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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Work and Play

 — Workmates become more on a hot day. by Nemasis Enforcer09/01/044.51HOT

Work Hard, Play Hard

 — Another gay sex worker's story. by Summer_flash11/30/064.57HOT

Work Mates And Maybe More?

 — She wants her co-worker and gym instructor, Jess. by Mog8006/09/114.18

Work Meeting

 — She showed up to the meeting to only be met with her boss. by loveyou1811/06/184.61HOT

Work Out Buddies

 — Even fat girls need love. by JimBob4403/09/104.41

Work Related

 — She meets woman who stirs something new in her. by patricia5108/01/044.52HOT

Work Related Ch. 03

 — Sherry gets close to a sexy store employee. by patricia5112/15/044.60HOT

Work-Based Training

 — Two coworkers sneak off for sex. by Trawler04/06/044.14

Working After Hours

 — Her boss is her world. by happyday12/12/064.23

Working Boss

 — Jessica's life changes when her boss called her in by pussylicker99008/05/123.09

Working Girls

 — Late night shift leads to a surprising revelation. by Dotrice105/23/094.44

Working Holiday Pt. 01

 — She was supposed to be on holiday, until she met Nickie. by Shaima3208/28/174.57HOT

Working Holiday Pt. 02

 — Kay investigates a cold case and Nickie gets closer to her. by Shaima3209/05/174.63HOT

Working Holiday Pt. 03

 — A night of steamy passion as the investigation intensifies. by Shaima3209/08/174.77HOT

Working Holiday Pt. 04

 — The investigation becomes ever more complicated... by Shaima3209/19/174.81HOT

Working Holiday Pt. 05

 — The dramatic end to a case and a new beginning. by Shaima3209/26/174.77HOT

Working Late

 — Kelly gets special "cleaning duties" after work. by freejack04/13/054.34

Working Late As Unique Benefits

 — Unexpected sex is always good. by Misschievous102/12/084.04

Working Late Ch. 01

 — Two best friends confess their feelings for each other. by meplusyouu02/08/114.13

Working on It

 — Will this workplace crush lead anywhere? by Reader_e9710/04/164.59HOT

Working Relations

 — Workaholic is surprised by her secretary. by Ghostbear5810/02/054.34

Working Relations Ch. 02

 — Julie stood in her bedroom. by Ghostbear5810/23/054.40

Working Woman's Wife

 — Now that women have their place in the work force, they need by Gagamama10/06/134.15

Workplace Escapades Ch. 01

 — Dressing-room is site of first girl-on-girl experience by Cassadaga05/16/164.36

Workplace Love Ch. 01

 — Two co-workers fall hopelessly in love. by blondechristine201203/26/184.54HOT

Workplace Love Ch. 02

 — Two co-workers fall hopelessly in love. by blondechristine201203/28/184.64HOT

Workplace Relations

 — Woman & her first lover have fun in the office. by deanna41305/29/064.16

Worlds Colliding Ch. 01

 — Two TLC become aware of each other. There can only be one. by cafetray05/20/084.14

Worlds Colliding Ch. 02

 — Prof. Sawyer begins her assault on the Association. by cafetray05/21/084.31

Worlds Colliding Ch. 03

 — Things go from bad to worse for the Association. by cafetray05/22/084.46

Worlds Colliding Ch. 04

 — The Association formulates a response. by cafetray05/23/084.40

Worlds Colliding Ch. 05

 — The Association puts a desperate plan into action. by cafetray05/24/084.14

Worlds Colliding Ch. 06

 — The conclusion. by cafetray05/25/084.62HOT

Worshipping Mary Ch. 01

 — A young lesbian woman encounters an unexpected apparition. by Mikilove001610/24/163.57

Worshipping Mary Ch. 02

 — Mary gets worshipped by a young lesbian. by Mikilove001611/09/163.90

Worth It

 — Lesbian romance & drama. by man_sanas46901/11/114.31

Worth It

 — Meeting up after she put me through hell. by feministlove09/20/154.38

Worth It Completely

 — Lesbian romance. by man_sanas46901/20/114.51HOT

Worth the Wait

 — Two netsexers meet for the first time. by waverlysgirl09/22/023.95

Worth The Wait

 — Kay waited for her and a surprise trip made it worth while. by SAbitch11/22/124.49

Would You Like To Be Her?

 — My first lesbian encounter. by Catmoore05/29/144.63HOT

Wound in Time: At First

 — A bodybuilder and an artist inspire heat. by TMAJO07/26/054.75HOT


 — Small town girl finds love with female friend. by Sir_Erotica10/24/144.22

Wow! Baby What Was That?

 — Cate gives her an unforgettable experience. by Nicolelabelle11/03/054.40

Wrapped Up with a Bow

 — Two teammates become more than friends under the mistletoe. by JacquelynHeat01/16/184.64HOT

Wrestling Attorneys - Final

 — Winner has fun, loser is humiliated. by HeathRowinOhio01/28/054.16

Wrestling Attorneys Ch. 01

 — Attorneys move outside the court to settle a score. by HeathRowinOhio01/11/054.29

Wrestling Attorneys Ch. 02

 — The humiliation of Lyn. by HeathRowinOhio01/16/054.39

Wrestling Attorneys Ch. 03

 — Their rematch has greater consequences. by HeathRowinOhio01/21/054.03

Wrestling Maria

 — Two girl wrestlers have fun on the mat. by Chickwrestler9012/01/134.60HOT

Wrestling Match

 — A wrestling match and the loser pays. by Psishadow06/01/184.03

Wrestling Rival Becomes a Friend

 — An unexpected turn. by Becky_pantyhose_wrestler07/18/184.60HOT

Wrestling with Women (Kelly Kelly)

 — Lesbian sex stories with the gorgeous Kelly Kelly. by JessWeis12311/08/164.14

Writer's Block

 — An author finds her subject in Seattle. by Nellskitchen11/14/084.55HOT

Wrong Address

 — A quick story of a quick fuck. by marybethf09/15/064.06

Wrong Beginnings

 — When Nicole discovers Lisa's secret, sparks ensue. by jill_gates09/21/134.47

Wrong Place at the Right Time Pt. 01

 — A boarding school lesbian fantasy. by robinkhinke08/13/164.55HOT

Wrong Place at the Right Time Pt. 02

 — More lesbian school girl adventures with our heroines. by robinkhinke08/18/164.60HOT

Wrong Side of the Bed Ch. 02

 — Husband & wife switch bodies again; lesbianism ensues. by JosephMama01/14/084.44

Wrong Side of the Fence

 — Lesbian in an abusive relationship ponders her future. by Catalingus200506/03/063.93

Wylder Sisters Ch. 02

 — Hannah starts a new life. by succa4luv07/17/144.42

Wylder Sisters Ch. 03

 — Julianna returns Alannah makes a decision. by succa4luv08/02/144.14

Wylder Sisters Ch. 04

 — Wylder sisters meet April and Donna. by succa4luv08/08/144.18

X-Rated: Daddy's old VCR Tapes

 — Looking at her father's old Porn gives two friends ideas. by JimBob4407/20/174.20


 — Two neglected girlfriends make the best of a long evening. by NicoleLarson09/30/104.46

Xanadu Stories Ch. 04

 — Teresa's Inauguration as a full member of the Xanadu. by trobson80810/25/104.67

Xanthe Files XXX001

 — Another hard day at the office for Xanthe. by FlyontheWall9909/18/034.46

Xanthe Files XXX002

 — Xanthe gets a new jacuzzi and a girl! by FlyontheWall9909/23/034.57HOT

Xanthe Files XXX003

 — A bad movie leads to a hot evening in the cinema. by FlyontheWall9909/28/034.44

Xanthe Files XXX004

 — Xanthe is rewarded by a trip to the sex shop. by FlyontheWall9905/04/044.37

Xanthe Files XXX005

 — Has Xanthe met her match in Kimiko? by FlyontheWall9905/09/044.47

Xanthe Files XXX006

 — Xanthe's snooping neighbor gets more than she bargained for. by FlyontheWall9905/26/044.33

Xanthe Files XXX007

 — A Brazilian wax leads to so much more. by FlyontheWall9906/02/044.43

XL Queen

 — Wet t-shirt contest turns into more. by KansasTrouble03/13/103.21


 — Love in This Club by xplicitlyrix03/29/103.64


 — It was X night, at our favorite club. by zanygrl09/05/114.17

Yaz's Adventures with Cal

 — Two former work colleagues become very close friends. by Loveslut02/17/144.51HOT

Yaz's Adventurous Weekend

 — Yaz has a fun weekend with two new friends. by Loveslut03/17/144.40

Yellow G-string

 — Two cousins have lesbian sex in a taxi. by Bad Miss Emma12/06/023.82

Yes Darling Catie, Yes!

 — Catie proposed by story comment & author accepted. by Nicolelabelle08/31/064.22

Yes, Virginia Ch. 02

 — An affair. by VMKane03/12/134.33

Yes, Virginia Ch. 03

 — An evening out. by VMKane03/13/134.60HOT


 — Joy describes the crazy day she had yesterday. by JukeboxEMCSA09/11/114.13

Yesterday Once More

 — Old friends share more than memories. by Ann Douglas08/25/174.77HOT

Yestrerday's Girl

 — Love emerges to unite two grieving women. by amaranthus0103/23/114.26

Yin / Yang

 — One woman's journey to enlightenment. by highlandpiper08/24/064.28

Yoga Birthday

 — Kris invites me to a special birthday yoga class. by jyncroft06/15/154.37

Yoga with a Friend

 — Discovering yoga and each other. by hblocalgrl04/21/164.27


 — Paris was their garden. by Katherine-T11/15/034.12

You and I

 — High school sweethearts reunite at a class reunion. by Closetbuster10/04/184.61HOT

You and Me

 — She can't wait to get you home. by lovelygurl10/15/064.08

You and Me

 — Thinking about what we could be doing right now. by Deity_1103/09/143.96

You and Me and Her and...

 — She experiences her first lesbian orgy. by burningdog08/10/054.04

You Are All Mine

 — A dominant woman tops her lover. by SisterWiseAss03/04/07HOT

You are My Angel

 — Song brings two strangers together at a gig. by ImpulsiveTouch02/14/074.06

You are My Eyes

 — Two lesbians fall in love and overcome disaster. by Shady_Lady08/01/174.68HOT

You Are What You Eat

 — She learns to submit. by krr195712/01/054.72HOT

You Belong to Her

 — Asian Domme makes you Her lesbian bitch. by bi_sub_girl_kylie07/17/123.86

You Can Always Do Better

 — D/s lovers display a sexual hierarchy. by Nevada4105/30/174.36

You Can Never Have Enough Toys

 — Amy helps her play. by SiousxieQue10/12/004.20

You Can Ring My Bell

 — Rachel becomes her boss' date at a lesbian wedding. by Ann Douglas12/31/174.79HOT

You Can't be Serious

 — Del has unique solution to Mother's problem. by Colleen Thomas07/30/044.60HOT

You Can't Ignore Love

 — Natalie changes Jenny's whole life. by Xtinas_Girlfriend05/11/054.59HOT

You Did Want To Be My...?

 — She has a surprise for her. by jenyes03/31/063.79

You Did Want To Be My...? Ch. 02

 — Dinner follows the surprise. by jenyes03/31/064.39

You Did Want To Be My...? Ch. 03

 — After dinner and a stroll. by jenyes04/09/064.44

You Don't Belong Here

 — Disgruntled lawyer finds somewhere to belong. by Rosecolouredglasses10/15/133.96

You Don't Know Me But We Are Lovers

 — Amber's new-found soulmate guards a strange secret… by SolarRay01/31/194.85HOTContest Winner

You Enchant Me

 — The beginning of a beginning. by HeartnSole09/11/144.43

You Enchant Me Ch. 02

 — Continuing on the story in the club. by HeartnSole09/24/144.62HOT

You Enchant Me Ch. 03

 — What happened in the classroom and more. by HeartnSole10/08/144.69HOT

You Enchant Me Ch. 04

 — Arie and Nisha's first date. by HeartnSole01/17/154.82HOT

You Get My Vote

 — A young political canvasser spies an older woman at play. by Otazel01/10/144.58HOT

You have to Please My Wife, First

 — Wife must approve Husband's extramarital partner. by Kitty51106/01/174.38

You Know You're Right

 — She has fun with roommate's vibrator by powderpinkangel05/15/034.44

You Left Me

 — Alex sees her ex for the first time in months. by etxbk_st01/30/184.32

You Must Try It On!

 — First visit to lengerie shop brings on outrageous orgasms. by could_happen_to_you05/07/034.62HOT

You Never Know

 — Emily and Liz. by crichtondog02/21/073.89

You Will Eat Pussy and You Will Like It! Pt. 01

 — Young women are indoctrinated against their will into serving. by RabbitTest507/19/174.14

You're Beautiful When You're Mad

 — You fuck so good when you're angry. by litany06/26/063.75

You're Home Early

 — Girlfriend gets a surprise...or two. by A.NonnyMuss02/26/024.08

You're Late! Ch. 02

 — Later than night or is it the next morning already? by jenyes11/29/064.00

You're Mine and You Know It

 — Sexy new girl taken by cheerleaders and likes it. by tonya777bad05/05/134.32

You're Mine and You Know It Ch. 02

 — Jennifer gets what she wants… or is it. by tonya777bad06/20/134.46

You're So Beautiful

 — Lover wants to say no. by etxbk_st08/13/184.05

You're The One Ch. 01

 — A lonely high school teacher and senior fall for each other. by WilBeLes11/01/154.71HOT

You're The One Ch. 02

 — Things get heated and complicated between Shannon and Elise. by WilBeLes11/04/154.78HOT

You're The One Ch. 03

 — Shannon and Elise try new things together. by WilBeLes11/13/154.78HOT

You're Welcome, My Pet Ch. 01

 — She submits to her Master - and her own desires. by xYoursx01/23/104.35

You're Welcome, My Pet Ch. 02

 — More dark desires are realized as her Master continues. by xYoursx01/24/104.26

You're Welcome, My Pet Ch. 03

 — Master ties Her slut up and plays. by xYoursx02/04/104.32

You've Reached Ms Farrow's Office

 — An executive convinces her lover to fuck her assistant. by sihaya10/11/184.62HOT

Young Amanda is Seduced

 — Amanda has never been with a woman before. by FitJim10/20/074.49

Young Finds Desire For Old

 — A story of a 21 year old who finds love with a 71 year old. by Taylor7909/30/134.16

Young Gemma's Wild Sex Life

 — Gemma has sex with the boyfriend's uncle and her female boss. by fantasyboy04/06/123.71

Young Indian Wife at French Spa

 — Loving husband arranges for wife's massage. by rupanita12/03/024.36

Young Kate Continued

 — Her first time becomes more memorable. by seeingvirgil05/25/064.40

Young Kate's Story Goes On

 — What happens when her mum finds out? by seeingvirgil02/17/094.45

Young Kate, My First Time Ch. 01

 — Her first experience with friend's daughter. by Mr Story Teller09/24/044.57HOT

Young Kate: Expanding The Circle

 — Will the slave bring her husband along? by seeingvirgil11/07/094.20

Young Lesbian Slave

 — A lesbian slave is used for milking. by spitzharder07/05/164.11

Young Love

 — Girl finds true love in the arms of Mary. by R. Budd Dwyer10/15/003.78

Young Mary Ch. 3

 — Mary's school friend gives her feelings away. by Red Hugh08/16/024.32

Young Sonia

 — High school misfit is given an unforgettable 18th birthday. by DesireForDarkness05/28/054.28

Young Vixen

 — She sees a MILF she like and goes after her. by Bakeboss03/23/104.20

Your Baby Sister

 — Sis had a plan of her own. by TxRad02/09/054.38

Your Body

 — She misses your body. by eightyfiveon3108/01/04

Your Ex-Lover is Dead Ch. 03

 — The strangest and sexiest dream he's ever had. by miserybusiness07/12/124.22

Your Gift

 — Your first taste of a woman, make it last. by RedHairedandFriendly06/15/064.32

Your Hand In Mine Ch. 03

 — Darcy and Cassie's relationship continues. by WriterMonkey02/08/124.56HOT

Your Heart's Desire

 — A college student falls for her professor. by HeyAll05/03/134.59HOT

Your Lips Were Like Silk

 — Your kisses are beautiful. by Pegasus_Wings06/07/034.21

Your Little Secret...

 — A boss becomes her managers little secret in a bar. by MISTANG05/01/074.54HOT

Your Little Secret: The Beginning

 — How they meet and longed for each other. by MISTANG05/16/074.34

Your Massage

 — Female to female sensuous massage. by Dinew12/04/064.01

Your Princess

 — A virgin's fantasy on being taken by a lover. by princesslittle02/10/184.47

Your Queen

 — A guided masturbation instruction for the female body. by princesslittle07/14/164.45

Youthful Pleasures Ch. 01

 — Her son's girlfriend. by Honey12311/04/044.46

Yu Ling in Her Hostel Room Ch. 02

 — Two girls pleasures each other in hot shower. by Orange Blossom05/18/064.16

Yum Yum Ice Cream

 — She wasn't rich enough to have the girl she loved. by JimBob4411/12/174.63HOT


 — Experienced woman shows her something more. by Keos06/27/033.50

Yvonne and Eva Love Their Boobs

 — They love to show, love to love their boobs and nipples. by Tedluvs38C06/18/15

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