — Taking it further ......... the Cuckolding. by tantrik72112/29/154.34

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 07

 — The end of the series... not the cuckolding. by tantrik72101/19/164.33

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 1

 — Husband enjoys his wife...and her friends. by Randand07/11/014.27

Fantasy Fulfilled?

 — He loves his wife's slutty past, but at what cost? by SithLord696909/09/153.13

Fantasy Golf

 — Wife shows his buddies a real 'hole in one'. by fire01/15/014.03

Fantasy Gone Awry

 — Caught masturbating in a crowded restaurant. by _evangeline_07/31/184.09

Fantasy is Reviving our Sex Life

 — Blossoming into the third phase of life... the fun kinky stuff!! by 1mbibry05/28/154.36

Fantasy Island

 — Wife gets everything she wants on her birthday. by Ethan11/20/004.35

Fantasy Island

 — Fantasy meets reality on a tropical island. by BenLong07/11/124.36

Fantasy Island Ch. 01

 — Man catches his wife receiving pleasure from another. by analorafice05/03/053.89

Fantasy Land

 — A cuckold club he'd like to belong to. by slavecuck4110/19/113.51

Fantasy League

 — With one-on-one coaching, wife really scores. by passionpdx08/31/013.81

Fantasy Lived

 — Married couple brings Marie into their love life. by Adalefin10/12/004.05

Fantasy Night

 — A night in town for a couple turns into and adventerous. by peeking_mike742802/14/054.24

Fantasy Night

 — He gets home from work and finds his wife's fantasy waiting. by zeke8104/30/093.80

Fantasy Night - Gloryhole

 — Husband's fantasy gets hot for wife. by LilAshley05/04/154.44

Fantasy Not Reality

 — A wife discovers her husbands secret stories. by Slirpuff06/12/093.94

Fantasy of Blowing Forbidden Cock

 — Married woman fantasizes about blowing her friend. by VanilleFrancaise08/17/183.60

Fantasy or Desire

 — Is it a fantasy or has it become a full fledged desire? by kareniswet05/18/104.06

Fantasy or Fact

 — Is it just her, or is she acting out her fantasy? by Aussie_Teacher01/25/07

Fantasy or Reality?

 — If you can only have one do you choose fantasy or reality? by imhapless01/17/134.24

Fantasy or Truth?

 — Wife enjoys her fantasy. by hotman1301/03/023.63

Fantasy Poker

 — My wife is the ante and everything's wild. by JosephStoryteller07/19/124.24

Fantasy Ride

 — Blindfolded car ride turns erotic. by Claret6202/06/023.93

Fantasy Sharing

 — Husband & wife explore fantasies of other lovers. by hawkster02/08/013.98

Fantasy Should Stay That Way

 — Couple get involved in turning fantasy into reality. by michaellajones02/03/173.53

Fantasy Spills into Reality

 — Open fantasies with wife start to progress to next level. by joamd607/19/083.89

Fantasy Story

 — Husband's fantasy comes true. by 518_Couple05/06/07

Fantasy Therapy

 — Dr. Vargas's unusual solution to common problem. by vargas11107/23/044.10

Fantasy To Fact

 — Fantasies can become reality. by Pornokeo05/22/033.96

Fantasy to Reality

 — Shy wife lives out two-man fantasy. by longshot1809/19/024.38

Fantasy to Reality

 — Brother-in-law introduced to adult fun. by loveablenga07/19/074.18

Fantasy to Reality: My True Story

 — She fulfills hubby's longtime fantasy. by Cinda07/18/014.37

Fantasy Turns Real

 — Friend helps wife-sharing fantasy become a reality. by braulio10111/21/144.26

Fantasy Vacation

 — It's a bicurious wife's first time. by luv269withyou11/07/044.13

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 04

 — Mike meets his new neighbor in town. by Silverfox055108/20/044.40

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 05

 — Mike & Terri talk about what happened and where it's going. by Silverfox055108/30/044.36

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 06

 — Mike and Terri agree to continue on & see how things go. by Silverfox055109/08/044.34

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 07

 — Terri and Don cet it on. by Silverfox055109/12/044.36

Fantasy Wishlist

 — Horny housewife calls the shots & fulfills her fantasy. by litluvr05/30/084.28


 — Wife and her friend manipulated to fulfill hot-wife fantasy. by JackKing02/27/144.46


 — Hubby sets you up to play with a couple. by worldwanderer07/25/063.87

Far and Away

 — A wife travels for work and adventure and shares by phone. by LorisLicker10/05/113.92

Fareeda and her Sister in Law

 — She explores lesbian love with her sister in law. by fareeda05/10/154.18

Fareeda's Car Gets Repaired

 — Fareeda enjoys an erotic adventure on a lonely road. by fareeda04/22/153.96

Farm Girl Thrills Neighbor

 — Neglected farmwife has some fun with neighbor & friend by ofarm08/04/084.42

Farm Girl Thrills Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Wife agrees to one last competition. by ofarm08/21/084.36

Farm Girl Thrills Neighbor Ch. 03

 — Husband gets home from the airport. by ofarm10/04/084.02

Farm Girl Thrills Neighbor Ch. 04

 — Lisa meets Kevin's wife. by ofarm10/07/084.21

Farm Visit

 — A visit to my wife's cousin's farm. by mudhentwo03/15/103.98

Farmer in the Dell

 — Gentleman farmer comes in early from field. by the Troubador06/27/044.22

Farmer's Wife

 — Newlywed wife gets the attention of all the family. by chrisey2211/30/114.12

Farmhouse - Day 01

 — A reconnection with a Family Friend. by sandy7703/24/124.48

Farmhouse Fuck

 — Indian girlfriend gets some much-needed cock. by ndnsex09/12/044.17

Fashion Massage

 — Workout fashion gives wife a double dose of pleasure. by Thabes06/18/054.34

Fashion Photography

 — Trina shows off her fitness with friends. by Thabes06/19/054.33

Fashionable Fantasy

 — What happens when rubber meets the road...? by LordMhoram01/11/123.21

Fast and Hard

 — Your fantasy is lived out. by silverace108/09/054.05

Fast Layne

 — Wife gets ride home from strangers. by Slimytaco09/24/023.84

Fasten Your Seatbelts

 — Reminisences of erotic adventures in flight. by addictedtonylon01/23/134.20

Fat Chance Ch. 01

 — Jerry & wife Maisie diet, but she's burning calories her way. by Spencerfiction11/22/144.22

Fat Chance Ch. 02

 — Jerry starts his vengeance and makes new friends. by Spencerfiction11/25/144.44

Fat Chance Ch. 03

 — Jerry gets all his ducks in a row, and starts shootin'. by Spencerfiction11/26/144.41

Fat Chance Ch. 04-05

 — Jerry completes his revenge, Maisie's goose is cooked. by Spencerfiction11/27/144.37

Fat Chance Ch. 06

 — Final episode in Jerry and Maizie's tale. by Spencerfiction11/28/143.33

Fat Tuesday Flirt

 — Married women meet up with younger guys. by Jake Marlow03/07/054.37

Fat Tuesday Flirt Ch. 04

 — Katy comes to a decision in her marriage. by Jake Marlow09/18/053.13

Fat Ugly Girlfriend

 — He has a sexy lover. by uk_vbb08/24/073.97

Fatal Attractions

 — Sam thought she had everything a girl could dream of until. by a_zx200308/16/123.91

Fatal Attractions Ch. 02

 — Sam thought she had everything a girl could dream of until... by a_zx200308/24/123.89

Fatal Attractions Ch. 03

 — Sam thought she had everything a girl could dream of until... by a_zx200308/27/123.89

Fatal Attractions Ch. 04

 — Sam thought she had everything a girl could dream of until.. by a_zx200308/29/123.51

Fatal Betrayal

 — Vengeful wife cheats while her husband is murdered. by dlawson08/26/103.32

Fatal Misunderstanding

 — He comes home and hears suspicious noises. by Cinical12/19/183.85

Fateful Decisions

 — A husband's decisions lead to his boss cuckolding him. by everyonesavoyeur07/13/174.46

Father in Law

 — Monica gets to know her husband's dad. by Patrick10/05/014.49

Father In Law Teaches Wife Sex

 — A boat trip opens new possibilities. by subFLmale06/17/044.24

Father's Day Gift to Remember

 — A gift that'd make any man feel like a King of his Castle by leostyles6910/08/134.02

Fathers Day Movie Gift

 — She agrees to make porno pic for husband. by sharedare06/12/034.29

Fatre is the Hunter

 — Rich Boss wants to breed married women. by Softly10/21/083.75

Faux-wife Solution

 — Ending a story with no end. by NewEndings08/10/173.75


 — Another man's wife? by magmaman10/09/114.33

Favor For Wife Ch. 01

 — His wife asks him to do a favor that leads to a confession. by TabooTeller02/05/094.34

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