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Interracial Love Stories

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Wifes First Interracial Swing

 — Swing club hosts an interracial night. by jdmd262606/21/094.35

Wild Army Wives Ch. 01

 — Husband comes home drunk with a friend. by PeterBlueEyes4311/16/124.39

Wild Cinema Ride

 — Brit guy meets sexy Asian girl at concert. by snurf07/03/013.72

Wild Katie Rides 'em Bareback Black

 — Man becomes Mormon to marry her, then gets screwed over. by MormonChicks01/02/164.27

Wild Night at the Office

 — Black man & White woman hook up at work. by PamperedLinny11/05/094.09

Wild Oats - Making Black Babies

 — Sally mates with her black study partner. by twistedgraygoat12/28/144.17

Wild Oats - Student Teaching

 — Sally introduces a 37 y o virgin to the joys of sex. by twistedgraygoat12/23/144.05

Wild Party

 — Two college students finally get what they want at a party. by Bizzy_Bish12/04/124.51HOT

Wild Ride

 — Older woman's first time with a younger Black man. by TeretheTree06/02/033.80

Will You Do Me A Favor?

 — An older woman and a younger man. by Tdpl3701/07/073.80

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

 — Can a Thai Girl and a Farang Find Love? by ChloeTzang07/20/174.64HOT

Willing Slaves

 — His lust for Black women seemed doomed, until... by DanielOrme09/04/024.60HOT

Willy's White Bitch

 — Old Black Willy's White Bitch. by BlackManWins12/31/184.28

Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss

 — A white husband is humiliated by his black boss. by michaelwimphusband09/17/083.54

Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 02

 — He is humiliated by his younger Black boss. by michaelwimphusband09/08/093.96

Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 04

 — Wimp husband continues to be humiliated by young black boss. by michaelwimphusband01/03/103.85

Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 05

 — Humiliation continues. by michaelwimphusband06/24/104.04

Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 06

 — Je'Quon continues the seduction of Myron's wife. by michaelwimphusband06/30/104.32

Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 07

 — Myron's black boss pounds & pulverizes Mona. by michaelwimphusband08/08/104.31

Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 08

 — Black boss returns his "conquest" to the naive Myron. by michaelwimphusband10/05/113.96

Winners and Losers Ch. 01

 — Desperate man has his wife taken as collateral on debts. by SamWarrens11/07/174.41

Winter Change

 — Couple goes on a hot vacation and meet new friends. by drinksonme06/25/133.85

Winter Project

 — Mom is seduce by son's roommate. by Thecsm02/20/134.35

Winter Withdrawal

 — She's exactly his type. He's her secret addiction. by eveashland12/07/184.63HOT

Wish You Were Here

 — Miles apart, but together in my mind... by chocolatecherry12/04/063.46

With My Husband's Permission

 — Wife begins an extramarital affair with a black coworker. by Ellenryan09/01/073.93

With the Best of (Bad) Intentions

 — An old white man and his Indian woman. by VENIN11/09/104.18

With Two You Get ...

 — Raymond's encounters with 2 Asian hotties. by BrettJ08/21/074.50HOT

Wives Get The Truth

 — The wives discover the truth after party. by Fudgsickle01/30/034.10

Wives Night Out Ch. 01

 — Husband finds out his wife is cheating. by Karenkay05/15/133.76

Wives Night Out Ch. 02

 — Wife gets into a little trouble with a night out. by Karenkay05/27/133.59

Wives on the Prowl

 — Black guy makes plans for all the white wives on the block. by Karenkay09/04/114.08

Wives on Vacation: Ann's Massage

 — Wife's massage sets her free. by sjones04/15/044.49

Wives on Vacation: Barb on the Beach

 — Wife sees her first black cock. by sjones12/28/034.42

Wives on Vacation: Pat Meets Destiny

 — White wife meets her destiny. by sjones05/01/044.52HOT

WMD Ch. 01

 — My interracial parody of the BBC genre. by FinalStand05/29/154.77HOT

WMD Ch. 02

 — The further adventures of the Samsonov boys in BBC country. by FinalStand09/04/154.82HOT

WMD Ch. 03

 — Riley, Taliyah and Dominique, oh my! by FinalStand11/05/154.85HOT

WMD Ch. 04

 — Vlad, Mikhail and Taliyah and then the Cheer Squad joins in. by FinalStand06/08/174.83HOT

WMD Ch. 05

 — Weekend at Brandy's - Part One. by FinalStand12/15/184.77HOT

Woman on Fire

 — Fantasy bi racial encounter in the depths of Africa. by robertreams08/30/173.89

Woman Seeking Man

 — Eliza just needed release, the internet delivers. by thechrysalids05/06/174.43

Women's Sexual Confessions: Cindy

 — Women talk candidly about their secret sex lives. by PositiveThinker12/21/094.04

Women's Sexual Confessions: Paula

 — Women talk candidly about their secret sex lives. by PositiveThinker12/22/093.88

Won't Make It Easy Ch. 01

 — Romance involving a black woman and a white man. by VintageVixxxen08/17/104.54HOT

Won't Make It Easy Ch. 02

 — Now or never. What is it going to be? by VintageVixxxen08/25/104.72HOT

Won't Make It Easy Ch. 03

 — More in the morning. by VintageVixxxen05/08/114.67HOT

Wonder in the Dark

 — Tryst and a secret rite bring a lady teacher unlikely joy. by Kaysdream4308/06/164.44

Wonder in the Dark Pt. 02

 — Teacher Kay falls deeper under student Byron's spell. by Kaysdream4308/20/164.41

Wonder in the Dark Pt. 03

 — Nature takes its course between teacher Kay and Byron. by Kaysdream4308/26/164.47

Wonder in the Dark Pt. 04

 — Kay helps in her teacher friend Sally's black awakening. by Kaysdream4309/07/164.55HOT

Wonderful Time in St. Martin

 — We met a great guy at the nude beach. by StLouisLove11/18/154.56HOT

Word Of Mouth Lovin'

 — Black wife finds she has a special need. by 69Ranger6903/23/024.18

Work Affair

 — The teasing finally ends in a fuck . by littlegirlnaughty05/07/114.08

Work Boyfriend

 — Jerome is puzzled by Lydia's behavior - until the very end. by JayValentine07/23/084.15

Work is Work

 — A new sales rep meets her new mentor. by brian47331711/02/104.43

Work Outs

 — When a casual encounter comes back to threaten Tara's career. by Tara_Neale09/27/114.29

Work Subordinate Becomes Bull

 — New hire with bbc becomes couple's bull. by dometoo01/19/194.41

Work Surprise

 — He buys his wife an after-work cocktail. by debby4blackadventure12/20/063.83

Worker's Delight

 — Young black woman and her sexy boss get intimate. by SexxxyCuriosity06/23/084.27

Working Late

 — Indo-Singaporean wife taken by African stud at the office. by aus814911/23/144.23

Working Out

 — She was tied in knots. Would she let him help? by 05Little06/16/184.59HOT

Working out the Kinks

 — Follow up as Bill and Nancy work out the kinks. by 05Little06/29/184.61HOT

Working Saturday Ch. 01

 — White wife that cheats with Big Black Cocks. by theWIFEWatcher05/22/103.96

Working Saturday Ch. 02

 — White wife that cheats with Big Black Cocks. by theWIFEWatcher05/23/104.19

Working Wives: Peggy's Office Party

 — She gets blacked at her office party. by sjones05/23/044.36

Workplace Romance

 — Adom has first interracial sex with his boss. by ADOM06/20/034.51HOT

Workplace Romance - Ian and Seema Ch. 01

 — White British Ian and British Pakistani Seema. by RedForDesi05/02/194.08

Workplace Tryst

 — Hot interracial tension in the office erupts after hours. by xlr8_ok01/08/074.34

World Enough and Time Ch. 01

 — White suburban widow finds black attorney in riotous Boston. by stfloyd5601/29/174.76HOT

World Enough and Time Ch. 02

 — Marcus gets to know Ruth; their interracial affair ensues. by stfloyd5602/25/174.79HOT

World Enough and Time Ch. 03

 — The inevitable becomes reality. by stfloyd5603/06/174.79HOT

World War II

 — All I could do was beg for more... by erxticwhxre10/09/113.58

Worshipping Willy Ch. 2

 — The amorous rendezvous in New Orleans continues. by gossamer04/28/024.16

Worth the Wait

 — Black actor & white Aussie actress finally work together. by brethard04/05/16


 — A wife has her first experience with a black lover. by whbonney09/21/024.24

Wrath of the Goddess

 — Astra must choose between her family and her love for King. by nicolefox1237001/21/124.30

Wrath of the Goddess Ch. 02

 — Astra pays the cost for her love. by nicolefox1237003/03/124.38


 — She loses fight, but gains an orgasm or two. by lacerezareinita01/16/053.73

Wrong Place at the Right Time

 — He plans to surprise wife, but she surprises him. by flcouple4yall04/05/073.65

WSS, Inc.

 — All in a day's work for a black stud. by JeffersonPierce10/04/054.24

X-Mas Revelations

 — True love & depravity presented in candy ribbon twists. by kontajiss12/25/054.20

X-Ray Lisa

 — Her first interracial affair. by beerman0610/05/064.08

X-Ray Lisa Ch. 02

 — The trip away. by beerman0602/11/074.32

Xavier & Yolanda

 — Brockton man meets a sexy Syrian gal in Ottawa. by Samuelx08/23/152.33

Xavier Takes A Wife

 — Black gardener seduces his first married woman. by Stormbringer10/06/014.33

Xavier's Modeling Job

 — Husband asks Black gardener to pose with wife. by Stormbringer08/20/024.49

Xenia, The Queen of Spades Pt. 01

 — Hotwife journey to be a big black cock addict. by ps3lite05/11/184.19


 — Are you going to fall in love with me? by jjcole12/01/054.64HOT

Xylona's Afternoon Nap

 — An older woman, an escort, a room at the Viridian Monarch. by SophiaPhoenix12/28/174.14

Yasmin and Bashir at Carleton U

 — Yemeni Arab woman marries Mali man in Ottawa. by Samuelx11/11/17


 — Yayoi and I role-play our way around Denmark. by songwriter50302/03/154.81HOT

Year of The Cheetah Ch. 00

 — Prologue. by JeanPaulParis11/28/153.65

Year of The Cheetah Ch. 01

 — Remembrance of things past. by JeanPaulParis12/11/154.23

Yellow Fever

 — 18-year-old guy falls for pretty Asian girl. by Tim_Shaw07/20/064.12

Yemeni Girl For Ethiopian Stud

 — Yemeni gal connects with Ethiopian stud in Ottawa. by Samuelx01/09/152.30

Yemeni Girls Into Black Guys

 — Yemeni woman saved from racists by Jamaican hero. by Samuelx01/08/152.78

Yemeni Tomboy Chronicles

 — Somali guy and Yemeni tomboy fall in love. by Samuelx10/18/17

Yemeni Women Into Black Men

 — Arab woman and black man connect at Ontario school. by Samuelx11/10/132.24


 — Indian guy lusts after shy Chinese labmate. by notquitedivine05/03/074.34

Yoga Transforms Wife New Venture

 — Wife use sexual prowess for profit and pleasure. by Whitetipped06/19/184.30

Yolanda Aoun of Lebanon

 — Arab Christian woman and Black boyfriend connect. by Samuelx12/07/18

You Belong to Me

 — An interracial couple with a slut that can't say no to BBC! by SlutProblems03/02/193.57

You Can Never Go Back

 — Wife tries Black for the first time. by bouncytig0611/26/044.07

You Can't Cheat An Honest Man

 — So what? by R. Richard01/01/054.21

You Don't Own Me

 — A former submissive has a run in with her ex. by lovewords10/27/124.22

You Guys Are So Cool

 — Young Latina lets loose. by TheGent04/21/044.30

You Made a Fool out of Me

 — A fool in love. by TrellyWellDoItWell11/05/133.51

You Made Me Trust Again

 — Black man helps white woman trust again. by JimandGarysgirl01/12/123.67

You Owe Me

 — Payback has such sweet rewards. by 05Little01/12/194.58HOT

You See Right Through Me

 — A passionate tale of love and one woman's struggle to trust. by fantasylover2508/19/144.33

You See Right Through Me Ch. 02

 — Brianna's erotic surprise. by fantasylover2508/29/144.54HOT

You See Right Through Me Ch. 03

 — Bathroom sex. by fantasylover2510/13/144.36

You See Right Through Me Ch. 04

 — A long awaited proposal. by fantasylover2512/17/144.55HOT

You Will Be Mine Again

 — It's date night. by Myanlass06/08/124.57HOT

You Will Be Mine..Again Ch. 01

 — Blast from the past comes back with an opportunity for Gale. by Myanlass02/07/114.61HOT

You Will Be Mine..Again Ch. 02

 — Gale is starting the job and Patrick is starting in on her. by Myanlass05/13/114.66HOT

You Will Be Mine..Again Ch. 03

 — Gayle wants the truth, but will she gets it? by Myanlass07/21/114.69HOT

You Will Be Mine..Again Ch. 04

 — Will Gale get her answers? by Myanlass09/29/114.79HOT

You Will Be Mine..Again Ch. 05

 — The truth is let out. by Myanlass01/20/124.65HOT

You'll Huff and Puff, and I'll Blow

 — A woman finds her boyfriend cheating, and gets her revenge. by CianPerrel10/01/124.06

You're Fired, Bro!

 — White tomboy comforts a shy black male friend. by Samuelx02/20/18

You're My Type

 — You asked me to dance. by prnzssqt05/24/064.16

You're the Boss

 — Four black gangbangers must find and fuck a white girl. by mind_sex11/18/104.41

You've Been Flirting Again

 — Sick of boyfriend, indie black girl seeks indie white guy. by miserybusiness06/24/114.32

You've Been Flirting Again Ch. 02

 — Roshanda's and Chris finally meet. by miserybusiness06/30/114.47

You've Been Flirting Again Ch. 03

 — Roshanda's feelings for Chris intensify. by miserybusiness07/04/114.51HOT

You've Been Flirting Again Ch. 04

 — The worst night ever. by miserybusiness07/08/114.54HOT

You've Been Flirting Again Ch. 05

 — Roshanda's decision. by miserybusiness07/21/114.69HOT

Young Black Pussy

 — The white teacher and black student have a good deal going. by Boxlicker10112/23/114.45

Young Black Stud Ch. 01

 — She meets Mark, her daughter's friend. by TeretheTree03/02/033.93

Young Black Stud Ch. 02

 — Tim is even hotter. by TeretheTree03/20/033.82

Young Chocolate

 — White professor gets her first taste of chocolate. by Dai Raku05/21/054.45

Young Cock

 — Michelle finds the miracle of youth. by No Panty Girl12/05/054.45

Young Gf's First Time Cuckolding

 — My young girlfriend's first time cuckolding - with a BBC. by whatthefuckingfuck08/18/164.21

Young White Police Woman's New Black Master

 — Young policewoman falls under the sway of black gangster. by BlackBabyDaddyLover02/27/133.86

Young White Teens Taken by Africans

 — Two teen daughters seduced by Black Africans at a retreat. by JonathanT10/07/154.16

Young White Virgin Blacked

 — 19-year-old white girl is taken by a big black African. by JonathanT01/26/114.30

Young White Virgin Blacked Ch. 02

 — Terresa, the young daughter, gets blacked by the African. by JonathanT07/07/124.36

Young Wife Gives In At A Party

 — Away at college, she gets drunk and gives in. by Strangetwist08/11/114.14

Young Wife's Interracial Past

 — A young wife's past is told, relived and changes are made. by Jbomb171701/20/174.27

Your Ex-Lover is Dead

 — Will his newfound black lover end his morbid "curse?" by miserybusiness07/06/124.38

Your Ex-Lover is Dead Ch. 02

 — The first test of his sanity ends in disaster. by miserybusiness07/10/124.56HOT

Your Ex-Lover is Dead Ch. 04

 — The aftermath of a near-tragedy. by miserybusiness07/24/124.62HOT

Your Ex-Lover is Dead Ch. 05

 — The downward spiral begins. by miserybusiness08/12/124.42

Your Love Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1. by cnhemingway07/17/154.57HOT

Your Love Ch. 02

 — Stephen and Christina head back to the apartment. by cnhemingway07/21/154.73HOT

Your Love Ch. 03

 — They go back to reality, but it isn't the same. by cnhemingway08/17/154.78HOT

Your Love Ch. 04

 — Stephen & Christina take necessary steps for themselves. by cnhemingway09/01/154.75HOT

Your Love Ch. 05

 — Stephen's putting it together, and it doesn't look good. by cnhemingway09/09/154.71HOT

Your Love Ch. 06

 — Secrets come out, plans get discovered, and rules get broken. by cnhemingway09/21/154.76HOT

Your Love Ch. 07

 — The enemy is approached and the results are shocking. by cnhemingway11/21/154.63HOT

Your Love Ch. 08

 — With Christina M.I.A, will there be a happy ending? by cnhemingway11/26/154.72HOT

Your Wife Gets Some Big Black Cock

 — She tells how you arrive home early to find a surprise. by Victoriaslice07/20/093.82

Your Wish Is My Command

 — Roleplay takes on life of its own. by Dirt Man12/31/024.44

Yuki and Kilima

 — How it began; from the club, to the car. by Lady_Writing09/24/063.90

Yuppie Wives

 — Pretty white wives are seduced by taboo interracial sex. by jmcox26108/22/073.98

Yvonne's Awakening

 — She was dead set againt black men until porn interviened. by pandy201102/02/113.77

Zachary & Ciara

 — He needs a wife, she needs security for her and her daughter. by mspat10/07/094.48

Zachary & Ciara Ch. 02

 — Zachary takes his new family home to London. by mspat11/15/094.63HOT

Zachary & Ciara Ch. 03

 — A snake makes a visit. by mspat02/08/104.60HOT

Zachary & Ciara Ch. 04

 — Colin goes visiting with gifts. by mspat01/16/114.59HOT

Zachary & Ciara Ch. 05

 — Zach's mother & Abigail tell him some old news. by mspat09/02/114.61HOT

Zachary & Ciara Ch. 06

 — Ciara returns to Atlanta, Brie isn't happy to see her. by mspat10/03/114.58HOT

Zachary & Ciara Ch. 07

 — The family is back together again (still no sex). by mspat07/07/144.61HOT

Zachary & Ciara Ch. 08

 — Family emergency. by mspat07/24/144.66HOT

Zahra Said of Saudi Arabia

 — Saudi woman marries Guinean Muslim scholar. by Samuelx06/19/183.38

Zainab Ali of Al Qahirah

 — Egyptian Muslim MILF connects with Black lover. by Samuelx04/18/18


 — Black goddess takes a lover. by aaawetone02/14/044.11

Zane Ch. 01

 — Black woman loves aggressive white man, but it's not enough. by TheIncognito07/01/104.49

Zane Ch. 02

 — Zane gets Blair to do what he's been wanting. by TheIncognito07/06/104.71HOT

Zane Ch. 03

 — Blair tries to leave Zane. by TheIncognito11/11/104.51HOT

Zane Ch. 04

 — Blair comes back, but will she stay? by TheIncognito11/12/104.77HOT

Zebra Games

 — A former neighbor takes down an old rival's girlfriend. by Bazzz07/16/064.33

Zebra Games Ch. 02

 — Life on Avery Ave gets a little more interesting. by Bazzz08/31/064.42

Zebra Games Ch. 03

 — Sexual climax to the happenings on Avery Ave. by Bazzz11/16/073.94

Zeke's New Route

 — Zeke gets a new Mail Delivery Route. by ittakestwo26908/29/044.18

Zeke's New Route Ch. 02

 — Zeke and Beverly have some more fun in the Mailroom. by ittakestwo26909/08/044.40

Zineb Jabrane of Morocco

 — Moroccan Hijab gal seduces a Jamaican soldier. by Samuelx03/26/172.50

Zoe's Medication

 — What happens when you mix your meds. by Just Plain Bob05/09/112.87

Zoey's First Black Cock

 — Zoey sleeps with a black man with a monster cock. by Mysteria2712/10/163.89

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