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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Writer's Block Ch. 06

 — It's been a long time coming. by firstkiss03/24/094.77HOT

Writer's Block Ch. 06

 — Where would we be without friends? by Feshta04/10/194.68HOT

Writer's Block Ch. 07

 — Finally. by firstkiss10/07/094.78HOTContest Winner

Writer's Block- The Car

 — Sexual frustration breaks in a car. by LordWriter711/19/134.23

Writer's Cramp

 — A work around for writers block... with benefits. by Jaisen11/28/094.46

Writer's Dream

 — Reclusive writer dreams in the park. by theGatsby11/27/024.50HOT

Writer's Luck

 — Author has an intimate encounter with female publisher. by alonzo1407/09/054.34

Writer's Muse

 — Sebastian finds his muse by theGatsby12/16/024.43


 — With the aid of silk restraints, he devours you slowly. by Wolf of Mibu 6902/16/054.48


 — You have an early morning dance. by lady_macbeth_471109/06/054.08

Writing Assignments

 — She tells him what she wants - exactly what she wants. by MsHenry06/13/083.64

Writing Porn

 — A guy tries writing porn urged on by his supportive wife. by Egmont040906/16/094.08

Writing Retreat - Day 01

 — A secret getaway full of desire. by RL_Inthay12/07/174.20

Writing Retreat - Day 02

 — A secret getaway gets adventurous. by RL_Inthay12/29/174.15

Wrong Address

 — A fuck-tool, trouser truncheon enjoys a sweet little pussy. by 2Xwidderwoman03/21/084.09

Wrong Pt. 01

 — Nina begins a relationship with her sister's ex-husband. by GirlintheMoon06/27/144.70HOT

Wrong Pt. 02

 — Nina continues to wonder what's wrong and what's right. by GirlintheMoon07/01/144.75HOT

Wrong Pt. 03

 — The conclusion of Patrick and Nina's story. by GirlintheMoon07/10/144.64HOT

Wrong Room

 — When sneaking in to see your girlfriend, get the room right. by Ashson02/15/144.22

Wrong Room

 — My roommate's girlfriend gives me a blowjob by mistake. by pinkysurprise06/17/164.47

Wrong Seat

 — She sucks guy she mistakes as her husband at crowded airport. by Archer205006/01/084.46

Wrong Trousers

 — A birthday surprise doesn't go as planned. by 4eyedbrit11/11/084.07

WTF Happened Last Night?

 — Hangovers and memories don't mix. by LukeCoolhand09/25/124.50HOT

WWE Assistant: Candice Busts Out

 — Employee pleases top WWE diva by dfg198006/27/084.31

WWOA 01: Karaoke Okey Dokes

 — Alexis goes Karaokeing and meets a white knight. by MightyPuff04/29/094.50


 — Guilt-stricken wife sets up husband with hot, young Latina. by Archer205009/30/074.43

X-Rated Monopoly

 — They play a steamy version of the game. by luv_to_run7102/17/043.94

Xavier Scores!

 — His co-curricular activities teach one doctoral student a lot. by Cinner12/21/124.00

Xavita: An Amazonian in Love

 — An Amazonian woman falls in love with a younger boy. by LiteraryArt78903/29/183.33

Xena Was a True Blond

 — Some true memories of a beautiful sex partner. by FLrider02/13/134.09

Xeres Ch. 01

 — Xeres tells of her latest client. by TeacherWoman3611/29/114.14

Xerox Man

 — Encounter after hours with Xerox Engineer. by alf4male04/14/083.62

Xi High's Dangerous Darling Ch. 06

 — In the last chapter of the series, Chang struggles. by SaviorSamurai11/21/184.25

Xider's Erotic Tales: The Mother

 — The first in my series. by Xider10/02/033.69

Xmas '04

 — Erotic story for a hetero couple. by Beseaz01/01/052.83

Xmas Comes Early

 — Work's xmas night out turns out to have a lot to offer. by TheWonderSlut11/12/023.81

Xmas Party Bimbo

 — Secretary shows off and gets it at work night out. by Dani_Kadlo01/12/174.28

Xmas Shelter

 — Welcome the stranger bearing gifts! by R. Richard11/15/034.37

Xochitl Had a Dream

 — A dream turns to reality. by lalilolly05/10/174.50

XXX Anticipating

 — Jen is getting excited about our next fuck party. by PenningFreer11/25/093.91

XXX Box Seduction Ch. 01

 — What a girl does to get her guy away from the game. by Azuldrgon03/09/064.19

XXX Movies Ch. 1

 — Diane discovers erotic movies and more. by MathGirl09/02/024.09

XXX Movies Ch. 2

 — Diane discovers erotic movies & more. by MathGirl09/03/024.44

XXXmas Eve with a BBW

 — He finds himself in the arms of an unusual beauty. by brymon12/24/064.38

Xxxperience...Not Required!

 — It's a little slow at first, then it gets hot. by daana06/28/023.90

Y Caramba

 — Lusty, lonely Latina looks for love. by Eros con Pollo05/04/024.06

Yachts Are A Good Place To Start

 — Couple on their first holiday together, alone on a yacht. by Wingwalker6906/26/133.79

Yachtsmen's Ball

 — Dave remembers the surprises of going to their first ball by BrassMonkey02/25/034.27

Yadda Yadda Yadda

 — All talk and no action-NOT! by clayboy12/02/044.15


 — A mutual college dining hall crush is realized. by scarfaccio11/04/014.50HOT


 — A Japanese Yakuza and his masseuse. by afterthebeep02/19/074.58HOT


 — She lunches on him under the table. by mpm03/17/034.31

Yana the Sensualist

 — Young man has encounter with erotically inclined lady. by EdDivers11/11/154.75HOT

Yana: Pub Slut Ch. 01

 — Drunken, late night anal fucking with a new friend in a pub. by Jack_Love01/20/104.16

Yard Service

 — Iris deep throats outside. by TravisFord09/11/123.94

Yard Work

 — He takes a break from the really hot work. by Witchy02/08/024.05

Yard Work

 — Mature neighbors make an unexpected connection. by wishful110/07/064.37

Yard Work

 — An old barn, behind an old country house... by Declan of Ulm07/20/034.10

Yard Work

 — Young man has his eyes opened by the next door neighbor. by FunOnTheTown01/05/194.19

Yard Work

 — A young man sucks his first cock. by tedsgirl03/12/194.37


 — Busty neighbor discovers his secret video. by bcamer08/04/014.16


 — The perks of the job become obvious. by erostorm03/14/094.12

Yardwork Ch. 2

 — Wife gets even with her neighbor. by bcamer08/13/014.36

Yasmine & Sarah: Roommates in Love!

 — Trans & cis women roommates both grow closer at game night. by superbutt01/18/194.55HOT

Year 3: Shane and Emily

 — Which one is this? by prettygirl1805/22/103.33

Year 5 with Jane and Tony Pt. 02

 — The last of the Jane and Tony stories. by Kalavo01/12/194.69HOT

Year Two with Jane and Tony Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of our heroes second year at University. by Kalavo09/09/174.78HOT

Yelka and Pigg First Time

 — Simple sex scene in a medieval bedchamber. by KimDaruu07/29/154.23

Yellow Ch. 02

 — The action heats up as the girls bait Dan. by Midwestern_Sex_Fiend01/24/053.80

Yellow Ch. 03

 — Matt and Dan face off for the first time. by Midwestern_Sex_Fiend01/26/052.53

Yellow Pumps

 — Lucky breaks in her yellow pumps. by goddess_J06/21/084.05

Yes Congressman! Ch. 01

 — Rebecca Madison embarks on a slutty political career. by Faye_Skylark05/09/134.51HOT

Yes Miss Murphy Ch. 01

 — Rookie co-worker has David Thompson in a serious bind. by PeterOmez08/13/143.90

Yes Officer Ch. 01

 — An anything but routine traffic stop. by peachykeen08/15/024.50HOT

Yes Officer Ch. 02

 — She's not home alone... by peachykeen06/13/034.68HOT

Yes Please

 — She just can't help herself during a cozy movie night in. by Quietnightin08/01/183.61

Yes Sir

 — An 18 year-old girl is sent to the principal's office. by TGND8308/04/094.25

Yes Sir

 — Internet meeting. by Mexxikitten08/08/134.17

Yes Tommy, There is a Sandra Claus

 — Tommy's teacher has many Christams treats to share. by walterio12/04/084.55HOT


 — A cyber experience to melt for. by 1SpiceyAngel04/04/064.00

Yes! We have Some Bananas!

 — A little food play. by CaptObvious6094007/24/173.88

Yes! Yes! Yes!

 — Lonely single girl finally gets satisfaction. by luv2chatuup03/17/044.25

Yes, Anne, I Do Remember You

 — He picks up a hiker, then realises he knew her. by skip.6904/09/084.04

Yes, I Remember Elaine

 — A true tale of a secretary, wine, a Lincoln and lust. by Cowboyedward11/01/104.49

Yes, Mr. T----

 — Boss and assistant on a desk. Enough said. by KinkyMuffin12/27/123.68

Yes, Officer?

 — She fucks her way out of a speeding ticket. by Cum_To_Me08/03/064.02

Yes, Please

 — A stranger takes her out back. by Funktionslust04/18/174.22

Yes, Professor

 — A college student finally can work for her favorite teacher. by riversong9611/10/154.54HOT

Yes, Sensei!

 — Alana gets to know her Tae-Kwon_Do instructor better. by simply_cyn06/20/054.54HOT

Yes, Sir

 — Gray gets the surprise from her professor that she's been fantasizing about. by TheTroubleMaker01/25/154.45

Yes, Sir

 — Consensual rough sex between man and woman, dirty talk. by smytt.rurol01/19/194.40

Yes, Sir

 — Alison fucks her teacher. by HardAlyx10/31/184.42

Yes, Virginia, there is a…

 — A special visit at a holiday party. by MasterGunzen12/02/144.54HOT

Yesterday in My Fantasy

 — She imagines first meeting with Internet lover. by Sweet Bee05/14/024.10

Yesterday Was Not The Last

 — She just couldn't shake him. by Zania09/28/083.25

Yesterday's Affair

 — ...the beginning of a dangerous folly. by JaneDoe3104/20/103.97

Yesterday's Affair Ch. 03

 — Memories and temptations abound. by JaneDoe3112/14/103.93

Yesterday's Affair Ch. 04

 — Janie risks the phone call. by JaneDoe3102/05/114.00

Yet Another Pizza Delivery Story

 — A married woman gets a mouthful. by robokun07/15/093.77

YMCA After Hours

 — Ali finds some great perks for being a lifeguard. by Elickser06/09/194.52HOTNEW


 — I show Jenny how bad I am at yoga. by ThatGuy8804/03/174.34

Yoga - and Blessings of Darkness

 — Woman satisfies four-year crush. by XXscribbler09/06/184.70HOT

Yoga Booty

 — Teacher no-shows class and two students take advantage. by StrawberrySmutcakes12/14/123.43

Yoga Class

 — His auto-fellatio skills dazzle a blonde coed. by Hornyman69WithU04/15/074.26

Yoga Is Not a Spectator Sport

 — She puts on a yoga show for him until he can't take any more. by JakSculring01/06/184.36

Yoga Lessons

 — Sexy yoga instructor teaches "couples yoga" to young stud. by petitmort10/09/094.59HOT

Yoga? Really?

 — Who would have thought yoga had this? by lmnop32103/15/124.49

Yogini's Special Session

 — Older female teacher gives man a special private class. by XXscribbler12/29/174.69HOT

Yonder Come My Lady

 — A wish, from a long time ago. by BoomLikeThat03/14/073.71

Yonder Sommers

 — A displaced Yankee does the right thing and gets a reward. by NickPaga02/10/154.14

Yorkville '67

 — Two revellers go with it in 1960s Toronto. by PerilEyes02/27/114.47


 — In praise of women. by Nick Marlowe07/14/033.65


 — A story of your sensual passion. by apetal2u02/09/044.61HOT


 — Just for you, QueenM. by love24x12/10/094.50HOT


 — Yeah you! by Cafune01/01/173.85

You & I in a Hotel

 — Sexy couple and mild exhibitionism. by SexyScarlett0012/04/154.00

You & I: Night of Passion

 — You start in the woods. by Social Scarecrow11/03/044.61HOT

You & Me

 — You get busy. by pingky03/16/054.65HOT

You & Me, 8 pm

 — An invitation for a rendezvous, would you go? by lovetoread01/05/024.38

You Ain't Shit

 — FWB but it's complicated. by leeleeMarie11/26/174.42

You and I

 — A woman and her lover: her perspective. by southern_lady10/29/054.38

You and I

 — First person fantasy. 'You' are female; 'I' am...? by Riccardo1007/31/094.53HOT

You and I

 — You and I enjoying each other's bodies. by Tahyldras04/30/133.25

You and I are One

 — From his point of view. by Sensitive_Man10/10/054.39

You and Me

 — Your relaxation and arousal. by Linedrive03/04/034.02

You and Me

 — You have another encounter. by daddysbabygirl72303/12/064.12

You and Me

 — An unexpected, frantic encounter. by broken_mirror08/24/083.43

You and Me

 — A story made for your imagination. by SilkChiffon06/15/104.57

You and Me

 — And unexpected encounter gets steamy. by naughtycouture07/18/143.71

You and Me Continued

 — The rest of the night. by daddysbabygirl72304/07/064.50

You are my best Mornings!

 — Another morning with my Englishman, I woke him properly. by Dhampie03/10/154.29

You Are Next to Me

 — Just waking up or just laying down? by nrcma9808/24/023.55

You are Served

 — Adventures of a Process Server. by radk03/30/124.51HOT

You Arrive At My Hotel

 — Meeting your e-friend at last. by johnny_ergo11/09/044.03

You Ask What I Want

 — Her answer to your question. by littlepiggy02/07/064.30

You Asked For It Ch. 02

 — A birthday disappointment becomes a birthday surprise. by SophieHewitt08/23/134.45

You Asked Me

 — Recollections of an evening, from dressing to the walk home by dreamingsuburb09/26/164.44

You Awake?

 — Late night booty call. by CunningLinguist9004/22/164.14

You Bastard!

 — I hate him - don't I? by ozzietwo02/08/103.88

You be the Judge and Jury

 — Here's the facts now you decide if she was a virgin. by Tender8607/17/113.24

You Came Back 01

 — Fictional story of an affair. by Greeneyedgirl2905/17/164.38

You Came To Me Last Night

 — Did you dream it or not? by Mysteryman550009/26/044.42

You Can Always Tell

 — Best piece of ass he ever had. by magmaman04/27/134.09

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