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 — Baby Girl attempts to distract her Daddy at work. by daddys_good_girl01/26/103.90

Diva Exposed

 — Sub forced to confess how her Master came to control her. by audiodiva06/28/114.34

DIY Nipple Clamps

 — DIY nipple clamps and how they hurt so much. by Prcious109/13/184.47

Do Me Right

 — Listen to him tell you just what happened--it's aural oral. by Dr_Strange05/17/074.01

Do Over

 — A couple reunite and have some fun a second time around. by KymmieQuinnell11/06/124.58HOT

Do What I Say or Else

 — You've been caught ogling me a few too many times in class. by RoyalBrain11/09/174.03

Do You Forgive Me, Baby?

 — My girl is pissed! Listen as I make her forgive me. by princebreed06/08/174.23

Do You Forgive Me, Baby? Pt. 02

 — She's mad at me but I make her apologize like a good slut. by princebreed11/30/174.38

Do You Want Me?

 — A simple question... by Mirage02/05/134.41

Do You Want Me? Rape Me.

 — A young woman finds that force is her fetish. by KJLarson01/19/174.48

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

 — The secret about what "sexy" really is. by Endless_Roads01/04/184.61HOT

Doggie-Style Pounding

 — Listen in as a hot blonde wife is pounding from behind. by neno1312/22/093.37

Doggy Style College Sex Sounds

 — A loud PiV (Penis in Vagina) dorm room encounter. by petercrowther09/29/164.19

Dollhouse Wedding

 — "Have you been thinking about what's up under my skirt?" by firemaker888801/24/064.15


 — Girl_Grace dominates Dr_Impervious. by Dr_Impervious09/01/103.86


 — Young man takes orders well. by cutedrummer07/08/154.33

Don't Cum Yet

 — More of us fucking. by luckygirl1809/27/12

Don't EVER Call Me a Bitch Again!

 — I wanna make you my bitch tonight; don't you DARE say no! by tarkustrooper11/05/143.84

Don't Keep Me Waiting

 — This dildo and I can't wait, baby . . . by Xyta_Midnyte09/20/184.31

Don't Let Go

 — The feeling of your body just drives him mad. by hidden_shadow11/23/103.84

Don't Let Your Roommate Hear!

 — A script by The Script King. by marlama09/04/153.97

Don't Make Me Late

 — Would you be distracted by my special kiss? by justjohn101309/21/104.19

Don't Touch

 — She tries out her dominant side. by mollyisme205/30/054.50HOT

Don't Yell Across the House

 — A pet peeve turns into an amazing apology. by mikewritesbooks12/31/144.00

Double 'D' Deception

 — Using my big tits for a little revenge. by LushinLace07/07/174.40

Double 'D' Desires - Donna's Demise

 — A good deed deserves a reward. by LushinLace05/25/174.48

Double Cream on a Hot Summer Night

 — Young man learns the joys of breastfeeding. by theravenfox08/24/104.10

Double Down - Swim Coach 9

 — Twins prove to coach that they're not identical after all. by LushinLace10/05/174.48

Double O (Male)

 — He comes twice while thinking of you. by pantyshot04/16/084.41

Double OH MY!

 — Sometimes it takes two to make it right. by theravenfox11/24/094.33

Double Your Pleasure

 — Can you resist two girls sucking and rimming and cumming? by Eves_Garden06/05/154.51HOT


 — She describes the blowjob she dreams about giving. by pure_imagination08/16/114.33

Down on Dick

 — His bisexual threesomes turn kinky. by wislbleur10/13/094.15

Drake's Tale Ch. 01

 — Vampire choses a lovely human mate. by NecroDraft07/28/033.24

Dream Lover

 — She recounts a vivid, erotic dream. by KR01/09/064.41


 — Another night alone and a quiet visitor. by TheVixen10/08/143.85

Dreaming About Daddy

 — 18-year-old tells her daddy about the dream she had last night. by justalittlegirl11/10/114.25

Dreaming About Daddy Ch. 02

 — She dreams about being disciplined by Daddy. by justalittlegirl11/16/114.50HOT

Dreaming of Daddy

 — Coed Tawndie has fun waiting for Daddy. by TawndieWahengle08/24/103.31

Dreaming of Daddy

 — Dreaming of my Daddy taking me as I leave work. by avylynne07/23/134.30

Dressing Room Surprise

 — A surprise after the show turns into a memorable moment. by alimae07/10/134.02


 — Will the trip down the river cool us off, or heat us up? by justjohn101308/10/104.27

Dripping Wet

 — She's been thinking about you all day. by yourcockismine02/23/104.28

Drive Hard

 — Missing her already. by Living_Voice11/20/143.14

Driving Home

 — He's feeling horny on the road. by neophyte_sub03/21/124.09

Driving the Sitter Home

 — What will you do when he pulls over on a dark street? by mastersvoice05/30/193.96

Drunk Sex

 — Playing while listening to you fantasize about drunk sex. by jaymasters4507/07/174.03

Duelin' Hitachis

 — Can Tark take these two Magic Wands? Stay tuned! by tarkustrooper06/23/163.89

Dusk Public Ass Fucking

 — Public command performance of slave's ass fucking. by ditto7907/23/13

Ear Whispers

 — Guiding you through your masturbation to orgasm. Whispering. by InMyHands07/07/174.23

Early Arrival

 — Arriving early, she hopes for happy hour. by KR04/30/064.11

Early Morning

 — You woke me up in the early hours. by redhotbothered05/09/133.96

Early Morning Orgasm 01

 — Rebekka's Master allows her to watch porn. by RebekkaBrown11/02/104.30

Early Morning Orgasm 02

 — Rebekka's Master allows her to watch porn. by RebekkaBrown12/22/104.38

Early Morning Orgasm 03

 — Rebekka's Master allows her to watch porn. by RebekkaBrown03/14/114.00

Early Morning Orgasm 04

 — Rebekka's Master permits her to watch porn. by RebekkaBrown06/28/114.21

Early Morning Orgasm 05

 — Rebekka's Master permits her to watch porn. by RebekkaBrown09/14/114.25

Early Morning Orgasm 06 - Part 1

 — Rebekka's Master permits her to watch porn. by RebekkaBrown12/17/134.73HOT

Early Morning Orgasm 06 - Part 2

 — Rebekka's Master permits her to watch porn. by RebekkaBrown12/17/134.41

Early Rainy Morning

 — Baby it's raining...wake up and make love to me. by EZCollegeGrl01/11/184.59HOT

East Texas Night

 — I thought I was just passing through. but she changed my mind. by RichardHardy03/30/104.38

Easy to Hack

 — He hypnotizes you to make you a cog in the machine. by pause8808/10/103.56


 — Husband has a little snack. by sdcouple0304/07/093.35

Eating Mommy's Birthday Cake

 — Enjoying your stepmom on your birthday. by LushinLace10/25/184.24

Eating Out

 — Your favorite midnight snack. by yourcockismine11/20/124.19

Eating You Out

 — I fantasize about eating you out while playing with myself by jaymasters4503/02/174.52HOT

Eating Your Pussy

 — Listen in as he describes what he's about to do to you. by DickUnderwood09/27/113.57

Edge Me, Spank Me, Make Me SCREAM!

 — Listen as she teases, spanks, and gets herself off. by tarkustrooper11/20/144.06


 — Three requests, edging, threesomes and choking myself. by littlekitten73810/08/154.20


 — 18 minutes of frustration leading to her strongest orgasm to date. by NerdyTalk11/15/184.11

Edging Together

 — Dr_Impervious & Lolita30 edge together... by Dr_Impervious07/13/103.94

Eight Orgasms for Gina

 — Couple does multiple orgasms with the vibrator. by kitalogos12/17/133.54

Eine kleine Fickenmusik

 — A musical, erotic delight. by Zoots_owner09/12/083.86

Electric Masturbation for Women

 — A hypnotic session to help women have truly electric orgasms. by devlinwylde04/05/184.26

Ella Squirts For You

 — As if her pussy wasn't wet enough already... by EllaEcstasy09/15/094.42

Ella Toys Her Pussy

 — She fulfills an email request, and fills her pussy. by EllaEcstasy07/21/094.48

Email to Amber

 — My response to feedback sent about my stories. by Xtacyincin12/22/093.28

Emergency Blowjob

 — You interrupt me at work with an emergency... by Mirage03/30/164.48

Encounter in the Woods

 — He finds sexy beauty in deserted woods. by RedheadedBeauty01/25/054.43

Encouragement for a Busy Girl (Irish Accent)

 — Busy girls deserve orgasms too. by AttractiveGeek06/01/174.59HOT

Encouraging Exhibitionism

 — I show you off to the crowd. by TheGreyKnight07/08/154.22

End of Her 40 Days

 — My first ever story - inspired by LydeaTalks. by SomeAussieGuy09/08/093.79

English Sub Boy & 69

 — He savours your pussy as your mouth clamps his cock. by BoyfromEngland02/19/063.91

English Sub Boy & Bubble Bath

 — He enjoys using warm soapy water against your skin. by BoyfromEngland10/17/054.43

English Sub Boy & Dom Intensity

 — Dark thoughts as you become his dirty little cum slut. by BoyfromEngland07/10/064.33

English Sub Boy & Hairbrush Anal

 — Mistress uses hairbrush handle to penetrate sub boy. by BoyfromEngland06/28/053.97

English Sub Boy & Mitten Massage

 — He uses cashmere mittens with rubber pods to massage you. by BoyfromEngland09/19/054.57HOT

English Sub Boy & Oral

 — Boy pleases Mistress with his tongue after being spanked. by BoyfromEngland06/12/054.14

English Sub Boy & Seitak Rose

 — The rose creates deep arousal within him. by BoyfromEngland10/17/054.03

English Sub Boy & Sub Intensity

 — The intense need to be used by you Mistress. by BoyfromEngland07/10/063.95

English Sub Boy & the Hammock

 — Mistress makes boy please her from beneath hammock by BoyfromEngland06/12/054.29

English Sub Boy & Vulva Inspection

 — Inspection of good girl's womanhood. by BoyfromEngland05/17/074.34

English Sub Boy and Your Feet

 — He wants only to make you feel wonderful. by BoyfromEngland06/06/054.19

English Sub Boy Good Girl Bath Time

 — He parts your pussy so shower rains down on your clit. by BoyfromEngland05/17/074.39

English Sub Boy Has Feet Kissed

 — His Good Girl performs foot massage and cock worship. by BoyfromEngland08/28/064.29

English Sub Boy is Home Alone

 — He strips naked before you & becomes your fuck toy. by BoyfromEngland01/24/064.30

English Sub Boy is Milked

 — His Good Girl plays with his cock till it shoots cum. by BoyfromEngland08/28/064.42

English Sub Boy is Used Forcefully

 — He is your slut to take as you please. by BoyfromEngland08/28/064.04

English Sub Boy is Your Cushion

 — His face & tongue become your cushion as you listen to him. by BoyfromEngland08/28/064.33

English Sub Boy is Your Rope Master

 — Part 1 of Master's Return to Room 114. by BoyfromEngland07/10/064.17

English Sub Boy Makes Love to You

 — Continuation of sub boy's masturbation session with you. by BoyfromEngland09/05/054.59HOT

English Sub Boy Masturbates with You

 — English Sub Boy masturbates with "You" the listener. by BoyfromEngland08/08/054.38

English Sub Boy Mistress Adoration

 — Your scent, your womanhood; the power it has over him. by BoyfromEngland05/17/074.41

English Sub Boy Plays Daddy

 — Daddy shares his panty fantasy with his special princess. by BoyfromEngland06/05/064.45

English Sub Boy Returns To Your Feet

 — His sexual need to worship your feet reaches a climax. by BoyfromEngland07/10/063.64

English Sub Boy Room 114: Dominant

 — A switch version: together in Hotel Room 114. by BoyfromEngland04/03/064.49

English Sub Boy Room 114: Submissive

 — Just you & him alone in hotel Room 114. by BoyfromEngland04/03/064.18

English Sub Boy Shares Your Bed

 — He is your mattress as you sleep with his cock inside you. by BoyfromEngland02/19/064.52HOT

English Sub Boy Shaves Mistress

 — sub boy's shaving of Mistress earns him golden rain. by BoyfromEngland06/21/054.07

English Sub Boy Watches Good Girl

 — You're his Special Girl as you masturbate & gag on cock. by BoyfromEngland08/28/064.33

English Sub Boy's DOM Wet Dream

 — He becomes your gentle Master. by BoyfromEngland09/12/054.49

Enjoy the Ride

 — You take me out for a drive. by Babydoll65532110/08/143.96

Enjoying Katie's Dirty, Sweaty Body - Audio Version

 — Hot, sweaty, stinky sex; read by audiodiva. by regularjohn06/01/114.22

Enjoys My Finger, Until I Stop

 — She moans as he teases her. by iLoveADiva12/09/093.90


 — s=in a digital world, love my digital girl. by yblack511/02/174.45


 — Turning the tables on a dominant male partner. by Tempest_Wolfsong03/30/194.29

Erotic Adventure Pt. 01

 — Come play with me Sir and choose your own erotic adventure. by redhotbothered12/03/134.23

Erotic Adventure Pt. 01 Option A

 — You've made your first choice...what will happen next? by redhotbothered12/03/134.46

Erotic Adventure Pt. 01 Option B

 — You've gone with the 2nd choice. Let's see what happens next. by redhotbothered12/03/134.45

Erotic Adventure Pt. 02

 — Choices were made and now I pay the price. by redhotbothered08/20/144.34

Erotic Description

 — A description of what I would do to you. by sensualsharon04/06/104.41

Erotic Induction

 — Hypnotic induction with triggers and binaural applications. by Mistress_Saphire10/02/063.14

Erotic Induction for Men

 — Erotic self-hypnosis for men. by masterhypnotist06/01/033.30

Erotic Induction for Women

 — To be used by women. by masterhypnotist05/19/033.84

Erotic Induction for Women Plus

 — An enhanced induction for willing women. by masterhypnotist08/05/033.76

Erotic Musings About Morning Sex

 — Some ruminations about the awesomeness of morning sex. by CosmicRhythm05/08/124.40

Erotic Visualization Therapy

 — A gentle guided masturbation. by theravenfox08/03/104.13

Erotic Weight Loss Induction

 — Lose weight while cumming (for women). by masterhypnotist12/15/032.62

Escape (Taken)

 — A journey of romantic relaxation... by British Filth07/02/134.39

Essay on a Tryst

 — Her thoughts about a D/s session. by Joseki Ko09/14/043.52

Ethan's Reluctant Journey

 — Ethan discovers Marcus' cock with the help of Sara and Mina by Mina2402/01/124.57HOT

Ethan's Wild Ride

 — Ethan, Marcus, Sara and Mina finish their NY Eve orgy. by Mina2402/23/124.59HOT

EW Wants You

 — EW tells you what she wants. by Erotica_Writings05/10/043.83

Ex Boyfriend's Apartment

 — I can't stand him. His cock, on the other hand... by aWindOfSuchViolence04/18/194.27

Exhausted by Hubby Ch. 01

 — Fun night is ahead *if* she will write it. by angela14601/27/043.58

Exhausted by Hubby Ch. 02

 — She agrees to his terms. by angela14602/16/043.64

Exhausted by Hubby Ch. 04

 — Exhausted by good sex, wife surrenders to husband. by angela14610/14/034.30


 — She tries a little kinky edgy self-pleasure. by Loveofsound08/08/124.35

Exploding In Your Warmth

 — I pump my cock for you while imagining cumming inside you. by jaymasters4512/21/174.38

Exploring New Limits - Audio Version

 — A girl tests her limits of domination. by regularjohn06/01/114.26

Exploring You

 — A relaxing morning spent exploring your body. by OhSheBops03/09/194.34

Explosive O's

 — Hot wife sucks hubby's cock; he repays the favor. by larson6703/08/113.42

Extra Credit

 — A little something to help you rise to the top of the class. by yourcockismine06/04/134.49

Extra Credit

 — EZCollegeGrl begs for extra credit to make up for failed exam. by EZCollegeGrl07/01/164.42

Extra Horny Monday Morning

 — Monday morning quicky for a great week ahead! by ThatLuca10/29/153.97

Eye Contact (The Audio)

 — Watch him as he watches you, as he takes your soul and you his. by yblack503/09/174.72HOT

Face Down Ass Up

 — Description of my favorite position. by Prcious108/17/17

Facing the Glory Hole

 — While watching porn together, a big surprise comes through. by RoyalBrain04/27/184.56HOT

Fall Training in Cock Worship

 — Master continues His slave's training. by ditto7911/20/12

Fan Appreciation: Starbuxxx Girl

 — Bumped into a fan and had to show her my appreciation. by princebreed07/26/183.10

Fan Service

 — Let's cool down to heat up. by TheGreyKnight06/18/154.24


 — The thought of you is enough to make her dreams come true. by yourcockismine03/09/104.39

Fantasies Pt. 01

 — Just me talking about random things and some fantasies. by SomeAussieGuy07/25/124.32


 — A morning alone - what is a girl to do? by Little Minx02/19/064.18

Fantasizing about You

 — Fantasizing and cumming. by InMyHands01/25/184.32

Fantasy Fuck

 — AJ fantasizes and plays. by funluvinaj04/26/163.97

Fantasy Provider Pt. 01

 — A provider in London fulfills your desires for your mother. by Endless_Love04/26/164.25

Fantasy Provider Pt. 02

 — A provider in London fulfills your desires for your mother. by Endless_Love04/27/163.29

Fantasy Provider Pt. 03

 — The breathtaking romance with your mother continues. by Endless_Love02/16/174.05

Fantasy Provider Pt. 04

 — The mind-blowing love affair with your mother continues. by Endless_Love03/09/174.24

Fatal Attraction

 — Fatal attraction leads to infidelity. by black_stallion66605/24/183.58

Feed Me Your Cum

 — We're supposed to be camping; meet me in the woods instead. by Eves_Garden04/03/154.56HOT

Feeding a Slave

 — He feeds cum to His 'kitten'. by Joseki Ko01/03/053.78

Feel It

 — Let me assure you that this is definitely my cock. by jaymasters4510/25/184.27

Feeling Bossy

 — Instructions for male masturbation with anal play. by Bellatrixie01/17/124.40

Feeling Bossy Pt. 02

 — The second in my series of guided masturbation. by Bellatrixie01/17/124.11

Feeling Bossy Pt. 03

 — The Joys of Toys for Boys. by Bellatrixie02/09/124.34

Feeling Bossy Pt. 04

 — Making you my sissy. by Bellatrixie05/08/124.28

Feeling Bossy Pt. 05

 — Soft Limits. by Bellatrixie05/08/124.43

Feeling Bossy Pt. 06

 — Making you my cum slut. by Bellatrixie10/09/124.34

Female-Female JOI

 — Female led JOI for women. by Rosevbre_xxx04/27/184.38

Femdom - Do as Eve says

 — My take on femdom - not nasty or humiliating- with a switch. by Eves_Garden03/13/154.35


 — The dance of seduction between lovers. by Erotica_Writings06/14/044.24

Fifteen Minutes of Fun

 — I'm horny, have two vibrators and 15 minutes to kill... by queenofdeviance11/13/154.33

Fill Her Up; Clean Her Out

 — He describes his wife restrains him, rides him to orgasm & feeds it back. by Taboo2U11/12/153.82

Fill Me Again

 — It's been too long... by yourcockismine03/21/123.85

Fill Me Up

 — Random musings on blow jobs. by Bellatrixie01/17/124.02


 — Incubus fills you with what really matters. by notwhorosethinks01/10/194.51HOT

Filthy Little Whore

 — What do I have to do to be your filthy little whore. by theangeloftemptation04/04/194.60HOT

Finally Alone

 — She's been waiting for a chance to send this to you. by sultrysiren11/03/094.46

Finally Alone

 — She's got all this pent of sexual energy... by TheVixen10/08/144.00

Finally Yours

 — Your best friend's girl will finally be yours. by asian_princess02/01/054.45

Finally...I Get to Fuck You

 — It's our third date...finally, finally I get to fuck you. by Eves_Garden02/25/154.32

Finger Work - Touching You: DEV©

 — A deeply sensual erotic DEV© for passionate Women. by smotp12/31/154.15

Fingering Myself Listening to Music

 — Lots of moans and whimpers I hope you like it. 😙 by Soft_moans04/19/183.90

Fingering You While You Drive

 — Imagine me there with you while you drive . . . by jaymasters4512/14/184.09


 — Deft hand play. by TheGreyKnight10/29/154.04

Fires of Beltane Audio

 — 16th century tales of seduction lead to seduction. by golden smog08/12/144.54HOT

Fireside Fucking

 — Sex by Fire Light. by InMyHands01/17/194.28

First Afternoon

 — An eventful train trip into the city--can she stay quiet? by Pinkpeony10105/13/163.84

First Audio: TESTING

 — My First Audio. by AnnaSpeaks11/15/184.25

First Date, First Base

 — A first date goes a whole lot further than anticipated. by justjohn101308/24/104.12

First Meeting

 — We meet for the first time...but can I follow directions? by redhotbothered03/21/134.36

First Meeting

 — Online lovers meet for the first time. by Mirage09/03/134.39

First Meeting With My Online Friend

 — Recollection of her first meeting with Pete. by veiled08/23/043.73

First Meeting: Hotel

 — I follow you to the hotel to continue. by redhotbothered04/02/134.16

First Moaning Audio

 — My first moaning submission. by LeeForShort02/01/184.20

First Solo

 — Longtime listener venturing onto the other side. by Dashofdifferent08/02/184.31

First Solo...Round Two

 — Second Round of my first submission. by Dashofdifferent08/02/184.55HOT

First Submission Play Time and Cum

 — Listen to me cum while I imagine you fucking me. by 22andwet08/11/164.41

First Threesome

 — Just a short re-cap of my first threesome. by michie02/08/183.57

First Time

 — After wanting her, you're the first to have her. by asian_princess02/15/054.41

First Time

 — All characters are over 18. by TheGreyKnight06/05/154.41

First Time - No Story

 — Listen in as he pleasures himself. by KabeRocker04/08/143.50

First Time Lucky

 — He learns about sex from an expert. by bibimaybe07/07/094.45

First Time Three

 — My lover gives me a life-changing gift. by zen one01/25/113.31

First Try

 — My first submission, I hope they will get better. (m/solo) by Rav3nknight09/04/153.75

First Try..... an Introduction

 — Her first audio recording for my lover.. by Tempest_Wolfsong10/12/184.41

Flight 574

 — Welcome to the last full-service flight on the market. by yourcockismine09/25/144.32

Focus on Me--Not the Pain

 — I will hurt you to get you through this. by TheGreyKnight04/16/154.22

Focus, Kitten

 — Ear buds in. And focus for me. by InMyHands08/24/174.49

Folding You in Half

 — I lift your legs up over your head & fuck you hard & deep. by jaymasters4502/15/184.39

Follow Me Follow

 — You trust me, let me be your guide. by anenglishmanabroad03/05/134.44

Follow The Leader

 — Be a good little boy and I may even let you cum... by yourcockismine12/29/094.06

Fools Buzz In

 — The joke is REALLY on me! by theravenfox03/09/184.35Contest Winner

Footjob From My Best Friend

 — My best friend gives me a footjob. by SecretDreamer02/13/133.05

For Amanda

 — He recorded it for her. Now, he shares it with you. by redbaron00507/07/093.18

For Daddy

 — A message for Daddy. by MidoriDal05/25/174.46

For Daddy

 — Do you remember? ♥ Let me refresh your memory. by TheClaireProject02/07/194.30

For Daddy's Girl 01

 — A rendezvous between Daddy and his special girl. by DavyT77702/04/153.93

For Daddy's Girl 01

 — Hypno-Fantasy - Clit Tease & Masturbation Directional. by Sandman_Nightmares04/03/153.96

For Daddy's Girl 02

 — Daddy's late home from work... by DavyT77704/16/154.13

For Daddy's Girl 02

 — Spanking: Disobedient girls deserve a hard OTK spanking. by Sandman_Nightmares04/16/153.95

For His Little Honey Sway

 — He loves grown women in schoolgirl skirts & stockings. by nylons2407/22/031.76

For K

 — She describes herself masturbating, just for you. by pussablywet05/15/124.41

For My Babygirl

 — He loves the naughty games they play. by Legman UK10/18/043.07

For My Master

 — Being owned, being kept, being wet. by mollyisme206/21/054.18

For My Mistress

 — Just a fantasy I played with. by alterego_ofsex05/28/143.26

For the First Time

 — If only I could have chosen my partner for the first time... by Tempest_Wolfsong04/25/193.96

For We

 — This is why I go so hard in the paint. by yblack512/28/174.21

For You

 — He shares memories of your mutual sexual exploits. by Dr_Impervious10/23/074.41


 — Please no. by ChickadeeLittle11/23/174.10

Forget About Her

 — Weed and orgasms are the keys to fix anyone's broken heart.~ by ButterflyPea07/13/174.51HOT

Forget the Fantasy

 — There's no need to pretend why you're listening to me. by Endless_Roads07/08/154.59HOT

Forgive Me Father...

 — Time well spent in the confessional. by alimae07/10/134.06

Forgive Me, Father

 — A young woman confesses her urges and sins to a priest. by litjosie07/14/094.48

Fornication Compilation

 — The best way to get rid of writer's block! by theravenfox01/18/184.44

Found You

 — What happened next.... by Pinkpeony10105/31/12

Four Levels of Desire

 — My mind overflows with the wonderful thought of you x by BoyfromEngland09/02/164.55HOT

Four Orgasms

 — Listen in as a hot couple orgasms repeatedly. by Gorgeous_George09/10/133.29

Frank Delivers

 — Sequel to "It Was a Great Night, Officer". by wislbleur09/08/093.78

Frat Party

 — A college professor is shared by frat boys. by Mirage07/05/184.21

Free Afternoon

 — Listen as she pleasures herself to thoughts of you. by SweetSam4211/05/134.25

Friday Evening at the Office

 — She stops by to congratulate you on your presentation. by Girl_Grace02/16/10

Friday on the Train

 — Co-workers meet on crowded train home from work. by DKmermaid12/27/113.70

Friends to Lovers

 — God I miss sex, don't you... what if? by Panthera_Amur03/30/194.61HOT

Frisky in Public

 — You and EZ get a little frisky in public by EZCollegeGrl07/08/163.86

From Behind

 — Coed fantasizes about you taking her. by nighteyes36908/17/103.28

Frozen Nipple Cum on Balcony

 — Full afternoon of obedience ends with frigid nips. by ditto7911/05/13


 — Another round of writing scripts has me desperate for a fuck. by tarkustrooper11/13/154.00

Fuck Me

 — After a long weekend apart, we finally see each other. by jedimindtrik07/30/142.74

Fuck Me (Please)

 — You've teased me for long enough. Let's fuck. by British Filth04/16/134.45

Fuck Me Baby

 — She just wants you to fuck her. by pure_bliss04/25/134.07

Fuck Me Hard

 — She has a request for you. by yourbfwantsme0711/30/103.85

Fuck Me Right

 — Fuck your girl right. by K_2308/24/174.17

Fuck Me Sweet and Hard and Long

 — This is what I affectionately refer to as a stroke piece. by Bellatrixie12/21/114.21

Fuck My Ass, Daddy!

 — Slut begging her 'daddy'. by hotsluttymess33305/16/194.12

Fuck My Face

 — He gets off imagining your pussy on his face. by Nasty_Man02/25/153.13

Fuck my Holes

 — Please, I need your cock, fuck my holes by Panthera_Amur02/15/194.25

Fuck My Pussy

 — He brings her to an explosive climax. by neno1306/22/103.58

Fuck My Wet Pussy

 — I want to be your dirty little whore. by theangeloftemptation02/08/184.12

Fuck the Pout out of Me

 — Bad attitudes need to be fucked out by EZCollegeGrl02/24/174.02

Fuck You

 — He was only kidding, but then she said, "Okay." by Decayed Angel07/10/063.83

Fuck You: Sarah

 — A continuation of Just Plain Bob's 'The Next One'. by Kah_Boom03/08/112.04

Fuck Your Husbands Mistress Pt. 01

 — He's cheating on both of us, let's hook up and have some fun. by theangeloftemptation01/25/184.15

Fucked in Leather

 — My wife cumming hard through being licked and fucked. (M/F) by Gorgeous_George08/23/123.11

Fucking Around the House

 — Just a day fucking all over the house. by InMyHands05/17/184.48

Fucking Claire with her Panties

 — Claire wants her panties around your cock inside her... by claire201402/25/154.52HOT

Fucking Dr. Eve

 — She wants to give you a thorough examination. by Eves_Garden12/19/144.50HOT

Fucking in the Silence

 — Heavy moans in the Silence. by Kruzayneeds04/05/184.00

Fucking Lisa

 — He thinks of Lisa while using his pocket pussy. by pantyshot02/12/083.90

Fucking My Dirty Talking Wife

 — This is audio I have from fucking my beautiful wife one night. by sammdavis11307/03/182.22

Fucking My Pretty Pussy For You

 — Do you like knowing it's just for you? by theangeloftemptation05/17/183.98

Fucking My Wet Pussy So Hard

 — Raw need to just cum on my toy. by theangeloftemptation03/01/184.37

Fucking Myself For You

 — Just Doing What I'm Told... by Eves_Garden10/27/164.50HOT

Fucking on the Desk

 — Listen in as this hot couple has fun on the desk. by NaughtyDuo02/26/163.54

Fucking Wild: Sharing a Tent

 — We're just friends - until you need to share my tent. by Eves_Garden04/16/154.55HOT

Fucking You Flat

 — I wake up to myself spooning you. Then, I fuck you. by jaymasters4501/12/174.50HOT

Fucking You Like A Wheelbarrow

 — You dance for me. Then sit on my face. Then I bend you over. by jaymasters4501/19/174.04

Fucking You On The Balcony

 — Fucking you on a resort balcony while everyone else can see. by jaymasters4505/18/174.22

Fucking You With My Tongue

 — I love the way you taste. Let me make you cum with my mouth. by jaymasters4510/05/174.36

Fucking Your Face

 — You tell me to sit on your face, how could I refuse? by K_2303/16/174.64HOT

Fucking Your Face and Your Cock

 — Tark's in bed thinking of her favorite fantasy. by tarkustrooper12/31/144.14

Full Body Instructions

 — Let me bring some JOI in your life. by Prcious104/25/193.69

Full Circle

 — Cleohas crashes her car, & patient escapes from a hospital. by PAUL C12/06/014.25

Full Tantric Orgasm

 — Full Tantric Orgasm just for women. by devlinwylde05/31/184.56HOT


 — He describes a hot bit of fun you & he could have. by lustthrust10/23/083.25

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